Ne-Yo: “I Guess Because I Haven’t Shot Anyone, I’m Gay”

Published: Sunday 1st Aug 2010 by Sam

R&B star Ne-Yo has been rather vocal as of late about the rumours surrounding his sexuality. The hit-maker, whose new single ‘Beautiful Liar’ is out now, recently spoke with Fox All Access about the matter. Check out what he say after the jump…


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  1. C August 1, 2010

    WHY does he insist on always defending his sexuality? does he WANT people to think he really is gay?

    A real straight man would deny it once and blow it off, a REAL straight man is confident in his sexuality and doesnt like s*** like that bother him.

  2. Gary August 1, 2010

    *Beautiful MONSTER

  3. BeyonSLAY August 1, 2010

    I thought he’s recently been dating a female celeb or am I dreaming?

    I’ve NEVER heard about these rumours before!

  4. BeyonSLAY August 1, 2010

    .. and he is sooo right.

    Black male singer= GAY.

    occurs to every singer. He’s speaking the truth.


  5. EXPOSED August 1, 2010



  6. August 1, 2010

    Frederik Ljungberg …swedish soccer player and famous Calvim Klein model said that it is a compliment that people say he is gay….gay people are really nice and creative people. he knows some really great people who are gay, so its not a problem for him to deal with this problems…why is everyone and Ne-Yo reacting like being gay is a bad illness?!

  7. FreshUrbanEnt August 1, 2010



  8. PLAIN AND SIMPLE August 1, 2010

    Ne-yo just who are you trying to convience your fans or yourself? So what if your gay deal with it and stop lying to the public. Everytime I see Ne-yo picture I think about what someone said about the guy Ne-yo is dating in Toyko.

  9. um August 1, 2010

    um… why does he keep talking about makes him seem a suspicious

  10. truthfully August 1, 2010

    wtf…every interview…im not gay, im not gay…Ne-yo if U stopped talking about being gay then people wudnt say U are gay….No one cares if ur gay or not…guess if his not talking about chris brown he has too talk about his sexuallity to GET ATTENTION.

  11. GangsterA August 1, 2010


  12. Julien August 1, 2010

    Don’t blame the media. Blame the celebs who lie about their sexuality. Latifah does it alot too. Claiming that folks are tryna make her gay. Sweetie, you ARE gay!

  13. Bumbaclot August 1, 2010

    Nobody cares. Gay or not gay that Beautiful Monster track sucks.
    Go back to your old style of writing please.
    So sick , Closer, Mad…bring THAT Neyo back whatever his sexuality was.

  14. Tiff August 1, 2010

    he is gay but what’s wrong with that? Embrace it one would be surprised!


  15. Badd August 1, 2010

    No Neyo.
    You just take really questionable pictures.

  16. Erm… August 1, 2010

    Sorry but i think he is Bi, the only reason why is beacuse he is making such a big deal out of it, he wasn’t so bothered before until Perez kinda outed him when he first debuted Beautiful Monster and asked “Is Ne – Yo Gay?” . it was a few months after that suddenly Ne – Yo announces that he is going to be a father and the mother happens to be one of the most well known industry hoochies!

    Hello, set up much!

    I heard years ago from an ex member of the UK’s Big Brother that she slept with him and he said he was Bi and wanted her to do mostly a***!

    I think regardless of whether its true or not he has now opened pandoras box and now everyone really is questioning his sexuality, whatever label head got scared of the rumours and asked him to keep talking about it has not done him any favors, there has been gay rumours about Puffy, Will Smith, Johnny Gill, Usher, the list goes on, just pay no attention to it and carry on making music, it don’t matter till you make it matter!

  17. fudgepacker August 1, 2010

    I’m sure gays have shot people.

  18. only1kene August 1, 2010


  19. UGh August 1, 2010

    No Ne-Yo it’s because you’re simply gay!

  20. Curtis August 1, 2010

    He IS gay, I’m sick of him lying. No one will care.

    It’s so obvious too. And he leaked a picture of himself getting head he even looked gay taking that picture.

  21. C August 1, 2010

    Ne-Yo def likes men, its has nothing to do with the all black male singers are gay (which a lottttt of artistically talented people are gay or bi) thing, their is no way in hell that he is Heterosexual…Straight people just don’t know how many gay/bi people their actually are, a lot people are super closeted, which if thats what they want to do its fine, and if Ne-Yo doesn’t feel comfortable disclosing his sexuality ( yet ) then let him live his life how he sees fit, it is his life.

  22. X,Y,”and Z” August 1, 2010

    Neyo, ‘The Dream’ and Tyson Beckford … ALL Gay black men who have, “as beards”, children. … See, I’m NOT gay, I got a woman pregnant …!!”

    Well Neyo, you just couldn’t keep your mouth shut, now could you? …. Noooooo …!! And what made matters worse, and why I “spoke-on-it”(?): your statements on ‘Feb 8th-09 Chrianna’ and just-recently, you ambiguous answer when asked ’bout CBreezy’s recent BET MJ Tribute!
    … Y’all don’t hear Maxwell talking any-s***, now do y’all …?? He just keeps making music, and if he doesn’t want to ‘talk ’bout stuff,’ he won’t!!

    Neyo — Your interior designer used the wrong shade of “mauve” in your study – GET MAD!
    Neyo — Someone scratched one of your Diana Ross vinyl albums – GET MAD!
    Neyo — They’ll start to penalize anyone who “piles-on” in Football – GET MAD!
    Neyo — Why aren’t they making Rugby a National Pastime here in the U.S. – GET MAD!
    Neyo — Dentist insists on novocaine, Neyo wants Amyl nitrite – STAY MAD!
    Neyo — Why won’t they leave Tyler Perry alone? – That Aaron McGruder is an bad man – GET MAD!
    Neyo — “Who, ‘up-on TGJ’ saying Janet ain’t-no-‘Legend’? … Janet’s a legend, dammit!
    … I don’t care what ANYONE says …!!!” 0 _ o

  23. AJL August 1, 2010

    Who gives a s***…its nobody’s business…the only reason anyone needs to know if someone is gay or not is if they’re with them! He makes music, and thats all we should care about!

  24. bluekid August 1, 2010

    X, Y, and Z

    Said it all for me! That was Good!

    Neyo, your record is not selling not only because you gay, but you are ugly too!
    So next time when you speak out on Breezy remember you ain’t s*** and not the one to be talking punk.

    Ugly fudge packing negro!

  25. bluekid August 1, 2010

    Neyo wants to come out the closet, he wants to know how people feel about him might being gay!

    The truth is nobody cares punk, just come out with your ugly fudge packing a** and I don’t feel that away about all gays just you and last boy on earth homo a**.

    Neyo face look like his b***!

  26. X,Y,”and Z” August 1, 2010

    @AJL — You’re absolutely 100%-correct! … It’s no-one else’s business BUT Neyo AND GOD!! Then-there-again, they’re those “little issues”; such as — the “Old Testament AND Eternal Damnation!” But don’t let THAT get-in-the-way-of morality, ethics, sin and YOUR-place, in-the ‘eternal after-life …!!’

    … Long-story short(?), you DON’T get to “make-it-up, as you go-along!”

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT …!!

  27. bluekid August 1, 2010

    Neyo, it’s hard to hide being gay when you flaming! Stop flaming and going around talking about it and maybe it want be so noticeable.

    Nothing your lips say’s it all, those are diffidently dik sucking lips!

  28. X,Y,”and Z” August 1, 2010

    @Blue_Kid — What’s up my-sis’ from “the ‘Team-Breezy’ family” …??

  29. X,Y,”and Z” August 1, 2010

    Wow, now did I see Lady Gaga ’bout to gross $200-million …?? …See y’all over in THAT post!

  30. The AlexanderTG August 1, 2010

    Why is it that in order to sell records a guy has to say he’s straight even if he isn’t, but a girl has to say she’s bi? Maybe its all tied up with some of those weird fantasies guys have – I mean why do straight guys think girls doing stuff together is hot?
    Anyway I couldn’t really care less if he’s gay, bi or straight – he just needs to bring out some ‘good’ music.

  31. bluekid August 1, 2010

    X, Y, and Z

    I’m doing great, I see ya over there in that post.

  32. Darren August 1, 2010

    Wow I haven’t ever seen so many good comments under one post on this site before.

  33. JAZ0195 August 1, 2010

    If he is gay hopefully he learns to except himself one day

    I’m not gay but I have gay female friends and support them 100%.

    There is nothing wrong wth being gay

  34. ~TeAM WeeZY~ August 1, 2010

    Neyo, STOP PLEASE, just STOP!

  35. Luv-Lee August 1, 2010

    I really wish this rumor would go away too. Its stupid that such a talented man such as Ne-You is not given the credit he deserves because his GENIOUS is overshadowed by this stupid rumor. Even Michael Jackson talked about Ne-Yo’s talent more than he talked about Chris Brown, Usher Or Justin Timberlake!!

    It just kinda shows the Black man’s mentality of today. If you are Black and you are not a thug huslin on the streets of East New York (Brooklyn) then you must be gay. Black people’s mentality is stunted in the sense that you must fit a certain image or else something is wrong with you.

    Before it was the in thing to call somebody gay, the thing to do was to say that the person wanted to be White, or they were an Uncle Tom or a herb (as we used to say back in the day). Until we as Black people LET GO of this immature “thug mentality” then we are always going to be moving backwards. Everything that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr fought for would be for nothing.

    Me personally, I think thugs are so out of style. That was the 90’s. When REAL hip-hop was in and was dominated by New York. Thugin was the in thing THEN. But that’s when everybody in the game was alot younger. Now everybody is all grown up and on their GROWN MAN ISH. Alot of people still d*** ride Jay-Z, so listen to his song “30 Something”. (And for those of you who forgot, Jay-Z is the one who gave Ne-Yo his big break)

    The dumb-asses who started this stupid gay rumor (and keep the rumor going) are obviously very young. So go listen to that song “30 Something” and actually LISTEN TO THE LYRICS. Learn something! Thats something that alot of young people don’t do today . That’s why Lil’ Wayne is so big because if you actually listen to what the hell he saying, you would see he is NOT a lyricist. Lil Wayne opened the door for people like Soulja Boy. I could go on and on about how young Black people of today got it ALL WRONG!!!

  36. Luv-Lee August 1, 2010

    (not Ne-You)

  37. L.L August 1, 2010

    why is neyo soo worried about the rumors?, if u keep bein’ worried about it, then is there somethin’ u wanna tell us neyo?, I personally neva thought that neyo was gay in the 1st place, but i guess neyo cares about what people think, he shoulda just denied it and moved on who cares, people will always say something, no matter what, seriously neyo why do u care?

  38. Keesha August 1, 2010

    August 1, 2010 at 1:22 pm
    No Neyo.
    You just take really questionable pictures
    Yeah, he does, but that shouldn’t matter. I agree with the person who said that we should focus on whether or not the person makes good music, not their sexuality. BUT, Ne-Yo IS the one who keeps talking about the gay rumors. It always seems like he gets defensive when people bring that up and he always responds to it. He should just STOP. It makes him seem suspicious.

  39. PLAIN AND SIMPLE August 1, 2010

    Don’t worry Ne-yo gayz has a little sugar in his tank also. No telling what you had to do to get your big break.

  40. UmYa August 1, 2010

    Just shut up.
    He’s so damn defensive on this subject it’s so damn annoying.

  41. A August 1, 2010

    He’s getting ready to come out…watch!

  42. mishka August 1, 2010

    Dear Ne-Yo,

    if Prince has shot rumors about his sexuality, so can you. Just stop talking about it or defending yourself and you’ll be just fine.

  43. S*** August 1, 2010

    Hes obviously confused… Does he not see a Gay man looks in the mirror??

    He might not be Gay/Bi but hes sure going out of his way to prove it… HMMM.

  44. BENJAMIN August 1, 2010

    I’m gonna have to disagree with 85% of you all and take his side. This is what the industry has come to, instead of enjoying the artistry of a musician, we gotta talk about everything else but that. 20 Years ago in music, this wouldn’t be the case, but because we now live in a world where people are so obsessed with sexual curiosity, unless you do get shot and talk hard, show your 6-pack on stage, or talk about what you can do in the bedroom, you swing? People said the same about Alicia, and now look. Forget the scumbags Neyo, just do you.

  45. bluekid August 1, 2010

    Alicia Keys may had experimented with gay thoughts and going on, and she may be bi, she never came out and said one way or another because it is none of our business.

    Neyo is gay! I notice all the gay men voice their opinion on Chris Brown and not one straight man said nothing. Name one straight man that came out and said something who is not questionable.

    Russell Simmons did not come out and say s*** and Rihanna is on his lebel!

    LA Reid did not come out and say s*** and he over Rihanna at Def Jem

    Mark did not come out and say s*** and he is Rihanna manager, he went to Italy after Chrianna and got married and hasn’t said a peep!

    All gay punks screamed out why? Gay men always get their a** kicked by their gay lovers, “always”!

  46. True Blue August 1, 2010

    @ BlueKid:


    Anyway, I could care less what his sexual orientation is, all I care about is the music… what people do in their personal lives is none of my or anyone else’s business. Although wtf is up with the headline? I expected a detailed post talking about it, but nothing. What the hell, Sam?

  47. jmoore August 1, 2010

    Why is he so stuck on proclaiming his sexuality? Neyo lets keep it real nobody is expecting you to shoot someone. the reason for the gay rumors…u act very Fem..U make yourself look so guilty

  48. bluekid August 2, 2010

    Even if he did shoot some one Neyo would be a gay man who shot some one, shooting people want make you not gay.

  49. nic August 2, 2010

    the n**** gay.

  50. wateva August 2, 2010

    ne-yo, ne-yo ne-yo.. suga.. i don’t believe you.. you need more people.. and if TYRA SANCHEZ from RUPAULS DRAG RACE can have a kid, your power-bottom ass can, too.. and I like gay people.. love em! i have no problem with it, so just stop.. u remind me of a person who farted and smelled it first, then accused everyone else of farting to put the attention off you..but the first one smelt it, dealt it. so ne-yo girl for the love of all that is holy, be more lady-like and leave the subject ALONE!

  51. Maxi August 2, 2010

    No one cares if he’s gay or not,just make good music,people that wud like u wud still like u whether ur gay or not…its better to be hated for who u are than to be loved for who u are not..Neyo giv us some good music…

  52. X,Y,”and Z” August 2, 2010

    Neyo is sooooo far-removed from the culture! Didn’t this dude ever watch “The Wire?”

    Neyo, ‘The Dream and Tyler Perry should just … come-storming OUT of-the-closet (Theme- music in-accompaniment — “I-am-woman, here me roar ….”)!

    X,Y,”and Z” – OUT ….!!!

  53. Sollai August 3, 2010

    why do yall care? get a life!

  54. Hookerboots August 4, 2010

    The constant astro-glide on your lips convinced me loooong time ago….(and scene)

  55. Kellz September 3, 2010

    No, not shooting someone doesnt make you gay. What makes you gay is being attracted to the same s**. So what makes YOU homosexual, is that YOU are attracted to the same s**. Now that I have clarified for you, hopefully you will realise and come out of the closet.

  56. !brianna February 10, 2011

    u gay thats really gosip and nasty nobody wouldnt have realize that a man with a beautiful voice is gay thats shocking!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

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