Rico Love Talks About Chris Brown’s Writing Skills & Possible New Album

Published: Saturday 10th Jul 2010 by Trent

Hit maker Rico Love took the time to discuss one of Chris Brown’s most overlooked talents: his songwriting skills. The ‘Commander’ writer spoke to Neon Limelight about Brown’s increasing passion for his craft and also revealed that the singer might be working on a new album. Peep what he had to say below:

“He’s one of the dopest singer/songwriters that I’ve [seen],” Love told NeonLimelight.com in a phone interview yesterday (July 8). “He’s just realizing how dope his pen is. It’s amazing to me.”Love noted songwriting is a talent Brown has always wanted to showcase, but has only recently begun pushing it to the forefront as he’s developed.

“I remember on his first album when he was 15 years old he was writing, but he just kept on developing and becoming better and getting more innovative and coming up with bigger and better ideas. I’ve seen his progress and it’s amazing.”

Love, who co-wrote “Lucky Me” on Brown’s last album, Graffiti,  says Breezy played some new songs he’s written for him when they were in a Los Angeles studio together yesterday morning. While he doesn’t know for sure if those songs were for a new album, Love thinks Brown should focus on “writing hit records” and pass on making any more apology songs — “Unless he wants to,” he said. {Source}

Many may have forgotten that Brown wrote his smash hit ‘Forever’ and even co-wrote Rihanna’s ‘Distrubia’. When it comes to his talent there is no denying that he is one of the most interesting acts to emerge on the music scene in quite some time. Furthermore, unlike Rihanna, who rarely attempts to write her own songs and currently has a camp of producers and writers working on new material for her to butcher for her new album, Brown can certainly handle creating an entire LP for himself in the near future. Good stuff.


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  1. Keesha July 10, 2010

    It’s good that Chris is growing as a songwriter. He is very talented. Love him. 🙂

  2. Erica July 10, 2010

    despite all the Rihanna hating in the article, it is a good article, and breezy is a good writer

  3. Luanne July 10, 2010

    “for her to butcher” LMAO trent is such a hater but I don’t care. At least this isn’t Toya’z world where the stans go CRAZY

  4. Trisha July 10, 2010

    Yes love it,Chris is really a great artist,he doesn’t just try thing just to say he did it,
    he’s a hard worker with so much talent
    love him

  5. Tha Phoenix July 10, 2010

    Doing a new album? This is EXACTLY what I said last week – that he needed to head into the studio ASAP and bang out an album in a month, in order to have a single ready to perform at the VMAs in September. (anyone who wants to read what I wrote – a step by step plan for CB to become bigger than ever – here’s the link http://tinyurl.com/33mmzrd )

    Somebody actually told me that I was stupid to suggest such a thing.

    Of course I was right.

    SO glad CB is back in the studio – can’t wait to hear new material from him and I couldn’t be happier that hitmaker, Rico Love, is working with him.

    It’s been a great few weeks for our boy.

  6. malyeh July 10, 2010

    CANNOT wait to hear new music for this talented man !
    Go Chris !

    ps: why always bringing Rihanna into it, yall know stans are gonna hate… -_-‘

  7. TRUTH July 10, 2010

    “unlike Rihanna, who rarely attempts to write her own songs and currently has a camp of producers and writers working on new material for her to butcher ” LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! #DEATHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE YOU TRENT :d

  8. YoU Hear Me July 10, 2010

    lmao you gotta love Trent and his last one liners, glad Chris is getting on with his music and making the most of his talent, can’t wait to hear the next album, sounds exciting, knowing that his working with Keyshia Cole too, it can only get better from here.

  9. Heaven July 10, 2010

    It’s nice thru all the bs that all of his talent is starting to be recognized by the public. It’s amazing that he has been a part of a team Merrit , Allen , Bereal for years and also writes with Ester Dean and T. Taylor, and it’s like it’s something new that he’s doing. He and Ester wrote Stronger for MJB. He wrote Letoya Luckett’s She Ain’t Got.. Kelly Rolland’s Geronimo, just to name a few besides the the two that are well known. He’s a very talented individual.


    SMH @ all these fans that try to be his PR or manager- should give it a break. You can’t take credit for something he’s not reading or has never seen. He and his team have a plan, whether you want to believe it or not it may work better than you think.

  10. nika July 10, 2010

    yes he is talanted and everybody knows this……………I LOVE YOU CHRISTOPER BROWN

  11. mile July 10, 2010

    breezy YOU ARE CRAZY TALANTED man………………..go chris we love you

  12. smartee July 10, 2010

    It’s good that he’s working on a new album. Deuces, from his “Fan of a Fan” mixtape ACTUALLY DEBUTED at number 89 on the BILLBOARD HOT 100 ONLY ONE WEEK AFTER BEING RELEASED ON ITUNES! I like that song and I love “No Bullsh**.” He should go ahead and commercially promote those hot singles and have them included on his upcoming album. I won’t say that Chris is the best songwriter, but he’s actually a lot better than most and at least he WRITES HIS OWN SH**! Trent, there WAS NO NEED TO BRING UP RIHANNA, even though I can’t stand her, but I agree that she can’t write for sh**! They try to act like she was a big part of the writing process when all she’s done is add some words here or there and the adlibs! Same goes for Ciara and Beyonce. And Gaga writes her own lyrics but the lyrics are utter nonsense and so immature and bubblegum. Put Usher in there too for wack a** lyrics, and he doesn’t even fully write them!

  13. ME July 10, 2010

    From his mixtapes, I also like Number One, Convertible, Glow In the Dark, Like a Virgin Again, Aint Thinking about you, and Invented Head (I was hesitant about hearing it at first, but it’s SOOOO hot that the original is VERY boring). I know he was just venting, growing up and creating, but too bad he can’t tweak the “grown and s***” ones to make them a little less s**-specific, b/c they could be HUUUUGE publicly.

  14. UGh July 10, 2010

    If you can sing, dance and write what else can you ask for? if that isn’t talent i don’t know what is.
    Trent, you go too hard on rihanna though

  15. ARTIST K July 10, 2010


  16. Tha Phoenix July 10, 2010

    @Heaven – I wasn’t trying to be, I just thought that that would be the best plan of action. At no point did I say that he, or his PR team, read what I wrote.

    I was just saying that my instincts – as they very often are – have turned out to be right.


  17. Heaven July 10, 2010

    @THA PHOENIX- I read your piece out of curiosity. It’s not the first “agenda/itinerary” that I’ve read. A number of things will NOT be done that’s there but I’m not knocking the fact that you put thought into it. It’s frustrating I’m sure to his fans…but sometimes progress has to be measured. I highly doubt that Oprah or a few others will ever be in that mix, although nothing is impossible that’s just highly improbable.

    However if you believe it’s all going according to your plan, who am I to dispute it? Enjoy your day.

  18. Brooklyn_JanetFam July 10, 2010

    Butcher? Trent, weren’t you the same one who bought her latest album? Anywho im not a CB fan never was never will be but i can’t deny how talented he is. Hopefully he is in a better place, to deliver the best music that i know he can make.

  19. ********************** July 10, 2010

    Chris Brown is talented at writing and dancing but he’s mediocre at singing and acting.

  20. wtf July 10, 2010

    lmaoo….are rhifunds still boycotting the site?? i am sure they think that visitng the site and not commenting lowers the hits..dumbasses just like thier idol….

    happy for chris..next album should not have a single apology song but he can still write them for other people…

  21. yeahh July 10, 2010

    Oh that’s good for chris, shows you that with all this bullsh*t…it has only made chris concentrate on embracing this talents more…..God has a plan for everyone. Cant wait to hear new music from chris….

  22. tae July 10, 2010

    and who ever ciara said just adds oohs and ahhs is a lie and the truth aint in them she wrote some of oh and wrote ludacris whole verse to that and she wrote and i and a song on fantasia album and thats just to name a few.

  23. Debi July 10, 2010

    Please dear Lord, let the boycotting last forever!! Chris Brown is a very talented young man, I think he is growing in his acting…. from what I have review in ” Takers” His voice is maturing from the sound of his last album( cd) He started out at 16 and has grown down thru the years…. don’t it feel good not be reading all of that mess!

  24. Secret Voice July 10, 2010

    I can’t wait for Chris new cd!!!

  25. Tha Phoenix July 10, 2010

    @Heaven – I’m sure they won’t do everything I came up with, it was just a plan that I came up with that would very likely have worked.

    Still, thanks.


  26. piat July 10, 2010

    I so look forward to hearing Kelly’s Geronimo when Commander is released. I’m glad Chris is getting his money and flexing his creative muscle. I’ve seen his studio ustreams and he is really a consumate perfectionist and unafraid to try something new.

    Regarding steps to his comeback, As fellow #TeamBreezy, we have to encourage Chris to paste himself. The tide is definitely turning but we have to also recognize it’s more important for Chris to be a healthy maturing young man that make good music regardless if the world embraces him back . He first must abide by his legal obligations so he remains a free man and not follow into the Lindsey Lohan’s trap. He needs to continue his community service hours and complete his DV classes (he is on scheduled to be finished w/ the classes in Oct. 2010).

    People are trying to get Chris at the VMA but what would he perform? I don’t want him to do another MJ tribute (it cheapens what he did at the BET Awards) unless he is with other artists doing a dance tribute to MJ. I just don’t know what song he would do? I personally would perform for him to be touring in the states around the time of the VMAs.

  27. piat July 10, 2010

    the last perform should be “prefer”.

  28. ~TeAM WeeZY~ July 10, 2010

    Chris is multi-talented! I hope he does very much writing on this new album! I can’t wait!

    TEAM BREEZY ALL DAY B******! 🙂


    Sidenote: I am sooooo happy that the Rihanna stans are boycotting this site! YASSSS! Haven’t you noticed it’s less ignorance here? I’m LOVIN’ it!

  29. Keesha July 10, 2010

    @Team Weezy I agree!

  30. Swag-Wave July 10, 2010

    I was with yall right up untill yall started talking ish on Rihanna… AGAIN.

    “Furthermore, unlike Rihanna, who rarely attempts to write her own songs and currently has a camp of producers and writers working on new material for her to butcher for her new album, Brown can certainly handle creating an entire LP for himself in the near future.”

    Was that really needed? I swear yall forget sometimes that it was CB who hit Rihanna not the other way around. I like reading this blog but I swear one minute yall love RiRi for yalls benefit and then you hate her. You did the same thing with the baddest bish in the game (Beyonce). Quit with trying to start ish to get hits. Yall better than that!

  31. GangsterA July 10, 2010

    Chris is very talnted in every way yes hes vocal isnt that strong like usher but hes still got a nice voice and can hit notes perfectly some times trey songz sound just like him and i think chris have better vocal and he can work on it cuse he still young i cant wait for hes new album graffti was my favo album by a male last year

  32. X,Y,”and Z” July 10, 2010

    @Trent —

    “… For her to butcher” <—??? … Woo, better-watch-out, Trent! … Camp-Fenty 'ready-to-throw "fits, hexes; conjure-up spirits;wake-the-dead; and-radio-in air-sorties!"

    That said, I can't wait for "Takers", that'll "reintroduce Breezy" to the Public! We need to remember, he co-produced, along with T.I. and several-others, this sure-to-be well-received action-adventure-thriller!

    X,Y,"and Z" — OUT ..!!!

  33. JAZYBELLE July 10, 2010

    breezy will be just fine ,I’ve a feeling he can be even bigger than he was before the whole ass whopping fiasco .
    the only things he needs now is a bomb ass album and a better PR team .
    Take your time Chirs teambreezy ain’t going nowhere.
    the rihanna shade was unnecessary tho.

  34. Curtis July 10, 2010

    Let’s get on a serious note, despite me being a Rihanna stan but truly continues to disgust me about you Trent is when you write so hatefully you act PROUD that Chris Brown did what he did to her and continue to act like she deserved what happened to her, not only that but you further act like he’s the angel. He’s talented sure, but you’re a disgusting man. When I hear off abused women I think to myself… what is that was my mother? And you’re here taking uncalled shots at Rihanna… okay so he crafts his own music and Rihanna doesn’t so that’s why it’s okay he bashed her face, bit her and punched her savagely and that’s why everyone should forget what he did?

    I forgave him a long time ago but this post was absolutely disgusting, and I know how to laugh when you insult Rihanna.

  35. Secret Voice July 10, 2010

    If Chris got on the VMA’S,The best possible song he could perform in my opinion is PassOut from Grafitti!….. Now of course he could do Deuces but Pass Out is a happy dance track that could be a world wide banger!

  36. famous_forever July 10, 2010

    can’t wait for his next LP I have a feeling that it’s gonna be fire and I agree with @jazybelle I think he’s gonna be bigger than he was before
    he gained new fans and old fans

  37. Fred July 10, 2010

    Chris Brown is loaded with tons of talent but his problem right now is the music he is putting out currently, not what happened in the past. If Chris will start writing/composing some really good music he will be back on top again. He has been doing depressing songs(Graffiti) with horrible background music(I guess Swizz Beats? ) or sexually explicit songs(with imo GREAT background beats) or Rap lately. Im not into that s** crap or I would listen to Trey Songz instead or R Kelly which I skip those songs for R Kelly and listen to everything else he made as it is and I dont listen to Trey Songz at all. I listen to some rap but it has to be awesome for me to even consider it at all.

    Currently what he is doing
    Great beats- The s** songs and rap
    Horrible beats- the R&B and pop songs
    Lame lyrics(non complete sentences etc)

    I wish he would just make some normal music, also I dont want to hear lyrics like reach up into that dresser where that condom is lol Use proper punctuation etc and complete sentences for Christ sakes.

    Anyway I am a Chris Brown fan I have tons of his songs and also bought Graffiti(which I dont listen to) for support. I am just waiting for some normal R&B and pop from him with GREAT lyrics and great background beats NO FREAKING TECHNO AND AUTOTUNE. Taps foot


  38. famous_forever July 10, 2010

    @secretvoice I dont think chris will cause they said he’s releasing a new lp early 2011…..

  39. geronimo deuces July 10, 2010

    Go chris, i dont care what song you will sing….. as long as you get to performe at the VMA, dont give up my boy never give up.

  40. JAZYBELLE July 10, 2010

    I dont really care about Rihanna and think the constant shading is just lame…But that’s just me…people dont have to worship rihanna or buy her music just because she’s get her ass beat …and no I dont condone DV .
    Trent and many other people on this blog are music consumers so if we dont like the s*** that’s being sold to us it’s our right to say so.
    dont hate the game…

  41. Secret Voice July 10, 2010

    @Famous Forever….Yeah that’s right but that is a great song to me and the video would have been banging if he and Eva stepped out of some smoke or something,but anywayz like Fred said ,I hope his next cd will be more along the lines of his previous cd’s.

    I want to hear a cd where Chris is entering a happier phase of his life! I don’t want to remotely hear any references to whats her name! I am so happy that he had that release when he cried because that was good for cleansing his soul!

  42. Secret Voice July 10, 2010

    @ Fred…I agree with you,I don’t know why but I wasn’t feeling Chris when he did the song with Trey Songz,that’s just Chris. No Bullshyt is cool though and the video really enhances the visual for the lyrics.He needs to get back to that Forever formula.I love him when he does slow duets with women like Jordin and Keri.I think he has probably outgrown Poppin,but a song along the lines of OMG Is cool! I just see endless bounds for Chris when it comes to his music ability…..

    Fallen Down is proof that he has range!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Secret Voice July 10, 2010

    *that’s just NOT Chris*

  44. Swag-Wave July 10, 2010

    If you know me, you know I’m not a RiRi fan-stan, although I am fan of hers. There’s no problem disliking someone’s music, but I swear yall getting things twisted… the way you talk like RiRi deserved what happened to her isn’t right. It has nothing to do with stan-ing for her. You don’t like her fine, but don’t pin her up to CB like that. There’s no reason to and it just doesn’t make any sense to me. And for those who claim to dislike her so much, know all to full and well that you probably more than likely have all her albums on constant replay. Ya know this! I see why these RiRi fan-stans be getting so angry at all these posts, the way yall be doin’ her is so dirty! But whatever I guess everyone is going to have their opinion whether it be right or wrong.

  45. Missy July 10, 2010

    Can’t wait for the new album! Chris is just soooooo multi- talented and its about time he really showcased that.

    And Trent as much as we all know Rihanna ain’t as talented, we should stop throwing her name in every Chris post and giving her stans reason to hate even more. Let’s make this about Chris and him alone because Chris hasn’t even needed Rihanna to succeed, unlike how Ri used him for sales! lol…

  46. Missy July 10, 2010

    I agree with you Swag-wave. NO one deserves to get beat up, man or woman. However, you shouldn’t be punished forever for one mistake.

    There are people out there that commit continuous crimes and walk away scot-free but Chris has been attacked for way too long. He’s showing that he’s changing, unlike those people that continue to commit crimes and show no remorse.

  47. Alex July 10, 2010

    why do you ALWAYS have to mention Rihanna when speaking about Chris? Its people like you who keep holding Chris back by associating him with Rihanna every chance you get.

  48. S*** July 10, 2010

    I knew he was great at once I 1st learned he wrote Distrubia.

  49. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 10, 2010

    Go Chris Go I just love it

  50. geronimo deuces July 10, 2010

    true chris will be bigger that he was, thanks to his talent……….

  51. Secret Voice July 11, 2010

    @ Swag Wave and I will just speak on whats her name once.No one is saying she deserved anything that happened to her that night………. I have to tell you that I have never been a fan of whats her name and there is no indication that will change.My biggest issue with whats her name is that she never took full ownership of the fact that she hit him first.One action might result in another action and neither action is correct,both are equally wrong no matter who ended up with the most lumps.Whats her name can’t go around pretending to be a beacon for an issue when she hit him herself,that’s total hypocrisy!

    I also take issue with whats her name walking around as if she is the ultimate victim when she really is just a woman foolish enough to have started one too many fights with a man and lost the fight.I resent you coming here acting as if Chris fans make her fans be the vicious bytches they are whether they are male or female.I don’t know how long you have been posting or even lurking but they have said some foul shyt about Chris and wishing death on his mother and he without apology. Just yesterday a Breezy stan wished death on whats her name but guess what , a Chris supporter name * Plain and Simple* admonished that person and told them to stop that but guess what when whats her names stans said shyt about wishing death on Chris and his moms,not one of those foul a** stans of whats her name said shyt to admonish one of their fellow stans.

  52. Secret Voice July 11, 2010

    Still can’t get over how well Chris was in the tribute! I just watched it again….

  53. geronimo deuces July 11, 2010


    me too i always watch it my boy killed it….. jay-z, oprah, tyrah FALL BACK

  54. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 11, 2010

    @Secert Voice

    I am going to watch Chris doing the Michael trubite later. I said before everytime I watch it, it’s like the very first time watching him

    Go Chris Go

  55. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 11, 2010

    @Sercet/G Deuces Hi

  56. Curtis July 11, 2010

    Yes I agree but you clearly didn’t understand my post, Trent makes me laugh SOMETIMES with his Rihanna insults but it disgusts me when it has nothing to do with her and he pits her up against Chris like he is god and she isn’t worth anything and completely overlooking that SHE is the one that got abused. I don’t give a s*** if someone doesn’t like Rihanna’s music, my best friend can’t stand her…. but posts like that… repulsive and even more disturbing that it comes from a supposed man, I can understand the feenin girls that act like h*** all on his d*** but this is just… urgh.

  57. Secret Voice July 11, 2010

    @ Deuces and Plain and Simple,Hi!….I have it saved in my computer.

    LMAO @ Geronimo Deuces saying that those lames should fall back,I agree!

  58. StayMad July 11, 2010

    You always say “the ‘Commander’ writer.” Is that the only song he’s written? that’s an American flop single.

  59. geronimo deuces July 11, 2010

    hi everyone….

    cb is back on top

  60. Keesha July 11, 2010

    @Fred @Geronimo Deuces @Secret Voice I agree with all of you.

  61. Redcupcake July 11, 2010

    Trent is hilarious. At least he is telling the truth…you can’t lie and say that she writes her own songs and she can sing…#noshadejusttruth! But anyway…Chris has always participated in songwriting, it’s just being recognized though. He can sing, dance, act, produce, write..ect…you can’t hate his talent and work ethic. New album? Possibly…if Jive gets on there s***…they have been doing a terrible job. TeamBreezy did most of the work regarding him performing at the BET awards..we kept bugging BET and it finally worked. His PR is getting better…but they still need to be fired. Anyway, the mixtapes have been awesome but I’m ready for a real album..it would be good to release it in summer 2011….he will hopefully be back on top and the next album might be amazing just like his other albums. He has really grown as an artist unlike most of the other artists. I think he should release some songs from graffiti as well as keep promoting Deuces…I think that Deuces will become a big hit…anyway, he has a new video that’s about to come out called ‘matrix’ and a video called ‘favor’…both songs are great and I wish him nothing but the best!

  62. noodles July 11, 2010

    HA! Rihanna stans are boycotting this site? I realized that when they had a hate page on Twitter called ThatFlopJuice or some s***….smh they need Jesus. Who makes a hate page about a website or about anything? LOL! But really who cares who they Boycott? Oh well less ignorance makes me happy they need to boycott all these blogs then lol. Godbless them. And I knew he was coming out with a new album! YES! But I think he needs to wait a while to release it and work hard on it if he really is. And YES PLEASE PASS ON THE APOLOGY SONGS. Whats done is done the people who don’t get you are sorry by now are just ignorant you can’t impress everybody. I also think Chris should perform at the VMAs. But idk what song he would perform. I think he should perform Matrix cuz I love that song! Also some of you CB fans are slacking. You know how Deuces debuted on the Billboard 100? Well its not gonna stay there if you don’t go buy it on iTunes some more and request it at your local radio stations so lets get to it! Where are the CB fans that brought like 20 copies of Graffiti? Like @XYZ lol! I know you go hard you’d buy Deuces on iTunes like 100 times.


    Now to make that a hit single and wait patiently for Takers which WILL be an awesome movie!

  63. Bionixx July 11, 2010

    You chris brown fans are a bunch of Delusional disorganised ghetto kids just like chris and his whole team.
    Talking s*** about Rianna cancelling showswhile she’s still the one being quite succesfull like the bish sold 3 milli how excatly did cb sold..??yeah right…i’ll wait.
    Taking about a silly mixtape song being #1 how much money is he actually making with that?…still waiting.

  64. Nanci July 11, 2010


    You’re calling Breezy fans ghetto but you can’t even for form a coherent sentence. Don’t you proofread?? “like the bish sold 3 milli how excatly did cb sold..??” Get your ass together THEN tell US we’re kids…lmao Go back to school boo!


  65. Nanci July 11, 2010

    I don’t know why you think 3 million is all that. CB is not in the poor house, and won’t ever be with how blessed an talente he is. Rihanna stans always wanna curse somebody but it’s falling back on Rihanna. Go buy her tickets and help her out before you worry about Chris

  66. Bionixx July 11, 2010

    You’re still not responding to my questions child.
    How much did he sold with grafflopy ? what’s the points of being #1 on 106andPark if no one is buying his shitty song anyway (not even the so called stans)

  67. noodles July 11, 2010

    Why do CB haters even come here fall back. S*** the song was in the Top 50 of iTunes last week for a minute. Its doing pretty good. And when was this about Rihanna.?Just go sit down. Check your facts on her the single is doing on the charts before you run your mouth. CB fans stop responding to the haters and do something productive. Them running their mouths really won’t change a thing. I’m out for now.

  68. geronimo deuces July 11, 2010

    I just bought my 2 itune deuces

  69. BENJAMIN July 11, 2010

    He has some lyric skills, no denying that. So he might as well use that to work on his new album, since he has limelight again.

  70. geronimo deuces July 11, 2010

    ^^^ very true….. my boy has bounced back

    go chris go

  71. LAVISH July 11, 2010

    what i want is for this site and fist fans/stans to keep doing just what they are doing. all of them are doing a great job of keeping rihanna purched right where she wants to be. its like the rabbit being thrown into the briar berries, that was just where he wanted to me. and this site nor the getto gutter rats have a heaven are a hell to put rihanna in . so grape keep posting rihanna and keep giving off loads of negative vibes on her that will prove in the long run to be very hazard to all of your health and welfare. keep writing and commenting, please do not stop the slander, hate, blatant lies and dirty getto fablous attacks on rihanna because as quiet as its kept it will come back to bite all of you in your asses and you all can take that to the bank.

  72. X,Y,”and Z” July 11, 2010

    @”Geronimo_Deuces”, “Noodles”, “Plain and Simple” and “Blue_Kid” —

    *Side-note: Some-info-on Mel Gibson; his “greatest hits …!!” http://gawker.com/5582644/all-the-terrible-things-mel-gibson-has-said-on-the-record?skyline=true&s=i

    And take-note of-the-fact-that he ADMITTED-to, on-said-linked audio tape, punching his girlfriend(mother of his child) in-the-mouth, thereby ‘knocking the-teeth out-of-her-mouth’ – WHILE SHE HELD THEIR INFANT CHILD, IN HER-ARMS!! … NOT-UNLIKE-WHAT Charlie Sheen did, to-his-then-wife(now x-wife, former ‘Bond Girl’), Denise Richards!

    @Noodles — … And you, forgot-to-mention, that I bought ‘ICTY’ some 100Xs …!!! When I had mentioned, said-fact on-another-blog, from-which I’m-now-banned, Camp-Fenty collectively-laughed at-me …!!! … As-it-seems, I’m having the last laugh, ‘eh? Truth-be-told, ‘… don’t really care, if I’m “banned!” … All I really want(?): “Breezy 2.0”, Barack re-elected-come-2012 and Harvey Levin witness both-aforementioned most-historic watershed-moments, in horrific-disbelief; remaining in emotional-devastation, only-to-find-relief-in Alcohol! … Much-the-way he-has-spent most-HIS-adult-life, before being distracted by gossip, rumor and his expression/designs-of ‘racist right-wing reactionary-politics!’

    And I wish I could “prove” I purchased it, just-to-show the “non believers!”

    … Won’t be logging-on tomorrow: “On all-day World Cup watch” … ; – 9

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT …!!!

  73. LG July 11, 2010

    i’m not a spelling Nazi or anything, but please change “Distrubia” to “Disturbia”….thanx

  74. AlexanderTG July 11, 2010

    OK – first I’m a RiRi fan and I only know CBs older stuff not these new songs, and what he did was terrible, but come on everyone its time to let this go – the guy’s been tried, sentenced and punished – it’s time to give him a second chance isn’t it? – all this hating backwards and forwards isn’t good for either of them.

  75. lauren July 11, 2010

    lmaoo..trent u a mess…but @ least u keep it real…luv iiit!

  76. The Art Installation July 11, 2010

    @TRENT-ISHA again U prove yourself to be MENTALLY RETADRED….

    “Many may have forgotten that Brown wrote his smash hit ‘Forever’ ” CO-WROTE ALONG WITH 4 OTHER WRITERS!!! IDIOT! BEAT-HER-DOWN BROWN DID NOT WRITE ANYTHING BY HIMSELF!

  77. i & i (yardie style) July 11, 2010

    Our boy’s talents are undeniable. I am now convinced more than ever that everything happens for a reason. Every disappointment leads to a bigger and better outcome i.e. not being able to perform in Europe resulted in a unforgettable BET awards performance. Teambreezy since 2008

  78. moi July 11, 2010

    Personally I am so tired of having a Chris Brown post mention Rihanna and vice versa. They are two different people. I get the fact that this blog doesn’t like Rihanna but why bash her that way and why the comparisons all the time. Chris Brown is talented but he is not God. Bashing others to praise him is stupid. Let his talents speak for themselves.

  79. bluekid July 11, 2010

    Yes, everything happens for a reason, I’m glad Chris Brown did not get in to any of that devil zhit with Rihanna & JayZ, the Lord knew what he was doing!

  80. “Dj Y2k Malone” July 11, 2010

    I think the best thing for chris to do is write for other artist he’s good and he can make more money

  81. “Dj Y2k Malone” July 11, 2010


  82. bluekid July 11, 2010

    @ “Dj Y2k Malone”

    Bytch get the f#ck up out of here!

    And if you want 400 post calling Rihanna a c** bucket and post of her p**** showing, keep it up, you know I will do it!

    And I thought your dumb a** was suppose to be boycotting. You know Rihanna devil worshiping a** is being exposed. So keep it up hater you will only make Chris Brown bigger.

  83. Steez2010 July 11, 2010

    hey guys,

    Let’s not respond to the LONE Rhifund STAN up in here. She’s just mad because her girl’s tour is getting cancelled left and right. LOLLLLLLLLLLLL

  84. Steez2010 July 11, 2010


    the same goes for you. Practice what you preach, because coming on a Chris Brown ONLY post speaks volumes to the hypocricy you just typed. YOUFAIL#

  85. Tiff July 11, 2010


  86. bluekid July 11, 2010

    Tiff, that avatar makes me laugh every time. ROFL!

  87. noodles July 11, 2010

    July 11, 2010 at 6:17 pm

    the same goes for you. Practice what you preach, because coming on a Chris Brown ONLY post speaks volumes to the hypocricy you just typed. YOUFAIL#
    Agreed. @lavish completely contradicted their statement by even posting lol. FAIL!

    And the ones mad can stay mad lol. Find something productive to do with your time. We get it you don’t like Chris and can find every name in the book to call him but at the end of the day it doesn’t mean anything he is finally moving on and bouncing back and what are you doing? SMH. I ain’t mad at the name calling and negativity its kinda funny. Not to say Chris will ever be as great as Michael Jackson but the same name calling and s*** happened to him but who got the last laugh? In reality you can make fun of these celebs all day but its kind of patheic because you won’t get the last laugh, you won’t be the one with the fame(granted the negative ish will go down in history too smh) so I suggest support YOUR favorite artist and make some use of your time.

    LMFAO off at your avatar!

  88. geronimo deuces July 11, 2010

    i & i (yardie style)

    July 11, 2010 at 1:12 pm

    Our boy’s talents are undeniable. I am now convinced more than ever that everything happens for a reason. Every disappointment leads to a bigger and better outcome i.e. not being able to perform in Europe resulted in a unforgettable BET awards performance. Teambreezy since 2008

    tell me about it, everything happens for a reason…….

  89. The Art Installation July 11, 2010

    Many may have forgotten that Brown wrote his smash hit ‘Forever’ HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! now that’s a joke!
    he CO-WROTE THAT song with 4 OTHER people!

  90. bluekid July 11, 2010

    @ Tiff, Yup that was funny! ROFL! LMAO! He did a good job with that parody.

  91. Tiff July 11, 2010

    @ Bluekid

    Yeah I love my avatar. Thats how I look when ever I hear Rihanna sing live (kidding..ok not really)

    But he really did do a good job on that parody! LOL Even CB put it on his twitter..he is such a good sport.

  92. bluekid July 11, 2010

    @ Tiff

    No, really that is how I look when I hear Rihanna sings ROFL!

    CB is a good sport, and that parody was so funny, I thought it was the real video at first LOL!

    Jayz has came forward to say he is not really a devil worshiper and if so who could judge him. ROFL! LMAO!

    This is why Jazy and Rihanna are having so much bad Karma at the ticket master.

  93. bluekid July 11, 2010

    Spain won the FIFA World Cup!

  94. Landen July 11, 2010

    Regardless of what transpires in the future with

    our boy, based on the music that he has been releasing,

    its Not Difficult to tell that he is at the top of his game at this

    time. And He’s Still So Young. Let us not forget that. There

    is so much more to come from him Musically. I think hes

    going to raise the bar to a whole new Level!

  95. noodles July 12, 2010

    @The Art Installation
    FAIL! You said that already. What did you say it a second time so you could get some attention are you that bored and un-loved? No disrespect but you look like a dumbass hater announcing that someone’s career is over when it is bouncing back. SMH find something productive to do. Yes we know he wasn’t the only one to write Forever the point was many artist don’t participate in the making of their music. And way to over use the CAPS lock lol. I see you’re seeking attention so now that one of the fans gave it to you are you done?


  96. DJ July 12, 2010

    OMG CHRIS .. YES YES YES HELL YESSSSS … BREEZY IS BACK .. Ur place is waitin for ya like a YEAR NOW… Its gonna happen sooner or later ….

  97. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 12, 2010


    WOW! That shiz was so damm funny. OMG

  98. Jas July 12, 2010

    Is it true that it was annouced today that Rihanna canceled the rest of her US tour?

  99. Tiff July 12, 2010

    @plain and simple

    I knowww! i watched like 3 times already! 😀

    @ jas spill the tea girl! I did not hear this one! wow…

  100. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 12, 2010

    @Tiff Thanks I needed a real good laugh

    @Jas Where did you hear that from? OMG

  101. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 12, 2010


    @Jas I mean where did you get that from? OMG

  102. Jas July 12, 2010

    @ Tiff

    Ima find the tea gurl and wen I do, it will be spilled!

    @Plain and simple

    I saw it on a few comment sections on different blogs. If the news is for real im sure it will be everywhere by monday.

    but if it IS true then all i can say is ; WOMP WOMP WOOOOMMMPP

  103. Rated x July 12, 2010

    Anybody whos on here talking about how Chris Brown is NOT talented, needs to sit their tone deaf a** down.
    if ur a** dont like chris brown because he f***** up last year sit ur a** down, cause boo unless chris kick ur mama, sister, aunt, cousin ass, ur a** shouldnt be commenting hows hes a monster..

    now, yes If i was him i would fired all my peoples for allowing me to released in album, while i f***** up..
    now people needs to move the fugg on, unless rihanna is paying for ur education, rent, car note ur ass need to take a chill pill and get out of her a**.

    now i only wish the best for chris, yes his a** should have gone away for a while till s*** die down, but hey thats life…people makes mistake, hes human, unless hes GOD, hes not perfect.

  104. яəCONSTʁUCT THA ⓘNdUSTRYy;; July 12, 2010

    VOTED The Top 30 MUST-SEE Touring Artists in the World right now
    30. Maroon 5
    29. Lady Gaga
    28. Rod Stewart
    27. Pink
    26. Enrique Iglesias
    25. Shakira
    24. Poison
    23. Usher
    22. Rascal Flatts
    21. Green Day
    20. KISS
    19. Kenny Rogers
    18. Gloria Estefan
    17. Taylor Swift
    16. Fleetwood Mac
    15. Carrie Underwood
    14. Elton John
    13. Britney Spears
    12. Bruce Springsteen
    11. Eagles
    10. The Rolling Stones
    9. Beyonce
    8. Madonna
    7. Aerosmith
    6. Sir Paul McCartney
    5. Bon Jovi
    4. Janet Jackson
    3. Celine Dion
    2. U2
    1. Tina Turner

  105. яəCONSTʁUCT THA ⓘNdUSTRYy;; July 12, 2010

    I believe someday Chris will make this list but he hasn’t done no way near enough touring to even be considered for this list

  106. Rated x July 12, 2010

    people are starting to turn around quickly.
    if r kelly can r*** and pee on a child, and get away with it, and people still worship the grown he walks on, why cant people forgive chris?

    hell we actually saw the damn tape, so nobody on here cant deny he r**** that young girl, but unless we was in the car that night with chris and pone the forehead, we cant sit here and judge him or her….he actually took all the blame, he never blamed anybody, and yet yall still on his ass..pone the forehead never tokk any responsibility for that night, and yet look how shes flopping, her album flopped, her tour flopped..i guess payback is a b**** huh..

  107. Rated x July 12, 2010

    r u telling me lady gaga whos a gimmick is actually on the top 10?
    but rihanna whos suppose to be a bad bish, killing all the other h***, with 27 million fans, is not even on the list at all?

    what the stans gonna say now?
    who else yall gonna blame for her flopping left and right?
    go chris !!!!!!!!!

  108. geronimo deuces July 12, 2010

    go chris go your a true entertainer

  109. bluekid July 12, 2010

    @ geronimo deuces

    ~waving hi~ 🙂

    Go Chris Brown! Go Chris Brown!

  110. geronimo deuces July 12, 2010

    waving bluekid, xyz is not coming today he said he is watching the finals

  111. bluekid July 12, 2010

    Spain won the FIFA World cup, I’m not sure who xyz was routing for??

  112. bluekid July 12, 2010

    For all you Rifund stands she is not nominated for an emmy, only the person who wrote the song and skit was nominated not Riho!

    The skit sees comedian Andy Samberg (Shy Ronnie), receive a nomination for ‘Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics’ at the 62nd Annual Emmy Awards. Only the song’s writers and producers receive the nomination. The winner will be announced August 29th.

  113. geronimo deuces July 12, 2010

    ^^^^ LMAO her stans thought she was winning that emmy…. too bad

  114. Bacqui July 12, 2010

    Turn da lights on!!

    Rico Love knows what he is talking about,Chris is a talented young man,he will go far in lyfe.I see a hitmaker in progress.My boy is doin great,he is da best!,so happy da haters are still hiding their faces in shame I wish they could boycott this website forever.

    And u,”The Art Installation” AKA “DumbOfficially” stop bullying Sam on twitter, I bet u’r da idiot responsible for creating ThatFlopjuice on twitter.Your addiction/love for TGJ just shows through yo hate,Moron!

    @Bionixx my Ghetto child!,, R****** sold millions of copies!??,so lets calculate

    3 mills * $1.99= $5 970 000

    Apparently u haters says Breezy sold 300k units!?,so lets calculate

    300k * $20.50= $6 150 000

    If I less all da debt Def Jam incurred for promoting Rated Flop we would c** to a negative balance.Considering how Breezy didnt promote Graffiti,,,In short R****** flopped not Chris Brown.

    Keep hating Suckerz while TEAMBREEZY is spreading da love!

  115. bluekid July 12, 2010

    @ Bacqui

    I need to correct you on one thing

    0.99 * 2 million = $ 1.980,000 Rihanna

    $14.00 * 300K = $4,200,000 Chris Brown

    Rihanna has not sold 3 million albums has of yet!

    And lets say if Rihanna had of sold 3 million she still would have been short 2 million of what Chris Brown made.

    If I’m wrong you can correct me!

    Any whooooooooooo you are pretty close, but you are a million short on Chris Brown money, girl that could get you shot 🙂

  116. Bacqui July 12, 2010


    Those lame figures were given to me by Rihfund stans during our everyday twitter fights,,, After my lil calculations they stopped following me,truth hurts right!

    I agree with yo calculations even though Breezy’s album is being sold @ $18.00 on average!

  117. bluekid July 12, 2010


    July 12, 2010 at 2:20 pm


    Those lame figures were given to me by Rihfund stans during our everyday twitter fights,,, After my lil calculations they stopped following me,truth hurts right!

    I agree with yo calculations even though Breezy’s album is being sold @ $18.00 on average!

    You’re right it matters not, because Chris Brown out sold Rihanna in money.

    Rifund fans are delusional and they are hoping people buy in to their stupidity. I got to get on that twitter, the real devils workshop!

  118. X,Y,”and Z” July 12, 2010

    @BlueKid/Blaque/Geronimo_Dueces —

    … And-to-add to-that: L.A. Reid is-in-some seriously hot-water for-his-squandering-of Def Jam’s Million$ by “crafting-and-backing that non-performing” ‘Rated – R’ …!!!

    So with-now-realized ‘Last Girl On Earth’ — poor ticket-sales; lackluster-CD retail-presence” and-no-more “CBreezy ‘hate-wave’ to ride,” just-how-will Rihanna/Def Jam “bring-any-attention-to” her very-next project?

    Rihanna, along with Jay Z AND Beyonce, didn’t-even-have ‘the common decency’ to attend this-last BET Award Prince/Tribute …!!! I wonder if that fact/realization “got past” most black folk … ??

    … Come-to-think ’bout-it, why hasn’t Jay Z/Kanye showed-up-at one of Rihanna’s concerts, ‘eh? … What …???? … They-scared-of ’empty-seats’ … ?

    I just visited, a mainstream Blog; the caption, NOT THE COMMENTS FROM BLOGGERS/COMMENTERS, are VERY critical of/on Rihanna, regarding Camp-Fenty’s “spin” on why she had to cancel her concert-tour dates! … Blue_Kid/Geronimo_dueces and-all-of ‘my-TeamBreezy Kin-Folk,’ I’m now-wondering, if Rihanna still thinks, that “Chris Brown-Swine Flu-Joke,” is-as-funny …?

    To-tell-the-truth, I-could-now care-less-about Rihanna — what she does/does-NOT-do! … Real-talk! All I care ’bout, is to “SEE” ‘Takers’ and have it produce “STRONG Box Office receipts” and OUR BOY on a “London/Manchester(UK) stage …!!!”

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT …!!

  119. noodles July 12, 2010

    Who creates a hate page for ThatGrapeJuice on Twitter? Stans are a mess. They create hate pages from everybody to Chris to a blogsite. Its kinda funny though I mean you love them that much that your Twitter account is all about them? Thats wonderful…spread the love lol! But seriously thats when you know you need help and you need a life. I saw ThatFlopJuice page on Twitter….smh…that is some lame s***. And how is ThatGrapeJuice a flop? The people who make s*** like that are flops lol. Godbless.

    And I’m waiting for Takers! I know that is gonna do well thats the movie everyone is waiting for this summer!

  120. bluekid July 12, 2010


    That’s real talk! I cosign! 🙂

  121. @яəCONSTʁUCT THA ⓘNdUSTRY July 12, 2010

    Who gives a Fu#K? If Chris is not on the list it’s just bullsh*t on PARADE!

    ***The must see list – if you want your money’s worth in entertainment:

    2. Prince
    4. Janet Jackson
    5. Madonna
    6. Chaka Khan
    7. Beyonce
    8. Alicia Keys
    9. Lady GaGa

  122. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 12, 2010

    @ Noodles

    Now that’s some funny shiz


    WOW!!!! that’s something

  123. MyWay July 12, 2010

    @RATED X,

    People are full of sh*t! Roman Polanski R**** & SODOMIZED a 13 yr old girl, was found guilty, left the United States before sentencing and has been “on the run” for 33 yrs. In that time he has released several movies including the 2010 the Ghost Writer (winning the movie of the yr @2010 Berlin Award Festival) and has won 6 Oscar’s AFTER THE FACT! BUT Chris Brown can’t have a career in music because he had 1 fight with a lunatic nit-wit WHO ATTACKED HIM FIRST? It is so funny how certain ppl can just get away with anything isn’t?

    Hit someone back = Banned from the music industry for LIFE.

    R*** & Sodomize a 13yr old girl = Receive nothing but love, respect, & a sh*t load of AWARDS WORLDWIDE!

    Life is an interesting journey isn’t it?

  124. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 12, 2010


    co-sign that

  125. bluekid July 12, 2010

    @ Mayway

    I totally agree!

  126. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 13, 2010


  127. noodles July 13, 2010

    OMG I was informed that TeamBreezy recently had a hate page on Twitter! ROTFLMFAO! We are famous B******….lol jk! That is funnier than a Chris hate page or a hate page about a blog. Seriously how you gonna make a hate page about the fans of someone? Its one thing to hate a celeb or something but we are just reugular people like anyone else….so hating Chris Brown when you don’t know him is lame but hating normal people is some dumb s*** lol. S*** like that is too funny! Sadly the page got reported….smh lol.

  128. Jonelle July 13, 2010

    Ha! “for her to butcher”! Lol anyways, off of her. Im glad Chris is continuing on with his songwriting. From what I can tell he’s doing great. I love Chris and I personally cannot wait until he puts out another album… and for those of you who THINK Breezy is trying to make a comeback… He never LEFT, y’all did. Just Saying. Love the positive article though (don’t see much of that anyomre).

  129. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 13, 2010


    That goes to show people how stupid and childish they are. This is something a child of 15-16 yrs old would do. lol I have a feeling who started this but don’t worry because their hate will do a Karma to their Idol.

  130. Better The Devil You Know July 13, 2010


    Who care if Rihanna worships the devil??? So what who cares its better she worship Satan then pretend to worship god like Chris brown.

    Jesus loves hearing Chris brown singing songs about him inventing head because he loves when people fornicate. Hypocrites

  131. iHeartMommaMonster July 14, 2010

    i cant wait for a new album, and trent im not a huge rihanna fan but for the sake of everyone and stans moving on i say stop bringing rihanna into chris’s stuff, and with the hate

    so yeah anyway like i said, cant wait for an album, chris is an amazing writer 🙂

  132. chrisstiaan88 July 14, 2010

    I F****** HATE UR BLOG u always mention Rihanna and that was in the past Rihanna has F****** TALENT u f****** h*** so leave her alone …….

  133. Jess July 26, 2010

    Poor little Chris, no one understands him. He just likes to beatup women and cry when people don’t buy his album. He is just a wanna be punk.

  134. beba19 March 22, 2011

    hey chris brown and u have a number too tell me ok boo…

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