Hot Shots: Jennifer Hudson At The 33rd Annual Kennedy Center Honors

It looks like Jennifer Hudson is still losing weight. The singer was spotted at the 33rd Annual Kennedy Center Honors last evening in Washington looking even slimmer than she was in her last public appearance. More images are available below via Singers Room:

What do you think of the pics?

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  1. LOL December 6, 2010


  2. Quanberg December 6, 2010

    WTF is she doing to herself !!! No No Jen this is not gonna work !!!

  3. Geronimo Deuces December 6, 2010

    even with her new body, i dont think if she can wear a bikini…………… lol at her legs

  4. the kiddz December 6, 2010

    I hope she doesn’t have a tape worm; she’s losing too much weight. Her head just doesn’t look right on that body.

  5. GangsterA December 6, 2010

    lookin good but yeah she need to stop losing weight

  6. Nick December 6, 2010

    Yeah this is too much., sum people look good thick!

  7. KELENDRIA ROWLAND December 6, 2010

    She is FAT!

    Support Ms kelly!

  8. annie! :] December 6, 2010

    i’m glad she’s healthier but i miss thick Jen :/

  9. Blue Kid December 6, 2010

    We’re going have to get use to looking at a whole new Jennifer Hudson, she is getting down to the size that is healthy for her I hope.

    Loosing weight will change your appearance, when she is done we will see the new Jennifer.

  10. Blue Kid December 6, 2010

    Who’s taking these pictures with half an head?

  11. 2BAD2BME December 6, 2010


  12. luvmedj December 6, 2010

    I’ma need for her to cut it out, she was cute in the lil commercials, now she’s jus goin on a weight loss joy ride and its not lookin cute. Thats enuff now Jen Jen.

  13. Dave December 7, 2010

    She looks good. If she’s happy, I’m happy. Stop the hate.

  14. Chile Please!! December 7, 2010

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! We need to sit her ass down again for a retake on Thanksgiving Dinner that just past. She is loosing waaaaaaaaaaay too much weight…it don’t look right especially around the neck area. I think she looked fine when she was thick… she’s starting to look, “Rattle Me Bones!” Horrid!

  15. MISHKA December 7, 2010

    W’all know there’s a big big problem (no pun intended) if Jennifer has become skinnier then Beyoncé. WTH?

  16. lola December 7, 2010

    Her weight doesn’t suit her. Look at her head, it’s bigger than her body! I don’t want to go hard on Jen because she isn’t out there selling s** and trying to be this s** symbol unlike many singers and actresses but she looked wonderful on the weight watchers commercial! She was the perfect size for her frame and height! I think she lost 15 pounds more than she should have. People who lose a lot of weight need to be careful because if they lose too much, they can end up looking weird. I’m glad she’s gotten healthy, but I believe she over did it.

  17. Dani December 7, 2010

    When Fat people lose ALOT of weight their heads look HUGE!!! Not a Good look at all!!

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