Freshly Squeezed: Introducing…Gail Scott

Published: Tuesday 15th Mar 2011 by Sam

Ever keen to spotlight fresh new talent, That Grape Juice introduces you to Gail Scott.

Signed in a joint venture between Universal Motown and Jeep Boys Ent, the 19 year old Bronx native is making quite the buzz behind the scenes. Indeed, one look and listen makes the reasoning for such attention immediately apparent. For, not only is the singer-songwriter stunning, she – most importantly – is immensely talented. A fact folk get a taste of on her sassy new teaser single ‘Jack N Jill’.

The hotter than hot cut was produced by Soundz (Rihanna, Ciara, Kelly Rowland) and is but a sample of what to expect from her debut album. Tentatively titled ‘Tuff’ (Scott’s nickname), the set is expected to arrive in stores later this year and boasts production from the likes of Tricky Stewart, Infinity, Soundz, Drumma Boy, among others. Put simply Ms. Scott is poised to make a splash. A big one at that.

Take a listen to ‘Jack N Jill’ below and let us know what you think…


For more on Gail Scott, check out her Official Youtube page. And be sure to follow her on Twitter


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  1. Robier March 15, 2011


  2. HA-HA March 15, 2011



  3. Topman March 15, 2011

    Erm, I see and hear no reason so far why I should pay attention to her…

  4. LAMB 4 LIFE March 15, 2011

    nothing special

  5. AHLEYLOVE March 15, 2011


  6. lmbowtf March 15, 2011

    omg please thers nothing speacil about her she is just another pretty face..yeah she can sing and all..but im lookin for real talent.artist who can sandg,write their own musiq,and just talented period..we already have a rihanna ..lmbo uhh trent im starting to judge you musical taste…O_o give us something different

  7. Sirkassidy March 15, 2011

    lol wtf really cute song but “JillnJack” she is talking about you aint getting not Va jay jay so you better jack off tonight lmbo ..uhh we will see what she is made of I have yet to be wowed by her nothing out of the box about her I see

  8. Blanco Family March 15, 2011

    is this a leftover track off Rihanna’s LOUD album?? the content is not original.. she sounds like ester dean.. teyana taylor esque. WE ALREADY GOT STARS LIKE THIS. she doesnt stand out to me sorry…
    you better ” jack” (masturbate) cuz u aint gettin “Jill tonight” wow okay. lol we alredi got rihanna and willow

  9. AuntieJackie March 15, 2011

    It’s O.K.

    I’d like to see someone with real flavor instead of label manufacturing it.

  10. Sirkassidy March 15, 2011

    she is pretty tho

  11. dfekndfk March 15, 2011

    too much autotune…..nothing special….again why does thatgrapejuice always post ishh ABOUT NO-BODY’S.

  12. LIfeee March 15, 2011

    sooo where are the REAL SAAAAAAANGERS at?????

    I sick of all this fast temp/dance records. I need some new REAL SOUL and R&B in my life!!!!!

  13. LIfeee March 15, 2011

    …but uhhh “cute” song over all. It just okay.. she’s pretty though

  14. Robier March 15, 2011

    @Blanco Family …… Yesss lol

  15. Blanco Family March 15, 2011

    @lifee i’ll killl to hop in a time machine and fly back to the 90’s R&B PRIME!

  16. Blanco Family March 15, 2011

    @ROBIER lol 4 reall tho! we get the same recycled music from so many new artists they jusy come and go…

  17. TIMMI March 15, 2011

    Lmao at how this f** hyped up this b*******, and I’m listening to it and it is literally a left over Rihanna track. Deadass, this sounds like a fusion of Rihanna tracks, particularly “Raining Men”.

    If Rihanna came with this tacky trash those f*** would be hating hard, talking about the quality of stuff she sings about. And what’s more is she could sing it to make it much more infectious.

    & I’m watching this girl on YouTube and she can barely sing, wtf. #ICant

    Face it Samantha and Trentisha, Rihanna tasted Chris’ noodle d*** and you never will. Move on.

  18. SundayNews March 15, 2011

    She used to hang with Tokkyo Diiva who a rocked out version of Teyana Taylor..but they came up around the same time. Tokkyo did the “Bad Girls Club” song..that had the rap on it. Her and Gail were good together but I guess she’s ok alone

  19. Dave March 15, 2011

    You need to post Ciara’s new song “If Only.” But, I actually like this song. It’s not all that (because of her vocals), but I like it nonetheless.

  20. Blanco Family March 15, 2011

    @DAVE what frustrates me about ciara is ..why does she leave her best songs off the album?? u always hear her best s***.. when its unreleased or if its a leftover why the hell aint it on her album???? if she had put all the HOT ASS SONGS she made and put it on basic insticnt,the sales wudda picked up that album is weak.. no shade to ciara cuz i stan but that album just sounds like she just threw 11 random songs on it n just released it.

  21. huh????? March 15, 2011

    sound like a better vocal Minja

  22. luvey March 15, 2011

    She is uber pretty and today that is really all that counts

  23. Be BETTER not “Bitter!” March 15, 2011

    This is Not Any Quality Music to be on the look out for a song about jackin off really is that what this site has been reduced to promoting as Hotness All the While dissin Rihanna and saying that Beyonce makes shallow music. SERIOUSLY ::DEAD STARE & BLANK FACE::

    In addition her vocals are very, very Average!

  24. Blanco Family March 15, 2011

    @HUH nicki is garbage she has no talent what so ever and thats the truth, she just a pretty face..
    @LUVEY i agree, if shes s***, who cares if her song is wack……………………… i hate this era in music

  25. tofu March 15, 2011

    to many of these type of girls, I would never buy that stuff

  26. Sarah March 16, 2011

    Love the song! Clever concept !
    I can’t believe this talented girl is being compared to Teyana Taylor! No comparison Vocally!!
    I checked out Gail Scott’s youtube page and she has a beautiful voice. She is diverse people should check it out before they judge her!
    Hope to hear more from this artist!

  27. Shanw March 16, 2011

    I Love this song !
    Its young, fresh, and new! This song is pretty much for teens and young adults….If you happen to be older you are’nt reallly expected to like this anyway….

  28. Teflon Boy March 16, 2011


  29. Teflon Boy March 16, 2011

    ^and the nerve to claim she’s ‘immensely talented’…, I know you have to earn money for the site but seriously if you must accept record label bribes to promote lacklustre new signings, reign in the superlatives and don’t straight up lie cos with that comment you really embarrass yourself and the TGJ brand.

  30. vegasgirl March 16, 2011

    Unfortunately, I didn’t hear anything that I thought was special, unique. She’s cute and has a “cute ” voice but what is different about what she is bringing? I LOVE new talent joining the scene to make a mark but I don’t know about this one. She must write or produce or something if she is “immensly talented”. Good luck though girl, she’s signed to a major, she is probably going to get plenty of money thrown behind her, she could be a star…..who knows?

  31. awww… you mad ? March 16, 2011

    bwahaha this b**** sucks ass hard her voice an looks are average. there are plenty of gorgeous chicks on YouTube that can sing circles around her an she butchered that Alicia keys song to the point of no return why is it that these somewhat cute h*** think they can sing when they cant ?

  32. Harvey March 16, 2011

    She HOTT…watch on her you tube page how she killed the star spangle bander she was awesome.her voice needs edgy nd less cuteness that’s all.

  33. HALF AMAZIN March 16, 2011



  34. steezknofashionn March 16, 2011

    ..blaahh ,itz not all daht .

  35. meonthefloor March 16, 2011

    I hear this on the radio constantly! Its her 1st song! Yal are so critcal but you love idiots like Lady GaGa! Ugh! YAL dont know what the hell you wont! Somebody like JHUD comes with a nice rnB song and yal say she need to speed it up! Then dance comes yal say slow it down! THATGRAPEJUICE= HATERVILLE

  36. RosaRubbel March 16, 2011

    It’s her first single and she’s 19, so this is absolutely appropriate. The beat sounds very cool and she is very pretty. I will keep an eye on her. Her voice is pretty cool though (you should listen to her cover of ‘No One’)

  37. Jenesis March 18, 2011


  38. natishia March 24, 2011

    all you n***** need to stop haten on her

  39. Deidre April 5, 2011

    I don’t understand why everybody is being so cold towards the girl. yes there is too much autotune which is sad because this girl can REALLY sing! (check out her youtube page) I don’t see why she is being compared to Rihanna because RIHANNA CANNOT SING! I think gail is the next big thing and I hope she makes it FAAAARRR! She’s not just a pretty face, she has a voice that needs to be heard so all of you who are making rude comments need to SIT!!!

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