JLS Perform On ‘This Morning’

Published: Friday 26th Nov 2010 by Sam

Despite hitting #1 with ‘Love You More’, Pop pin-up’s JLS continued plugging the single this week -stopping by the This Morning show to perform it.

Check out Aston, JB, Ortise, and Marvin in action below…

Sigh. That sucked.

Randomness: If there’s one thing these terrible performances are underscoring, it’s that Marvin need not sing as often; his nasal vocals are an extra no no. On an up-side, (despite the doo-doo material) Aston is showing up his band-mates on an epic scale – making his solo break-out inevitable. (Yours truly still “can’t” with his Dark & Lovely perm, though).

Your thoughts?

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  1. Beyonslay November 26, 2010

    It really wasn’t that bad.. but since you’re so up Breezy’s a*** you wouldn’t know…..

  2. lakstar November 26, 2010

    breezy is way better that jls. no comparison needed!!

  3. rob November 26, 2010

    that was surprising good for them , vocals were there , JB and ASTON can definetly sing ,

  4. ChEeRfUl CyNiC XD November 26, 2010

    this morning still comes on?

  5. Hillz Willz November 26, 2010

    Why’s Marvin *vacuum cleaner* There, ortise *life101* and aston are definitely the best singers

  6. Iloveyouchrisbrown November 26, 2010

    i think you guys are hating too much,that was a descent performance

  7. antertain November 26, 2010

    I just can’t when Marvin sings.
    He’s just the worst singer in the bunch.

    This is a classic example of maybe he should be working less on his body and get the voice to come out from the diafram rather than the nose.

    Props to JB for showing improvements.

    Aston and Oritse can sing and getting closer to nailing the song on there sections.

    Last note the had on lock so all in all an bettwe showing from them except Marvin

  8. English Babe* November 26, 2010

    i like JLS! I hope they keep topping the charts, i miss the likes of BOYZ II MEN but hope JLS get far.

    There is always one member in a boy band/ girl band that can’t sing so goodluck JLS.

  9. carley November 30, 2010

    jls and jb are well cool

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