Kelly Rowland Performs ‘Commander’ At Supafest

Published: Sunday 18th Apr 2010 by Sam

Our girl Kelly Rowland treated Australian fans to a special performance of her new single ‘Commander’, during her headlining set at the Supafest extravaganza in Adelaide. Put simply the song is FIRE!!! Choreographer, Fatima Robinson, hooked Ms. Kelly and her dancers up! {Thanks Steven!}

What you waiting for? Check out the performance below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. phittedphilly April 18, 2010

    yes doll work!!

  2. Tae April 18, 2010


  3. Angelena Aguilera April 18, 2010

    I am beyond impressed with this performance…
    I’m a DC fan and Bey STAN but Kelly’s Performance was amazing!!!
    I Love The Song And Can’t Wait For Her Album….
    She Kilt It!!

  4. trevor April 18, 2010

    YES KELLY! YESSS YESSS YESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. matt April 18, 2010

    where’s the kelly rowland post about her kicking and screaming at an australian airport to get what she wanted, where’s that at stan. if rihanna had did it you would soon be posting up, slamming her for being a diva. and i don’t even like rihanna!!

  6. AKisdabest April 18, 2010

    song sounds okay; need the mp3 so i can hear the lyrics better lol

  7. Angelena Aguilera April 18, 2010

    @Matt ….
    Im assuming you didnt watch the video where Jay Sean or something said they were being very funny towards AKON and his DJ including Kelly Rowland…. racism is a stretch but she had probable cause

  8. Blasian April 18, 2010

    This so is FIRE!!!!!!!! She got a HIT on her HANDS!

  9. Aunt Jackie April 18, 2010

    That song is HOT-FIRE.

    Need more dancing from Ms. Kelly
    Need her to DROP that single.

  10. Meechy05 April 18, 2010

    Song is hott b*** I needed a little more from her dancing wise….

  11. DANBOFFICIAL April 18, 2010



  12. Muni April 18, 2010

    The song is fire and Kelly is looking hot. I agree she can dance so why not. Come on KELLY you can do it. WE LOVE YOU KELLY!!!!!

  13. Spam April 18, 2010

    Why are you posting about Kelly, the only way to automatically get over 100 comments is by posting anything about Rihanna.

  14. Biasdude April 18, 2010

    I’m going to need Kelly to stop lip syncing and start singing live. If you’re going to make a song that requires that much vocal you should be able to perform it live. Kelly you came out of one of the best girl groups of all time I’ma need you to start acting like it.

    But on a better note the song is really good and Kelly’s backup dancers were doing a good job with the moves.

    Step it up Kelly, it’s 2010!

  15. Anthony April 18, 2010

    she’s going all out!!
    the song is hot!!!
    the dancers are HOT.
    the choreo is hot!!

    I think this is the hit that’s
    been waiting for her.

  16. smh April 18, 2010

    Why do ya’ll keep saying negative s*** about kelly and mentioning Rihanna? Go to the rihanna post. damn. Kelly NAILED it! I would like to see some more dancing. Had she danced with the dancers in the background it would have been tighter but she still nailed it!

  17. Meechy05 April 18, 2010

    I hope there shooting the video this week its long overdue. ..I’m getting very impatient

  18. ~Team Weezy~ April 18, 2010

    The song is definitely FIYAH. It sounds like all the other stuff that people are releasing (dance/pop/electro), but I guess this is what will work to get her back in it. I couldn’t really hear her voice because the music was so loud and but judging from the back track it sounds like some auto-tune-esque. *side eye* Anyway, I like Kelly, I hope she does well.

  19. Gucci April 18, 2010

    First of all the room had about 40 people in it….and each of them looked UNIMPRESSED with good reason. The song is horrible, and she’s STILL WEARING THE EXACT SAME OUTFIT that she’s been wearing for a month now. Damn girl can you throw it in the wash at least? Or is trying to look like a knockoff version of Beyonce that important to you?

    On to the performance….can you say BORING? She looked so awkward on stage, as if she was trying oh so hard and the audience was still yawning. She moved stiffly and her voice sounded like a dog barking.

    All in all, Mrs. Kelly was horrible. Can someone please give this chick 20 dollars and sponsor her new video? Because she’s been struggling to get it released for quite some time honey. And her faux female genitalia isn’t the business either.

  20. chi09 April 18, 2010

    Im so glad she is coming into her own

  21. Blasian April 18, 2010


  22. FAKERZ April 18, 2010

    You’re biased as hell Sam, but luckily this time your spot on

  23. DION-ISH April 18, 2010




  24. cool chick April 18, 2010

    loves it go kelly

  25. rnbcascade April 18, 2010

    A fcking hit… that is all. No need to argue with mindless ririgoat stans

  26. PLAIN AND SIMPLE April 18, 2010


  27. Roger That! April 18, 2010

    Number 1 Baby!!!!

    can you say one,1 ,uno!!

    we winning over here with this one
    that song sounds Faaaaaar from a flop
    now that’s Kellys breakout Single

    when love takes over who?

    whatever commander>

    and then the dancers and when she commands them to dance
    man strap on yourseat belts it’s going to be a fast ride to the top

    that’s right haters get mad get real mad because when this s*** drops officially you
    gone see Kellys pretty little face all over your television so either get on board or get mad!

    I’m not playing..

    Naw let me humble myself…

    Ok Kelly you have really outdone your self the song & the performance, everything
    was on point. I hope everyone likes it the way i did.

    *big grin*

  28. Gucci April 18, 2010

    This song will NEVER be a success. Why doesn’t she sit down and go have babies? She would make a descent FATHER to the child because lord know that chick is PACKING one helll of a d*** underneath that body suit she stole from the set of one of Beyonce’s videos. And this song is definitely not “FIYAH” but my ears just might be after listening to her screech and imitate other successful artists. Even her back up dancers look like they want to get off stage and make better use of their time.

    And let’s talk about that venue. Why is it so damn small? It’s literally a room full of 40 people and the tickets were probably free. My college dorm room was bigger than that s***.

  29. cool chick April 18, 2010

    i like the rihanna posts they are funny lol
    TGJ keeps it real! Keep it up Trent and Sam most of us love yall-excluding the psychotic, multiple personalities, no social life, c*** riding rihanna worshipers

  30. Gucci April 18, 2010

    Cool Chick why are you up in a Kelly Rowland post talking about Rihanna? Spit it out already….( her c*** ) because you’re sucking on it in situations that have nothing to do with her. It’s obvious you’re either Sam and Trent’s gay lover or they are paying you because this blog is a piece of s***…pure fuckery.

    Kelly’s dusty ass wig needs to go too. i could see the dust particles fly off of it when she swung her square ass head. Uhg. And she’s still rocking that T***** liptstick? Really? Girl bye.

  31. Umm…I guess??? April 18, 2010

    The Song: Um…I like Smoohces better!!!! I honestly don’t understand all the hype but whatever (Maybe TGJ’s mind control abilities) I don’t want dance Kelly I think that other artist already have that sound and I think she will be attacked and labeled a “swagga jacker”
    The Perfrormance: IT WAS WHACK!!! I know Kelly can do WAAAYYY better…And if “someone else” did the same exact thing Sam wouldv’e had a field day…And is that her only perfromance outfit??? #NO SHADE #JUST SAYIN

  32. Gucci April 18, 2010

    @Sam yes she really is a fake diva. I don’t see what’s there to be a diva about…all of her accomplishments are because of Beyonce. Once Beyonce stopped breast feeding her, she was doomed for failure and it shows. Every solo album was a flop, and after a 10 year run in Destiny’s Child, still nobody knows who this b**** is. SMH. And this song…….it sounds like she sampled Christina Aguilera’s new song and did her best Lady Gaga impression for the vocals.

    She failed.

  33. cool chick April 18, 2010


    if u hate TGJ sooo much u are more then welcome to leave, no one forces u rihanna stans to come here. Pressed idiots

    yea its pure fuckery but here u are commenting every damn day smh give me a break

  34. Gucci April 18, 2010

    She’s so UNORIGINAL. I can’t even call this a solo “career” because all she’s doing is copying everyone else that is out right now. I’m so confused as to what her fans see in her a part from a d***. She has no style, no stage presence, and no money to make a video for this whack ass song.

  35. SLAY4KROWLAND April 18, 2010

    Gucci, Yet kelly is the one who started this whole entire trend of music. The whole style is what she started. I suggest you go have a seat before you fall flat on your ass.

  36. Joan April 18, 2010

    Good Evening
    Kelly that was great love the song all together. I just want to know why are Gucci on here. if you don’t like someone just don’t come on or say anything. I don’t get it. I would like to know can you sing Gucci or dance. if you don’t like someone just go some where else and look for that person you like. ok

  37. Stella April 18, 2010

    “And is that her only perfromance outfit??? #NO SHADE #JUST SAYIN”

    Well “you know who” decided to wear something else; so she took that outfit out of her closet and lent it to Kelly LOL.

    and yeah, “smooches” was better. Too bad it won’t make the album.

    “you know who’s” David Guetta track is going to smash WAY harder than Ms. Rowland’s. It will smash in Europe. It will smash in Asia. And it will even smash in (gasp) the US!

    “Feel the adrenaline, movin’ under my skin. It’s an addiction . . .”

  38. Gucci April 18, 2010

    @Cool chick

    I’m here to point out the inconsistencies and to inform educated people why this blog is a just a gathering place for hatred. Better question is why are you on Kelly Rowland post talking about another artist? Seems to me like you’re the one who is pressed honey. Sit your ass all the way down boo.

    Speaking of pressed can someone press the start button on Kelly’s career? Has it not started yet? How come nobody knows who this b**** is. And can someone PLEASE give her some laundry detergent so she can wash this outfit she’s been wearing for a month. That’s dirty as hell. But then again she doesn’t care that’s why she’s wearing one of Beyonce’s old wigs.

    Anything for some shine I guess.

  39. lyric_lee April 18, 2010

    thanks for the love gucci i really appreciate and so does kelly – no while she duests off her 5 grammys and gets ready for her third album ull still be here promoting here like crazy so keep up the good woork!! i love it and so does she!!!!!!!!

  40. SPRING April 18, 2010

    Great performance kelly.. amazing.. keep working hard, God bless you.
    @GUCCI if u hate kelly rowland so much dont comment on her posts,.. simple!!!!!!!!!!!!! why dont we see u up there doin ur thing if ut better than her,.. all you do is condemn… FOOL!!!

  41. TREVOR April 18, 2010

    If the negative people hate kelly so much why waste their time to comment a blog post that is ONLY about Kelly.. …. Oh Okay.

  42. cool chick April 18, 2010


    no your here to put more money into Sam and Trent’s pockets and they are happy u are doing so. TGJ is still the s***, u will always stay a piece of s***

    cas closed

  43. cool chick April 18, 2010


  44. Gucci April 18, 2010


    AHHAAHAAHAHAHAHA. Kelly Rowland STARTED this kind of music? Girl you need some damn Tylenol (extra strength) because you are obviously having a migraine headache. That’s why you are talking all this mess. Nobody even knows who this b**** IS honey. When you think of Destiny’s child, you think BEYONCE. Kelly isn’t even salient in your mind.

    How did she START this kind of music? Sounds like you need to pull her d*** out of your mouth so you can speak straight. The only thing she “started” was flopping.

  45. noah April 18, 2010

    i love kelly!! and this song!:D
    she did a great job!!::D

  46. Slay4KRowland April 18, 2010

    Sounds to me like you are mad @Gucci ? I recall her doing a song with David Guetta and I also recall the song being number 1 on 27 dance charts around the world. and if thats what you call “nobody knows who she is” — I guess you need to go back to grade school and get your education evaluated.

  47. cool chick April 18, 2010

    And i was not even talking about RIHANNA the artist, i was talking about her STANS (idiots like you) smh

    obviously cannot read

  48. Gucci April 18, 2010

    @Cool Chick

    Since you don’t know how blogging works let me explain. These two queens Sam and Trent get paid by the advertisements on their website…not by the number of hits or comments. The only thing these gay queens pockets will ever be lined with is lube. is not even a popular urban blog. Their only real traffic comes when they post about Rihanna.

  49. Gucci April 18, 2010


    Keep INFLATING those chart positions honey! If a song is really popular it wouldn’t just be number 1 on the DANCE CHARTS boo….and you KNOW you are doing too much by adding “all over the world”. LOL keep convincing yourself that anyone is checking for her. NO ONE is checking for her. She did not INVENT electronic pop honey……so you can sit your ass down in the same trash can that Kelly picked that dusty ass wig out of.

    @Cool Chick

    sweetie the fact is you brought up RIHANNA in a Kelly Rowland post. In fact, your comment had absolutely nothing to do with the topic. And then you call ME pressed because I call you out on it? Girl BYE. Get a new hobby.

  50. noah April 18, 2010


    dude you are the one that always brings up kelly in other post for ex. like on that rihanna rockstar post! so STFU! always talking b.s. on kelly and other artists.

  51. Slay4KRowland April 18, 2010

    Did I also happen to mention When Love Takes Over still holds in the mid top 10 in 5 countries as well. so say what you want.. Kelly is here and bitter b****** can stay mad.

  52. marley April 18, 2010

    kelly girl you can sing your ass off but why the auto tune i think her voice to good for these type of dance songs.

    leave them songs to like britney & rihanna’s people who cant sing.

  53. cool chick April 18, 2010

    in a kelly rowland post, u obviously don’t like her, commenting on a blog you hate=u are looking like the bigger idiot have a good night, have better things to do. I can feel my IQ steadily dropping talking with a fool like yourself lol

  54. cool chick April 18, 2010

    hypocrite and still VERY pressed smh

  55. noah April 18, 2010


    if this isnt a popular urban blog site then why are you alway posting comments on here!!! on like ever post they do

  56. Gucci April 18, 2010

    That’s because I can’t stand people who throw shade without reason…people who are acting like Kelly is established….which is untrue because more people know Ke$ha. Kelly’s career expired years ago. So i don’t know what this garbage she’s putting out is for.


    HAHAHAHAHA. Okay hun keep deluding yourself. But in the U.S. no one knows who Kelly is.

  57. Aunt Jackie April 18, 2010

    @ Gucci

    You know what always kills me about you?

    You come on Kelly posts attacking her, but get ‘but hurt’ when people give negative evaluations of Rihanna

    You come on Kelly posts saying that her chart positions don’t matter, but QUOTE chart positions to defend Rihanna

    You come on Kelly posts saying that the only traffic they get is when they post about Rihanna, yet you are pushing this post to over 60 comments, thereby giving That Grape Juice traffic in a post about someone other than Rihanna

    You accuse other people of posting for attention, yet you post outlandishly disrespectful things about other artists to draw people into arguments.

    In short,


  58. STAY MAD! April 18, 2010


  59. ~AalexisR~ The Summer King (The Bahamas) April 18, 2010



  60. bbop April 18, 2010

    I’m gonna need her to stop lip synching. WTF! Kelly I’ve heard you live you can sing even though I think your gonna flop I want you to prove me wrong. This is not it. I can’t take artist who do this.

  61. Renee April 18, 2010

    It was okay. I guess the song has to grow on me. I hope the album is good.

  62. kingnoah3000 April 18, 2010

    Yes Kelly Re-ushered this style of music .. which caused followers (such as rihanna *note*) so whats the big deal… That would be a trend setter.. and im sure more to follow (madonna working with david now as well) The song is hot.. And will be a number one, like it or not.. I’m sure kelly will bring it dance wise in the video..but real talk..when have we seen Rihanna dance?!? Rude boy is not dancing lol she was MOVIN AND WHININ.. thats not dance.. I seen Rihanna on tour and i dont think she sound as bad as yall make it, i enjoyed it but she was a stuff as a p*** star d*ck.. and to the outfit comment (DRINK BLEACH) once again its a tour outfit… Janet Tour 2 years with the Janet. Album, n she didnt change anything beside her Hair, Beyonce as well.. So it yall gonna hate PLEASE MAKE F*cking sense or Facts behind it.. It not drink bleach as well

  63. Lebo(CaribbeanBOi) April 18, 2010

    I LIKE I LIKE !!! Go Wifey …

  64. iDRAG4KELLY April 18, 2010

    F****** hating ass f*** and dykes.
    Kelly Rowland and this song is a smash.

  65. Richard April 18, 2010

    I love Kelly Rowland but if you stand really think Kelly Rowland really made dance music popular then you’re delusional.

    Even GaGa came out with her album before Kelly. Dance music has been popular for decades.

    We def. have to give Kelly props for introducing the world to David Guetta though, but even then you gotta admit Akon is who really made David blow up in the US

  66. hesings April 18, 2010

    Not sure if Im feeling this song yet gotta let it grow on me

  67. jazzy April 18, 2010

    Like the song minus the auto tune garbage.

  68. ADE April 18, 2010

    :\ not sure what to make of it…im gonna wait till i hear it properly to pass judgement

  69. ADE April 18, 2010


  70. Trish April 18, 2010

    I think this song is amazing

    I hope Kelly Rowland doesn’t listen to the publics opinion
    to decide if she should release it or not that’s why her last album
    flopped she let the dumbass blogs talk her into re-recording
    and releasing the wrong singles this time she should do what she wants
    and put out what she thinks is hott

    because honestly speaking this song is single meterial first single meterial
    to be exact I can’t see her making a better first single than this
    I hope she release this

    Her label was right this song is going to do big things I hope the video
    is even better

    great job kelly rowland

  71. DOB April 18, 2010

    I love the song! Not a huge Kelly Rowland fan and I still say this song is a hit. She needs to step it up with the vocals though. Her live vocals are just not it — EVER. And she needs to be doing some of the dancing instead of just standing there letting the backup do all the work.

    Moral of the story: Live performance needs work, but the song is hot!

  72. Rickky April 18, 2010

    Commander is hot…plain and simple…haters ive said it b4 hate because that is what they do best…y cant we want the best for all artist…if u have to put one down to make another sound or seem better then they probably arent…Commander all the way

  73. Krummybears April 18, 2010

    yes child. The song is a Hit. But Kelly hunny when
    we said we wonna see U dance. we didn’t mean ur dancers.
    we meant U. Get it together hunny.

  74. ~TeAM WeeZY~ April 18, 2010


    That is all.

  75. Krummybears April 18, 2010

    DOB great minds thinkalike.I’m tired of her not dancing. How the hell do this girl think
    she’s going to make dance music. without dancing she needs to do better.
    But again speaking on the song it’s self it really is a hit.

  76. niki April 18, 2010

    I do not like this song, but I hope there millions and millions of people who feel otherwise. I REALLY REALLY WANT HER TO DO WELL.

  77. Airon April 18, 2010

    First off I wanna say I lurve Kelly’s new single “Commander.” I say its definitely a #1 smash hit! On a side note, people say they want to see her dance more. Kelly’s vocals as you can see are limited, if she dances full out it will be harder for her to sing live. I don’t blame Kelly for not dancing, she’s learning her limits. I’d rather see Kelly attempt at singing than dancing and lip-synching. I think Kelly is starting to realize that she doesn’t have to be B to do well in the industry. Very few can do what the Queen B can do (Dance, Perform, and sing flawlessly on album and live). I still love Kelly though and will regardless buy her new single and album. What can I say, I’m still a B, Kelly, sometimes Michelle, and DC fan stan 4 life.

  78. Meechy05 April 18, 2010

    I really feel kellz is gonna break that girl group spell, not only one can be successful but two or three Michelle is on her way too, kellz is gonna make history guys,COMMANDER IS A BEAST! !!!!!!

  79. stan April 18, 2010


    idk about this, the song sounds kinda generic to me

  80. smh April 18, 2010

    The song is dope. The performance was dope. Kelly is really bringing it this time around. Haters be mad!

  81. #heat April 18, 2010

    Same thing was said about WLTO, that it would never be a hit .
    Look now, it managed to score #1 worldwide and receive a Grammy.
    R****** has STAYS jocking Grace Jones.

  82. S*** April 18, 2010

    She definitely has another hit song under her belt.

  83. Ghetto Fab April 18, 2010

    There it is ladies and gents another hit. She did it again. ONe thing Kelly brings is the comments boy lol. She is doing the damn thing though.

  84. Anne April 18, 2010

    A couple of times I think I heard her talking and singing with the back track but I think she was LIP SYNCING the rest or most of it. She didn’t dance much but still did all that lip syncing.

  85. Anne April 18, 2010

    Thought the song was pretty good but not sure if it will be a hit in the U.S.

  86. TJ April 18, 2010

    Hot club song. Wish it didn’t have the auto tune, but I cant deny its HOT!!!!! GET IT MS. KELLY!!!!! I’d buy it!

  87. DJ April 18, 2010

    This is exactly what she needs…this is hot as f%^&!!! loves it!!

  88. V April 18, 2010

    I really don’t know if Kelly can ever be successful in the States : ( this techno/dance song will probably do well in Europe but it will not fly over here in North America. I really don’t know what she can bring to the table here in N.A. I mean it’s really, realy hard for female RnB acts to be successful here unless they’re Beyonce or Rihanna or they’ve been around a long time and have been really successfull in the past and have a legion of fans ( like Mary J, Mariah, Brandy, Monica) and even then it can be a struggle : / Artists like Teairra Mari, Letoya Luckett, Amerie, Ciara,etc really struggle. Kelly has really only had one solo hit in Dilemma and that wasn’t even her song! I’m worried for her, she doesn’t have a strong fan base here which means she needs to cone correct with the right songs to win ppl over.

  89. They April 18, 2010

    I wanna see her dance more. and I really don’t want this released in the US. The song FIYAH tho. and she S*** AS HELL!!

  90. Princess April 18, 2010

    I’ m loving the single and I’m a U.S. fan. You have to be open to different types of music. I think Kelly will do great even if it is not in the U.S. The U.S. isn’t the only country. This was a great performance. Y’all always have to find something negative to say when it comes to Kelly. Kelly is doing her and if y’all don’t like it then go some where else with the negative talk. This will be a hit. GO KELLY!

  91. justme April 18, 2010

    I totally agree with princess

  92. Altered_Mind April 18, 2010

    They should have just played the song since I could barely hear any of her actual vocals over the track. Song sounds okay but her performance was pretty boring. She did nothing but walk around like . . . oh wait . . . like you claim Rihanna does.

    Geesh Sam get a life and get your head out of Kelly R.’s ass . . . thanks.

  93. Jamie April 18, 2010

    She did not lip the whole song. She sang with the track about 85% of the song, and the adlibs were not lipped either. She sang this song and shut it down. Now all we need is the officially be released and a killer video to accompany it. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

  94. Gucci April 19, 2010

    @Aunt Jackie

    and you know what kills me about you? You are a hypocrite. You stan oh so hard for Kelly, but at the same time act like you are so above the rest of the stans. There’s really no difference between you, and someone who comments in the other posts that you dismiss. In terms of the performance….it WAS NOT good. Anyone with 20/20 vision can see that. She lip synced, and moved about awkwardly on stafe. If that means I’m thereby offending you then so be it. I’ve never gotten “hurt” by a comment directed at Rihanna, but APPARENTLY your feelings are hurt now that I’m talking about your idol Kelly Rowland? Nor have i ever said that chart positions don’t matter. i JUST FIND IT FUNNY that when Rihanna has a number 1 hit, people like YOU say charts mean nothing, but when Kelly does it on a song that ISN’T EVEN HER OWN, it’s hailed as a success.. I’m simply calling b******* as I see fit. And hold up, did i EVER say char positions didn’t matter? Or did I say that the DANCE/CLUB chart didn’t mean as much as the main Top 100? You might want to open up a box of hooked on phonics and re-read my sentence, boo. Kelly’s stans keep inflating her accomplishments when their isn’t any air to use! The facts are the facts. And another fact is that Kelly Rowland’s career pails in comparison to Rihanna’s. It’s also no secret that Rihanna posts always get the most comments on this dreadful site, which was the reason I said she draws in the traffic despite ThatGayJuice’s constant distaste for her. So while they hate her, she can’t stop posting about her. If i had posted this comment word for word in a post about someone else would you have tried (and failed) to call me out on it? No? Of course not, because you are too busy sucking on Kelly’s faux c*******.

    @TeAM WeeZY, Leave it to the ultimate hypocrite himself to call me the contradiction. Sweetie your entire existence is a contradiction. Had it been Rihanna who did this exact same performance and song, you would have likely found a way to throw shade (and miss). You’re just far too confused.

  95. Gucci April 19, 2010

    And honestly that rusty ass wig needs to go. Kelly looks like she killed a squirrel and tied it to her enormous head.

    How come her head is bigger than her entire solo career? I’m just saying. When this song finally FLOPS once and for all, we’ll see what the stans say. I can’t wait.

  96. Gucci April 19, 2010

    @cool chick

    Sweetie, you obviously don’t like Rihanna and you still brought her up FIRST in a post that had nothing to do with her. So you are the one looking like a damn clown. How can your IQ drop if it was 0 from the very beginning. If anything, My intelligence is being insulted from me reading how you justify being a complete dumb ass. Get it together honey. Next time read the names of the people who are in the post before leaving a comment okay?


    Boy,you are just a queen with no sense of direction. Kelly is on tour, yes i KNOW this but why oh why does she only have one damn outfit to work with? That’s what I’m saying. You’re just way too far up her ass for it to register in your brain, boo. How did Rihanna follow Kelly Rowland? What HIT did that Kelly Rowland have that “ushered in” electronic pop? Because last time I check Rihanna did that ONCE with disturbia and now everyone has been hopping on it so she STOPPED doing it. Kelly’s half baked autotune ass didn’t usher in a damn thing. Let it GO.

    This song will be a hit? Honey the only thing this song will hit is rock bottom because the U.S. is tired of the same raggedy ass autotune songs. Kelly will never sell records, and 10 years from now we will still be asking who the hell she is? Oh yeah Beyonce’s former hype man.

  97. Gucci April 19, 2010

    SMH….that entire performance looked like a high school talent show except with less people in the audience. Kelly stans need to wake up. She needs to ask Beyonce to be a backup dancer.

  98. hi April 19, 2010

    OMGGGGGG this is #1 SMASH HIT!

    ROFL ” jealous Beyonce fans! GTFO Beyonce is not a GOD omg! GTFO

    this is smash hit! stay mad b******!

  99. dakkylove April 19, 2010

    THAT WAS PURE HOTTTTTNESS OMG Kelly is on fire..i was scared that this song will be over hyped but it’s crazy..yeah she should have danced more tho but this performance was still good, i hope it gets better.
    your Commander is here.

  100. Dope Bwoi April 19, 2010

    Gucci is BEYOND pressed. Like every other post is him/her, LITERALLY, LMFAO!

    Anyway, the song is cute. I’m sure Kelly is much better off than Gucci’s trolling ass, so there’s really no need in dragging that idiot guys.

  101. Gucci April 19, 2010

    @Dope Bwoi

    So telling the truth means that I’m pressed? Okay hun. You need to get a reality check. The only thing Kelly will command is another flop.

  102. dakkylove April 19, 2010

    lol@ jobless Gucci dropping almost 10 comments about an artist whom he claims he doesn’t like…ignore the loser take ur hating to they will love someone like here ure just thrash.

  103. Mickael April 19, 2010

    Hot song

  104. Gucci April 19, 2010


    Girl, you sure are right. I posted more comments than her last album sales. AND now I’the jobless one? If anyone is jobless it has been Kelly Rowland ever since Beyonce stopped breast feeding her in Destiny’s child. She’s just a washed up has been with a dirty ass outfit that she over did by wearing it every day for a month.

  105. DANBOFFICIAL April 19, 2010

    this t***** is a terrible performer…..oh damn !!!! my ears are bleeding now…….kelly and michelle should both just give up the music career and go get a job at poundland…….swagga jackin grace jones;z style !!!!!!!!!!!! and as for kellyz vocals………… weaker than a tetley tea bag….. !!!!!

    OVERALL….her albums have failed worldwide…..she has pritty much no fans…….and the b**** is just a low, low, low, low class beyonce…….continue with your “CAREER” t***** rowland

  106. DANBOFFICIAL April 19, 2010

    lady gaga rip off……………


  107. RihannasClit April 19, 2010

    April 19, 2010 at 1:50 am

    Girl, you sure are right. I posted more comments than her last album sales.





  108. X ,Y and Crazeee! April 19, 2010

    chick with a d*** kelly rowland boring

    wasnt she on Rupauls drag race


  109. Omar April 19, 2010

    I love Kelly. Commander is my song! Hot hot hot

  110. chelsie April 19, 2010

    x,y, and crazee, Gucci, Rihanna’s c***, DANBOFFICIAL

    Please shut the f*** up. TI said it best- we all have positions to play in life, and some people’s positions is to hate… drag someone down when they are trying.

    Wow I don’t even know why Rihanna’s stans are even trying to come for Kelly when she will always be doing much better than yall ignorant non spelling, jobless asses. Stay stanning for the demon worshipping Rihanna. She worships lucifer… FACT! She is also a w****.. FACT again!

    Kelly has much more class in her toenails than Rihanna has in her ENTIRE body. kELLY is positive, talented, Kind and giving. She even has built her own charity to help others.. what has Rihanna done other than swaggerjacking everyone, f*** for tracks and worship satan and take souls? FACT Rihanna is not talented.. she can’t sing/dance nor can she write or play instruments,.. so stop being so f****** delusional.

    Rihanna doesn’t give a f*** about you or anyone else, apart from your money and implementing symbolism to corrupt minds.

    FYI Kelly has sold 3-4m WW. She has multiple hits around the world as well. Fine its sad that here in the states she doesn’t sell as well as she should but she is getting success elsewhere. She is being booked for headline slots around the world.

    Kelly could cough up blood and still sound better than Goat voice.

  111. DANBOFFICIAL April 19, 2010



  112. bips April 19, 2010

    hail kelly !!!!! show em girl!!!!

  113. X ,Y and Crazeee! April 19, 2010

    Chick with penis

    She will always be know as the 3rd string DC chick…

    Plus I met her and she has a STANK attitude!

    THat Grape Juice has set the tone for this blog with the continual attacks on Rihanna.. This is a hater blog so Like you anti Rihanna haters Im just giving you back waht you give out…

    Kelly is a LOSER!!!!!!

  114. April 19, 2010

    wooooooooooooooow……..I dont think i ever heard such rude and malicious things said about someone in my life…..’

    @GUCCI while i do respect ur opinion, i do think u went about it in the complete wrong way, for you to say some of the things you said about kelly and the other posters is really just rude and uncalled for. Its fine to not like an artist but too down right degrade them is just ruthless and unjust…..(too bad none of your comments are hurting kellys pockets…..haha)

    ANYWAY back to the ISSUE ant hand: I love the song i definitely think it wil be a number 1 on the dance/club chart, especially with the right promotion and a killer video……yes the performance was lacking (i liked her performance at MANSION waaayyyy better) but i still loved it, yes she could stand to do a tad more dancing (rihannas never been a dancer and we have accepted that, BUT kelly is, so me as a kelly fan am not gonna accept her standing with a MICstand no way jose)……..and as for her hair I actually think its one of her best wigs in a long time, it looks really natural and the hairline aint F***** like usual…..and her costume, so what its a f****** tour piece, who cares, yeah she could mix it up but its not like this was a 30 city tour……..I wish kelly the best of luck and im sure with this album she will see MUCH success!!!!

    While i am a KELLYSTAN for real, i will never be a yes man and will always say exactly what im thinking

  115. dakkylove April 19, 2010

    you guys should just ignore them, thats what artists have learnt to do, when u respond to them it gives them hope…they just need attention, probably the same loser reposting with several names, give them a lolipop and lets move on.
    Kelly just completed the SOLD OUT australia tour, she is heading to Dubai to perform then South Africa to shoot a video and perform the WORLD CUP hopefully she should be shooting commander video when she gets back from touring…yes while she gets that money what are u haters doing?? yeah burning up ur fingers with hate..Lets Go guys.

  116. X ,Y and Crazeee! April 19, 2010

    i Saw her perform and SHE IS NOT THe bizness



  117. Dreaming April 19, 2010

    Why is she looking exactly like Ciara these days?

  118. Spam April 19, 2010

    Let’s see how many u.s. Number ones does Kelly ? 1 thanks to nelly, how many does Rihanna have? 6 someone get this tired b**** away from me, kelly is wack…she will NEVER score another number 1, in the u.s. Where it matters!!

  119. Nicolas April 19, 2010

    Go Kelly ! Future smash hit !

  120. illcity April 19, 2010

    if ther were 2 pple id kill for fun itd be gucci gay n sam d slave. wtf do u know bout music…evry f***** artist lip sync n copies. kelly is so down to earth. she has the voice of a true vokalist who only need to work n control. i hate pple who dnt accept the fact dt shes good…very good. we dnt need too many screams to know shes good. bn for the record…she is self made so if u cant learn hw to bake for urself, id do it for u with extraspecial poison…damn. u haters really need a job cz this one aint payin

  121. chelsie April 19, 2010

    SPAM, you are ignorant, deluded and arrogant. There over 100 countries in the world other than the US. 4 of which are of 5 of the biggest music markets. I suppose everyone else should just pack up and find a different job. because they are not hitting the top spots..
    Gosh some americans make me sick. We aren’t the only country in the world that matters.

    When Rihanna can write or play instruments like Kelly can, then talk. Rihanna is a manufactured act and has no input in her work.

    And with the s*** that tops the billboards these days, it doesn’t really matter. I’d rather Kelly didn’t dumb herself down or sing about c**** to appeal to the masses.

    I suppose Kelly is doing something right. I have never seen so many haters.. lol!

  122. chelsie April 19, 2010

    Also she was singing with the track… I could hear her.

  123. Dont worry April 19, 2010

    I see why their mad if this had been a song/performance that wasn’t worth s***.
    it probly wouldn’t have made it past 20 comments. But since it’s not and it literally screams
    epic win these haters and nerveous rihanna and lady ga ga fans are pressed .
    and whoever said she’s copying anyone. sweety this is kellys sound r&B and dance music is a sound Kelly made up so u can exit with that 1.
    and second everyone commenting on Hair,Costumes,Dancing,Not singing live,and everything
    else but the actual song.Let me warn you guys something. when this is released no one listening to the radio will be able to see those things. They will only hear. so all the stuff
    your complaining about is irrelevant.

    anyway Kellys coming. better run u little monsters. stupid devil worshippers

  124. queenB April 19, 2010


  125. Spam April 19, 2010

    Lmao @ u girls are funny, no one needs to hate on Kelly rowland, ask anyone on the streets who she is and you will get a confused look on their face. Then you gotta say, beyonces back up dancers from the old days, and even then people won’t know who your talking about. And Kelly is in the illuminati too, you f***** brain dead idiots. So I guess u worship Satan,(don’t worry) beyonce, Rihanna, britney, CHRIS BROWN, OBAMA, jayz, Justin, Miley,and many many more are all illuminati members. Anyone who doesn’t know that is f****** retarded…all of them worship Satan…google it u stupid f******. Anyway time to take a shower and off to work! Peace f***.

  126. RihannasClit April 19, 2010

    @chelsie, stay pressed b****. While that Rihanna reign just won’t let up, Kelly STILL trying to find a sponsor for her cheap ass video. LOL!

  127. chelsie April 19, 2010

    There wont be any ”reign” where Rihanna will end up. In the hellfire with her master and all her fans.

    @SPAM, you cannot be a member of the illuminati as that is to do with Bloodline. You can only be a puppet and spread the message.

    There are plenty of artists that actually don’t deal with that mess. I have yet to find any reason to believe Kelly is helping their agenda but tbh I wouldn’t be surprised considering how f***** the industry is.

  128. RihannasClit April 19, 2010

    @chelsie, only GOD HIMSELF knows whose going to hell and whose going to heaven, so quit judging and worry about your own salvation, trick. ON THIS EARTH, however, Rihanna’s reign will never let up.

    RiRi should allow Kelly to sing backup vocals on her tour. that’s what Kelly does best, singing backup for those who are more talented than her (Beyonce, Rihanna, etc)

  129. Trina April 19, 2010

    Now hold up I love rihanna and I love her music I buy her music I’m apart of her fan board
    and Kelly love rihanna too But to say rihanna is more “talented” is stupid really stupid

    Now there aren’t many singers period that are better than beyonce so that’s a given the fact that Kelly is even being compared to beyonce should mean something

    so on that note I love everyone
    and I fail to the reason why you all are even mad at Kelly if your a rihanna fan be that why are you worrying about someone else either you like the song commander or you don’t

    it’s stupid to keep posting and being rude to Kelly for no reason kelly keeps to her self and is a very loving woman and has said nothing but beautiful words towards beyonce rihanna and even ga ga so why be evil to her

    I don’t get why yall are acting like this did I miss something???

  130. smh April 19, 2010

    ya’ll rihanna stans kill me. If Rihanna’s reign wont let up what the f*** are ya’ll over here talking s*** for? Your girl is winning right? She’s number one right? So why are ya’ll so damn pressed? In a kelly rowland thread talking s***. Stay pressed you sloppy ass no life having b****** and we know ya’ll h*** got that video on repeat. It’s ok, because we do too. =)

  131. smh April 19, 2010

    No Trina you didn’t miss anything. They dont get that they aren’t doing anything but making other people dislike their favorite artist. It’s ok to say ‘i dont like the song,’ but why keep coming back talking s*** that you know you dont even mean? To have that much hate towards a woman that you dont know is just stupid. Rihanna dont even know whoever that is is ALIVE yet they are being disrespectful and nasty. I love Rihanna and Kelly and I dont get why people can’t just stay in their own damn lane. This is stupid. if you dont like something, write your response and keep it moving. Why keep coming back talking s***. Wasting your time and making ppl not like the person who YOU like.

  132. Trina April 19, 2010

    But I agree with the people that have ears lol
    This song is a smash I want the HQ
    she out did herself
    and everyone else aswell

  133. Gareth April 19, 2010

    Sounds pretty awesome but I think it’s about time for an HQ mp3 to have a real listen to it but I’m hyped!

  134. bobs April 19, 2010

    its a bit beyonce meets rihanna all the way up and down.

  135. stace April 19, 2010

    I think this sounds like kelly rowland meets firece straight up and down and I’m lovin it

  136. NICKY April 19, 2010

    The gays will eat this up. More power to Kelly!

    Not sure how it will do in the US though…

  137. tweetypiebabe1 April 19, 2010

    Love love LOVE Kelly! Bout damn time she getting her shine 🙂

  138. sick of yall haten on her April 19, 2010

    the ones that haten on her is the fat and the ugly the things she do yall will not do dumb asses she will win because yall so wraped up on her u will buy the cd jus to she wats she giving hate on her beauity her talent and her voice that drag queen gaga laddy gaga sound like something off of drag race cant sing b**** or that little boy with that cut now shes dark and evil she ll be dead in a year on the news about killin herself they r the devil cant either lmao!

  139. RL April 19, 2010

    All Rihanna stans should stop the BS. Before that H** get beat up again LOL.

  140. D April 19, 2010

    She should dance more.

    I take it she’s abandoning urban this era?

  141. HeYa April 19, 2010

    Wow Gucci, you must LOVE Kelly to spend sooo much time writing novels about her.
    Check yo facts and try again. NeXt.

  142. Aunt Jackie April 19, 2010

    @ Gucci

    The performance wasn’t bad, and I commented that I believed she needed to dance more.
    That’s not a stan comment, so you attempt at being a little smart ass utterly failed. People can have there opinion about Kelly. You don’t like her…okay that’s fine. Rihanna obviously has a better career my girl Kelly’s weave is routinely a little off…no one is denying that. I’m not you Gucci, I don’t outright deny things about artists I like. So who’s a stan now?

    Once Again:

    The disrespectful things you say about her are just like things people say about Rihanna that you get mad about.

    You have pushed this thread to over 140 comments saying negative things about Kelly, and still claim that That Grape Juice only gets hits if they mention Rihanna.

    You deny the importance of charts when used for other artists, but consistently quote charts to defend Rihanna.

    You are illogical, and your attempts to respond to me are weak. I stan for no one. You stan for Rihanna.


    Try harder next time.

    —-Aunt Jackie

  143. Waddie G. April 19, 2010

    I see a #1 hit written all over this. I know Beyonce, Jay-Z and Matthew Knowles are studying Kelly hard…you know Ms. Bey can’t let no other diva get too much shine…lol

  144. Jamie April 19, 2010

    Kelly doesn’t have to dance particularly in this song because she’s the “COMMANDER” duh!!!!!!!! Ya’ll find the smallest things to complain about. Learn how to think outside the box. Be conceptual

  145. jay April 19, 2010

    The song sounds good from what I can hear, I don’t see much dancing from her tho and the vocal are weak as always…but good song can’t wait to hear it in the club so I can dance ’till I sweat…

    Ps @ meechy can you put on a shirt…damn…I’m at work and I can’t focus

  146. Rob April 19, 2010

    I like the song. It sounds something that Kesha would do but still I like it. WB Kelly!

  147. BeysBetter April 19, 2010

    Kelly don’t create songs in the studio that you can’t sing live. You didn’t hit any of the high notes….the auto-tune backing did it all. And where’s the dancing that u learned from DC3?

  148. “Dj Y2k Malone” April 19, 2010

    This song will be a top 10 dance hit but it will not go no where on the top 100 and r&b charts

  149. Sade April 19, 2010

    OMG Kelly killed it. Work it out boo!!!!!!

  150. Gucci April 19, 2010

    @Aunt Jackie
    Boo what have I ever outright denied about Rihanna? Everything I’ve ever said is to defend her with facts, hence the fact that I “quote” chart positions because people like to put a negative spin on her accomplishments. However I never dismissed Kelly’s position on the chart. But is it not a FACT that the Dance/club play chart only includes dance songs and the main top 100 is all inclusive? Therefore a hit on the dance/club play songs (while a moderate accomplishment) is not as big of an accomplishment like the stans make it seem. if that was the case honey I would have “quoted” how many number 1s Rihanna made on the same damn chart but I’m not doing that, boo. My point is that her stans are saying a number 1 hit on the dance/club play chart means a worldwide marker of success which is completely false. Just because you can’t stay focused long enough to read and process my sentence doesn’t mean it’s not a fact. Sorry.

    And yes you are a stan honey. You see how quickly you jumped on me when I made a comment about Kelly? Where were you when people were talking about other artists in those posts? Oh yeah you were cosigning on the hatred. So that’s okay but for me to return the favor is out of bounce? Sweetie sit your late ass down. I see right through your bull s*** so while you might have deluded others into believing that you are not a stan, I know you actually are. The performance was bad. Had it been anyone else I’m sure you would have said much more than just “she needs to dance more”. Girl, BYE.

    You mad? Go out and buy a CD from your flop idol.

    Sweetie save your half baked youtube knowledge for another day. You are so easily fooled by people who clearly have an AGENDA to distract you from the REAL illuminati while letting weak minded pre-teens like you focus on music artists. Let me put it like this, isn’t Beyonce accused of being in this so called group? Jay-Z is her HUSBAND and the figure head of said group right? And Kelly Rowland is her best friend? But Kelly’ has no connection to it right? Oh and better yet….Kelly’s been wearing all black these past few months. Had Rihanna done that, the rumors would have run rampant! Girl sit your raggedy ass down and think logically before you get on here talking about things you have no damn clue about.


    That’s the very reason Rihanna stans don’t like this b****. You Kelly stans have talked so much s*** about her that it’s getting out of hand. They are returning the favor. I’m just speaking the damn truth, and i actually do mean every word I’ve said because I’m stating the facts. She needs to get a new wig, throw that outfit in the laundry, and re-think her approach for this new album. This autotune, electro sound has BEEN DONE BEFORE AND PLAYED OUT.
    You are right, but then again that’s what the bloggers do on a daily basis. This blog is just a hate blog. I feel comfortable sharing me hate here.

    @sick of yall haten on her
    I love how you get mad that people with ears and common sense don’t support Kelly, but then in the next breath wish death upon another artist. GOODBYE. You are such a waste of life honey.

  151. Kenney April 19, 2010

    Listen y’all considering where Kelly’s stood her entire music career, this is a really huge improvement. She use to not dance, sing live, or let alone look as hot as she did on that stage! She’s never smiled so much, laughed so hard nor has she ever really worn makeup. You can definitely tell that she is longer a part of World Music Entertainment and that she is happy where she currently is. I love “Commander” because it’s different for her and allows her to begin to have some f****ing fun for once! It may not be a #1 hit in the US but it’s a sure fire winner #1 in the UK. I see “Commander” hitting the top 20 in the US billboard charts. Depending on the success of Commander, I see her new album selling anywhere between 150-200k in it’s first week considering where her albums have debuted at opening week. The fact that she’s finally getting the promotion that she needs, she’ll definitely be on top of her game this year! I have the same anticipation for both her and Christina’s new albums just because they’ve taken their time on them and worked so hard as well. This is what a true artist is. The thing I love the most about Christina and Kelly is that they don’t know to wear all these over the top costumes or look like a jackass in public just to get attention!

  152. ~TeAM WeeZY~ April 19, 2010


    Lmao!!!! First off, I’m a female. How am I a hypocrite? Just because I state my honest opinion? Please! And how is my entire existence a contradiction? Do you know me? I think not! If it were Rihanna I would have said the same thing, honey. And judging from my comment one would think that I said nothing good about her PERFORMANCE. I said I coulnd’t hear her voice because the music drowned her out. The only thing good I said was the song was fiyah! Damn, I take it you can’t comprehend well either. And you call me confused?? Hmmm, let’s see.

    You can’t decide if you like the website or not. You come here bashing the owners by calling them names and you call this site, and I quote, a piece of trash, yet you in this b**** everyday???

    You constantly appear on Rihanna posts indicating how much “hate” people throw at Rihanna, yet you’re ona Kelly post doing the exact same thing.

    In addtion, when you also appear on the Rihanna post you always say something of the nature of “why are you checking for Rihanna if you don’t like her, she must be doing something right” yet you’re on a Kelly post who you obviously don’t like.

    Also you ask why someone brought Rihanna into this post, yet every single time you comment on a post you disagree with you bring up Kelly (who’s never mentioned) and how she unsuccessful, etc.

    And it’s a difference in posting your opinion about the artist/performance that don’t like but attacking them personally like you do is purely immature. Grow up!

  153. Gucci April 19, 2010

    what’s her fan mail address? I’m thinking of sending her a bottle of Tide laundry detergent so she can wash that dirty ass outfit she’s been wearing for a month. It was probably white before.

  154. CJ April 19, 2010

    All i need from kelly is a little more choreo. I mean she has it.

  155. Gucci April 19, 2010

    @~TeAM WeeZY~

    Really? So you couldn’t hear her voice but the song was “FIYAH” despite the fact that it hasn’t even been released? Girl try again.

    And YES. I’ve started doing those things to prove a point. Why is it okay for Sam and Trent to talk s*** and me to say nothing? Nope. I started posting on this site and being nice, never saying what i REALLY FELT about these artists y”all stan for, but I’m done with that. They throw shade at Rihanna in every post so I decided to do the same damn thing to prove a point.

    I bring up Kelly Rowland in circumstances that they bring up Rihanna. Just like the fool who commented about Rihanna in this post FIRST and tried to throw shade. Because next there will be a fool who comments and accuses the Rihanna stans of bringing her up. I simply wanted to expose the fact that it’s the haters who stay on her in every single post.

    And lastly, sweetheart your opinion is dirt. Why are you so pressed when I gave mine? You talk s*** in other posts to and you STAN your ass off for Chris Brown and Rihanna like it’s your job but you turn around and try to call out other people for doing exactly what you do. Seems to me like you need to get it together honey. You stay checking for me and what i’m saying but you don’t bother to keep yourself in order.

  156. Gucci April 19, 2010

    I meant stan for Chris Brown and Kelly the T***** Rowland like it’s your job.

  157. Jhaye Star April 19, 2010

    Gucci is a HATERRRRRR ! Everyone knws Kelly and when people think of DS they definitely think of Kelly as well, so you nee to pull your own d*** outta ya mouth and shut the f*** up !!!!

  158. Gucci April 19, 2010

    @Jhaye Star

    False boo. Kelly and her d*** have no star quality. Beyonce dominated Destiny’s Child and Kelly tried to break out of that shadow for years and still FLOPPED. It’s a fact.

  159. ~TeAM WeeZY~ April 19, 2010


    Yes, I did say I didn’t hear her voice but the song is FIYAH. I judged from what I heard. Duh!

    I don’t have a problem with you not liking Kelly, but my point is what you do is contradictory. You can’t tell Sam and Trent how stupid it is to constantly throw shade at Rihanna for no reason when you respond by doing the same thing with Kelly. You can’t call this site “a piece of trash” and come her everyday because it displays that you like pieces of trash.Get it?

    Okay she brought up Rihanna in a Kelly post first, right? But do you not bring up Kelly first in a Rihanna post or any other post for that matter? You say you “simply want to expose that haters bring up Rihanna first, but you’re proving to do the same thing when you bring up Kelly first. I mean you’re saying that you bring up Kelly to prove a point but you’re only further proving how contradictory you are by preaching one thing and doing the same thing that you constantly preach about! Damn!

    And honey I’m not pressed by your opinion of anything, I simply discredit your opinion, because of your lack of consistency and you constant contradictions. Like I said it’s one thing to have an opinion but to constantly attack the artist PERSONALLY is childish, boo! If I say something negative about Rihanna, it’s simply the way I feel about her talent, performances, albums or album performances, fashion, deluded stans, etc. I NEVER attack her personally. It’s foolish to do such a thing!

    And you contradict yourself once again by telling me I comment like it’s my job, yet YOU HAVE MULTIPLE COMMENTS ON THIS POST AND RIHANNA POSTS!!!!!! And you’re telling me I do I this like it’s my job? Smh. Damn, girl, do you not understand that you only prove me right evertime you attempt to make someone else look bad????

    And you’re right I talk s*** in other posts, however, once again, I am not calling you out for talking s***, I’m simply indicating how contradictory you are. Do you understand that? Huh?

    And I thought maybe we went through this already but let me make it clear to you once again since evidently you didn’t comprehend the last time, [ I STAN FOR NO ONE ], I repeat [ I STAN FOR NO ONE ]. I never will! I’m a fan of only a few artists and as a matter of fact Kelly isn’t one of them. K?

  160. PLUG April 19, 2010

    This song is a frriggin BEAST! Kelly looks and sounds great. I would like to see her bust more moves though. She knows the choreography so at certain points she to should join in and do it. Even without dancing though; Kelly owns the stage. Girlfriend is the “COMMANDER”.

  161. Jhaye Star April 19, 2010

    Whats the point of being bitter and hating on a artiste who is traveling the world, making money, being a super star,having a good life regardless of the fact that insignificant you ( GUCCI) make sly and nasty comments all day on a blog-site only because you don’t have a life outside of checking this site ever sec for updated on celebs to make nasty comments to feed to ego.

    This is for everybody who hate on artistes. I realize they hate Rihanna on this site, but regardless she is being the superstar she is and sly comments on this or any other site will never change that. What’s the point hating on someone who doesn’t even know are care if you exist???

  162. Aunt Jackie April 19, 2010

    @ Gucci
    Having a different opinion than you automatically qualifies me to be a stan? Once again, you are a complete jackass, flop stan that couldn’t put together a coherent, logical argument if you tried.
    I simply pointed out that you engage in the same negative activity on this blog about artists you don’t care for that you criticize others for. I readily admit my favorite artist weaknesses. That, my friend is not a stan move. But leave it you to try to call me a stan so you don’t have to deal with your own hypocritical, ridiculous behavior. I can’t argue with you, because you truly need to be checked out a psychiatric ward, or pronounced clinically retarded for the the type of arguments you make. Go back to square one and try again.

  163. Jamie April 19, 2010

    Could ya’ll please stop responding to Gucci because it’s pretty sad for someone to not have that much of a life to wait til ya’ll post something about him/her and then jumps at the chance to attack. I honestly think he/she is in a wheel chair and can’t really move or probably a big project fat ass just bitter about life. Just move on people Kelly has a hit on her hands and it’s up to us to assure that along with her management/promo team!

  164. cool chick April 19, 2010

    i 1000% agree with jaime

    Gucci does not like Kelly or TGJ yet it’s leaving the most comments
    b**** bye

  165. Rob April 19, 2010

    S*** is lame! Kelly is lame so whats new?

  166. Gucci April 19, 2010

    @Aunt Jackie

    First you accuse me of not being able to provide a logical argument, when your argument consisted of insulting me over and over again while failing to disprove anything I said in the above posts. You are a piece of s*** that hasn’t been flushed yet. That is all. Keep ATTEMPTING to sound intelligent when in fact anyone with a brain can see right through you. I never said having a different opinion means you’re a stan. I said from your behavior on this posts and other posts its easy to see who you like and who you do not like. Even though you try to cover it up, it’s obvious. You can attack me all you like but clearly you are unable to retract that statement. You are the hypocrite honey.

    The difference between me and you is that I’m proving a point and you are desperately and unconvincingly trying to prove that you are not a stan. Girl, like I said before….BYE.
    You have been dismissed. Next?

    @Teem Weezy
    Keep flip flopping hun. First you can’t hear it ….next comment you can hear it. But it’s never officially been released? And as far as you calling me a hypocrite, maybe now the rest of you fools can wake the hell up. Everything I’m doing is what the rest of you hypocritical assholes do in other posts. You are pressed and permed for what? Have I not shared my valid opinions of Kelly Rowland? You act like the Rihanna posts aren’t filled with people attacking her personally (Sam and Trent included). Goodbbye honey. Stop checking for what I’m doing and focus your energy on pulling your lips off of Lil’ Wayne’s penis, and whoever else you stan for undercover.

  167. Gucci April 19, 2010


    Sweetie, take your ass back to the trash bin where you belong and find Kelly’s career while your at it.

  168. Donata April 19, 2010


  169. Aunt Jackie April 19, 2010

    @ Gucci

    Checking out my argument structure, and copying it doesn’t count as making a logical argument either. Nice try. You are the weakest link—GOODBYE!

  170. Gucci April 19, 2010

    @Aunt Jackie

    AHAHHAHAAHA ok hun….I can’t check for an argument that doesn’t exist boo. And are you really still attacking me instead of trying to disprove what I’ve said? Oh yeah that’s because you never had an argument to begin with. Take a seat.


  171. Aunt Jackie April 19, 2010

    @ Gucci

    I’ve already addressed whatever random things you threw out, and I won’t again.

    —-Aunt Jackie OUT

  172. X ,Y and Crazeee! April 19, 2010

    She is a HAM…..Dreckitude!!!

  173. loso April 19, 2010

    I love this song and performance this will do well worldwide. Thank you Kelly for being an artist and a classy role model I Love You.

  174. smh April 19, 2010


    It’s not that Rihanna fans dont like Kelly. It’s YOU. You could always go to another post, or go to the rihanna fansite to kiss her ass but no.. You choose to stay here and talk s***. That’s on you. You can’t justify being disrespectful to Kelly because people that mostly honestly dont like Rihanna, says their opinion, just like you say yours about kelly. You say yours out of hatred for Kelly’s fans and Kelly’s fans do the same but the point is, you talking about them like you aren’t doing the SAME thing that they are doing. I am not a Kelly Rowland stan. I am a FAN of both Kelly and RIhanna. “returning the favor” isn’t helping Rihanna nor you. Neither Kelly nor Rihanna know that you exist yet you waste your time and energy arguing about your opinion (NOT FACT) of Kelly trying to take up for Rihanna (who could care less if you died tomorrow). Take your own advice. You talking s*** about Kelly isn’t going to stop people from talking crap about Rihanna. Just support Rihanna instead of making it worse. You got people saying s*** just to say it so how are you helping Riri? You aren’t.

    P.S. @everybody I wish sam make it to where we can see the ip addresses on some of these names because i guarantee you it’s the same person posting over and over.

  175. Diane April 19, 2010

    I Hate that Outfit! There, I said it.

  176. Diane April 19, 2010

    It sounds like a cruise boat song. I’m just not feeling the get up or the song. I thought Kelly would go more into the way of “Daylight.” Is it okay to say I simply hate the whole thang. And that’s sad after I have been rooting for Kelly. Aaarrgh, I simply hate this.

  177. Jade April 19, 2010

    The only complaint that I have is that Kelly needs to work on her live singing vocals, and she also needs to actually dance the routines ..Hopefully she has the self discipline to actually learn them and not just depend on the back up the dancers..being able to sing and dance live will only enhance her performances…she should not still have this problem this late in the game, especially coming from Destiny’s Child..

  178. ~TeAM WeeZY~ April 19, 2010

    @ Gucci

    WTF??????????? OMMMMGGGGG!!!! Dummy, I said I judged from what I heard, which means from the music/sound of the music/production and the few vocals I did hear. I never flip flopped IDIOT!

    And for the last time I AM NOT PRESSED, I only prove how contradictory and hypocritical your dumbass is!!

    And I never said you don’t have a valid opinion about Kelly, however you do include some unneccessary BS that has nothing to do with her talent, performance, album, etc. I.E. calling her ridiculous names and attacking her personally.

    Um, what does Lil Wayne have to do with anything???? I guess you are attempting to prove that I stan for Lil Wayne just because he’s in my gravatar??? Is that it? Damn, you are extremely simple minded! Try again you ass wipe.

    And judging from your constant attempt to prove that I stan for someone with the inclusion of mentioning ridiculous sexual accusations about someone’s penis only further indicates to me that you’re under the age of 12. So since you think Kelly has a penis, maybe you should un-super-glue your lips off of hers. K?

  179. H** April 19, 2010


    Ugly broke ass b****.
    Go watch Rihfaggot perform Rude Boy on Kids Choice Awards.

  180. Jamie April 19, 2010

    @Gucci Roll yo wheelchair rockin’ ass down to the welfare line and pick up yo SSI Chec. You triflin m***********. Don’t ever come at me. I know your type. You’re so miserable with yo prosthetic leg wearing ass.

  181. Ritardna April 19, 2010


  182. Gucci April 19, 2010


    Your screen name says it all, honey.


    Boo keep making yourself feel better by throwing shade at disabled people and/or poor people. Those terms don’t apply to me but It’s sad that you attack those groups of people just to trying and get at me? Try again boo. Your opinion is dirt.

    @~TeAM WeeZY~
    I don’t have to “attempt” to prove that you stan for people. It’s painfully obvious who you don’t like and who you do like by the comments. For example I’ve never read a negative comment from you in a Chris Brown post. I’m not stupid boo boo. Keep convincing yourself that you are above stanning for people but the proof is in the pudding. Calling me names wont change the fact that this song has not even been released yet, but of course people will jump to the comments and readily exclaim how great the song is. LOL. Goodbye sweetie. If I’m a hypocrite, at least I’m proving a point. What are you proving besides how to sound uneducated? Since when you you equate my age to a comment on a blog? Stay mad. And if anyone needs to “un-super glue” their lips from anything it’s you from Rihanna’s c***.

  183. Gucci April 19, 2010

    better question, how are you helping Kelly avoid yet another solo flop by responding to lil’ ol’ me?

    @Aunt Jackie
    Girl, you know you lost. You addressed nothing, proved nothing, and all in all wasted a few minutes of my life by entertaining your b*******. Better luck next time.

  184. “Dj Y2k Malone” April 20, 2010

    they could never and i mean never bring up kelly in a rihanna post
    kelly’s last #1 song was with nelly and that was by a mistake because beyonce was doing something else at the time.
    KELLY IS A F****** FLOP no one will be checking for her long face ass but you so call rihanna haters
    the f***** up thing is that they only like the song because they hate rihanna
    as i said before this song will go no where on the top 100 and R&B charts
    it will make some noise on the club play charts but Gaga stans wont be having it
    the song sounds too much like Gaga’s past work but with auto-tunes and the only reason this post is a hit because some troll mention Rihanna’s name

  185. “Dj Y2k Malone” April 20, 2010

    @ Gucci
    you better read them for points I’m loving it
    shut them b****** down…….lol

  186. Gucci April 20, 2010

    @”Dj Y2k Malone”

    You too boo. they stay mad and it won’t change the inevitable FLOP that is Kelly Rowland. 🙂

  187. dakkylove April 20, 2010

    Kelly just landed in South Africa to shoot the video for the song Everywhere you Go..we are excited to have her in africa again.
    haters keep hating, the chick keeps getting paid.

    P.S her PR team just let slip that some of their clients have just signed major endorsement deals i hope Kelly inked something huge.

    keep up the good work Sam.

  188. X ,Y and Crazeee! April 20, 2010

    Kelly is D list Beyonce is A list….

  189. chelsie April 20, 2010

    I swear it is the same person over and over writing – which is just sad.. or there are more DELUDED Goatanna fans than I thought… how can there be that many loons how?

    The only ‘point ‘you are proving, Gucci is what a d*** you clearly are. I’ve never come across someone so deluded, arrogant, clueless and ridiculous and ignorant. Not one of your points are cohesive but a load of rambling vicious abusive rants behind a computer screen (best believe you would never come with that mess to Kelly’s face).

    Kelly fans could give a s*** about Rihanna. It was The Cult of The Goat (aka Rihanna) that came up in her trying to come for Kelly and that person got told ‘to STFU.

    If Kelly flops in the US , she flops in the US. She is still getting success overseas and the 4 other big markets.. why is that so hard to understand? What the hell is wrong with you?

    As for the Nelly thing, Nelly has said he wanted Kelly or are you going rewrite history and ignore it or say that he’s lying?

    Rihanna didn’t figure once in my thoughts when listening to this song.

  190. Diane April 20, 2010

    Am I watching an established performer or a talent show? WTF Kelly.

  191. Independent April 20, 2010

    Wow! I guess this really is Kelly’s year. Never before has she had so many under-cover fans spitting that venom called hate. The naysayers don’t matter however; Kelly is still gettin’ hers. This new song of hers is the business and I have a feeling her new album is going to be BANANAS!!! The above performance was decent. I thought her premiere performance at the ‘F*** Me, I’m Famous’ event was better. She had more energy and she actually did some choreography. The stage at that event was much smaller however so she had no back up dancers on stage with her. It was simply Kelly, having a ton of fun and doing what she does best; rocking the stage.

    @ Gucci

    I said that I would not board the drama bus that you are apparently driving, but I feel the need to educate you just a little bit about Kelly’s venture into dance music. Now please know that I am in no way attacking you because I realize that you are a sad homo sapien who feels unloved and is in desperate need of a big hug. I just want you to be clear about one thing; and that one thing is this…. Kelly was indeed one of the FIRST urban pop artist to experiment with the genre of house/dance music.

    You stated in a much earlier post that Kelly is “copying everyone else” particularly GaGa because GaGa and even Ke$ha are the ones riding high on the charts with music that is heavily influenced by the dance genre. While it is true that GaGa and Ke$ha have both had no# 1’s on the Billboard Hot 100, it is not true that Kelly is “copying” either of them or anyone else for that matter.

    You see sweety, Kelly began dabbling in dance in 2008 when she re-released her sophomore album Ms.Kelly the Deluxe Edition(which I own). The album featured a very different version of her Scott Storch assisted hit “Work”. The Freemasons remix of that song became huge in both Europe and Australia and was Kelly’s first official dance/house remix as a solo artist(She had house mixes under her belt as a member of DC also; see Destiny’s Child This is the Remix album). The album also boasted house remixes of her songs “Daylight” and “Comeback”. Very good house mixes at that. Her first official dance/house single was “When Love Takes Over” with french DJ David Guetta, which was released in 2009, and yes, that song became a smash WORLWIDE and earned Kelly her second grammy win as a solo artist; her seventh if you count the five that she earned as 1/3 of Destiny’s Child. Kelly was also a staple on One Love, Guetta’s most successful album to date. She was featured on not one but three songs: “WLTO”(ofcourse), “It’s the way You Love Me” and “Choose” which also featured Neyo.

    After the success of “WLTO”, Kelly who had become good friends with David, enlisted him for her own project which she has said on many occassions is “heavily influenced by dance”. Unlike Lady GaGa however, Kelly is fusing her urban roots with her newfound love and admiration for dance/house music. Kelly also single-handedly put David on the map. Now every artist under the sun wants to work with him including Rihanna. This ofcourse is AFTER Kelly spawned a no#1 with him and made him prevalent in the U.S.

    So you see, Kelly was already experimenting with dance music a year before Lady GaGa even hit the scene, and had an established dance hit before GaGa’s first album was ever even released. Kelly’s venture into dance music has been a very authentic one. Her collaboration with David(which she co-wrote) was organic and effortless. She isn’t copying anyone, she’s simply continuing to evolve as an artist. If GaGa decided two albums from now that she was going to explore urban music more would that mean she was copying Kelly? No it would mean that GaGa, like any other artist has the right and the priviledge to explore any genre of music she darn well pleases. Kelly is one of the most versatile artist in the game right now. Love her or hate her, she is a singer, a good one at that, which puts her in a lane that the likes of Rihanna could only dream of being in. It’s funny to me that people try to compare them. Kelly’s career is thirteen years and counting. Rihanna’s is five and waning. Kelly sings. Rihanna bleats. Then there’s the fact that for years Kelly was improperly marketed and under promoted all the while rising and obtaining a fan base while Rihanna seems to have an entity behind her propelling her to success though she lacks a considerable amount of talent.

    Kelly doesn’t have to copy anyone. She has her own musical style and she certainly has her own sense of style as far as fashion is concerned. She may not be your favorite artist Gucci(though I do think you secretly idolize her seeing as how your hate for her is borderline obsession. I mean you do STAY on her threads) but she is an artist that millions of people know,respect and support. She’s been here for many years and will be here for many more and every one of her albums will be as well.

    I know there is nothing I can say or do to make you love Kelly(any more than you already do). However,I do hope I have enlightened you.

    Have a lovely day despite the fact that you seem to be a rather unlovely person.

  192. Independent Thinker April 20, 2010

    I left off the other part of my name. It’s Independent Thinker. Not Indepedent.

  193. Tha Phoenix April 20, 2010

    @Gucci – sweetie, why don’t you like Kelly so much? I think this year may be her year. This song sounds like a hit, so give her a chance!!


  194. ill read u to peaces April 20, 2010

    A yall dont keep talkin to guuci she wants to feel like a star with her f***** ass she sitting there tring to read ppl and kelly she dont know u b**** ur opinion dont matter theres milllions more ur punk ass jus a tired ass singer that couldnt make it thats y ur mad
    ur fat and ugly know one wants u and ur lonely because who haves time to sitt on thatgrapejuice and go back and forth with ppl a mess girl f***** watever u r get a clue she
    has her name and wat urs hahahahahahahaha! stupid b**** ur jus helpin her to get more fans and credibilty bucci lol let all thank bucci for being the #1 fan of kellys give the fat girl or fat f***** around of applause

  195. ill read u to peaces April 20, 2010

    I LOVE IT!

  196. Gucci April 20, 2010

    @Independent Thinker

    Basically what I got from that entire synapses was that Kelly Rowland enlisted David Guetta for her new solo project AFTER lady gaga/ke$sha and electronic pop became widely popular. You said all that to simply prove the point I made in the first place. I was never talking about dance music boo. Lord knows Kelly did not create dance music, as you stans would love to believe, I’m specifically referring to this new wave of pop music and use of electronic beats and auto tune. So the big point you were attempting to make fell short. Sorry.

    And who said I was only referring to Kelly swagger jacking Gaga’s music? She also jacked the edgy stage costume from the likes of Rihanna/Gaga/Beyonce as well. Nothing she has done is original. Her number 1 hits overseas all have her as FEATURE. She’s not putting herself on the map, other people are putting HER on the map. If anything, Guetta made her semi-famous overseas.

    Now we can talk about her mediocre success overseas but the fact remains that she is an American Artist and SHOULD be pushing more numbers of here in the U.S. Her solo efforts were tremendous FLOPS. Can you deny that? No? So I guess my point has been proven. Kelly the Flop Rowland will remain a flop if she doesn’t stop trying to COPY everyone who’s hot right now and go back to her roots.

    Now as for your personal attack on me, girl I’ll read you for filth. You’re pressed because I’m telling the truth about your FLOP idol drag queen Kelly? You mad? Oh well….Use that anger and drive to Walmart and grab a copy of her last album. Oh wait, you won’t find it because aint nobody checking for her since Destiny’s Child isn’t together. Tough luck.

    I love it when I made a point and the stans come back at me in attack mode because they KNOW what I said is TRUE. Are your feelings really that hurt honey? Girl, then you need to sit down in the trash bin where you belong. You Kelly fans never realized that the little bit of fame the girl has is always due to SOMEONE ELSE? All of her hit records she’s simply FEATURED. It’s okay though hun, it’s obvious her d*** is too far down your throat for you to focus. Gag on it, b****.

    @Tha Phoenix
    Hun, I just don’t care for Kelly the way these stans do. Once I bring up the fact that she is a flop, they get pressed and the fur on their skin starts rising. Too bad it won’t change a damn thing? This topic got more comments than her total album sales.

    @ill read u to peaces
    Damn girl, open a dictionary before you leave a comment. Better yet, pop open spell check. You can’t even spell pieces boo. It doesn’t matter though because Kelly’s flop career is in hundreds of “peaces” and laying all over the ground.

  197. Gucci April 20, 2010

    Kelly’s flop career is in hundreds of “peaces” and laying all over the ground to decorate the stage at the Gaga concert. Just like confetti.

  198. lyric_lee April 20, 2010


  199. Meechy05 April 20, 2010

    Wow at some of these comments I bet Kelly and Rihanna are laughing at y’all!

  200. wow April 20, 2010

    didn’t know kelly had this much hate must mean she’s coming up hah

    lol at putting her against rihanna

    i love kelly

  201. Justin_sofly April 20, 2010

    DAMN for some of yall no to like kelly yall sure keep on come back here and commenting on her….. she MUST be doing something right GO KELLY 😎

  202. ill read u to peaces April 20, 2010

    @ bucci
    I DID open one and u were on the first page hatein a** b****
    ur a hot mess get over urself freak fest ur mother should have swollowed u girl or f**.
    ur really upset and into this sad(shakein my head fat ass)lmao im done with u !

  203. Independent Thinker April 20, 2010

    @ Gucci

    (Sigh) You’re a lost cause hun.

    @ Lyric Lee

    Lyric my buddy,
    You gotta know by now who I really am. I know that as far as you and I are concerned it’s Ms. Kelly 4EVA(hint,hint).

    I’m always honest with our girl, but you know I rep for her all day. 2010 is the year of “Commander” K-Ro.

    Bump what the ignoramus’ say. We real Kelly supporters know what it is.

  204. ~TeAM WeeZY~ April 20, 2010


    “It’s painfully obvious who you don’t like and who you do like by the comments.”

    If that’s not one of the dumbest statements ever made on a blog, I don’t know what is!!!!! What the f*** do you mean??? Of course it’s obvious, not only for me but for everyone else who comments on a blog including your idiotic ass (i.e. not liking Kelly)! Damn, girl, gain some simple knowledge!!!!!!!

    Also you say I’ve never said anything negative on a CB post, but let’s see…….CB has only had ONE (maybe two) performance post in the last year or so and the other posts have been PICTURES of him!!!! How in the hell can you determine anything from that????? Yes I’m a CB fan but in no way am I a stan!!!!!!! If I comment on his pictures, you damn skippy I’m going to say that n**** look good! And the one performance post he did have I said it was just okay, not his best. Soooooo, is that evidence that I stan????? Smh. Get a clue, honey!

    You’re right calling you names won’t change how you feel but neither is you calling Kelly, Sam, Trent and others names changing anything either! More evidence of hypocrisy! Smh.

    How am I proving to sound uneducated, when in fact every single time you make a statement attempting to prove something you are clueless that you result in contradicting yourself, IDIOT???? For example, you’re talking about me equating your age based on your comments yet you’re equating my education, or lack thereof as you claim, from my comments! LMMMMAAAAAAOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! GIRL, STOP you’re only digging your hole deeper PLEASE STOP!!!!!!! Next, you might have to un-super-glue your lips from my c***!!!!

    I’m done. I just can’t! LoL! I’m agreeing with @Cool Chick with this, I just feel my IQ dropping engaging in a conversation with you. LoL!

  205. The end April 21, 2010

    In closing Kelly Rowland is the baddest
    commader is a hit/Get over it

  206. Eric Ego November 10, 2010

    Kelly Rowland:The Hard Worker! Will be big after her new album comes out! She got a new song with Nelly called “Gone”.”she worked with David Guetta on this new album and hopefully he can give her a new hit! Kelly also worked with Jermaine Dupri on this album! If can’t give her a #1 single I don’t know who can!!

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