From The Vault: Seal – ‘Kiss From A Rose’

Published: Sunday 1st Aug 2010 by Trent

This week’s From The Vault selection comes from none other than Seal. ‘Kiss From A Rose’ was originally released in 1994 but is probably best known for being the 2nd single from the ‘Batman Forever’ soundtrack. The song was a global phenomenon and won 3 Grammy Awards including the coveted ‘Song of the Year’ and ‘Record of the Year’ trophies.

This song is a musical masterpiece. That is all.


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  1. malyeh August 1, 2010

    Incredible song ! and Seal’s voice is beautiful !

  2. Mikey August 1, 2010

    I love this song. It has always been a favorite a mines. Seal confirmed in an interview the lyrics were a reference to cocaine…

    the song is about MUTUAL cocaine addiction… “When it snows”, “my eyes become large”, “Love is the high, not the pill” and “kissed by the rose on the grey”. It’s about being addicted to either cocaine or heroin (I hear it’s the former). You’re a “greying tower” from that addiction, but you fall in love with someone who shares your addiction, which makes her become the “light on the darkside of me”. This “light” is actually the singer’s “epiphany” — his new love causes him to re-evaluate his desire for cocaine since he wants to know if her love with him is based on sharing cocaine or if the love is real. That strong statement of what HE believes is said when he sings “love is the high, not the pill”. He’s literally asking her: “Is our love based on each other, or is it based on doing cocaine together?” So his concern is this “rose” (The “rose” is a symbol for true love) so — is her kiss based on “love”, or is it based on getting more coke? “A kiss from a rose on the grey”.


  3. Mikey August 1, 2010


    The only other way to interpret it is that “when it snows” his “eyes become large” because he’s looking into his love’s “purity”, so he’s searching for that purity/angelic/virginity. But that’s a stretch for this song because there’s no other lyrics to support that position. Most of the lyrics point to a question about love between two people who are addicted to cocaine. Also, “baby to me you’re like a growing addiction that i cant deny, wont you tell me is that healthy baby?” He’s clearly asking her to answer whether his addiction is to her, or the coke. He won’t “deny her love”, but he truly wants her to tell him that their cocaine usage is “unhealthy”. That’s about as obvious as it gets. Some people try to say he’s asking if his love for her is “unhealthy”, but the other ambiguous romantic verses deny that. In this verse, but it’s stated she’s a “growing addiction” and he wants her to tell him what he’s feeling is healthy, or if their cocaine use is healthy.

  4. UGh August 1, 2010

    ‘Kiss From A Rose’ was originally released in 1994 but is probably best known for being the 2nd single from the ‘Batman Forever’ soundtrack

    Um, i’ll have to disagree with this. It was a very popular song before the batman movie. Only the younger people won’t know that.
    This is not even the original video. Shame on you Trent. You guys are usually on point. Post the original video.

  5. Mikey August 1, 2010

    @UGH, actually there not wrong. While the song was released in 1994 off of his 2nd album it DIDN’T CHART IN THE US and peaked at number 20 in the UK. After it was released from the Batman soundtrack it exploded to #1 HOT 100. The movie made it immensely popular, accessible and successful, so yes….it IS “probably best known for being the 2nd single from the ‘Batman Forever’ soundtrack” especially in the US.

  6. ~TeAM WeeZY~ August 1, 2010


  7. X,Y,”and Z” August 1, 2010

    @Trent — GREAT SONG!!! I have it, in my car/ipod/laptop, up-on the web; and STILL play it – LOUD … !!!!!!

    @Mickey — … That was a VERY-serious analysis …!! I just found an back-in-the-day song by a English group ‘The Stranglers: Golden Brown’ – it was, as the lead singer has since said, ’bout his “two-true loves: Heroin and S** …!!” When I read that(?), I had to pick my mouth-up, from the floor! Here’s the link:

    Oh, and I ALSO found THIS: Joanna Wang – ‘True’, which was first done, also, by a ‘back-in-the-day by an English group’ called ‘Spandau Ballet’. I mean, she really REDID the ENTIRE song:

    Mickey – “With a thril in my head, and a pill on my tongue” <<– For REAL?!

  8. X,Y,”and Z” August 1, 2010

    @Trent —

    But you gotta admit, the ALL TIME BEST, if you were ONLY grated one-song to take with you? ..The Crusaders – ‘Street Life’ <<– The BEST ALL TIME ..!! If you ever had to live on/off the streets(?), each and every word/sentence/paragraph/phrase "rings-true" and paints a most-vivid picture …!!

    @Team_Weezy/Blue_Kid (and my TeamBreezy Kin-folk) from me-to-you — The Crusaders featuring Randy Crawford – 'Street Life' : <<– ENJOY ..!!!

  9. Paul August 1, 2010

    Beautiful song. What a masterpiece…

  10. Caitlin August 2, 2010

    ‘Kiss from a Rose’ is one of the best songs.

  11. phillygirl August 2, 2010

    WOW! who would have known..I remember when I first heard the song …about cocaine huh!. I should pay more attention to the lyrics…thanks for the breakdown

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