Christina Aguilera Visits ‘Leno’

Published: Tuesday 26th Apr 2011 by Sam

With Christina Aguilera’s new NBC show ‘The Voice’ set to kick off tonight, the diva stopped by ‘The Tonight Show With Jay Leno’ to promote the talent search.

It seems her recent claims of being humbled by the last year are legitimate. For in contrast to her trademark iciness, Aguilera came across warm, witty, and personable. She even took a moment to poke fun at her recent faux pas (see: forgetting the US National Anthem lyrics, tripping over at Grammys, and more).

Check out the interview after the jump…

Be it Christina or her PR team, there’s clearly been a positive a change in her manner. One which, should she continue as such, should help redeem her in the eyes of the masses.

What’s more, all this talk of a new album has yours truly salivating for it. For, one too many of the industry’s top females have thus far failed to deliver  the goods with their much-hyped material this year. Perhaps it’ll be Christina who shows the Britney’s and co how it’s done? Time will tell.

Your thoughts?

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  1. HUDSON MORRIGAN April 26, 2011

    I hope she continues with that plan and gets her s*** together
    Hopefully works more on her vocals and gets rid of unhealthy habits
    She is very talented, if only someone loved her enough to tell her “No Christina, bad Christina, sit!” and told her to work on her issues and helped her get better instead of being enablers of her bad choices.

  2. Carl April 26, 2011

    ‘With a few other well known people’ she shaded. Lol

  3. LaLa April 26, 2011

    ding dong the B**** is gone!
    welcome to earth HUMBLETINA!

    *super excited for THE VOICE*

  4. TinaSouthAfrica April 26, 2011

    She is going to come back strong! Everyone has downfalls in life and learns from them!


    She’s loosing weight and I’m just so happy for her right now! She’s doing a personal record! Stripped 2.0 after almost 10 years stripped is still the best POP album! Vocally, Lyrically, Personally! She’s getting back into that!

  5. TinaSouthAfrica April 26, 2011


    Plays Christina Aguilera – Keep Singing My Song & Here To Stay..

  6. Dave April 26, 2011

    Christina will slay. One thing you can’t say is she’s ever failed musically. She will show these girls how it’s truly done.

  7. HUDSON MORRIGAN April 26, 2011

    The girl Christina was telling she was so great was indeed dreadful, her runs were not well executed, OMG….
    Maybe sounds different in person…

  8. HUDSON MORRIGAN April 26, 2011

    Good for her she is already working on music instead of waiting 4 years between albums

  9. Phil April 26, 2011

    I like the interview. She seems really nice and smart.
    Anyway I cannot wait for her new album, lets be honest, Bionic was a pretty good album, she never failled musically.

  10. HUDSON MORRIGAN April 26, 2011

    The problem with “Bionic” is that she started hyping it like 3 years earlier, and talking about it was gonna be this organic electronica album that was gonna be change the same and she was working with MIA, Santigold, Goldfrapp and Ladytron and it was gonna be so experimental and adult and amazing and was gonna snatch everybody’s wig…
    And then the first single was a giant turd like “Not myself tonight” which let’s be honest, it just wasn’t good #1’s single material. If the whole album had indeed been like her more inspired electronica tracks like “Birds of prey”, “Little dreamer”, “Falling in love again”, that would have been the album of the year…
    Also, the way she hyped “Glam” as the second coming of “Vogue” when in reality the song is a giant dud…not cute.

    Christina needs a great A&R who helps her trim the useless fat out of her albums, Bionic and B2B would have been amazing albums if the material had been more carefully selected.

  11. Perrylicious April 26, 2011

    I love this lady!

  12. Dunk April 26, 2011

    The Voice is gonna be amazing! Christina is a legend

  13. LOVEME April 26, 2011

    I love Xtina. She is sooooo amazing. Peolpe need to stop hating. We all are humans and humans are entitled to make some mistakes. All that matters, is that she is HIGHLY talented.

  14. April 26, 2011

    Comeback xtina! We need you back!

  15. LaLa April 26, 2011


    “Falling In Love Again” was an awesome track & that’s the real direction of Bionic (used to be named Light & Darkness). but RCA wanted more mainstream single. & then NMT catastrophic single/mv appeared from hell… so the pain… begins.

    ….2010 was bound to being a bad year for her after all… & I kinda thankful for that, coz she humbled herself today. (taking the good with the bad) *play I Am*

  16. HUDSON MORRIGAN April 26, 2011

    I think even “Bionic” would have been a better lead single than “NMT”, at least “Bionic” the song had an original sound to it which could not really be compared to anything Gaga was doing at the moment.

  17. LaLa April 26, 2011

    TRUE… anything except NMT, I Hate Boys, S** for Breakfast, Booblehead was great for 1st single. But… if she went with Bionic as 1st single… the hatred & comparison cannot be denied as well. 2010 It just wasn’t her year. If Bionic released this year… that would be another case.

  18. Kisses. April 26, 2011

    Go ahead, Humbletina 😉

  19. Faye April 26, 2011

    Why are people saying shes humble and warm now? she has always been humble and warm in interviews, I havent seen one interview of her where she is rude or nasty, stop judging someone by the things you read on the internet or magazines, she seems like a very sweet person to me and just because she speaks her mind doesnt mean shes a nasty person or b****, its funny how when she says something she gets ripped to pieces but when its someone like Pink its so cool and funny double standard much. Anyway am glad shes happy and just ignores all the nasty stuff people say and write about her. Good luck to her with her show and new album

  20. HUDSON MORRIGAN April 26, 2011

    @ FAYE

    There are reports of her requesting that the interviewers (for magazines) do not face her, she would be looking one way and the interviewer would be looking another way in a dark room. Now, that is too much.

  21. LaLa April 26, 2011

    ^ never heard of it… receipt please?
    (from reliable source ofcourse + video)

    “never 100% believe what the media telling you*

  22. Music Lover April 26, 2011


  23. True Blue April 26, 2011

    Can’t wait for her new album. I’m excited to hear how it will sound… also kind of scared, though. Don’t know why.

    But I hope things do turn around for her. She deserves a clean slate. And I also hope that she improves on her singing as well.

  24. RIRI BEY STAN AKA GROW UP PLEASE!!!!! April 26, 2011

    I happy for her.

  25. ool April 26, 2011

    Xtina is a smart woman. Love the way she speaks.

  26. theman April 26, 2011

    @HudsonMorgan stays in her posts for a person whom doesn’t seem to care much for her, attemtpting to dish out advice, and giving out alot of commentary for a person that isn’t supposed to care. The irony of it all lol.

  27. BF April 26, 2011

    Yes XTINA sum1 who can actualy SANG ,unlike beyunce who just gets grammys handed 2 her 4 shaking a booty pad good

  28. Kyle April 26, 2011

    WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. What a great interview! You guys are so right, she did come across so humble and very well spoken. Keep up this attitude Christina and you’ll be back on top in NO TIME. Everything she said had meaning and she was funny. And mind you, I’m not really the biggest Christina fan but I can appreciate her so much more now after watching this interview.

  29. royalkev April 26, 2011

    I really think Christina is a great artist and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. For a while, I’ve only thought highly of her. She’s always appeared to be humble and intelligent and pretty down to earth. I think she talks with a lot of sense. Some artist just seem shallow or really simple – I’ve never got that impression from her. People also act like since “Bionic” didn’t perform well Christina’s was depressed and in a cave for all this time. There is more to life! She’s a mom and she’s dating and going through changes – she’s been successful before. She’s still living! I also love how because the album “flopped” that meant that it sucks. It was actually better than most artist that have been successful with their singles for the last year(I pointed that out since that’s all that matters these days, supposedly). Anyway, great interview!


  30. ool April 26, 2011

    Because Christina Aguilera is anything but shallow, the girl is a master in every genre of music. Her musical background is impressive, she knows real music and she always sings with her heart. One of the best voices of all time and she’s a true artist, with meaningful songs that she writes too.

  31. William April 26, 2011

    Christina set the bar really high for herself on her earlier work and she began to get mentioned amongst truly great singers like Celine , Aretha , Patti and Whitney. When you’re possess gifts Christina Aguilera’s much is expected. Audiences expect work from her that include songs of lyrical depth and integrity. They expect powerful, soaring vocals where every note is nailed perfectly. And then she’s known to always come up with one or two truly moving inspirational balads and the bluesy heartbreaker. Oh and her band was devastating, live and in the studio, with a tightass rythm and horn section and kickass arrangements that could go any where from old school r&b, to bigband jazz, to rock or to dance-floor pop without ever missing a beat.
    It’s almost not fair. But we expect a lot from those we consider to be true artists. know that Christina has done all these before and done them very well. I truly hope she can pull it off again.

  32. linker nippel April 27, 2011

    xtina is amazing
    hope for a big comeback
    she is a icon and a legend
    stripped is a legendary album
    love her….

  33. Kerry Johnson April 27, 2011

    Love christina!!!!!!
    Her and Rihanna are true Divas!!!!!!!

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