Producer: “Christina / GaGa Comparisons Are Crap”

Published: Friday 9th Apr 2010 by Sam

Ever since Lady GaGa crash-landed onto the music scene two years ago, comparisons to Christina Aguilera have been rife. Yet, while much of the chitter-chatter centred around GaGa imitating Aguilera, the tide has turned in the wake of the ‘Bad Romance’ singer’s undeniable success. Indeed now,  many argue that it is Aguilera who is ‘borrowing’ elements of what has turned GaGa into a superstar, both visually and musically.

Such comparisons do not sit well with acclaimed songwriter Claude Kelly, who penned four cuts for Aguilera’s forthcoming ‘Bionic’ LP. Speaking to VIBE recently, Kelly said of the comparisons…

“That’s crap to me…it’s really bullshit,” Kelly tells VIBE. “Christina Aguilera has been around for over 10 years now. As far as pop goes, she is the defining voice of today’s music. She can do things with her voice that I haven’t heard anybody else do. She’s constantly reinventing herself. As fans, as soon as an album is done and an artist disappears for a while, we tend to write them off as over or no longer relevant.”

Kelly continues: “In the time that she has been gone, Gaga, who I know pretty well, has had an unbelievable run. Christina has an album that’s going to slap people in the face. The music still has her signature, big note vocals and emotions, but the sound is definitely more aggressive, more futuristic than the last album.”

When pressed about how Aguilera intends on proving the naysayers wrong, Kelly points to his work on Bionic.

“I wrote this crazy ass song with Tricky Stewart called ‘Glam,'” he says. “It’s a hard club song that’s about high fashion. It’s really for the ladies about getting dressed and looking your best, working it in the club and getting glam and sexy before you go out. Christina wants to talk about getting sexy and independent, but being strong at the same time. It will surprise people. I’m calling it a modern day ‘Vogue.’ I wouldn’t say it unless I believed it.”

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  1. movieman April 9, 2010

    poor xtina her song is flopping on the radio
    while alexandro is flying up the charts already

  2. Robjr Loves Ciara April 9, 2010


  3. Coffeee April 9, 2010

    ^ What a lie. The truth is “Not Myself Tonight” is more played on radio than “Alejandro”. But nvm.

    Both of them are really different artists there is no need for comparing.

    Seems like that song “Glam” is HOT! 🙂

  4. h April 9, 2010

    I don’t have an argument right now. So I don’t know what to say… I need album sales

  5. movieman April 9, 2010

    31 +2 LADY GAGA Alejandro 1870 +133 824 +38 12.154 +0.990 45
    34 +5 CHRISTINA AGUILERA Not Myself Tonight 1637 +219 1185 +65 11.632 +0.641 —

    nope strain is getting the spins
    but gaga is getting bigger audience increase she

    gaga wins

  6. Blu Majik April 9, 2010

    ugh… Can we just enjoy them both?! I know I do!!!!

  7. Gaz@NokiaMusic April 9, 2010

    Relevance!… That’s the trouble with popular music isn’t it? Whatever happened to sentimental attachment to songwriting and it’s relevance to the individual instead of the who’s who game? Everyone’s so caught up with identity that they forget what really matters… The music!

  8. David Washington April 9, 2010

    Punch @ GAZ@NOKIAMUSIC, & Claude betta PREACH!

  9. mike April 9, 2010

    I wont lie…..when i first saw Gaga I thought it was Christina. I even think her voice has a similar tone…

  10. tweetypiebabe1 April 9, 2010

    Why why why must we always compare artists?! *ugh* just let everyone do their own s***!

  11. DizzyGuy1985 April 9, 2010

    Christina had that super low cut blonde hair a long time before Gaga came out. She has also tried different things. I comparisons have to stop.

  12. stan April 9, 2010

    their music is different. folks need to stop.

  13. April 9, 2010

    people are so weird…
    saying artists copy each other cause the have the same hair cut…
    yeah, everyone copied beyonce if they had long hair
    everyone copies gaga cause they are blonde

    christina has always been blonde! except a time during stripped
    and as long as good ol christina doesnt wear coke cans or a lobster on her head i dont think she copies gaga
    for a fact, gaga wasnt the first to bring that electro sound
    blackout was electro pop and came out before gaga

    and “not myself tonight” sounds nothing like gaga…or did you hear a “ma ma ma” “rah rah rah rah” ” gagaga” “la la la” “ru ra ra” “hu hu hu” “re me me” or something like that? dont think so

    let gaga last 10 years counting and then talk again

  14. Last Boy on Earth April 9, 2010

    I think Gaga and Christina have a similar type of voice 2, I hate Christina but whatever, I think Back to Basics is a classic

  15. kenney April 9, 2010

    At sam! If ur going to post this interview how come you left out the part where claude kelly said “this album is going to slap everybody in the face!”…you posted everything about his album except that part! @ movieman idk where the hell u heard that b******* bc not myself tonight is the most added song to top 40 mainstream right now and overall this year! Face it Gag-me’s run is slowing because we got the “it” girl back who actually has the voice and doesn’t to wear over the top costumes just 2 get attention!

  16. Qtis April 9, 2010

    Are you people kidding me? GaGa will never be the vocalist Christina is! Christina just needs to come with the commercial appeal. Aint no hype or gimmick with Christina, she’s a real artist and has been from the beginning. GaGa is a gimmick that’s been done many times. Her most admirable trait is her nerve.

  17. Ghetto Fab April 9, 2010

    People just enjoy the damn music. Enough with the comparisons. Its the same thing that happens with another black female artist. They compare her to every other black female singer and now they are doing it with Gaga and every white female pop singer. It’s a annoying. They sound nothing alike. Gaga didn’t invent Electro/Pop/Dance. Other American artists have been doing it as well as it being HUGE in Europe for years now. Everyone feels the need to compare. It’s just the “IN” sound right now. Get over yourselves and Just sit back and listen to the music. And also show some damn respect. Xtina has been on the scene a LONG TIME. Over ten years to be exact. She’s free to sing whatever genre she feels fit. She’s sold over an insane amount of records worldwide and deserves some damn respect!

  18. jonstrax April 9, 2010





  19. Alexander Wallin April 9, 2010

    If Christina gets more airplay it no wonder, she’s been away for a few years so u will pay notice to her new single. Gaga’s single Alejandro has been on the album witch been out for quite a while now….. with that said Alejandro is not new music and there for u can’t compare the songs airplay. With a flop song like “Keeps getting better” in the bag i really like to see Christina win the charts again, think here new single is a real club banger…. love it!

    But i’m a real MONSTER 😉

  20. Kami April 9, 2010

    I’m honestly over all of the comparisons.
    We should be massively proud of them and rock out to their music instead of trying to tear them down. Good music is good music, club hits, emotional ballads or not.

  21. Jaz* April 9, 2010

    When Gaga first started i felt like her singing technique was quiet similar to Xtina. I love them both and now i can see that they are really different

  22. Rob April 9, 2010

    Christina is LAME now and the wack ass song

  23. matt April 9, 2010

    will people chill out. the comparisons are between there style and the electro sound. nothing about gaga being a better singer than xtina. xtina has a far bigger vocal range than gaga, but nothing about gaga not singing because she CAN, they both can sing, just xtina can sing way better, and she’s been in the buisiness for years. but i do prefer the gaga electro sound to xtina cos i stan hard for gaga but i will not knock other artists!!

  24. jjlova06 April 9, 2010

    They are not alike in any way except that they are both really pale white chicks that usually have blood weave in their hair. That’s about it.

  25. kenney April 9, 2010

    @ alexander wallin. Keeps gettin better was not a flop it debuted and peaked at #7 on the billboard

  26. PAPARAZZI 4423 April 9, 2010


  27. RANDOM April 9, 2010

    love them both but i’m only getting xtina’s cd.

  28. JoelKawaii April 9, 2010

    Sorry? Christina Aguilera has been compared to Lady Gaga since she released Keeps Getting Better, when Lady Gaga was not popular yet, not the other way, even when Christina has been around for many more years…

  29. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut April 9, 2010

    Christina Aguilera > Lady Gaga, end of discussion.

  30. Jerome April 9, 2010

    This needs to stop. You know what I’ve been hating on Lady Gaga for this past weeks because I’m a hardcore Christina fan. But you know what I love Lady Gaga because she goes out there and relate to people who are discriminated and hated because of their weirdness. On the other hand Christina has been inspiring women, gays and lots through her heartfelt ballads that she sings.

    If there’s anything similar with these two it’s the fact that they stand up for their beliefs and artistry and they make good music. So shut up with the crap already.

  31. ADE April 9, 2010

    they are both ugly, specially in those pictures above

  32. SOOS April 9, 2010

    I think there is enough place in the industry for both girls.

    Christina has musch powerful voice than Gaga, and Gaga is much more shcoking now than Christina.

    Both of them does great music.
    Not even Gaga invented electroni or pop music.

    Christina said in 2006 (Gaga was nowhere that time) that she would make a FUTURISTIC – ELECTRO SOUND album.

    So shut up and don’t comparise them.
    If you love good music, love both!

  33. aries_BLU April 9, 2010

    @SOOS said it all.

  34. roadsareendless April 9, 2010

    people are just ignorant. they see two pop chicks with light blonde hair and immediately they have to make comparisons! PLEASE GUYS, LISTEN TO THE F***** MUSIC!!!!

  35. OddOne April 10, 2010

    This is truly recidulous. And my only regret is that my comment is rather late and probably won’t be read, but anyhow here goes:

    Well, Christina and Lady GaGa both have MONUMENTALLY powerful voices. But they are both completely diffenrent artists.

    Let’s explore these comaprisons shall we?

    Christina wants to come back with a bang right? So why not get her to do something that big in the music business atm? Dance/electropop is big atm. Because of Lady GaGa.

    WAHEY. There it is. That’s why. It MUST BE.

    But wait a minute! What about Christina’s ‘Dirrty’? That’s pretty club-centric isn’t it? Hmmm…

    So what if it appears Christina’s copying GaGa? To me, she’s just returning to her ‘Dirrty’ roots.

  36. avat April 10, 2010

    Lady Gaga WISH she could ever sing like Christina. Christina should be compared to the great vocalists like Whitney but not Lady Gaga or Britney. Lady Gaga is an ARTIST/ENTERTAINER/FASHION ICON. Britney is a ENTERTAINER/DANCER. These comparisons need to stop. Christina is a true VOCALIST. Britney is not a vocalist. Lady Gaga is not a vocalist. Christina will never be like Whitney who she looks up to, but Christina is definitely one of the best vocalists of this generation. She just happens to be a great vocalist who likes to experiment with different styles, fashion, etc.

  37. mark ginnis April 10, 2010

    WOW a sog about fashion . That is like that other Tricky stewart song about shoes “Louboutins” . Another Classics

  38. kj April 10, 2010

    LMAO @ Kenney
    WE got the “it” girl back…Sorry to burst ur bubble but x-tina was NEVER the “it” girl, she always plays second fiddle. Quite a shame actually.

    Christina has crazy vocals, so does Leona, but with x-tina she tends to over-sing every freaken song. We got it girl, you got pipes!!, you don’t have to remind us in every song.

    Christina is the VOCALIST n it ends there, Gaga has the whole package.

    IMO GAGA >>>>> CHRISTINA, but that just me.

  39. OddOne April 14, 2010

    @ AVAT

    Lady GaGa IS a vocalist. Blatently not as good as Christina but the gals got some serious pipes when she’s not rediculously prancing around on stage.

    ‘Nuff sed bruvaah

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