Nicole Scherzinger Reveals New Single (Listen To Snippet)

Published: Thursday 6th Jan 2011 by Sam

Although Nicole Scherzinger‘s recent single ‘Poison’ fared well here in Europe, the song was a non-starter in her biggest market – the US . Hence, the former Pussycat Doll will no doubt be hoping her forthcoming single makes a dent on her home-turf too.

Speaking to That Grape Juice last month, Scherzinger confirmed that the single, the 2nd to be lifted from her as yet untitled sophomore LP, is due within a matter of weeks. And, although  the song has yet to hit the airwaves, the 33 year old star confirmed its title while doing the promotional rounds on DJ Dave Aude‘s radio show.

Find out what the song is titled, and listen to a brief snippet (as well as the full demo) after the jump…

Talking to Aude, Scherzinger revealed that the single is titled ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’. Take a listen to a very brief snippet below, as well as the Keri Hilson (ft. Timbaland) demo version thereafter.


While I’ll hold judgement until hearing the song in its entirety, something about the demo strikes me as more instantaneous than the actual song. Still, the jury won’t convene until the track surfaces in full (which won’t be long).

Your thoughts?

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  1. Trixx January 6, 2011

    I like. Sounds more like a Keri joint than a Nicole one. #justsaying

  2. Beyonslay January 6, 2011


    She brings nothing new to the industry, same as Katy Perry. Both bubblegum pop which will be forgotten about in a few years

  3. Josh January 6, 2011

    This is so very Keri inspired. Love the Timberland production. Not sure how quickly or how well the world will receive Nicole’s take on this track. Definitely a disconnection from PCD material though.

  4. aries_BLU January 6, 2011

    The Demo is Scherzinger, but the four minute song that is posted is definitely Keri Hilson. It is not difficult to hear the difference in their voices. So Keri wrote and sang the song for Nicole. We have to wait to hear how Nicole sounds, but she honestly doesn’t interest me nor seem to bring anything new to the table. Maybe she can find a career in Europe.

  5. Justin January 6, 2011

    The demo has better beat, feels more R&B. Damn Nicole should’ve just kept the original production of the song. Her version is slowed down and has a boring beat..

    But I will support her though. She’s one talented lady, she was amazing on Rent and Dancing With The Stars.

  6. Aryo January 6, 2011

    didnt like it first but now i love it!

  7. SparkD January 6, 2011

    You can hear the hook and melody better with Nicole’s version, but the beat is so much better with Keri’s version.

  8. GangsterA January 6, 2011

    sound like a winner to me can’t wait to hear it in full

  9. JAHLAL January 6, 2011

    2011 IS YOUR YEAR!

  10. Stefano January 6, 2011

    What an ignorant and stupid people, Nicole is 32 not 33. Her birthday is in june 29. And I like very much her second single.

  11. CHECKMATE January 6, 2011

    She’s a flop. Stay in UK. We wont miss ya in the US. Her career is boiled down to being a lame ass judge on reality shows, and not a very good one at that. No one is checking her out in the states. #EPICFAIL.

  12. Tom January 6, 2011

    We’ll have your Nicole if you just keep that damn Bieber away from our shores!

  13. CHECKMATE January 6, 2011


    Blame Canada! They caused that no talent Bieber hot mess to be exported in the first place. Youtube should be banned in Canada, just sayin.. 😉

  14. Aryo January 6, 2011


  15. Poisonous January 6, 2011

    it sounds better than Keri’s version…

  16. mindgames January 6, 2011

    keri obviously did it better. keri even outshined her in the Scream song

  17. sugarwalls January 6, 2011

    she ain’t gonna make it without the rest of the dolls!!!

  18. Poisonous January 6, 2011

    @Mindgames.. Outshined her how? Oviasly Keri got a long verse.. Stop being a H** n take a seat hun.. @Sugawalls… U jst lyk the rest of them.. STAY PRESSED H**

  19. NE-YO*STAN January 6, 2011

    Nicole’s looking quite lovely in that photo, if I do say so myself. I will peep vocal game after work.

  20. JT January 6, 2011


  21. TJ January 6, 2011

    The demo is better and will also be released with the new Dave Audé single version.
    btw…. “Poison” wasn’t a non-starter in the US. It was never released in the US (to radio or to iTunes). Stoopid trent/sam d*mb*sses. get your facts str8!

  22. Terron January 6, 2011

    The snippet is wack as f***. And why does she look like a bougie ass catwoman in that picture? I was behind her solo career at first (“Whatever You Like” was dope) but she’s coming back with THIS? Girl, good day. Next.

  23. SAM January 6, 2011

    i love both of them! but keri’s better judging by what i hear now…nicole’s sound way too techno ish losing the essence of the song

  24. anthony freeman January 6, 2011

    nicole needs 2 stop she sounds like s***…keri did a much betta job

  25. Kyle January 6, 2011

    Nicole didn’t send Poison to the radio here in the US, so it isn’t so much that she failed as she just didn’t give it a shot yet (this time around of course, we know she has more flops under her belt than anyone).

  26. McLean January 6, 2011

    She looks like a wax figure. Flop!

  27. Katrina Carter January 6, 2011

    She sucks as a solo artist. Her ass should have stuck with the pussycat dolls.

  28. Dunster January 6, 2011

    It’s funny how some front women think they’re better than they actually are. If this doesn’t work she should consider motherhood as she is getting on. This sis her last chance.

  29. Aryo January 6, 2011

    f*** off haterz!

  30. Jer January 6, 2011

    Omg… RELEASE THE DAMN RECORD ALREADY. We don’t need another 3 singles and then the album gets scrapped AGAIN lmfao are you kidding me. This b**** has been out for 3 years, released 5 singles, and hasn’t released an album yet.

  31. ZER0 January 6, 2011

    She look like that damn villain from snow white in that pic

  32. ZER0 January 6, 2011

    *I meant sleeping beauty. Maleficent

  33. Poisonous January 6, 2011


  34. lola January 7, 2011

    The demo is okay.. just very generic R&B/POP joint produced by Timabalnd. Nicole is a horrible singer. She sounds like a raspy, old, grandmother. I really don’t like her as a music artist and I don’t like the fact that she was the diva in the PCD. She’s flopping from left to right and she deserves to. She already had her damn unfair shine in PCD. She brings nothing new to the table and her music sucks.

  35. Aryo January 7, 2011

    thats just watchu think ^^^ she shits on yo fav… nic is one of the best live performers… u better watch her DD and pcd world tour performances… she sings without any breath taking problem while dancing!!

  36. Work! January 7, 2011

    Please note, that Nicole now has a UK Manager there for none of her current singles or album will be released in the US for awhile, she is focusing on the UK and Europe first and then the album will be released stateside later in the year when she starts her new job on X Factor USA

  37. Bob January 8, 2011

    I will always support Nicole – she’s an amazing and talented young woman. The fact that she’s gorgeous is good too. As for her popularity in the States, it took a lot of votes to beat an Olympian on Dancing With The Stars.

  38. ISTANFORCHRISBREEZY January 8, 2011

    i love it!!!!!!! i think it’s better than poison

  39. Cheers (Drink to That) January 9, 2011

    Poison was amazing!

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