Nelly Talks Album Sales With ThisIs50

Published: Thursday 16th Dec 2010 by Trent

Nelly sat down with ThisIs50 recently. The rapper spoke about an array of topics including his acting career and how he stays motivated to created music.

Nelly also elaborated on the criticism that he has faced because of the relatively low sales of his ‘Nelly 5.0’ and ‘Brass Knuckles’ album. See what he had to say below:


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  1. Time To Shine December 16, 2010


  2. carl December 16, 2010


  3. Secret Voice December 16, 2010

    I recall Nelly making negative statements against Black women probably a month or so before his cd was released,so maybe just maybe those women decided not to buy his cd.

  4. Oceanmate December 16, 2010

    Nelly, it’s all good, you just been gone for a minute and it’s time to really bring IT!

  5. ol girl December 16, 2010

    I’m sorry that album is being slept on, it rolls from beggining to end. I mean its dope and is super cross over his label is jerks!

  6. Kingsly December 16, 2010

    The reason why the album did bad is because he made ‘Move that body’ a single which got negative reviews!

  7. VA STAND UP!!! December 16, 2010

    @Secret Voice: Really?? I didn’t know that! What the hell did he say? Oh well, I didn’t buy the album anyway! *shrugs*

    Honestly the only album of Nelly’s I have is ‘Nellyville’. I was never really that big a fan of his like that, but I did really like that album. I did hear that this album was pretty good and had a lot of different sounds on it. To me Nelly has always been that dude with the really great fun club songs, I never considered him a great lyricist or anything like that. I am sure he is disappointed with his sales from this album, but he is still one of top five most successful rappers ever so, he shouldn’t feel to bad. *shrugs*

    He needs to go on ahead and do a video for that song with CB and Plies. I think that has the potential to do really well. Maybe the one with Keri too for the pop charts. I don’t know what the hell he was thinking with that song with TPain though. Ugh! So annoying!

    Good luck Nelly! It appears you need it!

  8. Lostonez December 16, 2010

    damn he sound like he really upset ..but i would to..

  9. Secret Voice December 16, 2010

    @ VA Stand-up….

    This is a synopsis of what he said…..It was in October of this year that Nelly basically spoke on his views as to “why HE feels many Black women being single”.He basically stated that ‘Black women don’t know how to act which many Black women thought was interesting considering that while he was with Ashanti “he slept with a stripper and she became pregnant”.Many of us saw him as just another bitter man who was not being responsible in his relationship with Ashanti,complaining about Black women because he wasn’t acting right.

    I have never bought his music,so I wasn’t affected by what he said but my best friend older sister who is around his age was upset and she DID NOT buy his cd because of what he said and she WAS a BIG FAN,she even threw away past stuff she’d bought from him,even took all of his music off her I-Pod,and that’s when I knew shyt was serious! I get the feeling that many Black women that liked him probably felt as she did.

  10. LEEK December 16, 2010

    Nelly started catching flack because of the Tip Drill video. Spelman College students boycotted a bone marrow drive he was supposed to do at the school. They stated that he shouldn’t perform because his video objectified women. After his sister died from Leukemia he critized the students on a BET special, he questioned the fact that they had no problem boycotting an event that was bring awareness about a serious diesease but not boycot the strip clubs that they pass by eveyday.

    Even a few people that were outspoked about boycotting Nelly felt that they didn’t go about it the correct way.

  11. Kay-T December 20, 2010

    yo wussup this kay-t tha FASTEST RAPPER out there and im representin fo ma boy t-pain on that “motivated” track yal go check it out on youtube jus type in t-pain kay-t and get a bar of that aight 1-

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