Chris Brown Webisode #3: ‘Breezy Art’

Published: Thursday 16th Dec 2010 by Trent

Here is the 3rd webisode of Chris Brown’s Mechanical Dummy series. In this edition, entitled ‘Breezy Art’, the entertainer speaks about his love for art and its influence on his life. Peep the video below:


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  1. LIS December 16, 2010

    regardless of his mistake his a legend and his only 21!!!!!

  2. Keesha December 16, 2010

    LOVE this!!!!!! Chris has so much talent.

  3. PLAIN AND SIMPLE December 16, 2010

    Damn Chris has so much talent. I love his art work also.

  4. Time To Shine December 16, 2010

    Best Songs of The Year

    10- Janelle Monae: “Cold War”

    9- Chris Brown Feat Tyga & Kevin McCall: “Deuces”

    8- Lady Gaga: “Alejandro”



    1- Justin Bieber
    2- Eminem
    3- Usher
    4- Chris Brown

    ( My friend asked me why i put Chris on the list even if he doesnt have a succesful album lately. Well, i explain them i make this list with some criterias : popularity this year (His fans are CRAZY on Twitter!), Buzz (His BET Awards memorable performance) of Course Hits songs (Deuces is one the most innovative and succesful urban song this year) Chris is a survivor and even if the medias balage him. He still fight for his F.A.M.E! I’m team Breezy B*tch)


  5. Keesha December 16, 2010

    @Time To Shine, I agree, except for the fact that I think that Janelle’s “Cold War” and Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” should switch places.

  6. lovinricb December 16, 2010

    Chris is just too damn talented for his own good….Love him.

  7. Secret Voice December 16, 2010

    I love Chris because he is NOT a follower.He is a not only a artist in song but he is an artist of canvas too.You Go Breezy!!!!!!!!

  8. itsme December 16, 2010

    Chris brown = AMAZING TALENT

  9. Breezythebest December 16, 2010

    I can see why people hate on Chris this man is so talented with his art his music his dancing he got basketball skills he’s good looking and only 21 years old, they can’t help but hate on him.Breezy the best.

  10. LANDEN’S FURY! December 16, 2010

    Breezy’s Been in his zone in four different

    faucets artistically for close to a year now.

    Based on the way the music over the music

    he’s been putting out has done nothing but

    get better over the course of the last year, F.A.M.E.

    is going to be a real Eye Opener for personal

    perspectives. I hear he’s to reveal a lot on this

    album. Definitely Looking Forward to it! Hater’s

    Anytime a hater gets on one of his blogs and hates,

    lets just remind ourselves that it’s nothing but a sure

    sign that there nervous because Breezy’s doing his thing.

    We have God, Breezy, and ourselves to thank for that!

  11. UGh December 16, 2010

    Graffitti is Grammy nominated

    Deuces b******!

  12. Time To Shine December 16, 2010

    @ KEESHA

    YES I AGREE But actually i combined the popularity of the song, the success, the reviews and the originality.

    I create this blog because at the end of my academic year I would be evaluated for its contents. Actually I am at a school in France for later become Art Critic. So Each days I have to write an article about music, literature, fashion, etc. and give my opinion. And see if my opinion interress people That’s why i do that.

    It’s very hard work! sometimes i just want to give it up 🙁

  13. WonderLand19 December 16, 2010


    Iam really lovin these webisodes. His being really creative with the whole thing. Also, i like that it has a documentary feel to it. This ulitmately pleases the fans.

    Good job Chris.

  14. ChEeRfUl CyNiC XD December 16, 2010

    so talented

  15. zania December 16, 2010

    We are witnessing a legion in a making. Chris is so talented, art, acting, singing, dancing, and writing.

  16. dwyane December 16, 2010


  17. Tracie December 16, 2010

    LOVE CHRIS BROWN>>>so creative! So different from the others!

  18. yeahUknow December 16, 2010

    love it, this is my favorite so far, he has a very creative view on things, and i love how he incorporates his art with his music 😀

  19. JASMINE24 December 16, 2010






  20. kc36 December 16, 2010

    He is alright with me. Love his music and love his art and love for it. Can’t wait for the album.

  21. Keesha December 16, 2010

    @Time To Shine I understand, I just wish that good music would be popular again. And don’t give up! Your blog is cool.

  22. Oceanmate December 16, 2010

    @ BreezytheBest I co-sign 100% Wow! You definitely see sooo much talent in this one human being; Chris Brown is also an artist with paint and brush….You’ve heard of a triple threat when it comes to talent, but check all his: Dancing, Singing, Actor, Model, Excutive Producer, Song Writer, Working with Charities, and he can play Basketball. If he was to create enough art for a show ; the crowd would over flow and all art would sale too fast.

  23. Oceanmate December 16, 2010

    ooh I forgot one “Stuntman” as in Takers the movie…(Ha)

  24. Blue Kid December 16, 2010

    Love it, I have seen his art, Chris Brown is so talented.

  25. love December 16, 2010

    His future is so bright we gone need to put shades on just to keep up with him lol , this man is simply amazing and i will forever be a fan of his music and his maturity and growth. he is so hansome and intellingent. God bless him 🙂

  26. Geronimo Deuces-Champion December 16, 2010

    littlemsnotalent will regret throwing him under the bus……. I dont know why they didnt warn her, I mean lets face it Jayz is married, if I was bey i would be throwing tantrums at home, why block chris why???

    c now grafitti is nominated but not rated r or whatever it is – karma is a biach

    go chris go i love you.

  27. lovinricb December 16, 2010

    Lets keep it clean Geronimo…this is a CB post.

  28. Queen Ci Ci December 16, 2010

    look at dis f**.


    Christopher I love you so much, and you make me so proud <3

  30. Sarah December 16, 2010

    It’s about time Chris showed the world how amazing he is. He is a blessed child. Be careful For people are very jealous of him. He has a strong family behind him. All in due time.


    @QUEEN CI CI I see your fave’s album sales have you bitter. Oops.

  32. Queen Ci Ci December 16, 2010

    got u b****** mad. yeah i said it. what u gone do b******.

    ciara best dancer EVER.

    f*** a micheal f** a beyaki a chris f** a d******** a tranet fatson n all dem otha b******

    ciara GOD of dance.

    stay mad

  33. VA STAND UP!!! December 16, 2010

    Damn! He is giving us these vids by the truck load isn’t he? Lol! I am not complaining but damn! What is this like the third this week? I kinda figured he would spread them out and release them like maybe once a month until the album release, but I guess not. Like I said, it’s a great lil treat for the fans, and it gives us a feel for who he really is. I don’t know whose idea it was to do these videos, but it was genius!

    I’ll admit I don’t really understand the art of ‘graffiti’. Some of it looks interesting but lot of it just creeps me the f*ck out! But I am not gonna make fun of it just cause I don’t understand it though. If he likes it, I love it! *shrugs* It’s obvious by his tats and his house, that he is really into it and seems to be good at it to.

    Usually the artist that are considered ‘legends’ are talented in many ways and are into different types of art. CB is no exception. I know he is so young and has a long way to go but I really do feel like he could be one of the greatest entertainers of our generation. I am so glad he is getting his stride back cause it would have been a shame to lose him in this industry. Can’t let talented artist like him go to waste cause they are too few and far in between.

    I love the song playing in the background too. One of my fave songs off the seriously underated but Grammy nominated ‘Graffiti’!

    Luv ya Breezy! ~TEAM BREEZY~ ALL DAY!

  34. Karma Smacked CB harder than he hit Rihanna December 16, 2010


    I see your fave’s album sales have you bitter. Oops

  35. the kiddz December 16, 2010

    I would smash Chris Brown, with the hat on. XD

  36. VA STAND UP!!! December 16, 2010

    Queen Ci Ci
    December 16, 2010 at 5:35 am
    got u b****** mad. yeah i said it. what u gone do b******.

    ciara best dancer EVER.

    f*** a micheal f** a beyaki a chris f** a d******** a tranet fatson n all dem otha b******

    ciara GOD of dance.

    stay mad


    Lol all I can do is laugh at you pathetic ass C-ERROR stans! Still talking all that ish when your girls album is expected to sell under 50K first week! Come on! Are you seriously coming for another artist? And did you disrespect Michael (C-ERROR’s idol) and Aaliyah (the one she stole her swag from). Really? Karma is gonna bite the hell out of your ass!

    We are not mad our boy is doing GREAT! Did you not know that he has FIVE songs on the charts right now?? ‘Yeah 3x’ (which is back in the top 20 of itunes) and expected to break top 20. ‘Deuces’ (we all know how well that did! First mixtape song in HISTROY to get a Grammy nod) ‘Make a Movie’ just cracked the top ten on the r&b charts and he now has two songs in the top ten. ‘No BS’ is now top 20 and will most definitely reach top ten soon! Last but not least his collaboration with TI ‘Get Back Up’.

    He currently has guest appearances on five albums out now. Dirty Money, Nelly, Tank, Keri Hilson and TI!

    Now answer me this….

    Where is your fave songs on the charts? ‘Speechless’?? ‘Gimme That’??

    Where is your fave songs on itunes??

    How many recent performances has your fave given her fans??

    Is your fave going on a World Tour??

    Does your fave have any collaborations with any big names artist out right now??


    We support our boy and he continues to give us quality music, entertaining videos and incredible performances! Are you mad cause your fave isn’t doing the same for you?? I guess so!

    Why don’t you stop throwing shade at other successful artist and embarassing yourself AND your fave and go out and buy as many copies of C-ERRORS flop album as you can! You don’t have time to spend in here when your girl is struggling so bad! We support our artist, why don’t you!




  37. VA STAND UP!!! December 16, 2010

    Karma Smacked CB harder than he hit Rihanna
    December 16, 2010 at 5:38 am

    I see your fave’s album sales have you bitter. Oops


    Actually no! We are not bitter at all! His THREE Grammy nods (including Best Contemporary R&b album) have totally made up for that! As long as his talent is recognized by his peers and he recieves the accolades he deserves we are happy! Sales aren’t everything as long as your talent is recognized!

    Now I bet your faves lack of nominations for her album have you bitter now don’t they! Opps!


  38. Keesha December 16, 2010


    I like Ciara and everything, but some of her stans are fools. You don’t come at MJ or CB, you just don’t.

  39. Karma Smacked CB harder than he hit Rihanna December 16, 2010

    @VA Sit Down

    Nope. My fave’s probably gonna win all the awards she was nominated for, and she’ll likely be performing at the show. Oops

    My fave isn’t a convicted felon. Oops, Oops

    I don’t have to compare my fave to Ciara to try to make him look good. Oops 3x

  40. lingling123 December 16, 2010

    @Karma Smacked CB harder than he hit Rihanna

    Why are you on a Chris Brown post. Go support your fav and let us get back to supporting ours.

  41. Keesha December 16, 2010

    I would hope that if you are going to come at CB fans that your fave would at least have talent because if your fave’s name starts with a ‘r’ and ends with an ‘a’, you really do NOT want to go there, you really don’t, especially after the way that person displayed their immaturity on twitter today.

    I’m Done!


    @QUEEN CI CI when you get to the point of delusion where you think Ciara is a better dancer than MJ, Chris, and Aliyah, there’s no reason even arguin with you. I’ll pray for and your fave’s album because both obviously need it.


    @VA STAND UP… I was talking to the Ciara stan… I wasn’t talking about Graffiti. Look at my username….


    Yall be preaching on here. Like really. lol

  45. Mr Wonderlick December 16, 2010

    this guy is improving in his life aND in his carrer is going to be a great man KEEP GOING BOY

  46. Geronimo Deuces-Champion December 16, 2010

    @Karma Smacked CB harder

    Rodney King………. now thats a beating (google him youll get my point)

  47. Secret Voice December 16, 2010

    For those that don’t understand what Graffiti Art is…It’s abstract art.

  48. Bluekid December 16, 2010

    I see we are talking to the wall paper again lol.
    Anywhooooo, A mind is a terrible thing to waste!

  49. Geronimo Deuces-Champion December 16, 2010

    im glad he is off twitter though i miss him there…… i like these videos more, cant wait for FAME.

    go chris go

    merry hoho to you

  50. HATIN IS FOR SUCKAS December 16, 2010

    The websode was very good and creative I love to see Breezy draw and talk about his creativity of the work art on his album or just in general.

    The haters are mad because their fav don’t show any type of love towards them. They fav only shows love towards them when it benifits her/him.

    Chris goes on ustream from time to time to talk to his fans and answers their questions and to update us on new projects coming out. He also gives us free music and goes on twitter from time to time to thank his fans for the love and support and says how much he loves us.

    So I understand how Chris haters feel they fav don’t do the stuff that are fav does for us so they come in here and shade Chris because of it or to try and get the love that are fav gives to us.

    December 16, 2010 at 6:46 am
    I would hope that if you are going to come at CB fans that your fave would at least have talent because if your fave’s name starts with a ‘r’ and ends with an ‘a’, you really do NOT want to go there, you really don’t, especially after the way that person displayed their immaturity on twitter today.

    I’m Done!

    I totally agree with that comment she showed a lot of immaturity today but they say Chris needs to grow [oh ok right]. Chris tryed to stop the stan war and she sent her stans to supposely drag a MJ stan on twitter who replyed to her on twitter. Very childish of her now we see who needs to grow up.

  51. Lonny December 16, 2010

    He is very talented. He’s only 21 and has time to continue to make good decisions in his life. His creativity in this video inspired me. He should release a full documentary with his album like Bow Wow is doing.

  52. Geronimo Deuces-Champion December 16, 2010

    ^^^ that would be dope

  53. Geronimo Deuces-Champion December 16, 2010

    Chris brown broke a world record! 1st single off a mixtape to be nominated for the highest award ever. The Grammys is a single awarding body packed full of reputable professionals with qualifications to the ceiling, every artist’s dream. Congatulations Chris, K-MAC, Tyga, Colin Tilley & TeamBreezy included its been a tough year. If “Deuces” win in its category, game is already over…That will p*** someone and his crew off big time.

    Go chris

  54. Misty December 16, 2010

    Chris is so damn talented…art, music, dance. He’s an packaged entertainer. I just cannot WAIT for that FAME album!

  55. Misty December 16, 2010

    S/N to the haters…

    At least Chris’ nominations are actually HIS and he isn’t tagging along to another person’s track to get noms for grammy’s….



    @Geronimo…. Um… Chris has been back on twitter for months. –> @chrisbrown
    Over a million followers and everything…

  57. VONiE December 16, 2010

    I hope he doesn’t start lookinqq like Lil Wayne w| al dem tattoos

  58. kody December 16, 2010

    yeah3x is climbing itunes like hell its number 17 at this moment and did yall see the green goblin video its tite

  59. fridgefreezy December 16, 2010

    the guy is just so damn talented, even though he made a mistake the guy is still an idol to me! next album i feel will be massive! oh by the way what is the song that is playing throughout the video? deuces!

  60. vivica December 16, 2010

    Yeah x3, he’s into art, talented, a Grammy nomination for his ‘Grafitti’…… oh and a good dancer, singer, big deal!!!!!!

  61. The Real Fist Brown December 16, 2010

    I see TGJ hasn’t been getting many hits for my posts lately. That means no one gives a s*** about me anymore. My posts only got a lot of hits when Rihanna was mentioned. Ive always had to live in her shadow when dating her. Listen up team Breezy buy my music even though I don’t respond to y’all on twitter. I have better things to do. Now buy my music and let’s make it number one or I’ll delete my twitter again. I love my fans 🙂

  62. Breezythebest December 16, 2010

    @OCEANMATE Chris be Killin’em. If I were to list all this man’s talent and accomplishments haters might want to kill themselves.LOL

  63. almostpia December 16, 2010

    I loved this is my favorite thusfar. I am so happy that CB and CBE have learned to use multimedia to share his passions of music and art. I’m sure he will do a great job performing in San Jose tonight. I love seeing Dirty Diana walking with cute!

  64. Breezythebest December 16, 2010

    Listen up Haters the fact that you took the time to search for a Chris Brown post and comment leads me to believe that Chris is more RELEVANT then you want to admit .Right about now according to your predictions Chris should have been done and over with and you would be right if he wasn’t a motherfucking Champion.Chris still killin’em even after all the b******* was said and done.Stay mad B******, if I were you i’ll be mad too.

  65. almostpia December 16, 2010

    Many of the wallpaper had predicted that his career was over but in 2010 he has 3 Grammy nominations, #1 song, #1 movie, and Yeah 3x by next week will be in the top 20 of Hot 100. I’m so happy for him and his real fans whose lives are not dependent on a tweet don’t really care. He let’s us know he loves us in his music and more.

  66. PLAIN AND SIMPLE December 16, 2010

    @Hatin is for Suckas

    MJ has alot of followers even though he’s not here now. I hope that MJ fans were not fans of hers because that will be a done deal for her.

    MJ is a legend and have fans all over the world.

    Anywhoo I just love Chris doing the Webisode for his fans.

    Request, Request Yeah 3x

  67. Secret Voice December 16, 2010

    Right now I have the radio on this pop station and they played a Chris Brown promo for the station and now Yeah3x is being played.One thing I will say about this station though is that even while my little brother was going through his storm,they PLAYED his music,not the NEW stuff at the time from Graffiti but they played his old stuff on the regular1

    Shout out to Wild 105.7!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Secret Voice December 16, 2010

    Breezy up in the biaaaaaatch! A haterz biggest nightmare is Chris gaining in Pop radio!

  69. Auntie Jackie December 16, 2010

    Talented guy, clearly. No one can deny that. May not be everyone’s taste, but he’s talented none-the-less.

    @ Queen CiCi
    Ciara is a great dancer and entertainer; she’s grown vocally, too. I’m convinced, though that there is something other than poor promotion and less-than-consistent work ethic holding her back: her voice.

    People expect more from Ciara’s voice, that she just can’t deliver. Rihanna for example, has no such expectations, so people mind less that she isn’t a great singer.

    Ciara COULD BE on Beyonce or Gaga’s level. She is a master entertainer, good-looking, great body, nice personality. It’s her just a little less than average voice, along with a WACK team that holds her back.

  70. kody December 16, 2010

    its funny how haters were like this song yeah3x was going to flop because of the white and pop world would not allow it its cool how s*** change in less than a year 2011 CHRIS BROWN YEAR

  71. Oceanmate December 16, 2010

    Dear Wallpaper please get the help that you need…………..
    You change your name, but your avatar tells that it’s still you. Therealfistbrown=Double Standards=The Real Nicky. You have brain damage b*tch!

  72. Blue Kid December 16, 2010

    Can’t stop that Prince Chris M. Brown reign.

  73. Blue Kid December 16, 2010

    Don’t worry wallpaper you want be catching me on your fav post know time soon.

  74. Oceanmate December 16, 2010

    @Blue Kid
    You wont find me checking (the un-named one)’s page either; for I have no interest in that one, but I can’t help but notice that no one is checking for their favs by the small number of hits to their favs post. Damn, such a shame that shine slowly fading from their favs because theyre over on this post….haaaaaaaaaaaa.

  75. HATIN IS FOR SUCKAS December 16, 2010

    Nicky has no #Shame in her #Game because she lets it be known that she has a lot of different personalities on this site.

    We understand you mad because your fav don’t show the love that are fav shows to us we understand that don’t give yourself a headache or stress over it. We understand your fav only cares about you when it benifits her we understand that. We can truely understand why you mad because your fav well never go on ustream or give out free music or do websodes for her fans.

    Its ok to be mad and its also ok to want the love that are fav gives to us.

  76. Diana December 16, 2010

    Chris brown is so young he still has time to rebuild his career to what it once was. I think he will be 24 when he gets off probation and if he keeps up the good work this man can be standing at the top of the music biz by then.

  77. Blue Kid December 16, 2010

    @ Oceanmate

    I was lurking over at their fav blog and they where on there talking about going on vacation, what classes are you taking next year, I wish I could speak Japaneses, I’m Japaneses but I speak Korean……..etc..
    They talk on subjects that has nothing to do with their fav. Than Nicki be on there giving status and stats and number that don’t equate. LOL

    Shame when your fav is so boring you can’t make an honest opinion about them.

    Anywhoooooo that’s what wallpaper does.

    Chris Brown sure looks delicious.

  78. Blue Kid December 16, 2010

    Chris Brown looks mighty delicious! 🙂

  79. tae December 16, 2010

    can someone upload this to youtube please

  80. VA STAND UP!!! December 16, 2010

    Awww..look at how sweet it is in here!A few lames tried to spoil the mood (but failed miserably), but ~TEAM BREEZY~ came back hard and shut em down! Good job ~TEAM BREEZY~

    Well I gonna post his chart positions but I can see someone already did! I’m hella late! I was actually busy at work today! Go figure!

    I was frantic this morning cause something was wrong with the Billboard Hot 100 charts this morning and at first ‘Yeah 3x’ wasn’t showing up at all! Then it was showing at No. 33 the same postition it was last week, and I was like WTF?? It’s back in top 20 on iTunes it has to have moved up to at least top 30! Then finally I saw around 9 o’clock they had fixed it and it was at No.22! ‘Yeah 3x’ will move totop 20 next week! Yaaasss! Even though I don’t listen to the song! Lol!

    I was right! it did just like ‘Deuces’, it dipped a lil bit and then picked up steam and is doing very well! Hopefully it will be top ten soon! *crosses fingers*

    Not only is ‘Yeah 3x’ doing great on the Hot 100, but CB currently has TWO songs in the top ten on the r&b charts and ‘No BS’ is sitting pretty at No. 11 and is sure to move up to top ten next week! Then he will have THREE songs in the top ten! ‘No BS’ even made a debute onto Hot 100 this week and ‘Make a Movie’ moved up to No. 80!

    I know the haters and the ‘you know who’ stans are mad as hell that’s why they are not in here but we know they are lurking! When you keep wishing bad on someone and rooting for them to fail it backfires! Just like they said he would get no Grammy nods, and he wound up with 3 and their fave didn’t get any for that supposed ‘crittically acclaimed’ album! Ha! Karma is a B*TCH and it will continue to bite you b*tches in the ass the longer you continue to throw shade and downplay his success!


  81. Secret Voice December 16, 2010

    @ VA Standup….Oh it’s gaining big time.I look at it all the on youtube and last week it had like 1,970,000 views,now it has over 3,000,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. HATIN IS FOR SUCKAS December 16, 2010

    Ingrid Okonta
    December 16, 2010 at 11:05 pm
    i don’t respect people who “stan” for whoever is HOT at the moment. . fair weathered b******. i`m an unconditional stan for my fav. #Bossshit

    I agree I don’t stan for sales or #1 singles I stan for talent. Its ok to be a stan for someone but only being a stan for them just because they have #1 singles or #1 albums means to me that they don’t care about talent.

    So thats means if you can’t sing or dance you just have an ok body and a ok face and your songs are catchy and you perform on stage half naked and have #1 singles then thats all they care about.

    Whats her name stans get mad when people talk about their fav not having talent but try to go in on artist who actually has talent.

    Ciara may not have the best singing voice but she sure can get on that stage and kill it. I would rather see her in concert then whats her name.

    Janet Jackson also may not have the best singing voice but she sure will rock the stage like know other.

    Of course Chris he can sing, dance, write music, draw, and plenty more.

    So I understand why they hate on artist who actually has talent. A few years from now their fav might not be here because the next big thing might come and take her spot.

  83. Oceanmate December 17, 2010

    @Blue Kid
    Haaaaaaaaaaaa That is so funnnny! I know that the war is over that would make for a very funny commercial. I love TeamBreezy’s momentum and focus, Hey that’s why we love Chris Brown so…He’s focused and just watch his momentum!

  84. Blue Kid December 17, 2010

    @ Oceanmate

    Wallpaper are a sad bunch!

    I have been with Chris Brown during the bad times and I will be with him during the good times.

  85. Oceanmate December 17, 2010

    Yeeeeeah three times, LOL

  86. Ciana December 17, 2010


  87. Oceanmate December 17, 2010

    @Ingrid Okonta
    Hey I just followed you on Twitter…TeamBreezy 24/7

  88. Time To Shine December 17, 2010


  89. Time To Shine December 17, 2010

    IT’S BREEZY B****

  90. melo February 15, 2013

    how the fk u gonna have a legend and grandmasta graffiti artist:SNOW QM8 FX paint your sht and not mention him as one of your favorites. Sht is fraudulent!

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