Teairra Mari Performs ‘Sponsor’ On Mo’Nique Show

Published: Wednesday 17th Mar 2010 by Sam

R&B singer Teairra Mari stopped by The Mo’Nique Show to perform new single ‘Sponsor’, as well as sit down for a chat with the Oscar winning comedienne. Check out the performance above, which featured Soulja Boy, as well as the interview after the jump…

Randomness: I have my Mo’Nique impression down to a tee! {“Yaaaaaaaasss”}.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Carl March 17, 2010

    She interviews very well. I’m buying that album!

  2. Anthony March 17, 2010

    I agree with Carl.. I will be buying the album as well
    if it comes out that is. lol.

    i love teairra, and i’ve always been down for her.
    BUT… a couple of things… She needs to change her music
    appeal. She needs something that is going to showcase
    that great voice and take her places. Not these simple hip hop
    songs… BUT i also noticed how Monique kept calling her the
    princess of hip hop.. and if that is what she’s going for, more power
    to her, but it’s hard to do that nowadays because this isn’t the 90’s anymore.

    But the performance was hot. She’s FINE AS HELL.
    And I’m down for her.

  3. Meechy05 March 17, 2010

    I got myself a sponsor! $

  4. THE TRUTH!!! March 17, 2010

    Shes a nice girl. I like her swagg, she seems really ginuine. Cool interview. and she is naturally very pretty. She has a lot of s** appeal. (naturally) Its not forced.

    Ayoen know what I mean?

  5. y2kmalone March 17, 2010

    voice is great image is shot to hell first get rid of the 2 dancers and the Beyonce hair-do and find one color for the hair

  6. Amir7 March 17, 2010

    I LOVED IT! Teairra is Hot Voice Is Good! I pray all goes Well! GREAT interview & wonderful spirit!

  7. AalexisR (The Bahamas) March 17, 2010

    I love her too but she doesn’t get to show off her voice.

  8. JAY March 17, 2010


  9. ADE March 17, 2010

    she seems so cool! and shes hot!
    Mo’Nique is hilarious, just looking at her cracks me up – i love it

  10. antertain March 17, 2010

    Always liked Teairra’s voice from when i first heard it.
    She one of the more talented vocalists in the R&B game.

    Looking forward to her project and she a hot girl too.

  11. mez March 17, 2010


  12. Rob March 17, 2010

    Loved it. That is my jam!

  13. Nick March 17, 2010

    I loved loved loved her ENTIRE 1st album, but she does seem snooty and god don’t like ugly, that’s y she will never be big- I really Want to root for her music, because she can really sing, but its over and this song is terrible!

  14. March 17, 2010

    gorgeous girl and i dig her voice
    but her material has been wack since day one, minus a few songs
    get it together, boo

  15. cool chick March 17, 2010

    no one is checking for this trick , her music sucks ass

  16. simply me March 17, 2010

    like the song but then again I also liked Make her feel good. I made the mistake of buying that album. It was a pretty decent album but I don’t see her being a success if she keeps releasing garbage songs. For example, last album, Make her feel good was a hit song… She followed it up with lame a** No daddy which BOMBED. She shoulda released either ” Phonebooth, Confidential, or Act right. She also seems like she may need a piece of humble pie because like Nick said she does come off as snooty or holier than thou.

  17. Pretty1 March 17, 2010

    Monique totally dissed her when she was like “So Teairra honey, how does it feel for such a huge superstar like Soulja Boy to take out the time to accompany you on stage?!” Monique said that like Teairra Mari was famous or something! That was kinda an insult…

  18. Pretty1 March 17, 2010

    *wasn’t (TYPO)

  19. NATE March 17, 2010

    I loved the choreography the back ground dancers were doing… that’s all.

  20. Aunt Jackie March 17, 2010

    They dropped her because her 2nd single bombed from her album, but the worst part of that is THEY CHOSE HER 2nd SINGLE. She didn’t want that wack single to come out.

    Why they drop artists after the label screws up is beyond me.

  21. Mrs. Darren shellychelle Sharper March 17, 2010

    Yassss! That’s my jam! I ♥ this song.

  22. BEYONCENUMBA1FAN4LIFE March 18, 2010



    Some of y’all sound mad. Teairra’s new single is the hotness. She can’t sing and shes snooty? Breathe and STOP! She can sing good and she is nowhere near snooty. She comes off as a regular young black woman. We’re both from Michigan and anyone from Detroit or visits frequently enough knows that Detroiters have a certain swag about them. I don’t see the problem. In other news, I liked the performance and the interview made me laugh.

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