Janet Jackson And Jermaine Dupri To Reunite On New Album

Published: Wednesday 3rd Feb 2010 by Trent

Janet Jackson and her former boyfriend Jermaine Dupri are set to reunite on her forthcoming studio album. The news came via Dupri’s production partner, Bryan-Michael Cox, who revealed that in addition to Darkchild and Kendrick ‘WyldCard’ Dean, they will be contributing tracks to the project. Janet’s new album hit stores later this year. {Source}

This Janet album is sounding better by the moment! Dupri created a classic with the highly underrated track ‘Rock Wit U’ in 2008, a song that was clearly ahead of it’s time. There is no doubt in my mind that this album will be a ‘make or break’ moment in Janet’s career, and she is going to have to pull out all of the stops to sway things in her favour.


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  1. ash jones February 3, 2010

    slight disagreement there… “Rock Wit U” was good but do you know what was better? “Luv”, it is such brilliant song, a love slab of revamped 80’s R&B with 60s Jazz thrown in. It was stellar, im absolutely gutten it was overlooked and neever charted…………….

  2. MR. JACKSON IF YOU NASTY February 3, 2010

    Can’t wait for the new project! I’m just glad she’s writing her lyrics again…

  3. Andre Le Dale February 3, 2010

    Like I said on r***** I hope it’s a rumor, if not they need to focus more on her vocals, and lyrics than a f****** beat. You can’t “SING” a beat…. Also this project started off with Jimmy Jam and Terry, then Rodney, and now JD. I pray to god Jimmy and Terry are part of this album. F*** a HOT OF THE MOMENT album. I want a CLASSIC!!!!!

  4. Anndee February 3, 2010

    I hope that’s a rumor too, she had more classics with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Anyway, I’m a Janet fan so I’m looking forward to this album.

  5. Gareth February 3, 2010

    Um, true that some of Jermaine’s stuff he did for Janet was good but I haven’t heard anything about the work she is planning to do with Jimmy & Terry. Janet needs something new. No more classic Janet. We have that and it’s grreat but when Janet was on top she was always moving forward, bringing something new, developing. Not trying to re-hash what she had done before. I guess, ultmately, if it’s a hot song, who care who produced it, but I am more keen to hear her Rodney Jerkins/Jimmy & Terry stuff. That’s what works for her I think.

  6. February 3, 2010

    because obviously his influence worked so well on damita jo, 20 yo, and discipline?

    she needs to stick to jimmy/terry and maaaaybe rodney
    everybody else is just superflous

  7. PC Clark February 3, 2010

    Janet and JD never broke up in the first place. When Michael passed, the attention around his death was so outrageous; Janet has been under a lot of stress and decided to take a break from JD. When it came out that they broke up, Janet enjoyed the attention that she was getting from it and decided to sit on it for a while. Janet loves attention, good or bad, it does not matter. She also took the passing of her brother to gain attention for “Make Me” when she did the Robin Roberts interview. The song is not even that good. JD has given her two or maybe even three flopped Cds and she is still working with him. Go figure? Fact is, Janet and JD never broke up in the first place. Janet was enjoying the attention that this rumor was giving her and now she has decided to reverse the rumor, knowing that it will bring more attention. You go girl…

  8. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut February 3, 2010

    JD did absolutely nothing for her career, I’m sorry. This is not something I’m excited about.

  9. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut February 3, 2010

    PC Clark, you keep talking your mess and I’ll keep reading it, lol. The only thing I absolutely agree with you on is JD giving her three flop albums and yet she’s still working with his ass. It’s a damn shame and I hope what he’s doing for the album is just a “one or two song” basis.

  10. Poochie February 3, 2010

    This will be another flop for Janet. Her career was hanging on a thread. If this is true, her career is over!!

  11. Support jordin February 3, 2010

    B**** janets career can never be over.

  12. BearryBearyGood February 3, 2010

    Janet knows that she is up to another flop. She does not even tweet about the cd or anything about it. Then two weeks prior, she will tweet her b*** off trying to promote the cd. Janet needs to become organized and communicate more with her fans and stop putting out garbage. Most of all, stop screwing with your career with JD. He’s a freaken DJ….WTF?

  13. Anthony February 3, 2010

    I think that if she works with JD she needs to keep it to a minimum.
    It worked with Someone To Call My Lover, but when it became a full
    album thing, thats where it kinda went wrong..

    I think this is a make or break album for her.
    She’s writing again, so that is great.

    I just can’t wait to hear new material.

  14. Kenken February 3, 2010

    Janet will def be back on top again! Although I am a little worried with JD added to the mix. However, looking forward to seeing Ms. Jackson with her 7th number 1 album!

  15. FranklyMaDear February 3, 2010

    JD is a selfish troll. He is the reason why Janet is so screwed up today. He ruined her career by upholding that SB act. I cannot believe that Janet can be so gullible with her music. Doesn’t she know anything? I remember when Rene mentioned that she does not know how to write, but damn, it seems like she does not know how to do anything concerning her music. Lets face it, Janet would have been nothing without Michael and now that the King is gone it seems like she is headed in that direction career wise.

  16. Christian February 3, 2010

    Trent, Trent, Trent,…how many “make or breaks” or “comeback albums” does this woman get? She couldn’t do with her last album or 20YO. I’m sorry but it’s over. Nobody is checking for Janet like that anymore. She doesn’t have the vocals to do an “Emancipation of Mimi” and I’ve never seen somebody dance themselves back to relevance. If “Feedback”, which to me was a great song and real forward musically, couldn’t top the charts I don’t know what else she can do.

  17. GeeMan February 3, 2010

    Fact JD worked on 2 Janet project other than this new on 20Y.O. and Discipline he did nothing musically on Damita Jo honestly people don’t give things a chance because I feel JD stepped out of his comfort zone on discipline and made great contributions in my opinion. As long as Janet comes out with strong dance/pop/R&b flare album she will do well.

  18. MR. JACKSON IF YOU NASTY February 3, 2010

    1.) JD did not ruin Janet’s career – the media TRIED to ruin her by not playing her videos, singles, or allowing her to appear certain places following the SB
    2.) By today’s standards, musically speaking, I don’t think Janet has had a “bad” album since the SB. If Souljah Boy, Rihanna, and Cassie can have runaway hits, anyone can, especially Janet with material leaps and bounds better than most s*** on the radio in America.

  19. B February 3, 2010

    I don’t know where the confusion comes in, but JD DID NOT WORK ON DAMITA JO!!!! He only worked on 20 Y.O. and Discipline!!!! Secondly, a couple of JD tracks aren’t a bad idea…but definitely not a whole cd of his songs.

  20. Janet -Fan February 3, 2010

    I must admit I am a die hard Janet fan, but I cannot take this JD b******* anymore. When it comes to Janet’s music, JD suck balls. The music has not been the same since she left my men Jimmy and Terry. Honestly, if she works with JD on this cd, I’m not supporting it.. Since JD been playing with her, she has been very negative to the music and the fans. She doesn’t take in to consideration what the fans are looking for. She’s more into herself, she acts like saying hi FB is so hard to do. Things are not the same anymore with Janet and I don’t think she even cares. Lastly, I don’t think Janet and JD broke up either. It was just a front.

  21. Erica24 February 3, 2010

    Rock wit u was a HOT song..I loved that song. I will be supporting her new album, long as she puts one out!

  22. Janet -Fan February 3, 2010

    Great, you love that song.. However, the cd flopped… The song flopped… JD took control of the CD and it flopped… The only song on that Cd that is worth mentioning is FB and maybe LUV… The radios stations never played any more songs off that Cd, but those two. Then she went on tour and she and JD cheated all of us out of our money because of the cancelled concerts and $15 was non-refundable. They made money off cancelled concerts. Janet needs to step up on her act. Most of all, other fans like me needs to tell her to do this.

  23. Kevin February 3, 2010

    Wow at the Janet fans. I like Janet but I agree with Trent, this album is a make or break effort for her. IShe will always be an Icon but if this album doesn’t do well, she will not be relevant.

  24. Jmoore February 3, 2010

    I cant wait for the new Janet album. She is working wit some heavy hitters. I hope we can see her reunite with Jam and Lewis.

  25. red February 3, 2010

    No. I hoped that she wouldnt work with JD. JD never made a hit for Janet… She needs more songs like “Luv”…
    I loved “Discipline” I hope this new album will be even better

  26. JCGemini22 February 3, 2010

    Note to the Janet Fans: Hey guys…I am sure Janet loves you guys so much for the continued love and support. I love reading the comments on here. Janet fans don’t play! lol Trent, if I am correct, her lack of success comes from the most recent label drama where they weren’t promoting the product. Janet in her own right can sell. Yet, we also have to take into account where the industry was heading via iTUNES and online sales. Janet’s ‘fall off’ can also be contributed to the fact that they just had to idea how to market the package. Though, I can agree with another posting on here. Janet does need to pull it up and OUT in the future stage wise. And I am sure she will deliver. xxxo

  27. Ginger February 3, 2010

    I hope janet gets the promotion right this time because the last three albums she only made two videos per album. Does she even care anymore? And when is she gonna explain what really happened with the rockwitchu tour?! Her fans have said over and over that they prefer her music with jimmy jam and terry lewis or rodney jerkins along with lyrics with substance. So why has every album been the opposite since all for you album? Get it together!

  28. Ginger February 3, 2010

    I’m not gonna lie though rock with u was my favorite song off the discipline album though but 20 Y.O. was terrible.

  29. Brandon (Toronto) February 3, 2010

    Janet Jackson will need to work on her vocals first before anyone (besider her fans) will take notice. Her songs have always been good and given to anyone else with a proper singing voice they would have been hits for sure. The breathy and strained vocals are not appealing to anyone espeically when we have shows like America Idol and X-Factor showcasing people who have the gift for singing. Not saying that Janet is not a talented artist, she is right up there with her brothe MJ, but she needs to try something new with her music. R and B is not what is was back in the height of her career. She will need to experiment with new sounds and work with a vocal coach to reach new hieghts in her career.

    Her Amercian Music Awards show opener was medicoe at best. from the dancing to her out fit (which was gawd awful) to her fly away hair and sweat face. She is a huge star and maybe she needs to invest some of her own money into her image to over come the “bla” that she is now associated with. She had three flop albums in a row, not that they were nt great I have to agree that the last two are one of my favorites, but she needs a new image.


  30. Ginger February 3, 2010

    Lol @ these comments though. Janet fans don’t play!

  31. GeeMan February 3, 2010

    News flash folks Janet has worked on new material with Jimmy & Terry as well as Rodney DC Jerkins and JD. So they will be apart of this project.

  32. johny February 3, 2010


  33. AC February 3, 2010

    Trent, you got it wrong. While this has not been confirmed, C** stated that it would be for a track for the Why Did I Get Married Too soundtrack. Not her new album.

  34. keith February 3, 2010

    Wow, lot’s of strong opinions on this one. Which of itself says that Janet is still a force to be reckoned with in pop culture. I hope the JD track is a soundtrack cut, perhaps in the vein of “Call On Me” given the movie’s core audience. Darkchild can bring the electro-pop sound and hopefully Jam, Lewis & Big Jim Wright can bring some slow and midtempos.

    The Pitbull track is a demo and I can’t wait to hear HER vocals on the finished product. I think it’s a Pitbull feature more than an actual Janet record, though.

    I agree with the poster who recommended vocal training. This is the era of big voices and to cut through the clutter and make people notice her she needs to do more live singing. This could be done with Janet’s current repertoire but she doesn’t seem inclined to put forth the effort and creativity to make it happen.

    Whatever happens with the greater public, her records are still the only ones I actually pay for.

  35. Ben February 3, 2010

    As much as I enjoyed the last album, I think she should stick with Jimmy Jam and Terry. She became more successful with them than Jermaine. Jermaine has a particular sound that hasn’t updated since the mid 90s, a lot the stuff he did with Mariah got dry fast. This needs to be Janet’s big win, and she needs nothing but the best. Darkchild and C** are exceptions, cause they have sustained the test of time, but not JD since his days with Brat. Timberland and Dream kinda took over for him.

  36. Fat, drunk, and ugly, Mariah! February 4, 2010

    On the fence with this. Liked JD stuff on “discipline” for sure. All his other stuff w/ Janet’s not as much……

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