New Song: Pitbull & Kelly Rowland – ‘Castle Made Of Sand’

Published: Thursday 16th Jun 2011 by Sam

Miami natives Pitbull and Kelly Rowland build a ‘Castle Made of Sand’ on this new cut from the Reggaeton star’s latest LP ‘Planet Pit’.

Take a listen after the jump…

Echoing earlier sentiments, it’s refreshing to hear Pitbull serve up something that doesn’t sound like it belongs in a Jersey Shore nightclub. Conversely, Kelly turns in a solid-enough vocal on the hook – although it would have been great to hear her take it home on the bridge. In any case, the track is home-run for both and could very well be a hit should it be given the single treatment.

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  1. Aloyisious Divo June 16, 2011

    It sounds good yes, but it sounds a lot like Love the Way You Lie to me… and who is this other rapper on it?! Lol, he ruined it.

  2. MusicismyLife June 16, 2011

    wow idk when is the last time I heard Pitbull sing about something other than dancing.At least he’s finally getting major worldwide success

  3. GLYNNJE June 16, 2011

    this is great! well done KELLY ROWLAND


  4. ChrisJ June 16, 2011

    ehh kelly makes it sound better

  5. tooposh June 16, 2011

    yes i agree kelly just killed it! she gave me goosebumps her voice is just amazing

  6. JUDAS666 June 16, 2011

    This sucks, too much rapping from the moron Pitbull and all Kelly does is sing the damn chorus. What a yaaawner!

  7. Giovanni Dayevid June 16, 2011

    This is HOT! I can see this being played at beach bonfires all over the states this summer! yum! This is hot!!!

  8. Be BETTER Not “BITTER!” June 16, 2011

    KELLY sounds AWESOME! Loving this and lay it on me perfect Summertime Jams! 🙂

  9. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi) June 16, 2011



  10. OJIE KING June 16, 2011

    sounds good but reminds me of love the way you lie

  11. DANI June 16, 2011

    dope song!!!!

  12. dionita June 16, 2011

    the oficial 3rd song from upcomin album from pitbull is
    pitbull ft marc anthony rain over me

  13. JJFAN1814 June 16, 2011

    I really dig this…I’m def. buying his album. I’m sure it’s gonna be fire.

  14. TeamKelly!!! June 16, 2011


  15. Ronen June 16, 2011

    the other rapper is Slim Da Mobster .

  16. Dunk June 16, 2011

    FUTURE HIT!!!!! The beat is sick< Kelly Sounds amazing and Pttbull smashed it! great to here him on a beat like this!

  17. Malibu Barbie June 16, 2011

    Pitbull’s LANE is singing about dancing! he slays.. im so glad kelly is getting all this press, i really think the tables are turning..

  18. The Perrylicious is taking over… June 16, 2011


    Last Friday Night #1 on iTunes!!!

    Last Friday Night #1 on iTunes!!!

    Last Friday Night #1 on iTunes!!!

    Last Friday Night #1 on iTunes!!!

    Last Friday Night #1 on iTunes!!!

    Last Friday Night #1 on iTunes!!!

    Last Friday Night #1 on iTunes!!!

    Last Friday Night #1 on iTunes!!!

    Stay MAD+PRESSED haters.. Where is Gayga & Beyonic??? Flop Ha?


    5th #1???
    *hold your breath babehh..*

  19. The Perrylicious is taking over… June 16, 2011

    but i do love Pitbull,..but Destiny’s Child left-over??

    Destiny’s Child and their solo career are PATHETIC AND OVERRATED.

  20. luv music June 16, 2011


  21. truciebedford June 16, 2011

    I can’t even enjoy the song because Pitbull’s voice disgusts me and that mf can’t f****** rap. kelly on the other hands sounds amazing.

  22. Kelly Fan June 16, 2011

    OMGOOOSSHHH….. Luuuuvvsss it!!! They both killed it!!!

  23. JJFAN1814 June 16, 2011

    @The Perrylicious

    I think Gaga is too busy outselling Katy Perry in terms of album sales. 🙂

  24. Jamie June 16, 2011

    The music sounds a bit like LL Cool J’s Gotta Get You Home. I love this song though especially Kelly’s part!

  25. diva June 16, 2011

    While pple were running around saying kelly was doing nothing but photoshoots…hating well guess what she was in the studio dropping vocals over vocals …wow this gave me goosebumbs

  26. queenBey June 16, 2011

    It does have a Love the Way You lie feel to it… Just not as heavy in subject matter. This song is more enjoyable then Love the way you lie because it isn’t so negative. Although, Love the way you lie was of better quality… Anyways, this is a great track! I could listen to it all day! Never thought I would say Kelly did it again! She might just prove me wrong, things are really looking up for her! I never would have guessed! Dare I say Kelly *~might~* slay me this year…. I cannot believe I thought then typed this… What is the world coming too! Beyonce not in the top 10. Kelly Rowland making music I actually like, Whats next?

  27. Ninja June 16, 2011

    sounds like castle wall ti ft xtina/ love the way u lie…

    did alex da kid produce this? if so he needs to switch up ..

  28. Coput2 June 16, 2011

    not really a fan of pitbull…smh
    …Bare Minerals giving away products JUST 4 ur damn email i use 2 diff & got 2packs of got 3 sets

  29. MrIncredible June 16, 2011 #illpass

  30. Bobby from Bulgaria June 16, 2011

    Well, it was kinda boring to me…

  31. Sterling8music June 16, 2011

    I’m really happy for Kelly!

    Its kickass that both Kelly and Beyonce will be performing on BET this year. It would be heaven if Michelle was also performing something. A dream would be all of the lady’s to do a concert. Not as destiny’s child but as 3 artist standing on the own.

    Wow now that is hot!! Call it the Destiny Fulfillment Tour !

  32. queenbey will always s*** on ur fave and leave them no option but 2 pout June 16, 2011

    YAWN!!!!!! Kelly sound da same on every track, she has NO vocal range what so ever!!! 🙁 Wen is she goin to release a song WITH JUST HER, no features just HERSELF???? -_-

  33. J June 16, 2011

    As a fan of Reggaeton since the early 2000s, how the f*** is Pitbill a Reggaeton star? o_0

    Pitbull’s s*** is generic ELECTRO-POP/R&B or HIP-HOP/DANCE music which is NOT what Reggaeton is… js.

  34. BeyondGossip.Com June 16, 2011

    HOT! Perfect combo….Kelly Rowland aint messing!

  35. Tr June 16, 2011

    Bitter Beyonce stan alert*** HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH Go’ on Kelly do ya thing, it’s UR TIM E NOW!!

  36. Misfit June 16, 2011

    Hotness!!! Kelly wakes up, what would have been a sleeper!!!

  37. muni June 16, 2011

    OMG Kelly is slaying my life I can’t take it anymore


  38. kelly which closed eyes, take you far in the sweetness of her voice June 16, 2011

    If it There’s one thing I still love with this girl’s voice, she is so sweet, a little sharp, but the kind of voice, with headphones quiet you feel you’re so light begins to dream , we can say everything about it but one thing is on voice as she y’en not two, it does not scream like some or not a voice of cat being slaughtered

    those who say that it looks like love the way you are, I think not, that’s music to listen quietly, building on the singing voice above the voice of Kelly, I swear you will find some sweetness, some rest, eyes closed, in any case I love

  39. gio88 June 16, 2011

    HIT!! kelly is amazing on the track , this can be a hit just like love the way you lie!! she has a so sweet voice!!

  40. Tamz June 16, 2011

    I like this!!! sounds cool! Kelly’s voice is bliss…

  41. SWEETY NATALIE (A.K.A. ICON) June 16, 2011

    Kelly’s vocals on this track are phenomenal but I just hate Pitbull he looks like a creep sounds like a creep and is a creep.

  42. lola June 16, 2011

    Pitbull is so damn wack! He is a wack ass rapper. He’s not a real rapper, he’s in the same boat as Nelly, Flo-Rida, Soulja Boy, Chingy, ect… He only sounds good on dance/party tracks. Kelly has a beuatiful voice and I’m glad she’s GETTING PAID AND GETTING HER VOICE OUT THERE! To tell you the truth, this song is so generic and boring, but I want it to succeed so Kelly can continue to get her shine on. She deserves all the success in the world. Plus, if that unatlented HO Rihanna can get #1s and Top 10 hits being a featured artist, so can the TALENTED MS. KELLY!

  43. jrizza June 16, 2011

    LOVE IT!!! This does give love the way you lie tease, but I love this, and this is way better on kelly;s end, but enimem slays pitbull.. should’ve been eminem and kelly on that track instead!!

  44. Chelsie June 16, 2011

    OIf course she has a vocal range.. an extensive one even. Kelly’s strength is actually her clear tone rather than her range. Kelly is one of the most naturay gifted singer out there at the moment. IMO

    This is pitbull releasing this not Kelly.. She is the feature. It’s pleasant.

  45. 100% Real June 16, 2011

    It does have a, “Love The Way You Lie” vibe to it. I like it. Boy, Kelly is all over the place doing her thing. It’s cool that she’s doing duets with other artists, but I would love to hear her do a song on her own right now. Just her vocals alone. But, other than that, I like the song and keep doing your thing Kelly!

  46. Holla June 16, 2011

    I love Kelly’s voice on this song!

  47. Kavion June 16, 2011

    T.I ft. Christina Aguilera – Castle Walls. The titles are too damn similiar! Lol.

    I like it though. I think I’m buying Pitbull’s album! His last album was pretty good & he has allot of substance this go around. With songs featuring Chris, Ne-Yo, & Kelly, it’s a winner.

  48. African( Senegal ) loooove breezy!!!!!! June 16, 2011

    June 16, 2011 at 11:47 am
    This sucks, too much rapping from the moron Pitbull and all Kelly does is sing the damn chorus. What a yaaawner!

    _ Euuuuh what are you talking about b****?!! This’s a freakin awesome song perfect for summer!!!!

    @The Perrylicious is taking over…
    June 16, 2011 at 12:50 pm
    but i do love Pitbull,..but Destiny’s Child left-over??

    Destiny’s Child and their solo career are PATHETIC AND OVERRATED.

    _ Hahaha! It’s not even pathetic anymore how delusional are-you, it’s funny now, you really make me laugh, cause you’re an eternel delusional stan!

    LMFAO @SWEETY NATALIE (A.K.A. ICON) “I just hate Pitbull he looks like a creep sounds like a creep and is a creep.”

    _Hahaha… he gets on my nerves too!! And why he always weir sunglasses?!!!

  49. john June 16, 2011


  50. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare June 16, 2011

    Kelly sounds great!!!!!!!

  51. nice_gurl June 16, 2011

    It’s good, but I can see myself getting bored after a few listens.

  52. Chile Please!! June 16, 2011

    Yawn……boooooooooooooooooooo! WTF is going on with music?? Everyone is trying to cross over! Anyway…………NEXT!

  53. tooposh June 17, 2011

    haters SITDOWN hahahah kelly sounds amazing hate it or love t…


  54. noone June 17, 2011

    keep it up Kelly!!!!!!!! keep going like this and never stop!!

  55. GREG June 17, 2011

    do i see QUEENBEY in here cheerleading for beyonce again?… sad, ….would be ok if you were being paid or something….quit suckling on Beyonce’s n******!

  56. SHESDUMB June 17, 2011


  57. ERIC June 17, 2011


  58. loves1embrace June 17, 2011

    Cute! Me likey!

  59. SEnse June 17, 2011

    Kelly’s voice is so versatile…Love it!!!

  60. BDABOSS June 17, 2011

    @Chile Please…who are you saying is trying to cross over? It couldn’t be Pit Bull you’re talking about?

  61. Jamie June 17, 2011


    In reference to your name, your grandpa and I been came to that conclusion about your grandma. The b**** is just straight blonde dumb/chicken of the sea fish or chicken dumb!!!!!!

  62. Jamie June 17, 2011


    That’s crazy……….Same thing happened to me after I listened to a couple of songs from 4.

  63. Jamie June 17, 2011

    Oh and yeah Rowldawgs rule, we bitin’ 6.26!!!!!

  64. JANET June 17, 2011

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO KELLY.GREAT MELODY!!!!

  65. pz June 17, 2011

    kelly sounds great!!!!!

  66. Phittedphilly June 17, 2011

    Work Ms.Kelly!!

  67. wink June 17, 2011

    i know he just hopped on lighters with eminem but bruno mars woulda been a tight collab for this one

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