Video: Alexandra Burke Performs ‘Start Without You’ Live

Published: Tuesday 13th Jul 2010 by Sam

As previously reported, Pop star Alexandra Burke rocked the stage at T4’s annual ‘T4 On The Beach’ extravaganza last week. The re-airing of the show this week came complete with previously unseen performances, including the live debut of Burke’s new single ‘Start Without You’ below…(a must-see)

Needless to say, Alex nailed it! So much so, that the song is growing on me that much more. As ever with Ms. Burke, she posses the ability to sell anything with her live performances! Love it!

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  1. Aaron July 13, 2010

    she is just amazing. i saw this live and it was great. cant wait to see her again in august !!!!!

  2. SoSoBaby July 13, 2010

    I absolutely love this girl! She is talented, she is gorjus….I just hope she sticks with the hair that she has now! The fringe does nothing for her! Great performance! She always knocks it out the park. I love the presenter…..’she has a lovely little pancreas!’ loooooool x

  3. Maryanne July 13, 2010

    Fantastic performance,

  4. ADE July 13, 2010

    Very decent performance. Song really isn’t saying much though, it’s really not good 🙁

  5. Kyus93 July 13, 2010

    She was amazing!!!!! I was there

  6. Zee July 13, 2010

    She really does think she’s the best, doesn’t she?
    hmmm.. it’s her attitude which most people don’t get. Dare I go as far as to say… she’s fake.

  7. Marco July 13, 2010

    Get a life Zee just becase she is confident and outgoing God forbid if a black women has pride and confidence.Alex was as per usual one of the best of the day.She gets better and better.

  8. scotty July 13, 2010

    i love me some alex and i like this song but this performance isnt gonna help those beyonce comparisons

  9. MIA July 13, 2010

    she’s barely singin.the backing track is playing through the whole thing. b**** kept huffing and sighing.LMAO. what a fail of a person, song, performance. someone put her out of her misery plz. Sam,anyone you support is a certified FLOP. i can’t lololololol

  10. Sam July 13, 2010

    Zee just because she is bubbly and outgoing doesn’t mean she’s big headed do people want her to be miserable ffs…..and scotty I don’t even get why people compare her with beyonce just because they both song and dance that’s silly…..anyway going back to the performance it was reall good and I kinda like the song hope it goes to number 1

  11. Sam July 13, 2010

    MIA just stfu it’s only the chorus she is not singing sometimes it hurts you because that was a faultless performance everyone does it including beyonce, usher rihanna…. NEXT

  12. spread the love July 13, 2010

    I love ‘Sam’ from that grape juice.. as most of the time i agree with what is written!! shes rocked that stage! phenominal diva!

  13. Sally July 13, 2010

    Mia is Toya who is a sad obsessed lunatic.Leave Alex alone you certified freak if you hate Alex stop stalking her online like a fool.Put down the chicken wings and start working that treadmill Mia.

  14. Dev July 13, 2010

    MIA actually sounds like uncle ruckus….

  15. Tyrone July 13, 2010

    Mia actually sounds like a self hating, colour struck c*** oh yes Uncle Ruckus.
    Alex always brings it and she looks hot, I hope this is a another hit for her.

  16. Dave July 13, 2010

    Alex always brings it. Her performances always be on point! The choreo was kind of tired & repetitive here thou

  17. alexstan July 13, 2010

    She rocks everytime if you dont like her dont come onto a page to comment. I so hope this isnt her US debut song though UNLESS the rapper on it blows up in the US then it will be good publicity otherwise she needs better material or a song with jay z or beyonce or som1 mega huge

  18. TheBaddestBitch July 13, 2010

    Alexandra is the real deal!!!

    Amazing Talent!

  19. Tha Phoenix July 13, 2010

    LOVE how Alex just slays every performance.


  20. EXPOSED July 13, 2010


  21. MIA July 13, 2010

    talent?. what talent? LMAO she can barely sing. she has NO range, a vile, man soundin tone. she’s unattractive, fat, can’t dance tryna copy Bee with this failure of a performance.she’s been reduced to advertising deoderant.her career is on its death bed. flopping in every single country so far. poor ugly baby someone needs to put her out her misery

  22. kurtisleofwight July 13, 2010

    to be honest i think alex stuff is too commerical for my liking, it dosn’t really seem inspired…its good she’s fearless with the dancing, and even though this song is a lyrical mess, the beat is quite fun and summery and we need a happy tune for the summer and this could be it

  23. TheBaddestBitch July 13, 2010

    @ MIA

    Gurl…you must hating yourself so much to hate on somebody like that….GET A LIFE

  24. Tha Phoenix July 13, 2010




  25. rob July 13, 2010

    ive realised that Alex always wanted to be a POPSTAR as much as i want her to be more , but she really put in work and has made me like her pop music

  26. Sara July 13, 2010

    Alex is really coming along so well with her live performances-loved it.Dont mind Mia she is just crazy or they closed the only KFC in her area.Yes Mia the more hate you keep giving Alex on every site the better she does-loser.

  27. kiki July 13, 2010

    She is the best! She is amazing! Her voice is unbelievable! She will go far and I wish her the best. Start Without You will be her next no. 1 single!

  28. Huss July 14, 2010

    Why bother answering back any hater??? Alexandra’s talent and success speaks for it self!! shes only been in the music scene for less then 2 years and shes achieved high amount of success & the future is bright for her!! time will tell…
    I loved the performance it was superb! as per usual…

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