Monica Performs ‘Love All Over Me’ At 107.9 Bash

Published: Sunday 20th Jun 2010 by Sam

Check out Monica‘s performance of new single ‘Love All Over Me’ at Atlanta radio station 107.9’s Birthday Bash last night. As ever she nailed it!

Performance after the jump…

Your thoughts?

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  1. royalkev June 20, 2010

    I just don’t understand why she scrapped Here I am for this one, it sounds like alot of her boring 90’s ballads. Some of her fans are delusional, this is not going anywhere. I’m not hating on her, I just think that she was misguided. I hope that her album still manages to fair well for her.


    I love a bitta monica !!!!

    b**** done good.

  3. AMaunee June 20, 2010

    She’s a R&B singer. Love All Over me is classic. Here I am will be the 3rd single.

  4. AMaunee June 20, 2010

    She’s a R&B singer. Love All Over me is classic. Here I am will be the 3rd single. I just wish they would push singles faster.

  5. cutiepie June 20, 2010

    Some people say the craziest s*** but anyway Monica always slays.

  6. GangsterA June 20, 2010

    She did great

  7. Khalil June 20, 2010

    She did well as usual. That is one thing I love about being a Monica fan, she has real talent that no one can deny. Some may not like the talent, but one thing is for sure people cannot say that she cannot sing because she CAN.

    I love Monica and I love this song! Great Job!

  8. Khalil June 20, 2010

    Oh wait someone said this reminded them of a boring 90’s ballad. Can’t get mad @ them for there opinion but some said Everything to Me was not going to work because it was two slow and people wanted to feel good and dance. Guess she was wrong then too huh? F** out of here with that. Monica we got your back keep giving us hits and we will see to it that it gets to the top.

  9. dee June 20, 2010

    Why is she taking forever to release her next single? Sales have declined due to the fact that there is nothing released. Everything to me has been played out months ago.

  10. TJ June 20, 2010

    YOOOOOOOOOOO, MOnica is a VOcal Beast! I love you OMG. She really can’t do no wrong. “Love All Over Me” is an amazing ballad. People hated when “Everything to Me” was a single and it was the number 1 R&B song in the country for 7 weeks. Monica’s is Giving the industry that R&B that has been missing. Haters will Hate, but can’t deny her appeal and that VOICE…

    SING GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. TJ June 20, 2010

    DEE the second sing it out and released to radio. She shoots the video tomorrow!

  12. Kyle June 20, 2010

    BTW to those commenting negatively about this, it’s already storming up the charts at #43. This’ll be top 20 in a matter of weeks (maybe even one more week).

  13. DOB June 20, 2010

    I never thought ‘Everything To Me” would do well and I was wrong so I’m not going to judge this single choice before I give it a chance. People wanna hear about love now I guess.

  14. bjksolo June 20, 2010

    WHOOO DIS IS HOT….U GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. SG3 June 20, 2010

    @Royalkev…No disrespect man, but some artist still release material for the artistry and not just commercial success. Back in the 90’s and prior you didn’t have artist releasing singles based solely on commercial success; but singles that showcased their talents and their current projects best. And this IMO shows what Monica is all about…sangin’!! Also I think her team know what their doing, just like Ciara’s folks, they getting these girls back on top on their home court, in the R&B/Hip-Hop/Urban field, come for the masses once your foundation is strong again.

    Good day all…

  16. Lamont Littles June 20, 2010

    @royalkev- Monica is the s***! And, this song is gne go # 1 just like Everything to me did!! Dont deny talent!!

  17. EXPOSED June 20, 2010


  18. Dave June 20, 2010

    Vocal beast, her vibrato & tone is on point, nearly untouched!

  19. BrealK June 21, 2010

    Great performance. I hope the video is going to be good.

  20. antertain June 21, 2010

    Mo jus blows.
    This performance was hot.

    BUT Here on this link she MURDERED….

    Too Big Tunes Mo and i SOOOOOOO LOVE how she finishes off the songs.

    YES 2nd single has taken wayyyyyyyy long but want more videos so hope 3rd single comes as well soon after..

    Team Team Monica

  21. LarryJ June 21, 2010

    Monica is the damn truth, she is THEE vocalist of our generation. She can belt with the best of em. I’ve got my tickets to her tour and i’m going to live once I see her on stage.

  22. Theone June 21, 2010

    One thing is always certain when Monica takes the stage, she will deliver. Her voice has always been ahead of her peers, however, in the last two years it has developed to where it’s now considered to be one of the formidable voice in R/B today. I hope that she continues make strides as a vocalist, as I could see her in a class all by herself, just like her idol Whitney.

    Her consistency in delivering an amazing performance

  23. The Truth June 21, 2010

    Nice voice but very boring! I almost fell asleep.

  24. LEEK June 21, 2010

    J Records don’t know what to do with Monica. V-103 was the main reason for the switch in singles, their Programming Director just threw a song on radio that he liked. I guess he got tired of waiting for the label to submit a record and the listeners loved it.

    I think Monica is going to switch from J Records to Zone 4, Polow The Don hinted that something like that might happen when he was interviewed by Greg Street about a few months ago.

    One more thing, people gotta realize that music is based on mood. Monica LP has that very intimate vibe to it. It’s the perfect way to end your day. Something soft and slow.

  25. MLUSHEZZ June 21, 2010

    this b**** can saaaaaaaaaaaaang! i love the cd versionb but this was just awsome. haters fall back, ya’ll better get a life!!!! STILL STANDING!!!!!!!

  26. Mira June 21, 2010


  27. BrandyNMonicaStan June 21, 2010

    Mo straight killed it that is all !

  28. Jay June 21, 2010

    My girl slayed this one!! SLAYED It. And this was the perfect follow up single, as it’s chart performance will soon prove!!

  29. MMJ June 21, 2010

    She can sang like a fool! But she needed to release Here I Am. I don’t know if i can forgive her for this misstep.SMH

  30. Frederick June 23, 2010

    BRILLIANT! This is my favorite single.

  31. San June 24, 2010

    haters, go monica!

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