Nicki Minaj Dismisses Diddy As Her Manager?

Published: Monday 18th Oct 2010 by Trent

Nicki Minaj has fired Diddy from his position as her manager. The rapper reportedly broke the news in a press release today, stating that the media mogul did not give her the “guidance [that a] manager is supposed to give his client”, hence his dismissal and replacement with star-maker Benny Medina. Peep all the details below:

Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Motown breakout superstar NICKI MINAJ has decided to dismiss rap mogul, Sean “P diddy Combs” as her music manager and has recently signed a new deal with MEGA MANAGER, BENNY MEDINA, whose current and past clients include Multi Grammy Award winning recording artist, MARIAH CAREY, GWEN STEFANI, BRANDY, AND MORE.

Nicki’s Statement:

“By now, everyone should now that I am really strict when it comes to my representation. I had sympathy for Sean however I feel as if I haven’t gotten the guidance the manager is supposed to give his client. Personally, I feel like I’m being managed by mother. Even if you play the smallest role on my team, I wish to see progress. I’d like to thank him for everything he has done for me; for taking me under his wing. I wish him the best with repping Rick [Ross]. But now that my album is about to drop, its time to get serious and stop playing games. If I could turn back time…I wouldn’t have made the decision to let Troy go.” {Source}

As though we didn’t see this coming. Luckily, Minaj got rid of Diddy before he got the opportunity to ruin her career like he did those of Danity Kane, Day26 and countless others.

Although Medina is no longer regarded as the industry powerhouse he was 5 years ago, he certainly knows how to take artists to new places in their career. After all, he was the mastermind behind the Mariah Carey’s massive promotional ‘The Emancipation of Mimi’ campaign.

Still, I think it’s fitting to have a moment of silence for those acts that have suffered from Diddy’s mismanagement. Gone but no forgotten.

Update: Minaj took to Twitter to deny that she is currently working with Medina. However, she has yet to discuss her current business relationship with Diddy or her management.


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  1. jeremydante October 18, 2010

    hahahaahah i love you trent!! always repping mariah.
    benny medina means business. nicki is setting herself up for victory real nice.

  2. Jazybelle October 18, 2010


  3. VLB October 18, 2010

    Well Done Nicki, Idnt know why she signed with diddy in the first place his managment skills are not what they were in the 90’s

  4. stan October 18, 2010

    good news

  5. Heaven October 18, 2010

    wow…J LO affiliation too, right? hahaha

  6. carl October 18, 2010

    Yassssssssss queen Nicki!!!!

  7. GangsterA October 18, 2010

    great news diddy sux ass aint s*** good for nicki i wonder how she told him like did he gave her a dumb idea and she side eyed him and told him that hes dismissed i know diddy i wont be shocked if he did it

  8. Shay October 18, 2010

    Good for her!!!

  9. Ova It October 18, 2010

    Ok it Doesn’t surprise us that she’s making this move.. ONIKA should have known she couldn’t allow the lead hype-man of (Dusty WIC Vouchers) to be her manager. Really Onika? Where is Dudleys current album (Last Greyhound to Paris,Tx)?? Pushed back. But I’m glad your making this GREAT decision now be4 you end up like Faith, 112, Total, DanityKane and countless other ppl!!!

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  10. SoPRETTEE1908 October 18, 2010

    well i hope her new manager helps with her stage presence by getting a vocal coach, a dance instructor, and tell her to sit down with this barbie debauchery.

  11. Lioness October 18, 2010

    smart surprised she had a contract that she could get out of!

  12. LivingGood October 18, 2010

    Diddy’s not going to be happy about this press release , & that’s good for him ! He threw Lil Kim under the bus for Nicki & now she’s up and left him . SIdenote , how many times is Nicki going to change manager’s before he debut album even comes out ! She’s setting herself up for a sophomore slump because I don’t see how this image is going to work the second time around !

  13. AuntieJackie October 18, 2010


  14. RICAN_STAR October 18, 2010

    who wants to have diddy hes mad controlling JLo said he was very “no no u have to do this” about things and on top of that hes running around doing his own cd he dont have time for no one it seems but him self throwing a million and one features on his album he may get ppl off to a good start then he just slams them to the ground no no Nicki did a good job with this one go go barbie lol

  15. angel baebii October 18, 2010


  16. BENJAMIN October 18, 2010

    Wow, I didn’t really know he was her manager, I know she was affiliated with him, but not exactly managed by him. Ah well, seems to be a pattern with Diddy and his artist handling, nothing new. Medina is an interesting choice. Even though him and JLo parted ways, before that happened, he made some dreams come true for her, so I don’t know.

  17. 2BAD2BME October 18, 2010


  18. nayah82 October 18, 2010

    HAHAHA! I know Lil Kim laughing her ass off somewhere. KARMA is a b**** diddy.

  19. Tess October 18, 2010

    @Ova It
    Dusty WIC Vouchers! Last Greyhound to Paris, Texas! I LMAO love it! Love your YouTube show also! ~SMOOCHES~

    I think Benny Medina is an excellent choice! He knows his s***!

  20. dgrrey October 18, 2010

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  21. antha October 18, 2010

    I TOLD YOU!!!!!!

    Love this girl!! She just went from -1 – 100 for me.

    She’s a smart cookie, not sure about Benny but she’s right about making a mistake not going with Troy. I said this from the beginning…Nicki would roll with Puff (not officially making him a manager) getting the press and the media exposure he could get her then when she was ready she’d say thanks but no thanks (I’m pretty sure Wayne gave her a nod in that direction too).

    I can but LMBO at the downward spiral that has been Diddy’s career since the major s*** hit took on Danity Kane…some may say that DWoods words of “God put this group together so if God thinks it’s time to end it then it will be time” – Diddy made the mistake of thinking she was refuring to his ole ass and now look….the real one has s*** all over the fakers music life.

    I gotta laugh at how he got his ass played and hope Dawn (cause I’m prety sure Cassie’s on her way to YM) picks up her s*** (and her dignity) and splits.

    …………………..hahahahahhahahahhahhahahahah. This is too much joke for me right now!!!

  22. MISHKA October 18, 2010

    I loooooove Diddy to death but nobody can be a manager and a star at the same time. What he doid to Danity Kane is the perfect example of how egoistical he can be.

    Good for NIcki, some people say Benny Medina is an assh% but he made the J-lo of Jennifer Lopez and The Fresh Prince of BelAir of Will Smith. He knows his job.

    Nicki is definitely a smart girl, smarter than I thought. I still love Diddy but I also loved 112, SWV, Danity Kane, Day26, Donnie and he “musickilled” them all. He should stop trying, he’s not a manager.

  23. Sabrina October 18, 2010

    I love you Trent!!!!!!!! She is smart to to get out while she did. Diddy is the devil.

  24. MISHKA October 18, 2010

    Now I wish Dawn Richards could snab a “Dilemma” hit like Kelly Rowland and get the h*ll out of Bad Boy.

    Still love you Diddy but …just stop.

  25. Jade October 18, 2010

    Benny Medina is a wayyyyyy better choice than Diddy’s ass. Do I need to mention the careers he ruined over the years? That’s why Bad Boy is on the verge of destruction now. If Janelle Monet, Dawn and Rick Ross knows what’s good for them, they should get rid of Diddy now.

  26. Eddy October 18, 2010

    Nicki ain’t PLAYIN !!!!!! hahahaha !

  27. Janie’s Got A Gun October 18, 2010

    she can get benny, denny, menny and senny shes still not going to be taken seriously as an artists, she wont have those j.lo/mariah endorsements that benny medina has gotten for them so NICKI CAKES give it a rest!


  28. Janie’s Got A Gun October 18, 2010

    she can get benny, denny, menny and senny shes still not going to be taken seriously as an artists, she wont have those j.lo/mariah endorsements that benny medina has gotten for them so NICKI CAKES give it a rest!

    i expect pink 1st of the month to sell less than 100k, while struggling to go gold within 5 years 🙂


  29. FUTURESTARdelux October 18, 2010


  30. antha October 18, 2010

    I guarantee you they’ll be pictures of Kimmy and Nicki hugged up chopping it up in a few days or weeks…laughing about what a chump Diddy is.

    “You are soo dumb….fo real!”

  31. Mely B October 18, 2010

    Smart woman, smart move. Was horrified that she reportedly signed with him anyway – it’d be like Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey managing each other’s careers. Folks should know by now that Diddy only cares about Diddy!

  32. getting_licked_out October 18, 2010

    RIP DANITY KANE (still sheds tears over that one!)

  33. Robier October 18, 2010

    Good for her. DIDDY IS A JOKE

  34. bobby d October 18, 2010

    VERY smart move Nikki! and i love the clip from “wisegirls” lol nice touch

  35. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue October 18, 2010

    Janelle Monáe… your turn.

  36. kris October 18, 2010

    this post isnt true i was just on nicki twitter page and she tweeted “ive never met benny medina in my life” soo stop fuqking listening to mediaFAKEout trent witcha gay ass !

  37. TEAM KELLY (ROWLAND) October 18, 2010

    This was an extremely smart move on her part! LMAO @Being managed by her MOTHER! LOL!

  38. UMMM…………. October 18, 2010

    Not a big Nicki fan but this is a GOOD LUCK for her! Diddy is not a good manager. He will ruin anyones career. He typically takes unknowns, build them up then cuts them down after he was thoroughly used them. I know business is business but he truly is loyal to NO one but himself. 50 cent might be crazy but he was right when he called him out about his treatment of his “ppl”!

  39. UGh October 18, 2010

    That gif is hilarious

  40. lola October 19, 2010

    Nicki is very smart. That’s one of the reasons why I like her. Many people bash her lyrics and substance but she’s very bright and has talent, she’s just figuring out her image. She’s also pretty down to earth when she’s not in character. I hope this story is true, I already know she didn’t sign with Medina, but I hope she did or is in the process of getting rid of Diddy’s dumba**. I can’t stand him. He has ruined every single music artists’ career. It was a shame when he was managing DK correctly and the nwhen everyone exposed Cassie for being a talent less little girl, he stopped promoting DK and tried to save Cassie’s wacka** and it didn’t work. Nicki has worked so hard to get where she is and has managed to get good publicity and perform at a few big events or TV shows, but she needs to step it up more with appearances, performances, magazines, and events.

  41. badd October 19, 2010

    GO Nicki !

  42. FUTURESTARdelux October 19, 2010



  43. carlababy October 19, 2010

    lol Trent you will Rep Mariah forever! lol

  44. Beysbetter October 19, 2010


  45. SMH October 19, 2010

    smart woman…hope this is true

  46. fhtry October 19, 2010

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  47. HopeAlexLuvsJB October 19, 2010

    ur sooooooooooooooo f****** stupid 4 firing diddy!!!!! ur on ur way to bing broke ur stupid ass!!!! once he says somethings hot its hot!!! STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Gene. October 20, 2010

    Good for Nicki.

    How can Diddy manage anyone’s career when his is basically non-existent now!?

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