Chris Brown Reveals ‘In My Zone 2’ Cover

Published: Wednesday 10th Nov 2010 by Sam

Check out the official cover for Chris Brown‘s latest mixtape ‘In My Zone 2’ (due November 26th).

Granted it’s a mixtape cover, Mr Brown gets a pass.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Truth November 10, 2010

    I think you could’ve came with something better than this Breezer…but if you like it..then I like it.

  2. Malyeh November 10, 2010

    Well its from a twitpic. The original is better. I love the all feel of the pic.

  3. Heaven November 10, 2010

    A better cover? Excuse the f*** out of you. it’s for a FREE mixtape. How much are you laying out o put this tape in your collection? Again it’s FREE, damnit!!! Some of you fools need to get real with your life and opinions.

  4. QueenofPopJanet November 10, 2010

    Chris Brown is the Ike Turner of his generation. Instead of hitting a woman, hit a man you punk coward.

  5. Truth November 10, 2010

    @heaven…judging by ur post..I think u need to change ur name. Last time I checked we had freedom of speech.

  6. NICKY November 10, 2010





  7. Heaven November 10, 2010

    You don’t need me to do a damn thing. Yet, I can’t f*** with the freedom of speech zinger- it’s a good damn thing that the freedom belongs to me as well. HA!

  8. zania November 10, 2010

    I love this cover. Chris been working hard lately can’t wait until he release his single Sweetheart and his mixtape.

  9. Rated X November 10, 2010


    u had me dying with ur first comment..


  10. Heaven November 10, 2010

    I was laughing at myself when I wrote it rated x ! Folks kill me catching feelings and s***.
    One of the reasons why I don’t linger in a thread more than two or three posts is you tend to lose valuable brain cells commiserating with imbeciles.

    #theend lmao

  11. VA STAND UP!! November 10, 2010

    Um…it’s cute I guess. But it’s just a mixtape cover so who really cares. We could have went to his twitter for this TGJ. Sometimes I feel as if ya’ll just have to have your daily fix of Breezy so you can get hits. I am more interested in seeing the cover for “F.A.M.E’ because he is supposed to be working with Ron English. That ought to be real interesting.

    @QueenofPopJanet: Your name is just as dumb as your comment. Everybody knows Madonna is the Queen of Pop, not Janet! Lady Gaga is the next in line for that title. Janet made her mark, but she is not the Queen!


  12. AuntieJackie November 10, 2010

    It’s okay, looks like he did it himself on photoshop though.

  13. im just sayin November 10, 2010

    why is this dude releasing mixtapes like he aint got a deal?

  14. Truth November 10, 2010

    @Heaven is an idiot along with those who follow in her hate mobil…can’t support refugees from psych ward33.

  15. Soulful Roses November 10, 2010

    I like it. Are you all forgetting its a free mixtape?

  16. Angel November 10, 2010

    @Nicky and QueenofPoop….need to get a life. If u don’t like CB why the Phuk are u giving him attention on this post…u idiots will prolly b the first on line to get his next CD….Idiots. Go ahead and keep commenting–the more u show him attention—the better. SMFH at these “ignant” wannabe CB Stans…#SITTHEFUKDOWN

  17. Christopher Brown stan.. Deal with it November 10, 2010

    Sam, leave the Chris posts to Trent.

  18. MixtapeMadness November 10, 2010


  19. Jubilant November 11, 2010

    @VA who is Ron English? Just curious.. :/

  20. GIMMIE DAT BASS November 11, 2010

    FLOP. #thatisall

  21. Heaven November 11, 2010


    commiserating means feeling “sorry for”empathizing with- in essence wasting my time feeling sorry for imbecilic morons such as you with no grasp of anything abstract or tangible.

    Turth be told I don’t really care about your 2 nd grade mentality, that’s on you.

    Girl, f*** your feelings and f*** you! Carry on if you like- ROTFLMAO

  22. Heaven November 11, 2010

    Oh darn, with all that I forgot to say, I can’t wait for the FREE mixtape and I like the cover! lol

  23. I’M A BILLY GOAT November 11, 2010

    TGJ is getting desperate! First, you guys are critiquing a free mixtape song now you are complaining about the cover of a free mixtape? Ha Ha, I can’t wait to hear the music.

    baa, i’m a redhead billy goat.

  24. I’M A BILLY GOAT November 11, 2010

    @Queen of Pop Janet,

    STFU you cow! Chris only hit a billy goat so run and tell PETA!

    baa, I’m a pathetic redhead billy goat who will 4ever be in love with him!

  25. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ November 11, 2010

    Um, no.

    I still love him though!

  26. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ November 11, 2010

    “STFU you cow! Chris only hit a billy goat so run and tell PETA!”

    OMG! I just DIED! LMAO!

  27. I’M A BILLY GOAT November 11, 2010

    November 11, 2010 at 12:06 am
    FLOP. #thatisall

    I know right, Ciara’s CD is gonna fall faster then the stock market under Republican Rule!

    baa, I’m a pathetic redhead billy goat who will 4ever be in love with him!

  28. Rain November 11, 2010

    @I’m a Billy Goat….I do agree with one thing you said…She WILL forever be in love with Chris… #Deuces

  29. Rated X November 11, 2010


    I’m going to need for u to sit in the corner,
    with ur free mixtape..

    I cant with u today..DEAD DEAD DEAD

  30. Blue Kid November 11, 2010


    November 11, 2010 at 12:30 am

    @Queen of Pop Janet,

    STFU you cow! Chris only hit a billy goat so run and tell PETA!

    baa, I’m a pathetic redhead billy goat who will 4ever be in love with him!
    That was funny has hell, I got to use this one, Bawhahahahahahaha!

  31. X,Y,”and Z” November 11, 2010

    I can’t wait for the tour; his W-O-R-L-D Tour…!!!

    Unlike-SOME others, CBreezy won’t have to resort to PR-gimmickry, nor Marketing-trickery to sell-out HIS concert/tour venues…!!
    (a high-energy; an original; and an very-enthusiastic performance is surely guaranteed – for one and all ticket-holders…!!)

    I just came from, do you know, “Deuces”, a Mix-Tape single, that was initially GIVEN AWAY FOR FREE; WITHOUT HIS LABEL’S SUPPORT (CBreezy, out-of-his-very-own pockets, paid for that WILDLY-popular video) has been #1 on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop for 8-Weeks? (12-weeks in-total)

    @Nicky – …And, unless I’m very-wrong (which I doubt, as I just came-back from, that length of time is-2x-that of ANYTHING a-certain-other-artist-who-constantly-resorts-to-trickery-and-gimmickry herself, has YET charted…!! (only 4-weeks – her longest #1 on Billboard’s Hot-100, no?)

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT…!!

  32. Landen’s Fury! November 11, 2010

    I Love The Writing on the Shirt.

    It tells it all. Looking forward to



    BABY! Black Friday can’t come Soon


  33. Preview LOud November 11, 2010

    Flop! 🙁

  34. I’M A BILLY GOAT November 11, 2010

    How can a mixtape be a Flop?

    You haters are too stupid to live! Find a rope and rid the world of you!

    baa, I’m a desperate redhead billy goat who will 4ever be in love with him!

  35. noodles November 11, 2010

    DEEAAATHHH! TGJ is always a mess!

    @QueenPopJanet and @Nicky
    Ike Turner? I just love how people will be quick to label Chris for something he has owned up to and did at 19 ONCE and has been doing a good job at working towards being a better man but yet you calssify him as the generations Ike Turner. That is just ignorance at its best. Show me proof he has laid hands on a woman more than once? Okay…. But I can give you a LIST full of middle aged men who have! Stop with the bs. If you hate him move on with your life. I can list some Ike Turners of today for you. And I loves me some Janet but I think you’re mad because Madona holds the crown.

    The cover is alright. You can’t expect too much with a mixtape cover he looks cute. Oh and can someone example to me:

    1.Why Ciara stans keep coming for Chris?
    2.How does a FREE mixtape flop? Just stop. His last mixtape got him a single that sold 1 million digitally including ringtones. But if thats a flop…okay…

  36. noodles November 11, 2010

    “I know right, Ciara’s CD is gonna fall faster then the stock market under Republican Rule!”

    LOL! You ain’t right for that one!

  37. Geronimo Deuces November 11, 2010

    go chris, i cant wait

  38. Beyonce OWNS your Fav. November 11, 2010

    “STFU you cow! Chris only hit a billy goat so run and tell PETA!”

    I gotsta use that one. I spit my water out when I read that.

  39. Jean alchemist November 11, 2010

    @queenofpopjanet, cb can sing,dance,write,compose,perform, what can wheelbarrow head fenty do?,i will wait 4 ur response,but u probably wont have a reasonable answer,youll probably give me her list of #1s,her sales list,call cb names,call me names,or tell me how gorgeous tampon hair is,all goatanna stans r lyk dat! Pity.

  40. mjliisu November 11, 2010

    it’s michael’s thriller font…ms brown should get over MJ and stop trying to be him…

  41. Rihanna’s Dusty Red Wig November 11, 2010

    So because it’s just a mixtape and not an album, he shouldn’t put any effort into making a decent cover? SMDH, yall need to quit making excuses for the boy. This s*** is a got damn mess and yall know it!

  42. GangsterA November 11, 2010

    i don’t like the cover but i will listen to the mixtape

  43. Bacqui November 11, 2010

    Chris can have his cracked dry lips on the whole cover I would still love it! Why? Simple, Am #TeamBreezy 24/7 u cant bring me or my Breezy down!, NEVER!!! LOVE DAT COVER WITH ALL MY HEART!

    @Beyonce Owns Your fav (excluding Breezy) and @Jean Alchemist…Yall gonna make me die of laughter!..

    @Sam…Did Breezy do sumthing to p*** u off? @Trent pliz come and save us!

  44. Secret Voice November 11, 2010

    Chris Brown is doing his thing! Now of course the usual haterz and their other names will dog him but like he said they are just ‘wallpaper’!

    Stay on the grind Chris! Deuces to ALL Bytches and Haterz!

  45. Secret Voice November 11, 2010

    For those that say “it’s just a mixtape”.Well Chris has made millions off Fan of a Fan.It spawned the mega hit Deuces and I’m hearing No Bullshyt being played on the radio now.

    Do it Breezy! Your haterz hate that you “Get Back Up”,Stay Up!

  46. Blue Kid November 11, 2010

    @ Secret Voice

    Hey Gurl! 🙂

    Our guy is really doing it and the haters can’t stop hating, nothing but wall paper. LOL

  47. Geronimo Deuces November 11, 2010

    thats my boy

  48. Sam November 11, 2010

    This isn’t the High Quality version up on twitter.

  49. ISTANFORCHRISBREEZY November 11, 2010

    I love chris he is too gorgeous
    but don’t know not really feeling the cover
    but whatever it’s about the music anyway
    i’ll defiently be buying it 🙂

  50. ISTANFORCHRISBREEZY November 11, 2010

    i love the people hatin on chris ,let me see y’all do better
    do your thing Baby Boy and let the haters hate
    that ‘s all they good for anyway 🙂

  51. I & I (yardie style) November 11, 2010

    I don’t see anything wrong with the cover. Counting down the days til Nov. 26th.

  52. ISTANFORCHRISBREEZY November 11, 2010

    “STFU you cow! Chris only hit a billy goat so run and tell PETA”-WHOO you go girl
    haha i gotta use this one

  53. Keesha November 12, 2010

    I think the cover is alright. I liked this twitpic when he posted it. I just care about the music on the mixtape really.

  54. VA STAND UP!! November 12, 2010

    @ Jubilant: He is a famous art designer. You know all those weird pics,CB uses as his backgrounds on twitter sometimes, he does stuff like that. I’m not really into that type of ‘art’ but I think he might be interesting for his album cover.

    @Noodles: You tell em!

    @Keesha: Me to! F*ck a cover, bring on the music!

    Are the Ciara stans still talking ish?? OMG I just can’t with you guys anymore! Lol! Tell me how does a FREE mixtape flop?? I mean really? Did he not just get a No. 1 PLATINUM
    single off of a mixtape?Do ya’ll really want to go there? LMAO! Ya’ll are gonna feel real silly when her albums flops hard! SMH! Keep making your girl look bad!

  55. ISTANCHRISBREEZY November 13, 2010

    Chris hit a woman?
    really i thought he hit a goat.ooops my bad

  56. ISTANCHRISBREEZY November 13, 2010

    I love chris brown
    btw the cover is starting to grow on me a little bit
    and guys it’s a MIXTAPE COVER aight?
    what do you want it to look like?
    his album cover is obviously gonna look better
    plus at the end of the day it’s about the music

  57. ISTANCHRISBREEZY November 13, 2010

    Actually the goat said that “it likes the way it hurts” so stfu

  58. ISTANCHRISBREEZY November 13, 2010

    Breezy’s Gonna Slay Bitchezzzzz

    GOATanna Alienty Who?
    go back to barbados wit yo non-singing ass b****

    and Chris :

  59. ISTANCHRISBREEZY November 13, 2010

    man i can’t believe the RIH-used Tampon Head Stans Come on a Chris Brown just to chat s*** like “girl beater” or “flop” and yet Y’all Get so mad when someone dares to say anything which isn’t exactly showering her with praise and you hate it when we come on her posts saying stuff like “she can’t sing” but yet y’all are doing the exact same thing right now
    you know what you are

    You Know YOU are the reason lots of people hate Rihanna (and of course the fact that she is so talentless) You need to bring down other artists (i.e chris brown)) to praise rihanna, instead of just saying “i like rihanna her music is good and i think she can sing”-but no EVERY SINGLE POST i’ve seen of yours ,you just HAVE to bring chris brown up
    why not focus on your fave more please it’s like you care more about what Chris Brown is doing than your own favourite …sad
    if rihanna had a concert you wouldn’t know about it cuz you would be too busy on thatgrapejuice chatting s*** about beyonce and chris brown

    and to all the rihanna fans let’s talk about your favourite topic “number 1’s” since that’s only arguement you have when someone says something bad about her since there’s not much to say about her …*ahem* “vocal abilties” or in her case Lack of
    answer this
    when was her last number 1
    and numbers don’t mean jack s***
    success dosen’t equal talent you know that
    chris brown is a really talented boy but he didn’t sell well (cuz of the incident)
    and rihanna might’ve sold more but not because lots of people like her music but because people feel sorry for her (yes i said it) and that was the whole point of the 20/20 Interview
    talent wins in the long term
    chris brown is gonna be legend
    rihanna is gonna be known as the girl who sang umbrella

  60. ISTANFORCHRISBREEZY November 16, 2010

    to all the CB Stans: the new deuces remix with Keri Hilson just came what do y’all think of it !
    i love it personally

  61. ISTANFORCHRISBREEZY November 16, 2010

    Ok this is totally off-topic !
    but dosen’t Riherpes new song what’s my name sound like such a CHEAP RIP-OFF of Deuces AND Get Back Up
    can you believe this b**** RihCycle

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