Rihanna Talks About Ke$ha: “She’s The New ‘It’ Girl”

Rihanna sat down with DJ Skee on 102.7 KISS FM recently. The model discussed several topics including working with Jay-Z and Bono, who she thinks is the better rapper between Jay and Kanye as well as her role as an industry “trendsetter”. Rihanna also revealed her admiration for Ke$ha who she calls “the new ‘it’ girl of the industry”.

I doubt anyone is surprised that Rihanna is a fan of Ke$ha. Both ladies have put forward similar, club–ready tracks and are definitely ‘it’ girls of the moment. The real talking point of this interview was when she addressed her role as a “trendsetter”. It’s great to see that she admits to drawing “inspiration” from others because her entire style seems “inspired” by Fefe Dobson and Kelis.


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  1. Seye February 2, 2010

    Loool that presenter was STEADY saying ‘Artist of the decade’…Even though she corrected him before….

  2. JT February 2, 2010

    I don’t know how I would feel if she won artist of the decade. I mean yyeah i like her music a lot, but the DECADE! I don’t know i feel…

  3. g3 February 2, 2010

    shes so cute

  4. wtf February 2, 2010

    wont even waste my time on this…just want to know how rihanna is the IT girl..has she topped any charts recently??? i guess getting a beatdown and being a regular on blogs for HITS still qualifies you as the IT girl…yawnnnnnn!!

  5. fleshTONE February 2, 2010

    Kelis & FeFe should be receiving checks because they are responsible for this big tank head b**** look.

  6. Dilla February 2, 2010

    Get it Rhianna! The baddest B****!

  7. RIHANNALUVA February 2, 2010


  8. hihihihi February 2, 2010






  9. B@tch Please February 2, 2010

    @HIHIHIHI I agree

  10. Terri February 2, 2010

    Why does he keep calling her Artist of the Decade? Has she even been out that long, that’s funny.

  11. SunshineRD February 2, 2010

    in Barbados Rihanna won artist of the decade…

    In France Rihanna wont female international artist of the year..

    if your mad… plz stay that way cuz ur gonna see her alottttttt this year of 2010…

    ke$sha is the new it girl, ga ga was the it girl last year, Rihanna was the it girl the year before…

    Rihanna is an artist now.. she has passed the “it” girl stage nd is building longevity with already have 4 studio albums by the age of 21..

    when it comes to dressing, studio, production and anything else Rihanna never takes the credit for anything alone… notice how when you hear Rihanna speak she always says “we” not “i”… funny how i was watching the beyonce 60 minutes interview and they said she has over 150 employes and she continued to use the word “i” instead of “we” to describe everything, as if she does everything her self… smh.. se never gives her ppl credit…

    Any ways! Rihanna is a doll, Ke$sha is “it” right now.. she wont be “it” next year, she would have to wok on establishing her self like Rihanna has…

    cant wiait for the tour! 🙂

  12. SunshineRD February 2, 2010

    oh i forgot to say that by age 21 Rihanna has 3 grammy on her name… can someone name any other 21 year old with 3 grammys under her name?

    nd mark my words, 2010 will be Rihanna’s year in term of recognition for artistry because Rated R is absolutley the most Epic album i have heard this year..

    when Firebomb, photographs,

    smh @rUDEBOY ALREADY killin radio with no release..

    i already told yall, if yall mad now…. i feel sorry for you as this year goes by…

  13. Prince February 2, 2010

    Rihanna is such a HOT CHICK!!! I live 4 her!!!! I guess i will check out this new chick Kesha to see if she got some hot music since Rihanna like her.

  14. lace February 2, 2010

    LOL everyone and their sister draws inspiration from others, if they say they do it themselves they are LYING sorry Beyonce/Gaga/Kelis stans they draw their inspirations from the catwalk, tv shows, popular culture, etc. I find it strange how you found a way to hate on the girl even though she was being honest saying she gets inspiration from what she sees. She’s a trendsetter as she can draw inspiration from other outlets and make a cohesive good outfit that gets people talking, her and Gaga have that on point although Gaga might exaggerate and make it more elaborate. Kesha is the new it girl as well, I believe she wanted to write a song for rihanna as well

  15. Anndee February 2, 2010

    @ Sunshinerd, I agree. I think Rihanna was the ‘it’ girl during GGGB. If it’s okay for Omarion, Chris Brown, and Usher to be inspired by Michael Jackson, if it’s okay that Britney Spears is inspired by Janet Jackson, if it’s okay for Beyonce to be inspired by Tina Turner it’s certainly okay for Rihanna to have them as well. I don’t throw around the word hater just because someone comments that they’re not feeling a particular artist, it’s an opinion and we’re all entitled to them. However, I’m beginning to believe the definition of hater on this blog is someone who says they don’t like a particular artist for whatever reason, but posts something negative and sometimes disrespectful on each and every single thread. If I don’t like an artist, I’m not going to bother commenting on every thread, and I’m certainly not wasting my time watching their performances or listening to their music if I think they can’t sing.

  16. FREE February 2, 2010

    there is a fine line between gettting inspired by somebody looks and taking that person look and run with it. rihanna crossed that line when she got the same tattoos as fefe dobson, not only that, she put the tatoos in the same place as fefe.
    I’m not going to sit here and praise rihanna for being a fashion icon, please(rolling eyes).
    you cant be a fashion icon if you stealing somebody exact look.
    yes rihanna can dress nice, and take a nice pic. that Ill give to her.

  17. FREE February 2, 2010

    for the record, lady gaga has her own look, other artist now are trying to follow her..shes not trying to be like anybody else.
    I love me some beyonce, but sometimes I think shes get her style from barbie.
    who the heck is kesha?

  18. jewels4j February 2, 2010

    I dont get it when people say that Rihanna stole her style from Kelis and Fefe Dobson. I was a big fan of Fefe Dobson and she wasnt wearing or doing anything revolutionary. Kelis dresses like a damn fool half the time. Rihanna appreciates high fashion and likes to take risks. I have never seen Rih Rih as stealing anyone’s look. If someone wanted to make an argument for that, it would make more sense to stay she got inspirations from Grace Jones and Madonna.

  19. 90Y February 2, 2010

    Rihanna: ‘Toxic’,’Liar’, ‘Opportunist’, ‘H*****-host’, ‘Gimmick’,’Studio-Creation’,’High School drop-out’, ‘Alcoholic’, ‘A non-talent’, ‘Graceless-Charmless Misandrist’, ‘Man-eater’!!

    …And this….High School Drop-Out is NOW an author?!?!?! ….At every turn, with every chance, Rihanna and Def Jam gets, they shove HER down our throats. Now we have HER ‘hired-guns’ posting on the Urban Blogs quoting facts and figures; if ‘WE’ have no liking for her, they’ll MAKE us like her!

    Somehow, WE’RE, not-at-all, ‘intelligent-enough’ to ‘NOT LIKE’ Rihanna, NO! Def Jam will convince US of her “many talents” (measuring d**** not-withstanding) and DEMAND that we listen to, and marvel at her……”talent(s)!”

    Poor Matt Kemp; the ‘first-look,’ we get of Matt, is of him groping her while grinning into a camera – Matt, that’s NOT a good look;.but YOU NOW know this, don’t you Matt? Matt, with every day you spend with Rihanna, the more your “stock” as “pitch-man” also declines: Rihanna IS TOXIC; you’ve been warned!

  20. MushyLove_1992 February 2, 2010

    ^^^^Well Damn….

  21. 90Y February 2, 2010

    So you, good-folk, of the U.K., will YOU fall for this con-artist? …This liar, WHO STARTED the drama – in that car with CBrown, on Feb 8th 09? And, who, with EVERY-CHANCE, used/uses it to sell CDs, and further her “confidence-act”: trying to convince us that SHE deserves ,ANY-AT-ALL, attention?

    Don’t be bullied, y’all!! Ignore this “non-talent”, there’s so-much-more, who’re far-more talented, and far-more deserving this this….’GIMMICK’, better known as Rihanna! …Def Jam, Jay Z and TMZ have fooled everyone in the U.S., will YOU fall for this…..”CON-plan?”

  22. 12345 February 2, 2010

    LOOL, Gaga has her own style? Please go check some Madonna old photos, David Bowies, Grace Jones, Roisin Murphy and there are many more but I just need you to tell you those for you to say that nothing is original about Lady Gaga

  23. February 2, 2010

    “can someone name any other 21 year old with 3 grammys under her name?”

    taylor swift.

  24. Rihanna Flop February 2, 2010

    LMAO @ 90Y and WTF

    Agree 100% i honestly can’t say it any better myself
    Rihanna been at 2 grammys and only won 3
    taylor was at her first and WON 4 LOOL!!! wow

  25. HJNJ February 2, 2010

    RiRi is a cutie, but go there about her accolades and Grammys! NAME A GRAMMY SHE’S WON BY HERSELF WITHOUT JAY Z NAME ON IT! Don’t start nothing won’t be nothing.

  26. newsflash haters February 2, 2010

    we all know that the umbrella song was all rihanna. Jay z was not even necessary on the track, because all he did was basically introduce lil ms. Sunshine. So she did that with umbrella and was rightfully rewarded with a well deserved Grammy!

  27. FREE February 2, 2010

    rihanna didnt win a grammy by herself, there were other artist on every song she won a grammy for.
    and madonna never had lady gaga style.soory stans

  28. mez February 2, 2010

    so sad that yall hating on rihanna because CHris Brown IS a woman beater!… its amazing that a victim must take the brunt for a convicted felon…

    Yall need to grow the hell up.

    Rihanna we love you….only you can get inspired by others and make a look YOURS!!!! This shows you talent at translating what you see and experience…..

    Fefe who, Kelis who, ??????… C rated at best…

    FYI Lady Gaga is not original… you are just too young to know that!

  29. 90Y February 2, 2010

    Oh! …And talking ’bout “Woman-Beaters,” there is that 3-second video of Jay Z, ‘slapping and man-handling’ that poor-defenseless black girl in South Africa; why did HE, do that, you ask? …Because she ONLY wanted to take HIS picture!!

    Then there is Jay Z the “model-citizen”; did y’all know that Jay Z, husband to Beyonce Knowles-Carter, was convicted for stabbing a man? He plead guilty to stabbing a man in the stomach! …And “on-the-theme” of “good-citizenry,” what ’bout Jay Z ‘the-drug-dealer,’ who sold drugs to children and pregnant women?

    …And where were the cops when Robyn Rihanna Fenty smashed bottles upside her brother’s head, sending HIM to Hospital?
    I just hope you good-folk of the U.K. aren’t “sucked-up” into the hysteria and hype of “all-that-is-Rihanna!” …Is SHE “the one” you want to model yourself after – and become?

  30. lace February 2, 2010

    Thank you 90Y (either Sam/Trent or just a hater) don’t be saying I hope the good people of the UK this and that, people can support and listen to whoever the hell they want if you don’t like her don’t follow her simple as! You can bash who people support all you want but in the end of the day your either fuelling the artist you hate’s fanbase to make them like them more, or immoraly imposing your views making people feel like they are smaller or worse people than yourself because they do. People like you get on my damn nerves!

  31. lace February 2, 2010

    The thank you was sarcasm by the way just so i can thank you for being able to completely dismantle what you stand for, for what it really is…. imposing your views in a bullying and hating way

  32. lace February 2, 2010

    Oh and 90Y I didn’t even notice or finish reading what you wrote about Jay Z in attempt to make what Chris Brown did seem like it was justified or less of a crime lol because that was what you must have been trying to do

  33. Symone February 2, 2010

    I can’t even begin to understand The Rihanna Stans that come on this site as if it’s supposed to be “dedicated “to her.Newsflash fools: This is not a site specific to Rihanna.I suggest you go to her fan sites and converse with fellow Stans at that site.

    @90Y……I agree with all that you say………Lets ponder this: You know that if you along with myself and others know all about Rihanna’s assault against her brother,the media knows it too! The real truth is that The Media has an agenda and dummy Rihanna plays right into it because it’s not as if she’s conscious or bright in any way.

    Rihanna is an empty headed idiot that started the fight by her own words and she has chosen to pretend that is not truth because she’s a big liar. Rihanna is the unconscious pawn being used against Chris Brown to try and demonize him because he’s a Black male.The same evil media that try to demonize Chris is the same one that ignore what the White man Charlie Sheen did and he’s an older man who has done it repeatedly and should know better………

  34. 90Y February 2, 2010

    ‘Congrats to Dania Ramierz on being the NEW Cover girl sensation!!
    I found this interesting bit of info, but it made me wonder, what happened to Rihanna? …”Out with the old, in with the new?”

    “Dania Ramirez has already had the opportunity to travel to her native Dominican Republic to participate in the brand’s new CoverGirl Clean Makeup for Clean Water campaign and deliver a year’s supply of drinking water to villages in need, as part of the cosmetics company’s pledge to donate $500,000 to the Children’s Safe Drinking Water charity.”

    Oh, there’s more: http://stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com/2009/08/06/exclusive-dania-ramirez-is-the-newest-face-of-covergirl/ – Drew Barrymore, Queen Latifah and Ellen DeGeneres are in even better company this morning — Dania Ramirez has just signed on as the newest face of CoverGirl…

    …Oh-my…Clutch-the-pearls!! …THAT explains ALOT! I suspect, even when, we’re laying – prone, on the floor – violently shaking in ‘convulsive-fits’ from being “force-fed” that hideous “Rated R,”
    Def Jam will find, new-and-novel ways to convince us she’s worth, every-penny, of our discretionary-funds! …”Mass-suicide,” anyone?

  35. 90Y February 2, 2010

    @Symone — I don’t think they’re “fans”; not even “Stans,” I suspect they’re paid “Def Jam-staffers” going “blog-hunting” to shoot/shout down, any-and-everyone, who even voices the “slightest-disapproval” of ANYTHING, even-remotely, having to do with “Brand-Rhianna!”

    We’ll see, if Trent and Sam’s integrity, will/can be “corrupted” by Def Jam’s $$$$; some blogs DO have a price!!!

  36. SMH February 2, 2010

    Taylor Swift Got 5 Grammy’s under her belt..and she didnt even do any rereleases to get notice..So Um Take That..Now What

  37. FREE February 2, 2010

    @SMH..funny, true but funny

  38. mez February 3, 2010

    Chris is still a convicted wife beater! Riri is still a superstar!!! Haters and thier children still hating!

  39. 90Y February 3, 2010

    @Mez — You’re wrong – on ALL COUNTS! Chris was convicted of “Assault,” which is, under California law, the “intent/willingness to do bodily harm!” If he had indeed hit Rihanna – FOR NO REASON – then that’d be “Assault AND Battery!”

    We must NOW ask ourselves: why DIDN’T the prosecutors charge HIM with putting HIS HANDS on Rihanna – “FOR-NO-GOOD-REASON?”

    Rihanna is a liar!!
    CBrown, given the climate surrounding that entire sad “situation,” couldn’t/wouldn’t get a fair trial; copping to the charge would seem the best course-of-action; not unlike Jay Z copping to stabbing that man in the stomach!!

  40. Anndee February 3, 2010

    Rihanna is not the most original, she admits to being inspired by others. Rihanna is not the best singer or dancer. Rihanna is not the most successful with record sales and grammys. However, there is NO denying that she is successful.

    There are some (not all) Chris Brown fans upset that his album failed and are taking out their frustration on Rihanna and saying she’s to blame for an incident that happened TWO years ago. So what Chris Brown didn’t have the best 1st week sales, what about the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. Don’t be upset that Rihanna is succeeding, be upset with yourself that you as a fan did not support one of your favorite artists who has a failed album as one of the consequences of being a convicted felon. Two years later he’s moved on and NEVER blamed Rihanna for the incident so why are you?

  41. mez February 3, 2010

    poor 90Y your meal ticket Chris B cant catch a break…let me guess you are one of his talented back up dancers ??? Or some dumbass high school chick with a d***…

    Chris B messed up his career himself. Period! Get over it or go buy a million copies of his record…. Dont blame Rihanna.

    She is doing the damn thing whether you like her or not… So #hoesitdown

  42. MushyLove_1992 February 3, 2010

    Chris Brown is the best!

  43. schatzi February 3, 2010

    There’s really no reason 4 all of the arguing. No artist does it all by themself no matter how talented or untalented they are. They have a team of ppl & money behind them doing 4 them or helping with lyrics, music, marketing, branding, image, hair, makeup, wardrobe, publicity, etc. Everyone is inspired by someone. There are very few truly original ideas. If you don’t like them don’t listen & read about them. If you do, just appreciate it for what it is… clever marketing & hopefully some talent to back it up.

  44. 90Y February 3, 2010

    @Andee – February 8th 2009 – February 8th 2010 is ONLY ONE YEAR! …But it figures, since your idol/mentor/employee, Rihanna “the-liar” Fenty, didn’t bother, or have the self-respect to finish High School, then why should you?

    @Mez – …Hmmmm…talking “meal-tickets” wasn’t it just late ’08 that Rihanna had ONLY $20,000 in HER bank account? …And, again congrats to Dania Ramirez on being THE NEW face of CoverGirl! Mez, er… where’s Rihanna?? http://stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com/2009/08/06/exclusive-dania-ramirez-is-the-newest-face-of-covergirl/

    See, from what is NOW obvious, the mainstream wants nothing-more to do with her, I haven’t seen her CoverGirl commercials, again, I refer you to then link above^^. Go to TMZ and look at the comments at any recent stories/pictures on/bout her – they’re ALL mostly negative – the comments, that is!!

    Rihanna is finished! She NOW has to pay people like yourself and “bodacious” to “talk-her-up!” …Now, I understand why SHE’S doing sooo many interviews – she has to – her face, isn’t NOW-see ‘all-over’ with those CoverGirl commercials, her “face-time/profile” has GREATLY diminished!

    Let’s see, if-and-when, she tours; let’s see if she’ll have to bring Jay Z on-stage, or put HIM on the bill, JUST to get any-at-all-attention!
    I hope Rihanna/Def Jam “kept the receipt,” you’re NOT very good at this – good help IS hard to find!

  45. 90Y February 3, 2010

    @Schatzi — “Hopefully some talent?!?!” “Helping with lyrics, music, marketing, branding, image, hair, makeup, wardrobe, publicity, etc.” <–Sounds like you understand and see Rihanna for the "gimmick" that SHE REALLY is!! It's an abomination: can Def Jam can think, so-little, of us – as to subject us to "Rihanna the artist!"

    She can't write; can't sing; can't dance; can't tell-the-truth, she's an 'opportunist' ; not to mention, a drunk, "H*****-Virus-Host," "User" and "Manipulator!" …That said, but she CAN measure-the-HELL-out-of-a-Penis!!" …I guess that counts for something!!

    …And what a WONDERFUL role-model 'our- Rihanna' makes, 'eh?

  46. 90Y February 3, 2010

    @Schatzi — “Hopefully some talent?!?!” “Helping with lyrics, music, marketing, branding, image, hair, makeup, wardrobe, publicity, etc.” –Sounds like you understand and see Rihanna for the “gimmick” that SHE REALLY is!! It’s an abomination: can Def Jam can think, so-little, of us – as to subject us to “Rihanna the artist!”

    She can’t write; can’t sing; can’t dance; can’t tell-the-truth, she’s an ‘opportunist’ ; not to mention, a drunk, “H*****-Virus-Host,” “User” and “Manipulator!” …That said, but she CAN measure-the-HELL-out-of-a-Penis!!” …I guess that counts for something!!

    …And what a WONDERFUL role-model ‘our- Rihanna’ makes, ‘eh?

  47. Anndee February 3, 2010

    @90Y one year two years, who cares it’s still an old issue. He’s moved on, you mad that she’s not a good role model cause she dropped out of high school, but is succeeding? Are you posting on Fantasia as well, she was trying to get her GED AFTER her success. Are you posting on the rappers as well who are glorifying violence and objectifying women? No, you’re posting 50 times on one artist because you’re hating her success, what does that make you? It is what it is, accept that this not very talented person is still in the game. You can’t be mad at her fans (and I’m not one of them, have never owned one of her albums). If her fans like what she does just accept it and only support those artists that you like.

  48. 90Y February 3, 2010

    @Andee — But it seems YOU ARE A Rihanna “FAN!” We have to expose the truth,” when-ever we can:

    2007 -Rihanna, got angry at her brother, smashed bottles upside HIS HEAD – which had him going to hospital.
    2008(late) Rihanna, was BROKE – DEAD BROKE! …A “success” you say? She had ONLY $20K in HER bank account! What happened to ALL of the Platinum-record-sales; the “world-touring” and the – by then – 2 years of CoverGirl endorsements?

    Rihanna on Feb 8th 2009, was NOT in a relationship with Chris Brown, but she STILL went through his personal belongs (his cell phone), and then became enraged upon learning he was seeing someone. She THEN attacked him WHILE HE WAS DRIVING, which, by ALL-accounts, ALMOST made THEM crash!

    Rihanna is a liar, who started THAT fight and who is NOW, playing “the victim” and NOT owing-up-to HER part in “ALL-THAT-drama!”

    We can take ANY-GIRL, from ANY club; give her stylists, PR/managers and a catchy song and “voila”: Rihanna!

    And THIS is the person we want our-daughters, sisters and young-ones in our care to emulate: A H*****-on-the-lip-havin’, no-talent; s**-obsessed; say-and/or-do-anything to sell CD’s; High School Drop-Out as role model? … Enough-already!

  49. 90Y February 3, 2010

    Fantasia is, at the very least, TRYING to get HER GED! …And what is Rihanna doing with HER limited time? …Talking ’bout D****, S** and telling lies – that’s what!

    She’d better hope that whatever she made, over the new year’s holiday, lasts; it seems CoverGirl isn’t taking-a-chance with the “REAL-STORY” ’bout what really happened, in that car, to come out: Dania Ramirez is CoverGirl’s new “IT-Girl” … OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEW!

    But what -THEN, will become of “Rihanna’s Empire?” … This is why we’re seeing “more of her” – no-more CoverGirl commercials; if she’s NOT talking about “Feb 8th-Drama”, she’s “talking S**,” and now she’s talking Voodo/Exorcism; ….a “role-model” you say?

  50. Keesha February 11, 2010

    @MEZ You are a hypocrite and you need to grow up! Why is Chris being brought up in this? He is NOT a woman beater, he made a horrible decision, and he is learning from it. Stop talking about people being a hater when you ARE one yourself.

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