New Song: Britney Spears – ‘Telephone’ (Demo)

Published: Sunday 2nd May 2010 by Sam

Ever wonder how Britney Spears would sound singing Lady GaGa’s smash ‘Telephone’? If so, now you can, following the surfacing of what appears to be the Pop superstar’s unmastered demo of the Darkchild produced song.

(For those understandably confused; Spears was offered the track, recorded it, yet didn’t use it, leaving it to be snapped up by GaGa not long after)


Check out Ms. Spears’ take on the track after the jump…

If this is indeed Ms. Spears singing on the track, I’d readily pick the GaGa-Beyonce spin on the song any day, any time. Though not offensive (although the vocals were typical Britney…take from that what you will), Britney’s version lacked umph – effectively relegating it to another generic Pop cut by the numbers.

Hit or Miss?

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  1. Walley May 2, 2010

    I dare someone to say that this version is better then GaGa and Bey’s.

    I almost threw up listening to it.


  2. Allan May 2, 2010

    Although Gaga and B did make this song a smash and I don’t think anyone else could have – it goes to show that A-List producers are STILL giving our Brits songs that later made it big. Goes to show, after 10 years, Britney is still an A-list artist!

  3. C May 2, 2010

    trick did not ride the beat! too much auto tune!

  4. ~TeAM WeeZY~ May 2, 2010

    This sounds like the Gaga version. It actually sounds like a Britney track. I mean it is unmastered so of course it wouldn’t have the umph like the Gaga version. I think Britney passed up a very successful track, though. But I love both the Britney and Gaga version because it’s just a all around GREAT track IMO.

  5. Brandoise May 2, 2010

    Haha is this a joke? There is WAY too much auto tune. Her voice blends in with the beat lol. Hilarious…U got me TGJ

  6. ~TeAM WeeZY~ May 2, 2010

    And I absolutely hated the auto-tune. It was complete OVERLOAD!

  7. Jermaine May 2, 2010

    I actually like this better then GAGA’s

  8. Devil’s Pie May 2, 2010

    This isn’t the original Britney take. This version was tweaked by the uploader.

  9. exposed May 2, 2010


    A-list kiss ma ass!! She’s a total lip syncer and auto tune in her world is KING. Brit Brit is a studio artist, we all know that. Why is this impressive? NEXT.

  10. cold case love May 2, 2010

    HA! TeleFLOP! When is this going #1 like you said Sam?????

  11. kikib May 2, 2010

    Okay okay Brit I cud see it kind of. But the Gaga and Yonce mix nails it on the mark!

  12. staymaddhaters May 2, 2010


  13. Johan :P May 2, 2010

    I WANT BRITNEY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Julie May 2, 2010

    I love Britney so I love her version better.

  15. SASHA May 2, 2010

    April has come and gone and after 4 months Gaga is killing the Worldwide Charts. She is leading Justin Beiber who is at number 2 by 888,000 albums plus she is consistently selling 100,000 albums a week. The fact that she is not finish releasing singles (Alejandro) and on tour means she will continue to sell. Gaga’s album is 1.013 million away from the 10 million mark. I did not count her eight songs EP which is seen as her second album which has sold over 1 million. Most people add the EP in her sales and say she has sold 10 million but call it whatever. No one is going to catch her unless another Susan Boyle appears. The only competition she has now is Justin Beiber. I am telling you. No hating but again what is so special about Gaga? Isn’t she a regular pop star? Talking about Justin Beiber, he is also quickly approaching the top spot since the sales of his albums are counted as 1. This is impressive; before the second part of his debut was released (5 weeks ago) he had sold 546,000 albums since 2010. However since the second part of the album was released it has sold a combined 1.284 million in 5 weeks to total 2.005 million for the year. Talk about a young superstar. Looking at the list of artists that are going to drop albums this year only Christina Aguilera looks like a main threat since she is a worldwide seller, the others will mostly impact the U.S chart not the global charts. Below are the totals for 2010 and an analysis with their grand total in bracket.

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  16. vanb May 2, 2010

    eww nice try Brit but ummm no!

  17. Ghetto Fab May 2, 2010

    It sounds like HOT ASS GARBAGE! But it really doesn’t matter and you all know it because if Britney would have dropped this it would have went straight to number 1 just like all her other damn singles. This chick can release a song from a coma and it be on the billboard hot 100 the next day. She may not be the most talented pop singer but she has a fan base that won’t quit. Gaga can only be so luck to get and retain a fan base that Britney has secured over the years.

  18. Joe Sullivan May 2, 2010

    coooool find!!

    i know im a total B stan… so im biased but for me, Beyonce made the song complete 😀 her flow is killah

  19. “Dj Y2k Malone” May 2, 2010

    Gaga and Beyonce were the only ones that could have pulled that song off Britney sounds horrible

  20. Slave4You May 2, 2010

    Britney has been the s*** for over a decade. I love GaGa/B’s version, but I think Britney’s is better! I can’t wait for a new album. “3” was hot. Brit should have kept this song for herself.

  21. number1k9 May 2, 2010

    IF…IF these are actually Britney’s vocals, the entire song, music and vocals have not been mixed and mastered yet, so you really can’t compare a completely finished song to a song that’s “in the process.”

    I’m glad Britney passed on it though! Song is catchy, and good, but gets to be annoying AS HELL!

    Anywho this isn’t the first time Britney sang a “Gaga song.” Gaga wrote a bonus cut off of ‘Circus,’ believe it was the one titled “Amnesia.”

  22. C-money May 2, 2010

    i love this track! I love Britney!
    I wish Britney DID release this song, cos it’s dope! the whole Telephone/Videophone thing is a little redundant.. a little gimicky.. frankly, i don’t like Lady Gaga.. i don’t buy into the whole Gaga thing.. for whatever reason, and this might sound ironic, there’s something more real and relatable with Britney’s version.. it’s auto-tuned through out its entirety, but it kinda works–as per the song’s message.. i think that was the intention.
    Let’s face it, it’s all about beat-making nowadays! Who the hell cares about good vocals anymore?

  23. Missingbeyonce May 2, 2010

    Its nice i hope she relese a new album if this was a britney and a beyonce duet it was goona be hot but any way the song is still hot

  24. Kenney May 2, 2010


  25. bbq May 2, 2010

    I don’t know…I think if it had been better polished it could’ve been a huge hit for Britney.

    After hearing this, it makes me wish Britney and Gaga had recorded the track together and released it. Could you imagine how huge that would’ve been???

  26. Sarah May 2, 2010

    Awwwww. I want Britney back! the music biz is always so slow and boring without her on the pop scene. I hope we get a new studio album next year sometimes.

    Had brit released Telephone as a single, I’m sure it would have blown up just like Toxic, Womanizer and 3.

  27. OLW May 2, 2010

    @KENNEY just read carefully : it’s about WW… Billboard is not the only thing in the world.

  28. Sarah May 2, 2010

    And I think GaGa would have been much better off recording Telephone with Britney, instead of Bey because GaGa’s career is a lot more similar to Brit’s.

  29. rated x May 2, 2010

    the auto tune killed the song for me…but other than that, I liked britneys version.

    britney spears may be a nut job, but shes a bad bish entertainer…the bish has fans who will stick by her through all her crazy ish.
    she doesnt have delusional STANS, she has fans..

    britney spears is not 100 percent studio artist.. her voice may not be one of the best out there.. when she sings, i dont want to slit my throat, so shes alright.

    but britney is mostly an entertainer, so her singing gets a pass

  30. rated x May 2, 2010

    cosign…I always thought Beyonces presence on that song was akward..britney, or madonna would have been perfect..
    that song has more of a pop, dance feel to it..

    no shade at beyonce…video phone was and is still my s***.. i feel like gaga and beyonce had more connection on video phone..

  31. Ghetto Fab May 2, 2010

    Video Phone??? That thing was an Epic Fail!!! They only place i’ve ever heard that trash is at the strip clubs lmao.

    Britney didn’t need Telephone. She can practially sing the phone book and as long as the beat is danceable, the song will fly up the charts. She has the ultimate fans. As of right now I don’t think anyone from this new generation has a fan base that can go toe to toe with Britney’s.

  32. Gucci May 2, 2010

    Gaga pretended like she wrote and produced this damn song and that it had all of this unseen meaning behind it. She has become just like Beyonce, trying to take credit for things that don’t belong to her…

    Britney even with absolutely no talent, is the queen of pop. Gaga is just a fad.

  33. justinBIEBER11111 May 2, 2010

    @Gucci n**** u mad.

  34. Hello May 3, 2010

    As much as i dislike Britney, I have to say she is the only artist in the industry to lip sync and bring out half baked perfomances, yet still have massive popularity.
    She defenitely has star quality.

  35. Blah May 3, 2010

    Didn’t the song have a second verse originally?

  36. Gaga fan May 3, 2010

    Britney slays most artists in terms of sales and popularity.
    This would have been a hugh hit if Gaga and Britney collaborated.

  37. hihihihi May 3, 2010



  38. matt May 3, 2010

    my ears, my ears. auto tune overload if there ever was one! no wonder brit turned it down, she probably heard this and was sick!! even britney can’t deny that this is a hot ass MESS!!

  39. Sam May 3, 2010

    This is not britney spears, it was written for gaga by gaga, this is BS!!! do you really think jive would leak an unrealsed demo:S, Idiots this is clearly NOT britney spears


    Can wait for the next album !!!!!!!!!!!

  40. amzy210 May 3, 2010




  41. chelsea May 3, 2010

    I personally think this song best suits GaGa and Beyonce more however Britney should come back with more songs that suit her best this isn’t one of them =/.. I really like Britney Spears but unfortunately this song isn’t her.

  42. Boricua May 3, 2010

    How can you guys compare a suposed Britney DEMO to Gaga’s finished song?
    That makes no sense. Clearly the demo vocals aren’t going to be ‘bringing it’ in terms of attitude or feeling.


  43. Me May 3, 2010

    The song is crap i never liked the song telephone

    It dont matter who sings it never liked the song.

  44. bobs May 3, 2010

    This is a DEMO – and not Britney Singing… The song was written for her, thus the sound-alike vocal.

    This is a rough mix with scratch filters thrown on for rough effect, but this is a Britney track. It’s way better for her.

  45. SASHA May 3, 2010

    read again I said this is a compilation list of the top selling albums in the world from January to April so I did get my fact rights sweetie.MEDIATRAFFIC. There are other charts than the Billboard charts. This contains all charts.

  46. Tha Phoenix May 3, 2010

    @GUCCI – honey she DID write the song, there’s a video of her writing it with Darkchild and she also produced it, but she originally did so for Brit, but Brit turned it down.

    Still, though I stan for Brit as well as Gaga and B, their version was better – but as this is an unmastered demo, we’ll never really know for sure.


  47. DizzyGuy1985 May 3, 2010

    It kills me that people have different degrees of how much auto tone is acceptable. Lady Gaga’s version is just as auto-toned as this one.

    Thats like telling someone “I smoke crack…I don’t do that cocaine…” Its all the same at the end of the day…lol.

    You all are trash.

  48. missy May 3, 2010

    LOVE IT!

  49. CJ May 3, 2010

    I’m really surprised. Britney would have had a hit. I just think the song its self is a hit. But I love the Lady Gaga track.

  50. Sarah May 3, 2010

    OMG!! The full version of Brit’s “Telephone” leaked!!! Go to B***********.com to listen to the full and finished track!!! Britney would have rocked this song!!!!!

  51. Gucci May 3, 2010

    @Tha Phoenix

    My bad girl, Gaga did write the track. I was thinking she was trying to pull a beyonce and start taking credit for jacking.

    Anywho, Britney’s version is aweful, mainly because it’s not even her singing and the autotune was completely overdone.

  52. roadsareendless May 3, 2010

    didnt gaga write these lyrics??

  53. Christian May 3, 2010

    It’s just a DEMO guys. lol Plus there is an article on MTV speculating if this is even Britney’s voice. Like someone has already said, it’s probably someone else singing this song which is mixed with other voices. But if Britney did indeed record her own version, I usre would love to hear the MASTERED version.

  54. Suumi May 3, 2010

    …wtf. hell no. this sounds like utter crap. theres just alot of autotune goin on. yea brit this isnt working for you. its more of a gaga/beyonce thing

  55. Kelly Flopland May 3, 2010

    OMG Brits version is actually better…She would have scored #1 while Gaga and Beysus scored #3

  56. sam May 3, 2010

    lol at all of you! gaga is not on britneys level.
    you cant match 2 years of success on 11 years of success…it doesn’t work like that.

  57. chelsea May 3, 2010

    okay i like Britney Spears… I think that if she had brought this song out before Lady Gaga it wouldn’t have been as big as Gagas and Beyonces version whether or not the song was intentioned for britney to sing her version is good but Gagas is more catchy =/ personal opinion.

  58. ~TeAM WeeZY~ May 3, 2010

    May 2, 2010 at 10:15 pm


    I take it you didn’t read the entire post. It’s WORLDWIDE not U.S. Billboard, sweetie. I hate when people get all defensive and have no clue of what the hell they are talking about! Damn shame. Smh.

  59. Darren May 3, 2010

    hmmm. i thought gaga wrote ALL of her songs??? guess not. Britney’s version sucks but GaGa and beyawnsays sucks too (ESPECIALLY the video). but still its funny that manly gayga got brit’s leftovers.

  60. Darren May 3, 2010

    BOTTOM LINE. Gaga is the most unoriginal artist of the millenium and Grace jones called, she wants her everything back.

  61. ~Team Weezy~ May 3, 2010


    Actually Gaga did write the song. She wrote it for Britney originally, hun. So basically it’s not Britney’s leftovers, it was always Gaga’s because she wrote it. 🙂

  62. Tha Phoenix May 3, 2010

    @GUCCI – LMAO…

    Yeah, I stan hard for Brit but Gaga and B’s version is better.

  63. Tha Phoenix May 3, 2010

    @GUCCI – And B wrote her part a few months later, which is why Brit’s version doesn’t include it.

  64. Leaandary May 3, 2010


  65. Lisa May 3, 2010

    Actually gaga and Rodney wrote the song for Brittany but the label didn’t want it on the album. So gaga put it on hers. U guys need to do more research

  66. ADE May 3, 2010

    I couldn’t even be bothered to listen to a full minute of it. Britney is a mess smh

  67. Tavi May 3, 2010


  68. calidude May 3, 2010

    shid well ta b honest i like lookin at britney over dat gaga dike but shid as far as da sound uhhh da s*** do sound da same i dont kno if its da same song or sum but who knows. but beyonce? im tired of dat f**…. she a major f** she dont represent s*** in ma music collection. i wud never

  69. rated x May 3, 2010

    for the GAGA, BASHERS, before yall come on here and bash her and s***, about how she doesnt write her own songs, DO UR EFFING research first…

    she wrote Telephone, for Britney, circus, and britney didnt want it….bottom line.
    i swear to god some people be on some other s***.. fine u dont like gaga, shes a gimmick to u fine, thats yall own opinions.
    but dont go make up s***, when ur ass dont know s*** ur talking about.

    shes a gimmick whos outselling, the other so call bad bishes out there. shes a gimmick whos tour is out selling most bad bishes out there.shes a gimmick whos the top fashion designers are using her as an inspiration, for their products.

    yes her outfits, makes me wants to shoot a bish, just for once i would like to see gaga, wearing jeans and a tshirt.

    and unlike the so call other singers out there who takes other people looks and run with it, and act like they came up with it on their own..
    gaga always admit that she was inspired, by madonna, cyndi lauper, grace jones and ect..
    she never said her looks where her own..

  70. rated x May 3, 2010

    britney doesnt have any talent?

    ok…the bish talent murders half of the other so called entertainers, and singers out there.
    on her worst day. the bish is still out selling goat singing wanna be singers out there.
    her last cd went platinum in less than a month. the bish have 5 number albums..

    when yall other so call singers out there do all that s*** than come and bash britney.

  71. sollai May 3, 2010

    well its unmastered, the music is louder than the voice.
    same thing actually! but gaga’s more mastered

  72. here to laugh May 3, 2010

    I am not a fan of either version of this song!

    I do think that it would have been better if it had Gaga and Britney instead of Gaga and Beyonce. Beyonce sounds good on the song, but it doesn’t really fit her.

  73. CHUA May 3, 2010

    i like both versions….and yes gaga please come back

  74. CHUA May 3, 2010

    i mean britney come back

  75. Caitlin May 4, 2010

    @ DIZZYGUY1985

    THANK YOU for pointing that out.
    There is just as much AUTO-TUNE on Britney’s version as there is on GAGa’s.
    I prefer Britney over GaGa any day.

  76. mariann May 4, 2010

    This got me sooo excited for Britney’s new album! LOVE LOVE LOVE HER

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