Christina Aguilera: “I Want To Make A Rock Record”

Published: Friday 1st Apr 2011 by Sam

As Pop diva Christina Aguilera attempts to rebound after a tumultuous 2010, long-time collaborator Linda Perry has spoken up about the singer. The ‘Beautiful’ songwriter opened up in a recent interview about the singer’s nonchalant response to criticism, going against the label grain, and her acknowledging of mistakes made with chart catastrophe ‘Bionic’.

Excerpts after the jump…


Christina’s always had the bad rap. So, it’s not like this is happening all of a sudden… she’s always had it. That’s something between Christina, her fans, the public, and the energy of the world. That’s something only Christina and the energy can figure out what’s going on there. But, as far as I’ve known her, everybody’s always given her a hard time. She’s a different little bird. You know, she’s not really out a lot and when she does go out, people are gonna grab things. Like, is she running around as much as Britney Spears was a few years ago? No, she’s isn’t. But, when they catch her they catch her in whatever state she is in. I don’t know why the press is so hard on her right now. I think Christina’s awesome and a very talented person. She definitely doesn’t care and that is a fact. You know how some people say “I don’t care” and they really do? I can tell you that Christina really doesn’t care… because she learned very early on that critics are critics, people will say whatever they want and it’s up to her to decide what is the truth and what is not. She stands true to what she knows.

Like, she told me “I know this Bionic record is not going to be a big record because I’m gonna try and do some different things and I don’t know what’s gonna happen but this is what I wanna do” She knew that before she recorded one thing. She knew that about Back to Basics, too. Her record company came to her and said “you’re gonna sell way more many records if you make this a single album. Let’s get rid of the double record.” And she said, “No, this is how I hear it. I hear one record being like this and the other record being like this.” Everybody warned her that it’s not going to sell as much but she didn’t care because she comes up with creative ideas and stands behind them as an artist. It’s not all about selling a bazillion records to her. She just wants to be able to stand behind it. In the end she did say to me, “Maybe I did release the Bionic record too soon. Oh well. Now, I wanna make a rock record!” I was like “Oh, God!” She’s gonna take everybody for a ride. So, ultimately, why she gets put down I don’t know. You’ll never know, I’ll never know, only Christina will ever figure that out and get the answer. {Source}

Jury’s out on the prospect of a Christina Rock LP. However, given ‘Bionic’ wasn’t as awful as some made it out to be, it’s clear her career resuscitation will need to centre on more than just the music (see: image, public persona).

Your thoughts?

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  1. ICON April 1, 2011

    I would love Christina to do a rock album. She has her husky voice which pull and fit that genre perfectly. She already had some rock influences in her song like Fighter. I hope Christina gets the comeback she deserves.

  2. TaTa April 1, 2011

    Nah, she needs to make another stripped which appeals to various musically tastes.

  3. KaMam April 1, 2011

    Yes, I’ve been saying this for the longest. A rock album from Xtina would be E-P-I-C!!!

  4. MC STAN 4 LIFE April 1, 2011



  5. Toni April 1, 2011

    This is how she’ll get her ultimate recognition in the industry!

    Christina Aguilera is the youngest singer on list of best singers of all time in a rock oriented magazine (Rolling Stone magazine).

    Check out this performance with the rolling stones (they asked her to perform with them):

    The girl can ROCK her ass off.

    The most versatil singer of our generation: pop, r&b, soul, rock, jazz. The girl does it all.


    Your faves could never and you know it. Bow down. Go XTINA!

  6. MaZ April 1, 2011

    >Bionic< was the best pop album of 2010!

    Oh please X-tina do anything that is not Pop-Garbage-Electro!

    Keep taking risks and stay true to yourself.

  7. Prada-G April 1, 2011

    hmmm interesting…. I guess we’ll have to wait and see… sounds like it could work but who knows until we get the final product

  8. “Breezy The Great” April 1, 2011

    You know, Christinas voice is damn near perfect. All she needs is a new technique. Thats one of the reasons why shes one of my favs. She able to sing all genres of music and isnt afraid to go outside the box. I would love for her to do a rock album….

  9. AFTER-YOU April 1, 2011

    It’s the best choice she could ever do. Her discography is so interesting. Every record is different and has a new style. She can sing everything!

  10. AFTER-YOU April 1, 2011

    and YES, BIONIC is the best pop album of 2010. It was just so varied, revolutionary, daring and interesting that some people just can’t take it.

  11. “Breezy The Great” April 1, 2011

    Random:Can you imagine a Beyonce and Christina collabo? Or is that too much power on one record?

  12. AFTER-YOU April 1, 2011

    BIONIC is so underrated. It’s scary how people are so media-oriented and don’t listen to the music itself.

  13. AFTER-YOU April 1, 2011


  14. Topman April 1, 2011

    I’d love to hear more songs like Fighter and Make Over from her, as long as she got her singing technique sorted out first so she can hit the notes live.

  15. lol April 1, 2011

    i would mos def by a rock album from xtina

    but you know PINK old hatin a** would be on twitter bitchin

  16. James April 1, 2011

    I think SOUL ROCK is her genre anyway!!!!!! She would kill over some guitar riffs!!!!

  17. QUEEN RIHANNA April 1, 2011




  18. roundFOUR April 1, 2011

    People tend to forget that Christina’s voice is very versatile. She can literally sing anything. So a rock record isn’t too far fetched. We already got a hint of that with Fighter, which she slayed, vocally.

    But I agree with someone above, she needs to do another Stripped, which was basically a gumbo of different music genres

  19. i’m a billy goat & wendy is still a damn man April 1, 2011

    Let’s be honest, she will be fine. Look at JLO. She is an Idol judge and now she sees a resurgence in her music career. Xtina will experience the same bump as host of this new show. She also has actual singing ability and I think the world is beginning to crave talent again!

  20. QUEEN RIHANNA April 1, 2011



  21. It’s Like That April 1, 2011

    She has a voice that can handle anything. I think that rock/soul/rnb sound would be great for her. Something like Adele.
    She needs to leave pop to Katy, Britney, Gaga. Christina is well respected and most of her fans are adults, rock/soul would fit her good.
    Bionic was a pretty good album, but her image was bad, it was bading timing, but however I hope she makes a great comeback.

  22. AFTER-YOU April 1, 2011

    Hell yeah! Xtina’s voice over guitar riffs and a soul/classick rock oriented album will be AMAZING!

    We support ya Xtina! Let’s go!

  23. MC STAN 4 LIFE April 1, 2011


    Funny how you say that he should get a life and that he hates on everybody

    whereas, in fact it is YOU F****** B**** who HATE ON EVERYBODY


    RiTARD sucks = can’t sing

  24. QUEEN RIHANNA April 1, 2011



  25. QUEEN RIHANNA April 1, 2011





  26. “Breezy The Great” April 1, 2011

    Chris has nothing to do with this post….

  27. LISTHETHATVOICE April 1, 2011

    Of course she’ll come back! TALENT ALWAYS WINS IN THE END.

  28. Nichole April 1, 2011

    Christina will bounce back because she has REAL TALENT, just like Mariah and TEOM.

    You know…Christina might not care what the critics have to say, but not everything said is bad. There isn’t anything wrong with a little constructive criticism, every once in a while.

    The “I don’t care” attitude overall gets us no where, and that would explain why her last album bombed hard. Apparently, both Britney and Christina carry that attitude and that is why they are becoming yesterdays news.

  29. F*** YOU April 1, 2011


  30. That FLOP Juice April 1, 2011

    I hadn’t listened BIONIC for months (since autumn until this February) and I started to re-explore it and realized that it’s one of the best records off the last 10 years. It’s revolutionary and mind-breaking, the music is soooo amazing. So much underrated album. If she would have released it this time around it would had been a bigger hit album.

    That means that Christina released the album soon, because she MAKES FASHION and Mainstream Music, like Madonna.

    I’ve also picked up and re-explored Madonna’s 2005 Confessions on a Dancefloor album, and I have to say that most of the songs these days around copies the sound from that record.


    are the two dance-electro-pop revolutionary albums of the decade every other is just a follower and copycat.

  31. KYLE April 1, 2011




  32. S*** April 1, 2011

    Well thats what “Rockers” do… They SCREAM!!

  33. S*** April 1, 2011



    BEYONCE = The most versatile singer of ALL TIME!!

  34. QUEEN RIHANNA April 1, 2011





    NEXT >>>>>>>>

  35. True Blue April 1, 2011

    A rock album from Christina would be an absolute DREAM from her. Fighter is great song, and shows only a little of what she is capable with the right music. She should really go ahead with it, I think she is very much suited for it.

    @ Nichole:

    Britney and Christina are two different types of “I don’t care”. Britney doesn’t care enough to put any effort into her music and performances. Christina’s doesn’t care to kowtow to critics and haters (not that I am calling you one). But you’re right that constructive criticism is very helpful, however the only criticism I’ve seen come her way quite heavily that is actually worthy of Christina’s attention is the one regarding her singing techniques.

    BTW, love your gravatar. 😉


    Before you criticize others, tell your fave to get some singing lessons and learn how to dance again. Right now, her performances are making her a national joke.

  36. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ April 1, 2011

    I don’t know about this. Bionic was a decent record MAINLY because her voice was restrained because of the arrangements of the songs. But LAWD if this woman makes a ROCK record where it welcomes screaming, CHILD……….The Milky Way may need to hold on tight. But, I guess this may be interesting.

  37. True Blue April 1, 2011

    @ Amazing.Lee:

    Well screaming sounds a lot better with rock music than it does with pop and R&B.

    Could you imagine Axl Rose trying to sing soft ballads with his usual wails?

  38. ICON April 1, 2011

    Bionic is a fabulous album

    My Girls. Vanity, S** for Breakfast, Lift Me Up, Desnudate, Elastic Love are all amazing songs <3 so underrated.

    Lift Me Up is the only ballad recently that made me actually cry lol.

  39. True Blue April 1, 2011

    Of course, even in the realms of rock music, not all screaming is good… it just highly depends on the music.

  40. ICON April 1, 2011

    OMG Hi @ True Blue

    I haven’t seen u post in ages.

  41. True Blue April 1, 2011

    @ Icon:

    I’m actually here quite often, it’s you that only comes around once in a blue moon, lol.

  42. Bey’knight April 1, 2011

    Is this gonna be about beyonce again? Can we not have a post about any other female w/o. Beyonce brought up

    Anywho I agree with most fighter is bit of the iceberg

  43. ICON April 1, 2011

    @True Blue

    :lol:. Well I would come on more but Trent banned for a bit because I kept on faking him because he wrote very nasty snide comment about my RiRi. lol

  44. the kiddz April 1, 2011

    Lord have mercy on my ears if she does make a rock album.

  45. True Blue April 1, 2011

    @ Icon:

    You’re hardly the first person to call him out for it, yet he usually only bans the psychotic stans like Nicky. I would think that the sane ones would be immune.

    But he’s even deleted some of Rihanna Forever’s comments regarding his irrational Rihanna hate, so I wouldn’t put it past him…

  46. KO April 1, 2011

    Well she certainly screams like one

  47. ICON April 1, 2011

    @True Blue

    I think it’s quite sad the hate Sam & Trent especially Trent has for Rihanna. I mean they should us black females as like Rihanna does some out of the ordinary “she’s slutty, she can’t sing, can’t dance” blah blah etc. But _____ trash like G.A.G.A. is glorified by Trent.

  48. ICON April 1, 2011

    *they should support

  49. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ April 1, 2011


    LOL, um Axl doing a soft ballad? GURRRLLLL, you got that right! I cannot and will not with that one. But what’s funny is that now that Christina could actually have some reasoning behind her screaming with doing a Rock record, she may not be able to do what she could have done prior to practically destroying her vocal chords with all of that unnecessary screaming.

  50. WHITEJESUS April 1, 2011

    not again xtina there only so much your fans can take please not another experimental(out of your genre)record.

  51. MusicFan April 1, 2011

    Lol, Gaga has rock too Christi… Lol. Sorry FLOP!

  52. ICON April 1, 2011


    How does Gaga do rock music?

  53. True Blue April 1, 2011

    @ Icon:

    Well I do like GaGa, but I agree that Sam & Trent havr double standards.

    For example, they support and praise Ke$ha. How is she better than Rihanna?

    And only recently have they turned on Britney. Before, she was a threat to Beyoncé and GaGa. Now all of a sudden, she sucks and isn’t even in Rihanna’s league. I swear, Sam and Trent are bipolar.

  54. April 1, 2011


  55. ICON April 1, 2011


    LOL I think that too. Ke$ha is just sickening. I hope she disappears soon. She has no talent whatsoever. On Gaga she scares me lol I liked Poker Face Gaga the best. Poker Face is one of my favourite songs of all time and Bad Romance too.

    What’s your top five Rihanna songs by the way?

  56. JER April 1, 2011

    how about she just…. MAKE a record. Quit the gimmicks

  57. True Blue April 1, 2011

    @ Icon:

    In no particular order:

    1. Umbrella
    2. Russian Roulette
    3. If I Never See Your Face Again
    4. Rude Boy
    5. Disturbia

  58. True Blue April 1, 2011

    Please Don’t Stop The Music as a bonus, too. I just couldn’t pick between that and Disturbia.

  59. Hudson Morrigan April 1, 2011

    That wouldn’t be a bad idea at all…considerinf how ragged her voice is already she can finish destroying her voice my screaming metal, or perhaps grindcore? She is grwat at growling, pretty much the only thing she does well.

  60. KaMam April 1, 2011


    I remember you saying that Christina sang better than Beyonce.

    You said,

    “After Watching My Fav(4) Performances over again for the 2nd time i came up with this.

    Bey, Justin, & Cristina were the Best vocally in their own way. Id Say that Vocally Cristina(Though Ive never took a real liking to her Voice B4) Was Thea Best, Cuz While Bey was Great I only Found the very 1st part & the very last Quarter of her performance to be Striking but Xtina was Striking all the way through, Very Powerfull, You can tell she must have taken a long break from Both Talking & Singing for that”

  61. ICON April 1, 2011

    @True Blue

    I would pick those five too. Although What’s My Name? is better than Rude Boy lol.

  62. Hudson Morrigan April 1, 2011

    LMAO at anyone saying her voice can handle anything…
    She can handle anything, sure…except singing in tune or singing high without strain or low well supported.

  63. True Blue April 1, 2011

    @ Icon:

    Really? I like WMN, but I prefer Rude Boy. Either way, I must resist the urge to dance in public when those songs come on, lol!

  64. boytoy1814 April 1, 2011


  65. Hudson Morrigan April 2, 2011

    @ Boytoy1814
    If she indeed has the best voice…how come she strains so much? I would think the best voice ever could handle 3 octaves without strain on high notes or weakness on low notes…Christina? Can’t even handle a full octave well sung.

  66. TAL April 2, 2011



  67. the kiddz April 2, 2011

    @Hudson Morrigan

    She does have a beauitful voice, but her vocal technique is horrid. It’s like a violin being played by an untrained monkey.

  68. True Blue April 2, 2011

    “Celine Bordomion”? *DEAD*

  69. TAL April 2, 2011



  70. gio88 April 2, 2011

    sorrry but Fergie among the popstar can do a rock record , because thanks to her rock voice can do it , you have a pop voice so , do POP!

  71. jeffrie April 2, 2011

    i wonder if i can cut in the conversation.

    anyways as long as its not that electro house bs everyone is doing ill look foward to it

  72. Hudson Morrigan April 2, 2011

    @ TheKiddz
    I agree, she has a nice timbre on the five notes she can sing without problems…still, there are singers I think have nicer tonality (though tone does not make someone a great singer).
    Reminds of what Callas said about another soprano who had dissed her:
    “She has a Stradivarius in her throat, but it’s being played by a total amateur. I, on the other hand, have a humble instrument made by an unknown artisan…but it is being played by Paganini”.

  73. ghk April 2, 2011

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  74. the kiddz April 2, 2011

    @Hudson Morrigan

    Yes Yes YES about Callas. I was just about to mention her. I could never understand how critics would scoff at her timbre. And what would you say Christina’s actual vocal range is? I find that she loses vibrato past C5/C#5 and her low notes have no support…just air.

  75. Hudson Morrigan April 2, 2011

    @ The Kiddz
    Well, Callas had a unique timbre; dark and cavernous as well as metallic with a sharp edge, not for everybody’s taste…but like all sublime things her voice is an acquired taste 🙂

    Anyways for me Christina’s real range is Bb3-Ab4, lower than Bb3 it becomes foggy, higher than Ab4 she starts to growl and show signs of strain…then she has a falsetto or disconnected head voice that she can push quite high sometimes…but for me true range is not notes one can stretch and go WAH! But notes one can sing in all vowels well supported and without strain without holes between registers or huge gear shifts.

  76. Anthony The GreaT April 2, 2011

    Christina has pretty bad control, but more than that, what bothers me about her voice is her complete lack of clarity. Christina is an amazing talent, but I have more respect for someone who nutures their gift carefully (beyonce) than someone who tends to abuse it (Christina).

    She trys toooooooooooooooo hard to sound ‘soulful’ and does the same vocal tricks over and over and over yr after yr. BORING! Christina does the same repetitive ‘runs’ and ‘tricks’ in majority her performances. SO TIRED of that, plus her voice is going away. Christina is just loud. No ring to her sound. She sings from the throat, which doesn’t produce resonance at all. Seeing as how resonance is achieved through proper vocal placement, she needs to work on that.

    She yells and thins like hell above C5, can’t apply vibrato from that point, her tone is very squeezed, she can’t even SING those notes.

  77. Dave April 2, 2011

    She will slay, thee end. I love TRUE ARTIST 😀

  78. Dave April 2, 2011

    dead @ her actual range being from Bb3-Ab4. You all need help. Now her higher range may not be all that, but her range definitely does not lie there. Her real range is about Eb3-G6. Her belting goes from C5-F5 (comfortably, sometimes she sings the notes wrong & people think she can hit them comfortably, but she can when she wants to, she hit countless good F5’s “Turn To You” when she was younger, ‘Understar’ B2B tour [didn’t care for that one though], F5 in ‘Oh Mother’ live, F5 in Nasty Naughty Boy, F5 in ‘Makes Me Wanna Pray’ B2B tour), & lord knows she’s the queen of E5 (she hits that note all the time), that’s one of her power notes, & C5 is her money note. & for anyone to say at least belting she can belt C5, please…. She wails the hell out of a C5 on “Ain’t No Other Man.” & she hit a successful G6 head voice on “What A Girl Wants” Stripped tour, & another G6 after hitting E6/F6 vibrato on “Hello.” Don’t cut her range short, please….. & I don’t think she tries hard to sing “soul.” Her voice is soulful, because like she says, her grandma said “sing from your heart, and not you head.” She doesn’t think about singing, she just sings. & she sings with a lot of passion.

  79. Hudson Morrigan April 2, 2011

    @ Dave

    In the art of singing…emotion without thought is not good, it makes you wild animal instead of a serious artist.

    Anyways, can Christina sing E5 without any strain? No, she can’t even sing C5 and hold it without a choking quality…and she has a huge hole in her range, she can’t go from her middle to upper register (above A5) like Bey or Mariah/Whitney (in their prime) could.

  80. Anthony The GreaT April 2, 2011

    BEYONCE IS BACK!!!!!!!

    He wrote, “Beyoncé Knowles in her Roberto Cavalli outfit to shoot the first #video for her new album!

  81. KYLE April 2, 2011




    SIT THE F*** DOWN H**



  82. Iraq Kid April 2, 2011

    She’s Christina effin’ Aguilera! She can make any genre of music and still look and sound amazing doing it. She’s a LEGEND 4 real. Bring on that rock n’ roll flava Miss Hott Thang!

  83. Hudson Morrigan April 2, 2011

    LOL at the delusions of these stans…singing the exact same way in different types of music is not versatility

  84. phoenixstarlite April 2, 2011

    yes, yes, yes!! she needs to do ROCK… not that weak POP/Rock ish, that Kelly Clarkson, Katy, and Pink be doing… even though i’m a fan of theirs.

    but honestly Christina won’t fail to deliver with a Rock album.
    she’ll probably go down the history of Rock on each of her tracks.

    but whatever she decides to release, i’m ready!!
    i know she has something up her sleeve to feed her faithful fans… and haters/STANS like thatgrapejuice. 😉

  85. dang April 2, 2011

    @Kyle shut the f*** up you can’t help it if your talentless wannabe can’t sing for s*** unlike Legentina!!!
    Bionic wasn’t that bad, stop hatin’. in facty, it was better than Femme Fatale, in terms of being EVOLUTIONARY and ACTUAL SINGING.

  86. XADAX April 2, 2011

    Beautiful > Born This Way, Raise Your Glass, Fireworks & We R Who We R.
    Bionic > The Fame, The Fame Monster, We R Who We R & Teenage Dream.
    NMT > Alejandro, California Gurls, Tik Tok, HIAM.
    Hurt > Speechless, When You’re Gone
    Back To Basics/ B2B Tour > Circus, Fun House
    Head First = Bionic = 0-10 = We Are Born = For Your Entertainment = Iammaiwhoami = Body Talk

  87. princebarbietv April 2, 2011

    Christina can sing any genre that voice is just amazing!

  88. Hudson Morrigan April 2, 2011

    LMAO the delusions are in full bloom tonight…the b**** can’t even sing 1 good octave and her stans are claiming she can sing anything

  89. Shea Butter April 2, 2011

    Hmmmmm, I don’t see Rock being a good move for Christina’s future, i think it is to far away from her core audience, as well as vocally I don’t think her voice can currently handle it. I know you all say she can sing anything which I totally disagree with but I was thinking more about the damage I hear in her voice, I think her bad technique is catching up with her.

    I also wonder if her record label is willing to allow her to be experimental with the next album considering the last one did not fair to well.

    Well time will tell.

  90. GangsterA April 2, 2011

    Yesss I’m Here 4 Rocktina

  91. QUEEN RIHANNA April 2, 2011


  92. Xisme April 2, 2011

    the last few sentences of your article you say “However, given ‘Bionic’ wasn’t as awful as some made it out to be”. where you or where you not one of the ones attacking Christina Aguilera and her Bionic album? I’m sure you where, i think you had a case of the nasty nasty lady gaga persona and now shes back and crappier than ever you want true talent again and the original trend setter “Christina Aguilera” don’t forget she set this previous trend of electro sound it wasn’t Lady gaga at all, Christina set it with Keeps gettin’ Better, and then it was immediately compared to unknown gaga who was at the time flopping so hard if gaga was not compared to Christina she wouldn’t be known today. We all secretly love Christina shes one of those people we can not love but some people find it hard to show that and think its hard and against there Favorite artist, but we all secretly love Christina people just got to have the balls to show it but some people are so childish they will pretend to dislike her. Bring Back Christina and get rid of GAGA were all fed up of her garbage and personality its to fake and awkward.

  93. Xisme April 2, 2011

    people do not forget when she says a “ROCK album” she meens a fusion of rock with pop sounds and probably abit of jazz and soul, where probably heading back to more of a rock sounding Stripped album.

  94. Dervis Velagic April 2, 2011

    f*cking amazing!!! yess pls!!! but make it fast i cant wait 😀 LEGENDTINAAA

  95. ANgry B**** in BK NY April 2, 2011

    You want to do a rock record….hmmmmm maybe you should think about putting out a HIT RECORD!!!!
    Sounds like something you NEED about now besides a drink!!!

  96. Beansforbreakfast April 2, 2011

    First of all Christina needs to be true to herself. Rock music is not her musical roots. R&B/Soul music are her musical routes. There are elements of rock that relate to R&B that she can however incorporate. However it is a bad idea to do a flat out rock album. The rock community would not embrace her for two reasons: 1) she does not play an instrument, 2) she has been around for over a decade and all of a sudan jumps into a new genre.

    In rock music you need to play an instrument. I love how all these xtina stans trash talk gaga. For the record Lady Gaga knows how to play an instrument. Many well known rock musicians have embraced her. Xtina stans only trash talk Gaga b/c she is doing so well and xtina is not. While Bionic got no grammy nods, Lady Gaga did and won awards such as Female Pop Vocal Performance & Pop Vocal Album. Those are two awards Xtina stans felt Xtina was entitled to. Lady Gaga or her fans have nothing to do with xtina’s career setbacks. She did not become famous because of xtina. Bionic failed because it was a bad album. The songs were terrible and were way below her standards (compared to B2B & stripped). Burlesque didn’t do so well because it was not that good. It did not break any ground. Thats why it saw no Oscar nominations. It could not compete with the likes of The King’s speech, Black Swan or The Fighter.

    To turn Xtina’s career around she needs to first make a great album, one thats true to herself. She should not do any acting either. Very few people can do both. She should also leave RCA and go to a label where the album would be promoted. She also WILL NEED TO PROMOTE THE ALBUM, not just the new label. She needs to be in contact with her fans. Its good that she is finally on twitter. She also must clean up her image/act. She should dump her boyfriends. He got her busted. He is not a good influence. She must change her attitude and how she carries herself in interview. Not more talks about naked sundays and her s** life. We don’t need that information. She needs to empower her fans to respect other artists. It seems to me that all her fans do now is trash talk anyone who is more successful than she is (Gaga, Rihanna, Perry). That type of behavior from the fans give her a bad name and it gives the press so much to work with which leads her to being presented in a very negative light.

  97. Tanveer Bhogal April 2, 2011

    I remember her fighter song was kinda a rock song, so i think it could work! X

  98. Robier April 2, 2011

    Oh Xtina can Rock easily. Rock or Rock/pop easily.

  99. True Blue April 2, 2011


    It is hard for pop stars to gain respect in the rock community, and yes, it does help to be as skilled a musician as possible in order to gain that respect. But no, you do not NEED to play an instrument to do rock music. Having the talent and the mindset for it is what’s needed. GaGa gets respect from rock musicians not just for her technical talents, but for her creativity and edginess. This is not as widely known or discussed about, but Beyoncé is also respected among rock musicians. So is Kelly Clarkson, even though she’s primarily a pop singer. I think Christina could get that respect too, if she goes about it the right way.

  100. theman April 2, 2011

    @S*** f*** off.

    Xtina is amazing.

    Beyonce’ stans get outta here, this has nothing to do with her.

  101. KYLE April 2, 2011





  102. LaLa April 2, 2011

    you ROCK my WOrLd Christinaaaaaaaaaa!!!! <3

  103. Hudson Morrigan April 2, 2011

    @ Xisme
    You delusional twat, Kgb was a FLOP! It didn’t set any trends because it wasn’t successful, also the electronica thing was being done by Kylie way before Xtincta tried it. Yew mad your fave is a has been and Gaga is a huge star? 😉

  104. KO April 2, 2011

    “Xtina can sing anything” is hilarious

    she cant even handle the National Anthem!!

    amazing my ass!

  105. KO April 2, 2011

    “Rock music is not her musical roots. R&B/Soul music are her musical routes.”

    Is this a joke? 🙂 She’s POP dear and will always be

  106. irene46 April 2, 2011

    @ beansforbreakfast…

    constantly savaging and accusing christina of ripping off gaga (that started even b4 anyone knew what a gaga was) most certainly hurt her and helped gaga. to say it didn’t is just dishonest! ongoing negativity without anything positive media focus can surely diminish or even destroy an artist’s career!

    negativity did as much to ruin sales of ‘bionic’ as did anything to do with bad music. speaking of ‘bad music’ i want to gag every time i hear the lame juvenile lyrics of britney’s hiam (sung?) in that nasal dragging mechanical tone. but do to positive hype from all directions it managed to do well (that and the fact her fans don’t care what she sells to them…they’ll buy it)!

    your dishonesty and the media’s about ‘burlesque’ not doing well is another reason christina has such an uphill battle. ‘burlesque’ was no ‘titanic’ but it did surprisingly very well considering what was predicted. over 100 million in profits cannot be considered as “not doing very well” since it only took 55 million to produce.

    tell the truth! no matter what christina does, the likes of you and the media that hate her will always find something to be snarky about !!

  107. HUDSON MORRIGAN April 2, 2011

    @ IRENE46

    Yes, many people want to completely destroy Christina because across the years she has been a b**** to many other female singers, other celebs, fans and media people…and her fans have been extremely aggressive and rude to fans of other gals and have acted as if the world should lick Christina’s asshole clean. And that’s why the curse will NOT be lifted, and Christina will slowly fade away…
    Unless her fans eat some humble pie, and she gets her s*** together…both vocally and as a person.

  108. irene46 April 2, 2011

    @ hudson morrigan…

    i don’t believe half of all this blathering about christina being rude and desrespectful to other artists and the media is nothing but ancient news being kept alive by those who want her to fail. after witnessing how she was savaged with the gaga controversy to ruin her ‘bionic’ sales, claiming her movie ‘burlesque’ and soundtrack weren’t successful ( it was really sleazy how the media barely mentioned the death of the publicist of the movie…to avoid giving it added publicity, no doubt) focusing on her fumbles of the national anthem and aretha dedication without otherwise praising her performance even though there was screaming praise and a standing ovation from the audience. they claim she was arrested when she wasn’t and the beat just goes on! this is why i barely believe any shade i hear from the media about her!

  109. irene46 April 2, 2011

    @ hudson morrigan…

    you being a britney fan should be the last to speak about fans crazy enough to “lick her a–hole clean”.

    obviously you’ve never been on the ‘poor britney’ site! she was pictured with practically a whole finger up her nose and comments from her stans would turn the toughest stomach. they talked about selling her nose contents on ebay. they also talked about using their tongues to clean her after she took a sh!t!!! wait a minute, maybe you have been on that blog site…lol! yes it’s true! i don’t need to lie!!! i’m not the media!

    her fans are the rudest and most irate when someone calls out her stinking performances as though she’s above having to deliver a decent performance. after all, it’s britney b****!!! pleeeze!

  110. Hudson Morrigan April 3, 2011

    @ Irene46

    I am not a Britney fan, I don’t even particularly like her, but I don’t dislike her…the only pop singer I truly like nowadays is Gaga.
    And I can testify Christina is indeed a very rude snotty person, I met her in 2003 and she was just a b****, part of that is why I boycott her, but maybe she is not a bad person, maybe she is just manic bipolar.

  111. i heart candy April 3, 2011

    the b**** needs to call max martin and dr luke and get her kesha/perry/britney on

  112. Beansforbreakfast April 3, 2011

    Max Martin & Dr Luke overproduce very often. That did not happen on Katy Perry’s album but I would not want xtina working with either of those producers. Tricky stewart and claude kelly overproduced bionic and it did not equal high sales. She needs a producer who understands her as an artist.

    Christina does not need to try to fit into the scene. She needs to be herself. With bionic she was trying to fit into the scene and she ended up not being herself.

  113. Anthony April 3, 2011

    I think she needs to concentrate on her own genre and bringing her career back to life from her recent flop performances and sale numbers. Once she gets this under control, then she can focus on other areas of music.

  114. BOLD BLOND April 3, 2011

    lift me up is the most beautiful song i’ve heard from xtina and maybe its the song of my life even if im a beyonce dan. i think bionic is not perfect nor worst but it was very listenable because of christinas voice. but the image was worst of the worst that hair&make up&clothing etc… i hope she would give up that clown make up and be natural and do what she do best: sing whatever she wants cuz she has that magic voice the genre doesnt matter

  115. irene46 April 3, 2011

    @ hudson morrigan…

    lol! don’t get christina’s mental condition confused with britney’s! christina may be moody but she sure doesn’t show signs of being bipolar!

    your nasty swipe is so off the mark but i’m sure you’ll keep tryin’!

    i like gaga too. although she has ripped off every artist in the industry including christina her talent can’t be denied!!!

  116. irene46 April 3, 2011

    i don’t believe for a minute anyone could be savaged and shaded the christina has and not care. she been abused by peers and others since she was a little girl but i’m sure it has to hurt no matter what she says!!

    she just puts on her big girl ‘fighter’ panties and tries to make the best of it. maybe if those drinking rumors are true that may be the way she handles it!

  117. LaLa April 4, 2011

    @Hudson Morganna
    “LOL at the delusions of these stans…singing the exact same way in different types of music is not versatility”

    hear: I Love You Porgy, Save Me From Myself, I Am, Birds of Prey, Woohoo, Monday Morning, Vanity, etc. Her voice is super versatile. LOL at the delusions of the haters…

  118. Chrystal April 4, 2011

    I would love to have a rock album from Christina. I love her outtake on her career. Do it the wat you want and not how society or record execs want it to be.

  119. HUDSON MORRIGAN April 4, 2011

    @ LALA

    Being able to sing soft and singing loud is not so much versatility…
    But I do think her song “Birds of prey” shows some of her best vocals
    Also “Dynamite” shows versatility as it is a different color to her voice compared to her more R&B stuff, also “Little Dreamer”.
    But for someone to say she can sing anything is a bit of a stretch…

  120. LaLa April 4, 2011

    not only sing in Hard/Soft tunes Hudson, but she can do a lil rap (WooHoo) & use her other vocal/voice techniques (in non deadly scream way… lmao). Well so far she has versatility & yes I love so F****** MUCH on BIRDS OF PREY!!! damn that song is hauntingly awesome <3

    hahaha we finally agreed about something bb! Smooch*

  121. covercell April 6, 2011

    just trying to cover Christina’s Castle Walls here, thanks.

  122. Nahuel July 30, 2011

    Everybody seems to forget that she has done some rock songs before. Alternative Rock with Figther and Make Over, and pure Rock&Roll (mixed with a little bit of pop/R&B) in Candyman (last single in Back to Basics, well technically the last is Oh Mother). But she need to do a record like Stripped in which she mixes a lot of genres like R&B (Dirrty, Can’t Hold Us Down), Soul (Walk Away, Hurt, You Lost Me), Pop (Infatuation, Cruz), Power Ballads (The Voice Within, Beautiful) and of course Rock (Fighter, Make Over). She’s so tallented that she can sing everything, but she needs to work on her image. She used an image very similar to Lady Gaga’s so people started to say that she copied Gaga and that was one big reason that made her record flop. I hope she improves her image this time.

  123. Latasha October 9, 2011

    So that’s the case? Quite a rvelaetoin that is.

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