Jason Derulo Performs ‘In My Head’ On ‘Lopez Tonight’

Published: Tuesday 16th Mar 2010 by Sam

Pop sensation Jason Derulo stopped by the Lopez Tonight show to perform current single ‘In My Head’ (which peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 at an impressive #8). Check out how the 20 year old fared above…

Though the stage spectacle and live vocals were admirable, I can’t say much else was about this performance. For the most part, Jason sounded like he needed oxygen, and I’m still not sold on his choreography. Still, as they say…practice makes perfect, right?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Ghetto Fab March 16, 2010

    Not bad Jason. Already two billboard top ten hits. One number one hit. His album is platinum. He’s on a role. Like it or not he’s doing the damn thing. I have to agree though, I’m not crazy about the choreography for this song. They should work on a new routine. But he is getting better with every performance. I’m sure the CB stans are going to come in here and swear otherwise. Bring it on haters!

  2. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 16, 2010

    Umm…WHO’S album is platinum? Jason Derulo’s? Lol, wasn’t his first week sales only like 42,000 or something?

  3. MS.CLAY March 16, 2010

    No, [Perfect] Practice makes Perfect, Sam!

  4. marjan March 16, 2010

    um… Sam if I remember correctly when mariahs Obsessed peaked at number 7 on billboard you were saying how bad that was. Jason peaks at 8 and it’s impressive. things that make you go Hummmmmm….

  5. X,Y,”and Z” March 16, 2010

    @GhettoFab — “CB Stans hating on this dude?” Er…no! If he’d been critical of CB – ‘all due to Feb 8th/09 drama’, then I’d understand; I’d STILL have had “something-to-say”, but I’d, at-least -have-known, “where HE was coming from!” …But that snicker he made, during Sam’s interview with him: that was HIM – ‘kicking a man when he WAS down!’ Now he’s on MY-radar! …And I’ll tell you what else – this dude DOESN’T look-ANY-OF-20-years!

    As I’VE said, that 09 MJ BET Award/Tribute was “telling”: Even though Usher, Tyrese and Trey Songz went on stage and “offered-up-their-best” – THE WORLD watched, with ‘bated-breath’ and waited for – Chris Brown to take the stage! Even during that Larry King interview; “White-Midwest Larry King” had asked if HE was at the MJ funeral – even Larry KIng knew “what time it was!”
    …It ain’t ONLY-all-about singing, it’s also about “showmanship” and knowing HOW-to ‘command-a-stage’; Usher knows something ’bout that; THIS “Jason Derulo” doesn’t and MOST-certainly Trey Songz does NOT!
    …That said, I’ll have to take-leave: let me go and send email to request Breezy’s music to my local radio station!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT1

  6. Jay March 16, 2010

    Well you see for a new artist 2 Top 10 hits is pretty impressive. For an experienced artist with 20+ years in the business–whose latest effort isn’t doing well at all (hence the re-release)– that’s pretty disappointing.

  7. mia March 16, 2010

    his background dancer cat rendic is dope

  8. hihihihihi March 16, 2010





  9. cool chick March 16, 2010


  10. CC March 16, 2010

    I didnt watch it till the end…sorry but he sounded like some 12 year old you would find on youtube who thinks they can sing and want to be a superstar…his voice was not good here at all

    Congrats on two consecutive top ten hits though…both were pretty catchy, if a tad generic.

    Also, did he say his album went platinum, or was he talking about one of the singles? Cos didnt his album debut outside the top ten? Theres no way that went platinum! :-S

  11. t March 16, 2010

    he’s not doing anything, MJ JT Usher and Chris Brown hasn’t already done.

    mainstream music sucks these days.

  12. Imperfect Angel March 16, 2010

    @T preach boo! I like Jason but he is SO yesterday with his style i mean first Michael then Usher and Ginuwine immitated it back in the 90’s and THEN Chris, Mario, and Justin added their flavor to it and now Jason! Like really is this all we can do as performers these days? Dance over a catchy beat and call it quality? Nah man bring me back the 90’s or 80’s or the decades before because that was the only originality we had in music but on another not Jason’s vocals are on POINT! He can sing his a** off that’s for sure but his stage presence is kind of off to me though, like he seems like he’s into it but at the same time he just looks like he’s thinking about his next moves (sings) “IN HIS HEAD” too much so idk ill have 2 see what the next single sounds like and how he fares with that 1 before i hop onboard his “fan wagon”…….

  13. Lady Lust March 16, 2010

    I think he is SO cute but i keep getting “sweet” vibes from him though 🙁

  14. Fred March 16, 2010

    He will never even be close to Chris Brown at least Chris CAN sing a Capella. Lets put this dude up against Chris in dancing and singing a Capella who will win ya think?

    Im sick of the industry trying to replace Chris with all these crapola artists just bring Chris back assholes.

    And dude at the top get off the crack this guys album is nowhere near platinum fool

  15. Jeff March 16, 2010

    I’m feeling this song more than “Whatcha Say,” which I loved. I hope Jason has a long career ahead of him because I think he is more dope than any male in the game right now.

  16. seianalisah March 17, 2010

    hey jason derulo i loveeeeeeee ur song aye i wsih i coulkd sing it 4 u aye na joaxz jst joking

    cn u sing another song for the people out there

  17. Renee March 17, 2010

    First of all. He is not even on Chris’s level. Real talk. The stats will show that, so Im not even going to go into that.

    Secondly, i think what that fat ass Lopez meant, was the SINGLE went platinum…cause if his ALBUM went plat, we all would have heard about that, he would have been the biggest opener of the year thus far. if u believe his album went plat, u a sucka!

    FInally, that performance was hot f****** mess…as usual…I have never seen a good performance from this dude. ATLEAST, when Chris was now coming out, he KILLED his performances. He aint all that, his voice aint all that, he has no swag whatsoever, fire ya stylist son…and he’s NOT goodl ooking!! He looks 30 something…

    Chris is not going anywhere …so keep hating..thats OUR motivation!!!


    F*** outta here!!!!! SMH

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