New Video: Teairra Mari – ‘Over’ (Drake Cover)

Published: Saturday 15th May 2010 by Sam

One has to give it up for R&B singer Teairra Mari, for the 21 year old certainly keeps her name out there. Despite the poor promotion of her ‘At That Point’ project (by her label), the former Jay-Z protegee has linked up with World Star Hip-Hop to bring out viral’s such as this to keep her momentum going.

As for the cover, I actually enjoyed it. Teairra has a great flow, and rode the production seamlessly.

Word of advice though; it sure would help if Ms. Mari switched up her look a bit. I mean a new weave or something. For, she’s looked EXACTLY the same since debuting back in 2004. With the industry now at a place – whether we like it or not – where image is everything, her look comes across a little ‘tired’, which I doubt is doing her any favours on the career tip. After all, there are countless ‘R&B chicks’ who have come and gone over the years rocking the same ‘look’, with little to distinguish them from each other, hence their eventual obscurity.

Just saying…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Gary May 15, 2010

    HOT ! She’s working hard , I like that ! and DAMN what a body !

  2. ADE May 15, 2010

    UGH is this all shes gonna be doing now?? Shes so useless. Looks hot in the video though

  3. UGh May 15, 2010

    Jay-z should’ve stuck with her. She can actually sing and i agree, she needs to change up her image a bit.

  4. GangsterA May 15, 2010

    She looks good love the cover and should really do promo for her s***

  5. trucie May 15, 2010

    LMAO. (singing) Her career is OVER OVER OVER! just pathetic.

  6. RANDOM May 15, 2010

    i dont think she needs to change much but she needs more nurturing from her label.

  7. Yellow Gorillah May 15, 2010

    Im feeeling it she be doing alot of hot stuff right about now

    And i also agree she really needs to change her image not so much but like atleast a new hair style or colour loool she be always looking the same like dame!2 but i love me some mari.

  8. S May 15, 2010

    love it!!!!! and she is fine!!! she will be aight aint gotta change ish!!!

  9. Love Musicx May 15, 2010

    Hot Video

    Btw :Love the song


    I agree

  10. hihihihi May 15, 2010




    2004 NOT 04


  11. hihihihi May 15, 2010

    OH AND U JACKED THAT FROM ***********

  12. CH3RRy May 15, 2010

    useless cover, stop, just stop

  13. kveick May 15, 2010

    ….who is this?!? I’m not even tryna be funny or mean…who is this? lol

  14. Misty May 15, 2010

    @Kveich Go do your research and figure out who she is

    I personally like her hustle and I think she’s doing a great job of keeping everything afloat. I just wish her label would promote her more and stop waiting till the last moment to cram all this promo in.

    I’m kinda upset 4 her because the biggest place to get your music out to the urban crowd is BET and they’re doin’ her so dirty. I remember back in the day, she was on 106 performin’ and stuff and now they tryna hate on her because of bigger and better things. The music industry is just so shady. I’m glad she has the tough skin for it and I am rooting for her.

    @HIHIHI this is the first tyme you haven’t mentioned other artists in this post lol and the first tyme I agree with you. She did come out in 2005 and the way this site words things CAN be unprofessional especially the commentary. One minute Sam and Trent argue that success should be BASED on talent and singing, and now they are saying she needs to change her appearance. SMDH make up your minds!

  15. Boricua May 15, 2010

    Naw, let her stay in her lane.
    I kinda like that she’s doing her – keeping it s*** – especially when every other chick in the game seems to have her face stuck in Gaga or RiRi’s angry cooch…

    *Over it*

  16. ~AalexisR~ The Summer King (The Bahamas) May 15, 2010

    Solid. Looking and soundin GUD TEAIRRA!

  17. Tanya May 15, 2010

    Omg Teirra is back! I love it! She’s so pretty and she can actually sing! The f*** was Jay-z THINKING when he let her go?!

  18. tanya May 15, 2010

    Wow Teairra is gorgeous and she can SANG. not sing. SANG. that n**** jay shoulda kept her

  19. NAS May 15, 2010

    Come on pretty girl but the video is toooooooooooo common…or maybe just me!

  20. antertain May 15, 2010

    Well Teairra i want you to be more mainstream R&B rather than do these.

    Girl can sing and its like she being wasted and preped for a mixtape rather than an album.

    Whoever it was that GrapeJuice should do there research needs to LOOK in the Mirror because Teairra been out since late 04 and her album came out in 05 so check yourself be4 bringing haterade and bitchassness up on this..

    This is fast becoming the top blog sites with opinions, interviews and up-to-date news.

  21. geronimo Deuces May 15, 2010

    very talented… im glad she is not f****** for records.

    Go tierra go

  22. frankie May 15, 2010

    she is tired

  23. sam May 15, 2010

    shes brilliant. stunning as well.

  24. tweetypiebabe1 May 15, 2010

    I like Teairra but I when is her album dropping? Cause these people she’s covering are well on their way…

  25. Almost Famous May 15, 2010

    Teairra is 22. And i love her voice, but this song is not suiting her because she can REALLY SING..

  26. Black May 15, 2010

    I agree she is super talented which is why her doing the “look at my body” gimmick is so not necessary! JUST SING GIRL…GOSH..!!! Keep your clothes on and sing.. Make them take you seriously!

  27. Missy May 15, 2010


    Beyonce, Rihanna, and Gaga have made it so why don’t THEY keep their clothes on? Why is it all of a sudden a crime when this gurl does it? Beyonce is a vocalist and used s** appeal in the beginning to gain more prominence where people could begin to listen to her, but why is she still always half naked? I’ll wait………………….o ok.

  28. Gucci May 16, 2010

    Teairra is a cute girl, but someone needs to tap her on the shoulder and break the news that nobody cares for her. All of these videos and she still hasn’t realized that she is as relevant as burnt toast. Yes sweetie it’s over all right. For your record deal.

  29. Amir7 May 16, 2010

    Swag Up Is Right! Teairra Is Looking Amazing in this video! I love her! For those that don’t know Teairra Can Sing Too! lol Girl Is Talented Im so happy for her! Say What you will but she is making sure we Know her name & We Remember her! Got To Give her props!

  30. stellastar May 16, 2010

    it seems like she is just degrading herself, reinegrading herself to the typical bikini wearing weave wearing black singer. but she is beautiful and can actually sing , she needs to find a unique style and stop wearing bikinis, im nt hating her body is amazing im just bored of seeing this imgae protrayed thats all. xxx

  31. toni May 16, 2010

    She’s really pretty and I love her voice. I’m rooting for her. She’s on her hustle. And I’m supportive 100% of the way. I think she’s a star.

  32. sam May 16, 2010


  33. hihihihi May 16, 2010



  34. Redfella May 16, 2010

    Why are people so bitchy?! lol i dont get it, like they feel what they say really matters lol anyways damn lol.. just let her do her think! shes a good singer i hope she gets some recognition she deserves it! Go Teairra!

  35. Rello May 16, 2010

    She makes me so proud! I love her hustle and her deal with WORLD STAR was the best career promo move she coulda made! I wish her label would get on the damn job tho!

  36. Missy May 16, 2010

    Ya’ll give such foolish commentary. Just stfu and present the story. Why are you worried about her appearance? Doesn’t Beyonce have the same lace front she’s had for her tour promo in her hair? Hasn’t she BEEN on lace fronts for sum tyme now? ok, so why are you worried about this gurls hair color? Sam, I swear u are HOW U DEWWINNN! She just came out again and you’re already talking about how she’s not changed. U can’t even recall when she came out *05 not 04* and how old she is *22 not 21* Get on it TGJ!

  37. plain and simple May 17, 2010

    I love her voice. If she’s with Jay-Z Def Jam she will bring in the money. And she very pretty.

  38. Bran ‘nu May 22, 2010

    Sorry GJ, But She Looks Great All the Way Around.
    She Does Not need to Put on a Costume To Appeal.
    Some Girl’s Like to stay On their Pretty Dime S***.
    She badd I hope she keep it the way it is.

    Oh Yea I f*** With this Version.
    “You Know what I’m Sippin, So you know I Ain’t Trippin”

    Drake & Teairra

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