Usher Performs On X-Factor

Published: Sunday 10th Oct 2010 by Sam

Superstar Usher took centre-stage on the X-Factor a few moments ago to perform a medley of his hits ‘DJ Got Us Falling In Love’ and ‘OMG’.

Check out how the dynamo performer fared below…

Not impressed.

Though quite the spectacle stage-show, the most lacking ingredient was a solid vocal showing from Usher himself. For the vast majority of the performance, the singer performed as if he was his own hype man; prompting the crowd to sing the lyrics to the autotuned hits.

With this not being the first so-so performance, I can’t help but feel that it’s high-time Usher transcend into more of a vocals-based artist, reminding us every so often that he can go hard on the dancing tip. For, much evidence points to him finding doing both (singing and dancing) quite the testing task these days.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Cashmane October 10, 2010

    wrong video

  2. BFoxx October 10, 2010

    Lol, soooo pressed to hate can’t even provide the right video.

  3. SipDatBoyz October 10, 2010

    i love ushers dancing..but im sorry i miss old usher…all u need is a mic and a ballad to make a my book

  4. joy October 10, 2010

    Mess! Whitney was 46 when she performed on the x-factor last year, sang live and moved up and down the stage- gave a far, far better performance than this and got slated.

    Usher who ilike it decades younger and gave this p*** poor, autotuned, lipped, heavy back tracked, out of breath whack a*** performance.

    Not seeing him in concert

  5. Daniel October 10, 2010

    He mined most of the song and just said come on a few times.. he was poor

  6. Miss Chick Boom October 10, 2010

    Usher is really disapointing me. It is a shame what an artist will do to stay relevant. After watching this performance I almost forgot why I fell in love with him in the first place. Usher has been in the game for like 10+ years he has nothing to prove so I don’t know why he is trying to compete with these new artist. And I don’t care what he said, his main goal is to compete with the new artist.

    The Electro Pop Ish is getting on my nerves.

    I’m glad Bruno Mars proved that you didn’t have to go with the status quo to get a number one hit.

  7. S*** October 10, 2010

    Usher is starting to look like a LITTLE BOY, a little Kid. You know Its a sad day in music when Usher has to convert to FULL BLOWN BUBBLE GUM POP to get a Hit…

    Hes not the performer he used to be either, C-Error, Chris & Beyonce can all out perform him. Meh, I never really been all that into Usher, I prefer R.Kelly & sometimes even Chris & Trey Songz.

  8. S*** October 10, 2010

    I meant C-Error, Chris, Janet & Beyonce can all out perform him EASILY.

  9. ImYourStar702 October 10, 2010

    Yeah that performance wasn’t really giving me much 🙁

  10. DION-ISH October 10, 2010


    I Wish yall would try to criticize Usher’s Performances…Which are rather Good BTW yet Praise Chris Brown who fukin Lip Sings 99% of his Performances?! And when he does sing its Rigid!

    Usher CAN sing and Dance at the same time, he’s done it many times! and plus him just singing is spectacular as well ..same with dancing.

    And it PISSED me off when Gaga stans thought they could come for usher claiming she can sing and dance at the same time questioning usher….Ummm NEWSFLASH you monster freaks, Usher’s a REAL Dancer. Gaga’s moves are nothing special nor can be compared.

  11. bladerunin October 10, 2010

    OK not his best, but it wasn’t that bad. Still better then these other so called superstars. Chris Brown is a great performer but when did his vocals got better than Usher. He doesn’t sound great live

  12. Lala October 10, 2010

    @Dion-ish this performance just wasnt good period, point, blank and criticizing other artist wont change that

  13. BFoxx October 10, 2010

    ^EXACTLY! I love Chris Brown and think he’s very talented but in terms of overall performing (from male artists) he’s third to JT & Usher.

  14. kw October 10, 2010

    Luv me some Usher, but father time has a way of catching up with everyone. Its time he altered his performances to accomodate the fact that he is no longer a teenager. Denial is hurting him. Usher still can maintain his status as long as he recognizes his limitations by highlighting his vocal ability and pop out a awesome choreographed dance move only on occasion or else he comes off as trying to hard.

  15. Parisian girl October 10, 2010

    What the f*** was that?
    He didn’t even sing!!!

  16. Ugh October 10, 2010

    Everybody and dey momma knows that Usher can sing!!!! He hasn’t been bringing it lately though. He sounds out of breathe. I don’t know what’s wrong but he better step his game up come November i attend his concert……hmph!

  17. Ugh October 10, 2010

    and another thing. How can ppl criticize ppl like CB and Gaga but stan for Rihanna? What a joke! 😐

  18. Ugh October 10, 2010

    @ kw
    you are absolutely correct!

  19. ily ushhhh October 10, 2010

    I lover ushhhh buttt hes dissapionting me he has soo much talent and hes one of the few artist out there that actully desrve fam … but now a days he tries so hard to keep up with these lames actss when he dosnt need too but hey thats wht eveyone is doing…. honestly doe ushhh still got sum r n b in him … his new song lay u down iis greattt !!!!!!!!! butttt hes doing stuipness to get a hitttttt ……nd its workin ……….. Ushhhh is still number one in my book doe he has nonthing to prove we all nowht hes cabale off the guy sold 50 million records nd been out for 15 yrs still gets #1s nd hes only 31 soo i respect thatttt ……

  20. DION-ISH October 10, 2010



    Who is CB?!


  21. DION-ISH October 10, 2010

    My Comment was in no way, shape, or form involving Rihanna?!

    Some people are obsessed with her, always have her own there mind when not even mentioned

    *Cough* @Ugh *Cough*

  22. Carmello October 10, 2010

    He’s so overrated and over exposed.

  23. truth serum. October 10, 2010

    This video is really poor quality so I’ll save my comp judgment when you post another one. Just some things I’d like to point out:

    1.) Usher sang the verses; yes he mimed the chorus. But you tell me what artist who does full on choreography sings the whole chorus. Beyoncé does not do that on her fast songs… no artist does. They mime and ad-lib.

    2.) He has ALWAYS shown signs of being out of breath. Perhaps you guys were far too stuck up his ass when his “status” was on some phenomenal level, but I can recall many times when he seemed winded during the height of his career. This isn’t uncommon — he’s doing a lot of choreography & singing @ the same time. The only time he seemed to be level was when he performed Caught Up on the Grammys.

    3.) Lip-synching…. Am I the only one who remembers him lip-synching Confessions during the MTV VMAs back in 05 or did yall conveniently cast that aside as well bc again he could do no wrong?

    4.) Content… Usher is no different than Chris Brown or Beyonce. Those that keep saying you can’t sell out are retarded. Chris Brown has released two singles for urban and pop radio, Beyonce’ did the same thing, and Usher has done that this whole era. That is how you have to impact radio bc again.. I repeat… R&B does not sell to mainstream audiences anymore.

    Anyway, as far as who can perform better, that’s all subjective and it is useless to argue. Image is everything and that’s the main reason why there is so much hate here…. Same way people try to deny CB’s talent.

  24. vegasgirl October 10, 2010

    Were was the singing? I barely heard him sing, heard the backing track mostly. He put on a dancing clinic but really WTF. My sister was just saying she didn’t want to go to Ush show coming through Vegas because she couldn’t sit there a listen to this guy be out of breath for an entire concert…. he sounded out of breath for the 3 minutes of performance he gave so. I’m starting to agree with her

    He needs to be less concerned with the dancing and more concerned about the vocals. I still think he is great though

  25. Kathy October 10, 2010

    He needs to quit with all this. He can just perform Fooling Around now and be done.

  26. LaLaLaLaLaLa October 10, 2010

    @truthserum..well said!! No one could have analyzed this better. I hope y’all dumb asses are hearing

  27. DION-ISH October 10, 2010


    One question, Are you CB stan/fan?? or stated otherwise #teambreezy

  28. Darron October 10, 2010

    I wonder if he was white would he be taking a bashing like this. You know they say blacks are prejudice toward one another…

  29. RATED X October 11, 2010

    October 10, 2010 at 11:03 pm
    and another thing. How can ppl criticize ppl like CB and Gaga but stan for Rihanna? What a joke!

    these delusional broads be the first ones to bring CB and Gagas name too bashes them.
    BUT be the first ones to cry like a b**** when pon de forehead names is brought up..


  30. DION-ISH October 11, 2010

    @RATED X

    Your the Definition of a JOKE.

    And NO ppl saying CB is better than usher is a JOKE

  31. RATED X October 11, 2010

    we all know Usher can sing, so BOO at the stans who crying HATER..

    But like most people are saying on here, he sounds out of breath, and his dancing is NOT what it used to be , dude is 30 or more, dont of course hes gonna be slow..

    he is trying to compete with the yongins in this business, NO S***..hence the dance songs on his raymond vs gaymond

    I say dude needs to lay low, bring back another confession album..tired of all the R&B people jumping to the dance hot craze..

  32. RATED X October 11, 2010


    some people stays on my nuts….

    is this post about chris brown? where does it says chris browns name on here?

    ur life must be full of sad days and obvious emptiness, because every f****** post ur slow a** got to bring up chris b names..

    b**** get another hobby boo, rihanna doesnt want ur a**..

    and stalking chris b a** iz not gonna get u her number..
    learn how to stay on subject

  33. DION-ISH October 11, 2010


    Um what Usher is doing is NO different from what Beyonce is doing….Saying he should stick to just R&B is absurd?! Sooo should Bee go back to Dangerously in Love and stick with R&B as well?!?!

    Obv it works for Usher. And he isnt trying to do anything but release music for his fans. His music is versatile, he has something for R&B and Dance audiences that works extremely well.

  34. RATED X October 11, 2010

    and ps NOT everybody whos NOT a fan of pon de forehead is a stan of chris b…

    and ur just proved my point..

    crying like a little b****, when ur the first ones on here starting s***…

    everybody on here was commenting on usher, but ur delusional stalking a** got to bring up chris b and gaga names up..

    take ur own advice and have a seat..NEXTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  35. RATED X October 11, 2010

    oh lord, now this broad gonna bring up bey beys name, and have her crazy stans start s*** on here..

  36. NICKY October 11, 2010





    *SIPS TEA*


  37. DION-ISH October 11, 2010

    @RATED X

    You are you DUMB A**.

    this isnt even about Rihanna and you brought her up?! Seriously! I Cant…

    i was referring to CB STANS in this post talking reckless about Usher

  38. UMMM…….. October 11, 2010

    UMMM……..I like him but he seems to be trying to hard to relive his youth. I agree with TGJ it might be time for Ush to begin focusing more on his vocal abilities. I am so not impressed with this new autotune, “poppy” Usher.

  39. DION-ISH October 11, 2010


    Why because its a success and he’s slaying??? *Rolls Eyes* He has plenty of R&B songs Raymond vs. Raymond and he did it with Here I Stand….

  40. UMMM…….. October 11, 2010

    Wow, I just cannot believe a RiH-YODA stan is trying to criticize someone about singing…LOL. Listen, Chris Brown can sing. I have never known him to lip-sync. I hate a liar. If you don’t like him that’s cool but don’t blatantly lie on the young man…geez!. I have seen Chris sing over a track as most artists do including Rih-Tard. This is especially true for those who actually sing and dance.

    UMMM……..LOL…….lip-sync, wow…….SMH

  41. UMMM…….. October 11, 2010

    When did this damn post become about CB? This is a blog entry about the subpar performance Usher gave. Let’s try to stay focused ppl!

  42. BFoxx October 11, 2010

    His album is R&B these are the only two songs that are pop. I don’t see the problem in attacking him.

  43. DION-ISH October 11, 2010



    AND THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RIHANNA BUT SHE SINGS 10X BETTER THAN CHRIS BROWN FOR SURE, NO QUESTION OR ARGUMENT ABOUT IT. And Rihanna does not sing over anything….Only ONCE in her career has she done that and it was at Fashion Rocks for her Madonna Vogue Performance for which she was dancing.

    But anyway…Tell it to the PROS! (last one down)

  44. DION-ISH October 11, 2010


    Well tell your fellow CB Stans to stay on topic w/o mentioning Chris Brown like he’s above Usher….now thats funny.

  45. Dave October 11, 2010

    @S*** Ciara can outperform yo shitty ass too, eh?

  46. Blue Kid October 11, 2010

    I love some Usher, I got his album OMG is the song plus others. Usher is showing his age in his dancing, but he shouldn’t be compared to know other singer, Usher is his own man.

    But I do agree with TGJ, it’s time that Usher concentrate more on his vocals and less on his dancing.

  47. UMMM…….. October 11, 2010


    Are you high? I thought I read you state that Rihanna sings bettter then Chris Brown….LOL! DAMN, now that’s the funniest joke I have heard all day. Thank you for the laugh!

    Again, this post is about Usher. His performance was not good and trying to drag Chris is not going to improve what we all just saw!

  48. Blue Kid October 11, 2010

    @ Dion-ish

    We know you hate Chris Brown was else is new? Get over it this is a Usher Thread! And it was a Beyonce fan who bought Chris name up along with Ciara’s. Any whooooooo, There is know need to shade Usher, it is what it is.

  49. RATED X October 11, 2010

    October 11, 2010 at 12:47 am
    @RATED X

    You are you DUMB A**.

    this isnt even about Rihanna and you brought her up?! Seriously! I Cant…

    i was referring to CB STANS in this post talking reckless about Usher

    I’m the dumb a**
    nobody brought up chris browns name boo..
    anu ur trying to bash somebody that can actually sings, while ur dumbazz stan for a b**** thats tone deaf?
    b**** get a clue….

  50. Blue Kid October 11, 2010

    Was= what else is new! LOL

    Dion-ish we are aware that you hate Chris Brown with a passion.

    That is nothing new with you!

  51. Adrian October 11, 2010

    Very poor performance, usher.

  52. DION-ISH October 11, 2010


    WAIT…I Know your a CB Stan and all but are you serious?! All Jokes aside…you think CB can sing better than Rihanna???!!! …i Cant, I Cant, I Cant, i Cant SMH

    You have absolutely no right to criticize Rihanna’s vocals EVER if you think thats the truth AT ALL



    i Dont Hate CB…i Hate his UPPER Delusional stans. you know The ones that would make excuses for his actions ans such. but yea….Im over it

  53. UMMM…….. October 11, 2010


    Another thing, what do you mean Rihanna does not sing over a track when she performs? Did you not see her fall across the stage I believe in Germany? She was clearly singing over a track when she fell, stopped singing but her voice clearly continued to reverberated throughout the theater! WTH are you talking about? It’s on Youtube just look it up!

    WOW 🙂

  54. Top 10 iPhone Apps October 11, 2010

    Was ok. He’s still not that good live.

  55. RATED X October 11, 2010

    and r gonna talk smack about me bringin up pon de forehead..when ur were the first broad to brin up chris b name..

    get the f*** out of here..

    ur mom should have swallowed ur a**, because u r a waste of s****..

    dumb broad

  56. UMMM…….. October 11, 2010

    @RATED X,


  57. DION-ISH October 11, 2010

    Like Too me thats like saying Ciara can outsing Alicia Keys?!?!

    CB is like honestly the male version of ciara…..Both are dancers, but not really singers. and career wise..yea that speaks for itself.

  58. Blue Kid October 11, 2010

    Please lets stay on topic!

  59. DION-ISH October 11, 2010

    @RATED X

    Um no actually i was responding to an individual that brought up CB.

  60. RATED X October 11, 2010

    I swear dumb b****** gets on my nerves….

    this is a post about usher not being the same hot s*** he was 10 yrs ago..
    and nobody brought up chris b name nor gaga..but ur gonna sit her and say how can u bash usher when chris brown cant sing..

    B**** SHUT THE F*** UP
    and when people called ur delusional dumb broad a**, now u gonna backtrack and say u have nothin against chris its the stan who u dont like..
    umm u were the first b**** wo brought his name up> so what the f*** does the chris b stans got to do with this post

    waste of s****

  61. DION-ISH October 11, 2010

    But Whatever…Over it and his Delusional Stans

  62. RATED X October 11, 2010

    nobody brought chris b name but u boo..

    u need to hop off the drugs…

  63. RATED X October 11, 2010

    October 11, 2010 at 2:07 am
    @RATED X,


    lol..I swear ..

    last time I checked this was an usher post…but some people just like to start s*** for no reason..
    they can dish it but cant take it…

  64. DION-ISH October 11, 2010

    @RATED X

    Really? Maybe you Failed to Read @S*** Comment.


  65. Blue Kid October 11, 2010

    Usher will be here in Toronto soon him and Trey songz.

  66. Blue Kid October 11, 2010


    S*** is a Beyonce fan, did you not know that? And she did say Chris, but you just added more to the subject, when it should have have been left a lone and we should keep on topic.

  67. Blue Kid October 11, 2010

    Any time his name is mentioned you haters take it to a whole new level!

    We know you hate him, Geezzzzz!

  68. DION-ISH October 11, 2010


    I stayed on topic. and yes i did add more to the subject but it was prove a point.

  69. UMMM…….. October 11, 2010

    @Rated X,


  70. Blue Kid October 11, 2010

    Usher is doing his thing, this was a good year for Usher, next year will be more exciting. It will be on like donkey Kong.

  71. UMMM…….. October 11, 2010

    I don’t recall GaGa stans going after Usher but I do remember them going for Rihanna’s throat after she began talking trash about GaGa’s music being generic!

    Let me stop…..This is a post about Usher…LOL!

  72. DION-ISH October 11, 2010


    Um they sure as hell went in today on twitter..which is nonsense. And um Gaga fans hardly come for Rihanna…Rihanna has expressed her liking of Gaga and such ….or maybe just not the ones i follow or follow me.

    And Um She Didnt talk trash about Gaga….Some people were just reaching. i mean why would they get sensitive and pressed over that?? Her music is generic.

    Alll Rihanna said was she trys to make music that only she could do that doesn’t fit in the category of just anybody being that she incorporated Reggae, Dancehall, and Rock influences into her sound. not just the typical dance-pop sound.

  73. PLAIN AND SIMPLE October 11, 2010

    Oh! Usher looks thin and tired. He must be working hard but what happen to him? He’s has really changed. I really think Usher should just sing and leave some of his dance stepts out.

  74. ~Team Weezy~ October 11, 2010


    Um, you seem rather upset. But I don’t understand why, when this performance was rather crappy! Yes, Usher can sing and dance, but lately he’s been a step under sub-par. Especially this era, which is driven by the auto-tune electro-pop BS. I know you were trying to prove a point, hun, but to bring up CB, then criticize people who actually perform well, when you’re a Rihanna stan is a bit contradictory.

  75. DION-ISH October 11, 2010


    Were and how was that performance crappy?? Maybe the Quality. but search the performance on YouTube sweetie…..Usher did well. i dont think it was crappy at all.

    And um was that suppose to be a diss….if so it was rather WEAK. Rihanna CAN perform…as an opinion you can state i dont like her performances but its not a fact. And being her tour was highly praised….That itself speaks otherwise.

    fyi — whom’s performance did i criticize?! yea ok.

  76. Blue Kid October 11, 2010

    I love that song There goes my baby!

  77. JamesBV October 11, 2010

    This post is about Usher not anybody else. For those Rihanna fans there are comments on other blogs that are very hateful toward your fav. You should go there and defend her instead of being hateful on this blog. I mean one of the bloggers call her a s***. But you so call Rihanna fans want to be here and hate on other people fav.

    And yes Usher can sing but his dancing has gotten worse. Seems like he is trying to hard.

  78. S*** October 11, 2010

    @ truth serum.

    Bey Def Does Sing & Dance in combination & LIVE. Usher is obviously out of breathe when he does it. Ever saw her perform Work it out or Get me Bodied?? She doesnt do the way Janet & usher does it but she does do it & is better at it…

  79. Blue Kid October 11, 2010


    October 11, 2010 at 3:23 am

    I don’t know what y’all are talking about. Here’s the clearer version. I think he did good and was having fun.
    There are people on here that have been following Usher for the last 10 years and he is not giving what he use to, that is all they are saying, but as for as talent Usher is very talented and he is a good performer and if you just got in to Usher in the last couple of year are so you would not understand.

    Age is a factor he is 30, but he is still a better performer than these johnny come lately. Not trying to throw shade on any one but the artist that have been coming out in the past two years can not compete with Usher at his worst.

  80. PLAIN AND SIMPLE October 11, 2010

    Looking at the clear copy you can clearly see that Usher was beathing hard and you can see he was not really singing. He did have a few good moves but nothing like his dancing before. He’s been here for 10 years and made his mark in the industry. But I still love Usher no matter what.

  81. PLAIN AND SIMPLE October 11, 2010


    What’s up?

  82. DMWN October 11, 2010

    Usher sold out. I can’t believe he would stoop to the level of Taio Cruz, making flaky pop music for white girls and gay guys now. “OMG” and “DJ Got Us Falling In Love” are as far away from “U Got It Bad” as you can get.

  83. Blue Kid October 11, 2010


    October 11, 2010 at 3:48 am


    What’s up?
    Nothing much buttercup, I read your message on the other post about the 360. That was interesting wasn’t it, it explain why she has such a huge machine behind her.

    I agree with you about Usher, he not what he use to be, but he is still loved and he is a very talented man.

  84. Blue Kid October 11, 2010


    October 11, 2010 at 3:50 am

    Usher sold out. I can’t believe he would stoop to the level of Taio Cruz, making flaky pop music for white girls and gay guys now. “OMG” and “DJ Got Us Falling In Love” are as far away from “U Got It Bad” as you can get.

    ROFL! I know when some one come out with a great R&B album he is going platinum.

  85. Betty October 11, 2010

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  86. GangsterA October 11, 2010

    i think he did a great job i watch it on youtube and it sounded good to me

  87. Trent Is The R***** October 11, 2010

    The Xfactor curse!! Haha. All the big US stars end up sucking on Xfactor stage. Truth!!!

  88. truth serum. October 11, 2010


    I did not say she doesn’t sing and dance live. I said she does NOT sing the CHORUS. I’ve seen her BEFORE she was “blown” up to the proportions she is now… and even if you go back & watch her performances from the DIL era… She never sings the whole chorus, no one does. That is what background singers are there for. Add on to the fact that she too has lip-synched many times live. This is not a new phenomenon nor any indication that a person is less talented when we have heard and seen them sing very well. In any case, it’s irrelevant to compare what Beyonce’ does to Usher. She does not have heavy choreography that is as intricate as his. She does hip jerking and c****** popping. A better comparison would be Ciara who again has heavier choreography.


    What does my liking or disliking of Chris Brown have to do with anything that I have said? Still does not negate any of the above. I am a music lover; and therefore I have no hate for anyone and look at things objectively. Chris Brown is not my generation & he came after; I do not enjoy his voice bc I don’t feel he can sing, but he is still a great performer and in his prime. I grew up on Usher/MJ and in the 90s when R&B was in its prime, and therefore have a better understanding of their careers and the eras that enabled them to have such huge success.

  89. LaLaLaLaLaLa October 11, 2010

    @truthserum..thumbs up! U read my mind.
    @bluekid..yea I understand what you are trying to say. I have always loved Usher from his “call me a mack” days. He has made his name in d industry as a singer and a dancer, but right now he just wanna have fun.
    And y would anyone compare Whitney houston to Usher. She doesn’t dance so dats a low blow.

  90. ~Team Weezy~ October 11, 2010


    That performance was crappy IMO and pretty much every other performance he’s done this era. It’s not really the miming/lip-synching, it’s mainly his lackluster dancing. He always looks like he’s trying extremely hard to fit in. And it doesn’t help that the songs are extremely annoying as well.

    And no that was not a diss. It’s no secret that I think Rihanna is a terrible performer so, sorry, no ‘weak’ diss from me. Nice try though. And maybe you should take your own advice by stating things as an ‘opinion’ rather than saying ‘Rihanna CAN perform’. That doesn’t sound like an opinion but more of a fact, no? Stop trying to tell someone to phrase something the way YOU want them to ( i.e. “i dont like her performances”), when you’ve done the exact opposite. Once again, nice try.

    FYI: “whom’s performance did i criticize?” Hmmm, let’s see:

    “…..Chris Brown who fukin Lip Sings 99% of his Performances?! And when he does sing its Rigid!”

    “Gaga’s moves are nothing special nor can be compared.”

    And you ask who’s performance did you criticize? Yea, ok.

  91. DION-ISH October 12, 2010

    @@~TEAM WEEZY~

    You Can think whatever in the f** you want sweetie…

    Terrible performer, i think NOT. Tour got amazing reviews PLUS being she’s one of the few artist that actually sing live today SMH

  92. hybridavenue October 14, 2010

    If only the judges can vote him off the show

  93. Sam October 20, 2010

    It’s clear a lot of people here a)don’t listen to his other album songs b)don’t understand a commercial show. He is performing at a commercial show, he has got to be relevant to X Factor’s poppy theme. OMG may well be poppy for him, although did extremelly well, is well known and is performed as everybody knows it. Also, there’s other good ballads from his latest album, so he can still do ballads as well.

  94. Sam October 20, 2010

    OMG was good on X Factor. He did a good performance.

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