Hot Shots: Janet & Wissam (New Man) At Cavalli Show

Published: Thursday 30th Sep 2010 by Sam

Superstar Janet Jackson was spotted looking very much an item with billionaire boyfriend Wissam Al Mana at Roberto Cavalli‘s 40th Anniversary in Fashion bash in Paris last night.

Jackson, 44, has been dating the Qatar-based businessman since December.

They look happy together.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Diagnosticluv September 30, 2010

    Janet get back with JD. He love u. This is just a fling and want last like the other relationships.

  2. Rebecca September 30, 2010

    Gosh, Janet Jackson is so beautiful. I am so happy for her and I hope this relationship lasts

  3. Sarah September 30, 2010

    Move fast much? She just got out of a long 7 year relationship with Jermaine Dupri. Sheesh. I don’t care how much money dude has. Just like Janet’s previous relationships, this one won’t last, either.

  4. Sarah September 30, 2010

    And I just don’t understand why her, and JD couldn’t work things out. He was the only guy that seemed to truly care about her, and not only because she’s Janet.

  5. Lioness September 30, 2010

    Janet is grown…do u girl! He is a cutie too. 🙂

  6. royalkev September 30, 2010

    Janet looks good, I really do miss the hair though. I hope their happy and it’s authentic. As long as Janet is wearing a smile, I have no complaints!

  7. idrag4mj September 30, 2010

    miss jackson!! make sure you marry this dude have some kids with him and get half of his money!!!! bad bish………love you jan need new music though!!!!

    checkout the hottest blog around with over 1 million hits and counting

  8. DanielATL September 30, 2010

    She doing a muslim? then she deserves to have no career. S***.

  9. B September 30, 2010

    Beauty is her name!!!!!

  10. stan September 30, 2010


    wtf does being a muslim have to do with anything? ignorant troll.

  11. HMMM….. September 30, 2010

    Well hot damn billionair boytoy HMMM…..get it Ms. Jackson!

  12. Renae September 30, 2010

    Janet hasn’t dated a cute guy since her 2 marriages when she was younger.

  13. ~Team Weezy~ September 30, 2010

    She looks cute! It’s good to see her happy!

  14. BEEYONCED September 30, 2010

    Janet has THE worst choice in men ever. So now a muslim?!?!??? Great!!!
    She wanna be off wearing a Burka soon, get her ass whipped on a constant and share this ugly beard face in a harem . Puuulease.
    JD wasn’t the hottest, but he’s somewhat an OK guy. This …I fukkin’ hate this. This is the lowest ever in her dating game.

  15. MissMe September 30, 2010

    Its nice to see Janet looking so Happy..and her new guy is cute..Go Janet!

  16. Heaven September 30, 2010

    An Adult relationship…period.

  17. lisa September 30, 2010


  18. bips September 30, 2010

    @beyyonced and danielatl
    ignorant trolls what the hell being a muslim have to do with cussing asses!!!wait so because u r black (and i am) your man will cuss your black ass and act gansta since in the u.s a lot of wh people r used to classifed black people as ignorants gansta or men who ‘r used to go in and out of jail non stop??????!!!!b****** i know that ignorance is a bliss but this is to much!!!!!!
    give us a break and go back under the rock where u used to live this man can buy u and your families morons!!!!

  19. chile please! September 30, 2010

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES Janet!! I live for her! She betta work! SB……WTF is he trying to hide his face for??? He ain’t not Celeb. Boy Bye!

  20. Leslie September 30, 2010

    Janet looks flawless, i am happy for her.

  21. 4orBidden Entertainment September 30, 2010

    Janet! You know I love you. Make it work with JD. This guy is just a fling.

  22. Keesha September 30, 2010

    LOVE JJ! I hope that she is happy in this relationship. She looks happy.

  23. stay pressed September 30, 2010

    loving the trolls hating on an arab/muslim. ignorant morons. if she was dating a black guy i guess i could say things like “she’s dating an ape” “he’s def on the d/l” “he’s def been to prison” “he’s def got at least 4 different baby mamas” “i bet his father deserted him and his mother at a young age” “he’s def got a bad temper” ” and I could go on with the stereotypes forever. so basically STFU cuz u ain’t s***. igronrant fools.

  24. Jasmine September 30, 2010

    Ugggh I’m glad she left JD. I don’t understand why some of the people on here would want her to go back to JD. JD cheated on Ms. Janet and got a stripper pregnant while he was with Janet. Plus JD is broke and oh so ugly. This guy is new and even if it does not work out the best way to get over an old relationship is to move on and start going on dates again. So whoever she goes out with I am happy if she is happy with them.

  25. Sarah September 30, 2010

    ^^^^False. Absolutely false. Stop spreading b*******. It was said that JD, and Janet split because of mixing business with pleasure which sounds very likely to be true. As far as I know, JD treated Janet very good, and if he didn’t, their relationship wouldn’t have lasted 7 years.

    Also, she “seems” happy in every relationship and if she truly was happy then I would think that she would be able to keep a man for a change.

    Janet is like J.Lo. She’s one of those women that can’t be alone for a while, and has to jump right back into a relationship. loneliness I suppose.

  26. Ch… September 30, 2010


    Take your troll loving ass elsewhere! Janet is over that troll! CASE CLOSED. She’s more free and happy with this guy. STAY MAD!

  27. Ch… September 30, 2010

    and TrollD really cared about Janet he wouldn’t have cheated. He wouldn’t have tried to intervene in her own career. What a mess! He was fixated on Janet the glamorous superstar.


    STFU! JD cheated on Janet. He had many jump-offs when they were together. They didn’t split due to mixed business, dumbass! They worked together even after the break-up on her song “Nothing” which was released earlier this year. JD didn’t treat Janet all that good. All he did was boost her ego. He cheated on her. So what if their relationship lasted 7 years? Her relationship before JD lasted 13 f****** years. Stop talking like you know Janet personally and STFU.

    and don’t compare Janet and J. Lo’s relationship PUHLESE! J. Lo just frog hops to whatever guy that has the most attention. She does it for publicity. Janet’s whole life time she’s only been with 4 guys. Stop acting like she’s been with 10 or more. This relationship is on 10 months so you might as well keep it moving. Janet isn’t naive or clingy.

  28. Ch… September 30, 2010

    and I’m soooooo glad Janet kicked that disgusting midget to the curb! 🙂

    She feels more free and happy now.

  29. theman1 September 30, 2010

    What a beautiful , classy,elegant woman. She’s just very radiant.

  30. Awww September 30, 2010

    This woman is just… I have no words. Gorgeous, beautiful, perfect, flawless, etc. etc.

    Loveeee her!!!

    and I’m so happy to see her enjoying herself and freedom with Wissam. Love you, Jan! Enjoy love and life!

  31. True Diva September 30, 2010

    Janet gotta nice looking man! & he’s rich too! U hit the jack pot Janet with this 1!!!! lol

  32. TWITTER.COM/SEAN_THEPROBLEM September 30, 2010




  33. GangsterA September 30, 2010

    shes so pretty love her

  34. Wake Up Six September 30, 2010

    They sure do wear a lot of BLACK….Looks Great though!

  35. Mariah4Life September 30, 2010

    Janet looks like a d*** with that hairstyle.

  36. SageLinear September 30, 2010

    Ms. Janet should date a vocal teacher cause she cant sing at all. Acts like her are what “auto tune” is all about.

  37. UGh September 30, 2010

    f****** love her. Glad she ditched that gremlin that is Jermaine Dupri. Yuck!!

  38. Chris October 1, 2010

    The Queen sty looking good. She n her zillionare boyfriend, looking like her 2nd hubby..







  40. getalife March 3, 2011


    Comment on real things and the real world are you still telling
    Your children them troll stories to make them deluded and delusional
    Just like a muslim religion does,face the facts I don’t aprreciate people
    Knocking on my door to tell me about there religion but they do its also trespassing did
    You know that but I don’t terrorise them on trains when they coming home from school
    The people who do do bad have been practicing their arts for years
    Oh yes know its coming back on them and the heavens are going to open up and chuck them
    In a room way below the groung I don’t follow any named religion but be afraid very afraid

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