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Published: Tuesday 19th Jan 2010 by Sam
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The hottest chick in the game Beyonce features on the cover of the February issue of Allure Magazine (courtesy of Just Jared). Decked in a Roberto Cavalli dress and Cesar Paciotti  sequinned boots, the 28 year old superstar is certified stunner!

Peep excerpts from her interview below:

On her plans for a family with husband Jay-Z:

“I definitely want to have a child, but I know from my nephew [Juelz] it’s a lot. I hope that those things will just happen naturally. I still haven’t had time to relax.”

On her addiction-playing spades online:

‘I play with everybody, and they curse me out when I make mistakes, and kick me out of the room. I love it, it’s really fun because no one knows it’s me.”

On her alter-ego Sasha Fierce:

“The thing that’s interesting is I don’t need Sasha Fierce anymore, because I’ve grown, and I’m now able to merge the two. I want people to see me. I want people to see who I am.”


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  1. movieman January 19, 2010

    yes effortless slaying the lesser girls,
    we got a look for the 4e album

  2. Ms. CLaY January 19, 2010


  3. sokmidyk January 19, 2010

    So beautiful cant wait for her new album!!!

  4. marquies January 19, 2010

    killin dem h**’s

  5. Rihanna Flop January 19, 2010

    beautiful, flawless, talented, 10 grammy noms (lol)
    bey is my b****

  6. keasyy January 19, 2010

    who’s mad?

  7. Oops! January 19, 2010

    Get Bey! I’m glad that she is OVER this alter-ego character mess now because now all of a sudden now EVERYBODY and they mom want one like really now?? You wasn’t thinking bout before so why start now… the cover pic 🙂

  8. WTF January 19, 2010

    i like that fact that she is fully clothed unlike some people and looks good!!

  9. DAWON January 19, 2010


  10. Lovinman January 19, 2010

    Go away already, damn.
    Tired of seeing your evil face. ugh!!!

  11. Prince January 19, 2010

    Just Beautifulness!!

  12. Oh Please January 19, 2010

    I don’t really care for the cover but the insert picture is nice. She looks like Solange in the cover picture.

  13. allister January 19, 2010

    she is beautiful all right, but I never understood the Sasha thing anyway.

  14. 12345 January 19, 2010

    where is my comment?

  15. misty January 19, 2010

    Bey is the Queen! Lookin’ flawless as usual, and puttin’ the rest at the bottom to shame…I’m glad she’s letting her natural beauty take over, and that she’s not half naked like sum other chicks that are forced to sell their albums for a dollar…GO BEY!

  16. 12345 January 19, 2010

    @ oops!
    David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust ; Madonna – Dita Parlo ; Mariah Carey – Bianca/Mimi ; Britney Spears – Monalisa ; Eminem – Slim Shady ; Christina Aguilera – X-Tina/Baby Jane ; Melanie C – Sporty Spice ; Victoria Beckham – Posh Spice ; Emma Bunton – Baby Spice ; Melanie B – Scary Spice ; Geri Halliwell – Ginger Spice

    go back to the hole you came from, please?

    anyway, on topic, cover picture is awful, insert picture is lovely, finally it looks like she has 28 years old

  17. BeydaBess January 19, 2010

    “Its Dat Creole Magiq Dats Taken OVA!!”

  18. parisian girl January 19, 2010

    @12345 boy u betta PREACH!

  19. B@tch Please January 19, 2010

    Useless S***

  20. SAMMY January 19, 2010

    Sorry no one cares about this flop. Cassie is SO much better. You people need to ask someone in the street who Beyoncee is and they’ll be like ’Who the f*** is that b****?’

    Cassie sold nearly 1,000,000 copies of her album world wide on the back of 2 singles. Not an easy feat. Don’t hate the truth guys. BEyonce is not relevant and no one cares about her flop ass.

  21. 12345 January 19, 2010

    please dont reply to Sammy, he is definetly making fun of everyone that is replying to him, I kinda think he is funny ahah

  22. Blasian January 19, 2010

    Beyonce looks Beautiful and S***. She doesn’t need to topless or be naked in the photos like other people do . Beyonce the Queen!

  23. Cally January 19, 2010

    I guess when you see people begin to lose interest , you speak on the baby thing. She and her DL husband are so lame. This chic is on the back side of her career make no mistake.

  24. S*** January 19, 2010

    @ Sammy- You are supper annoying & you need to SHUT THE F*** UP!!

    Cassie is a FLOP B****!!- Get over it H**!! She never will even be able to hold a candle to Bey or rihana for that matter! I Know it Hurts but call me when she gets nominated for 10 grammys, sells 6 Million & 10+ Mill in singles & gets #1 on Forbes. FEMALE ARTST OF THE DECADE- Cassie could Never…

  25. Dawon January 19, 2010


  26. shelly-chelle January 19, 2010

    yes! and the queen bey continues to slay. I ♥ her!

  27. mesoFIERCE January 19, 2010

    I Think SAMMY is from **The Prophet Blog**

  28. misspetite82 January 19, 2010

    Awww thats why I love beyonce she is having fun like everyone else and I am happy that she is growing as a person thats what life is all about living and growing. Online line spades is fun and please believe they will kick you out in a heartbeat if you mess up LMAO

  29. AsraStar January 19, 2010

    lol i love Sammy’s comment. clearly he has to be takin the p***. lol

    Beyonce’s cover. hmm. she’s looks pretty plain n mildly possessed. The insert shot jus reminds me of a hooker ad but whatever *Kanye shrug*

    love me my Beyonce, but 4 ya’ll shoutin off the rooftops about how she doesnt need to strip off “like some people” u r either high or selectively blind. Beyonce has been takin off as much as possible for years, we done seen it all. even wn shes dressed we cn still look at her n c it we done seen it tht often.

    nice shots but seen her look way more stunning and wayyyyyyyyyyyy classier.

    n 4 all those die-hard Beyonce “fans” about to cuss ma clart. SEKKLE urselvs cz
    1. ive been a DC3 fanatic since the original line n ive been to every tour Beyonce has evr done n hv every album, deluxe edition,remix collection blah blah blah so i aint hating
    2. i nvr chk these posts after a comment so ur rant will be irrelevant as i will nvr c it but feel free 2 let loose if it’ll mke u feel better.

    I got mad love for Beyonce but ima fan not a sychophant

  30. Ben January 19, 2010

    Is that blue contacts she wearing in the first pic

  31. michelle January 19, 2010

    no, her eyes look more like a hazelish-grey color

  32. Kenney January 19, 2010

    She needed a gimmick in order to sell so that’s why she invented “Sasha Fierce” but now that that is done and over, what else can she do? Plus, the only reason why she hasn’t had time to start a family is #1 she’s too selfish and only thinks of herself (i.e. the pain of labor, your body changing, the pressures of having a kid, the strain it puts on your career etc…) #2 shes very commerical so she feels like she has to be a part of everything! Learn how to take a break Bey not just 6 months but a whole year and gather as much inspiration as you can. How much inspiration can you gather in just 6 months?

  33. Aryo January 20, 2010

    It’s time for her to give up singing!
    BEYONCE it’s over
    u’d better go and have Ur s** with that tiny-d*** Jay-z!! lol
    U just had written this comment before
    how many times do you repeat Ur talk?
    s*** on cassie

  34. HJNJ January 20, 2010

    She is so pretty! I can’t wait until she takes home some Grammy’s next week.

  35. Ummm January 20, 2010

    Why don’t you all take a break from telling her to take a break? Let this grown woman do what she wants to do. She is not required to have babies. Since we are speculating about her life….what makes you think she isn’t making Jay Z wait since he made her wait for the ring? People are just looking for something to put her down about. So this is now the easy thing. It is not a requirement for a woman to have a baby. Get off her back.

  36. rofl January 20, 2010

    “@ oops!
    David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust ; Madonna – Dita Parlo ; Mariah Carey – Bianca/Mimi ; Britney Spears – Monalisa ; Eminem – Slim Shady ; Christina Aguilera – X-Tina/Baby Jane ; Melanie C – Sporty Spice ; Victoria Beckham – Posh Spice ; Emma Bunton – Baby Spice ; Melanie B – Scary Spice ; Geri Halliwell – Ginger Spice

    go back to the hole you came from, please?”

    your posts are one of the few reasons I come to this blog, you always crack me up and you always know how to shut the f*** up these ignorants ahah

  37. ohh la la la January 25, 2010

    she looks GOR GEOUS!!!!

  38. schoonmaakbedrijf Amsterdam April 4, 2011

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