Janelle Monáe Walks On A ‘Tightrope’ For ‘Letterman’

Published: Wednesday 19th May 2010 by Trent

Janelle Monáe made her network television debut on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ last evening. The singer performed the 1st single from her debut studio album, ‘The ArchAndroid (Suites II and III of IV)’, ‘Tightrope’. ‘The ArchAndroid’ hit stores yesterday, May 18th. Check out the performance below:

That was incredible! Monáe has been wowing fans on the underground circuit for quite some time, especially with her brilliant song ‘Sincerely, Jane’ from her 2007 EP ‘Metropolis Suite I of IV: The Chase’. With the voice of  a young Judy Garland and the stage presence of James Brown, it’s safe to say that Monáe represents the future of R&B (as long as Diddy doesn’t ruin her career first). Great stuff!


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  1. jonstrax May 19, 2010



  2. Ghetto Fab May 19, 2010

    Janelle Monae just SLAYED!!!!! She is the newest Queen. I bow to her greatness! That is what I call a performance. I would actually pay money to go see this talented woman perform. She better be performing at the BET Awards! And Diddy better not f*** this up. Its probably one of the most talented artist Bad Boy records has seen in a LONG TIME. I got her album and it is DOPE! This girl i a must to support. We cannot let black artists as talented as this fall through the cracks. Monae (dare I say it) could be a future icon. Let’s do our job and support talented black artists.


  3. kveick May 19, 2010


    her CD is fire! I bought it yesterday. Thank you TGJ for posting this, i didn’t think you guys supported her but i was wrong

  4. ULISES May 19, 2010

    Her performance was FIRE!!! The album is AMAZING. It”s futuristic, innovative, and amazingly well done. BIG fan!

    “Jungle”- s***, tribal, exotic summer anthem. Don’t click on the link! You’re not ready for it, or are u?

  5. Tony May 19, 2010

    WOW. Janelle Monae straight SLAYED! The girl is the truth. She is a great vocalist, and energetic performer, and a true artist. I bought her new cd and it is truly a master piece! Seriously on of the best albums from a female artist to ever be released period! This may not be for everybody, but she definitely deserves support of all music lovers. We need more stars like her who do something true to them!

  6. Love Music May 19, 2010

    This performance was EPIC! How can people overlook talent so raw and so pure?

    I’m copping this album as soon as school lets out. Go Miss Monae 🙂

  7. Blu Majik May 19, 2010

    I’m so happy for Janelle. Her new album The ArchAndroid is epic!!!! BUY it if you haven’t

  8. ~Team Weezy~ May 19, 2010

    YAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS!! LLLLLLLLOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE THIS CHICK!!!!!!!!!! She is like so freaking awesome! This performance was beyond phenomenal!

    I’m glad some of us commenters got TGJ to finally report on her! Thanks Trent and Sam!

  9. Mr.727 May 19, 2010

    Praise to the most high for this woman! She is a star being born now! So glad to see real talent finally emerging out of the abyss we call music today! I’ve liked her since 2006, when she was first starting out, and I knew then she was going to be that change music needed! Say what the f*** ya’ll want, but she is the new queen!! So tired of the fake ass, f*** for a track singers we have now! People are waking up to the lack of creativity we have in music today! She kiiled this, no auto tune, not stank ass wigs or makeup , just blood raw to the bone talent! This album is going to get a Grammy, best album of the year! I so badly want to call out you know who, but this a post about Janelle Monae, let’s keep it that way! I will be most definitely be telling my friends and fam about her! She is the new sound that is going to change the game forever! Auto tune suck ass and die, these snap pop, rinkey dinkey ass song are now offically out the door!

    Janelle thank you for being you, thank you for not being such a diva to where, everything has to be all about you, but the music is the focus!!!

    Auto tune, and lame ass rap and R&B you are no longer welcome in this house called real music!

    Pack yo s***, and exit the real music premises immediately, you worthless son of a b****, your eviction notice has been served!!

  10. Reasonable Voice May 19, 2010

    WELL ALRIGHTY THEN! I Got to tip onto Best Buy!

  11. Topman May 19, 2010


  12. Christian May 19, 2010

    That was simply AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I agree… I won’t Diddy don’t f*** up her career

  13. Christian May 19, 2010


  14. s.o.c. May 19, 2010

    fantastic performance

    diddy looking on the chubby side…….what happened?

  15. Gucci May 19, 2010


  16. Keesha May 19, 2010

    I love the fact that she actually has talent and she can perform! This is who we need to be pushing, instead of the other people we see in the mainstream today. I don’t need to say any names, all of the sane people know who I’m talking about. I need to get Janelle’s album though. Today!

  17. Keesha May 19, 2010

    And I totally agree with you @Mr. 727 and @Love Music

  18. ADE May 19, 2010

    I just don’t see the hype over this chick, she is so corny and annoying. Ehh…good luck to her though.

  19. Kross May 19, 2010

    Loved it other than Diddy…I think she is truly talented and it’s good to see an artist that is not showing her whole body in order to sell records…it’s sad that you have to be naked in order to get attention these dayz…very sad…

  20. GangsterA May 19, 2010

    Work jaoelle shes on fire

  21. k May 19, 2010

    Girl is amazing! People better support real talent!

  22. Mr.Ray May 19, 2010

    Man dat is one bad chick….I hate that she hasn’t been pushed by Diddy , cuz she probably the best thing to happen to bad boy since B.I.G. unfortunately she’ll probably remain hidden unless she starts wearing skimpy outfits and starts shaking her ass, since he and the rest of the industry thinks that all that sells

  23. musciatedone May 19, 2010

    @ADE she must be corny cuz she is not your stereo typical black female artist…lacefront, sexed up image, stylin the wayU see fit….judging from your comment you are definitely wack and mad.

    Janelle Monae 2010~

  24. Lady Gaga’s Invisible Twin Marty May 19, 2010

    Diddy really needs to get off Cassie and start hyping this chick. I’ve loved her since her last album. People seriously need to get on Janelle Monae already.

  25. ADE May 19, 2010

    @MUSCIATEDONE tell someone who cares! And your comment is dumb as hell. There are lots of black female artists who don’t wear lacefronts and have a sexed up image who I respect; such as Lauryn Hill and India Arie and they are not wack like this chick. Plus me saying that i find her corny and annoying was merely MY opinion, which I am entited to have. So get off my nuts and pipe down.

  26. PARISIAN HBIC May 19, 2010

    DAMN!!!the performance was amazing!!!i love this song
    she’s really talented,i’m so happy to hear a female singer who sings live!

  27. nickalus Randle May 19, 2010

    great great performance, I will b buyin her album—

  28. Gucci May 19, 2010


    SMH, pumpkin, you’re so BITTER. Let it go sweetie. You don’t think Rihanna has talent and I don’t think Chris Brown has talent. Compromise. At any rate, one of them is doing far better than the other. Stay mad and let it go. Your constant quest of trying to throw shade is so tired.

    Love you Janelle <3!

  29. CAROLLOVE May 19, 2010

    NOW!!!!!!!!!!! this is entertainment. This women is great. I going to I tunes and download her cd. I’m so happy to see new very talented artists coming out now. We are long over due. Different sound with alot bounce . And you know what I like she’s real. Diddy don’t mess this up.

  30. Dave May 19, 2010


  31. Trucie B. May 19, 2010

    Amazing performance. OMG i think she’s so cute. Lol i just saw the music video for the first time and I’m an instant fan. Great lyrics! Definitely see the James Brown influence in her movement.

  32. Kyle May 19, 2010

    I have been a fan of hers since 2007 when I heard her EP. “Many Moons” was my JAM…STILL IS! This is the type of artist I would pay to go see live. She has so much energy and she never disappoints. I already have 2 copies of her new album, go buy it! It’s only $7.99 at Best Buy:)

  33. Chry5ta1 May 20, 2010

    Following this girl for about 3 years now! That was serious!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Nika May 20, 2010

    LUV it and luv Janelle…go girl.

  35. Tiff May 20, 2010

    I havent got into her music yet. The way you guys are talking about her maybe I should!

  36. antertain May 20, 2010

    Love her old skool flavor.

    She it sound so CURRENT

    She can blow…. & it suits her.


  37. Anon May 20, 2010

    AMAZING album. Plays like a broadway musical. You guys so 3 years too late on this chick. Better late then never….I guess.

  38. CH3RRY May 20, 2010

    she is soo pretty and she is amazing, i hope she makes it big

  39. mary May 20, 2010

    Now, that’s talent!

  40. Seantrel4rel May 21, 2010

    A ball of fire in a a small package, she gets it in for real. I know she’s down with atlantic but the bad boy swag is there. She’ll be a huge brand at some point, I’d love to see her life story on film. Hell maybe she and puff will do a movie together

  41. AMR May 21, 2010

    TINY little woman with a BIG heart and soul! Janelle you ROCKED it! The ArchAndroid is a SUCCESS and I don’t think the world is ready for you! Love you!

  42. Jeff May 21, 2010

    yes! Janelle is AMAZING! I’m hoping for the best for her! awesome that Diddy came out and recognized her! he’s got some great things going, have ya’ll seen the trailer for get him to the greek? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9s0oYIP3Kc

  43. Mr. Creative3 May 22, 2010

    I grew up listening to and lovin country music — still do. But I found myself rewinding Janelle Monáe’s performance on Letterman several times. Now, that’s some talent. I love her. Major star stuff there.

  44. brown.jo May 25, 2010

    Janelle Monáe performance on the Letterman show was great. Letterman really wanted to see Diddy after Janelle’s performance perhaps it’s because Diddy’s new movie “Get Him to the Greek” is coming out on June 4th and he wants to see it so badly. The premiere is on the red carpet in LA at 7:30 check out the event at the link below:

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