Hot Shot: Lady GaGa On The Cover Of West Magazine

Published: Tuesday 27th Jul 2010 by Trent

Check out Lady GaGa on the cover of West magazine’s summer edition. The shoot was directed by Stuart Semple. Fierce.

What do you think of the cover?

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  1. royalkev July 27, 2010

    This is the best I ever seen her! …See I don’t hate on this lady, she just usually looks scary.

  2. jj July 27, 2010


  3. Isa July 27, 2010

    Love and art

  4. Commander for Kelly & Ciara July 27, 2010


  5. SunDee July 27, 2010

    Great one! I just wish the hair has some flower vector graphic with same scheme with her lips or else…

  6. GangsterA July 27, 2010

    All i can say is We got tom toms over here bigger than a monster She looks nice though

  7. Badd July 27, 2010

    Amazingggggggg !!
    @ Commander.:
    That in NO way looks like Nicki Minaj.
    Nicki wants to be the black GAGA.

  8. Ghetto Fab July 27, 2010

    Wow she looks dare I say Ethnic. Dare I say like a woman of color. Make up is good. Hope she has a spread.

  9. Shouw July 27, 2010

    Loooove it !!

  10. Nothing But My Opinion July 27, 2010

    i love the colour of her eyes, love the cover too!

  11. chombd July 27, 2010

    all i have to say its wow i really did think Nicki Minaj seriously.. gaga is only famous cuz her costumes and stuff..and being theatrical. props for her but real talent real singers arnt getting any shine it sucks… nicki and kesha will be way top of her… #bringoldgagaback…

  12. Badd July 27, 2010

    @ chombd.:
    what are you talking about Nicki Minaj & KE$HA (of all ppl)
    to top GAGA ????
    The lies you tell.
    Both of them want to be like GAGA.
    But GAGA can actually sing.
    Compared to some other ppl.
    Ke$ha can’t sing for ANYTHING.
    THINK before you speak.

  13. WHITEJESUS July 27, 2010

    GAH thought it was nicki

  14. Badd July 27, 2010

    That doesn’t even look like Nicki,
    Most of what she does is ghetto.

  15. ULISES July 27, 2010


    Check out the vid for “Jungle”- s***, tribal, exotic summer anthem. Don’t click on the link! You’re not ready for it, or are u?

  16. Badd July 27, 2010


  17. CHOMBD July 27, 2010

    @BADD ive actually followed KEsha since 2007 and the songs she used to sing are way different to what she sings now! i still love it but still!!! KEsha isn’t so big u say? then its been twice she doesn’t let GAGA win! HA! and GAGA has more fans??? …. you obviously understood me wrong those were 2 different topics i mentioned but to each there own!

  18. alist July 27, 2010

    woah! she looks pretty here, its weird cuz its only a little bit of face, i cant put my finger on it but she looks good

  19. matt July 28, 2010

    am i seeing things or are people actually comparing gaga with kesha. LMAO!! i love nicki and she deserves props, she is amazing at what she does. kesha is the autotune queen!!!

  20. O LeDoIt July 28, 2010

    At first i thought it ws Nicki Minaj

  21. Tiff July 28, 2010

    ok I think I’m really starting to like her again! Get em GAGA!

  22. KeepingItReal July 28, 2010

    love it

  23. True Blue July 28, 2010

    She’s not ugly, why does everyone say she’s ugly?

  24. The AlexanderTG July 28, 2010

    ‘She’s not ugly, why does everyone say she’s ugly?’ – simples, jealousy that’s why. Keeping it real, no she’s not a classic beauty like some other girls on the scene, but she’s still attractive – and people are always going on about her nose – well Italian girls often have big noses – why should she change the way she is.
    ‘Wow she looks dare I say Ethnic’ – that’s because she is ethnic – Italian-American is just as ethnic as being black. Sorry to get picky – but as someone who’s part Italian, part black I’m proud of both my ethnic backgrounds.
    Regarding Ke$ha – I like her stuff actually, but I’ve no idea if she can really sing under all that autotune – are there any acoustic tracks or less manipulated tracks out there that show off her real voice?

  25. arfa July 28, 2010

    f?ck she is ugly

  26. HERE FOR MIMI, BEE & RIRI July 28, 2010

    I thought it was NICKI MINAJ!!!!! wtf

  27. Rachel July 29, 2010

    She’s a waste of space.

  28. Badd July 31, 2010

    ^^ Your comment was a waste of space.
    Sit down.
    you made no sense !!
    I’m not even gonna respond to your comment.
    Once again THINK before you speak.
    @ TheAlexanderTG.:
    I agree !
    Minus the Ke$ha part because she can’t sing live
    & that’s not with autotune.

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