Tracklisting: Kelly Rowland – ‘Here I Am’

Published: Wednesday 29th Jun 2011 by Sam

As Kelly Rowland fans catch their breath following her show-stopping performance at the BET Awards, the singer drums up more excitement with the tracklist for her 3rd studio album ‘Here I Am’.

Due on July 26th, the LP comes in standard and deluxe form.

Get a taste of what Ms. Kelly is serving up next month below…

Standard Edition

1. “I’m Dat Chick”
2. “Work It Man” feat. Lil Playy
3. “Motivation” feat. Lil Wayne
4. “Lay It on Me” feat. Big Sean
5. “Feelin’ Me Right Now”
6. “Turn It Up”
7. “All of the Night” feat. Rico Love
8. “Keep It Between Us”
9. “Commander”
10. “Down for Whatever”

Deluxe Edition

11. “Heaven & Earth”
12. “Each Other”
13. “Motivation (Rebel Rock Remix)” feat. Lil Wayne
14. “Commander (Urban Remix)” feat. Nelly


Following the many ‘leaks’ from the initial ‘draft’ of the LP, it’s great to see a bevy of new tracks sitting pretty on the list, with the old ones that did make it being the crème de la crème (ala ‘Commander’, and ‘Each Other’).

It must be added that the UK version of the record, which is set for release in October/November (in tandem with her televised stint on the X Factor UK) will boast a more Dance-heavy tracklist. Needless to say, cuts such as the lush ‘Forever & Day’ will make an appearance there.

In any case, things are looking tight and right for the project. Exciting times.

Your thoughts?

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  1. jay June 29, 2011

    yesssssss! i am pre-ordering this album right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. magic June 29, 2011

    yesss new tracks then we going to have more songs on her international album cause she said it will more upbeat songs on it

  3. lenor June 29, 2011

    Can’t wait to hear the new songs!!!!! Kelly is slaying right now! the album covers are gorgeous!

  4. ArtCrossroads June 29, 2011


  5. ISTANN4GAGA June 29, 2011

    I Wish her ALL of the best.

    S/N if she flops,I know EXACTLY who to drag *cough* Laceyaki *cough*

  6. RealMusic June 29, 2011

    Great job Kelly. Looking forward to the album

  7. Johnny June 29, 2011

    I’m glad Grown Woman and Rose Coloured Glasses are not in there as I really didn’t like them. I don’t even like Motivation. Being from the UK, I’m glad we’ll get the more uptempo Kelly. BRING IT ON!

  8. Mustologist June 29, 2011

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssss KELLY!!!! it’s your time MaMa *waits* for Promo Schedule.. It’s time for her to get her first #1 album!!

  9. GREG June 29, 2011

    man i still wish “smooches” had made it on to the record….

  10. Lenny June 29, 2011

    Just 10 songs after years of cancellations. Glad to see that most of the songs are not leaked. I’ll wait for UK edition.

  11. Royalkev June 29, 2011

    I wish Kelly well. I think my favorite cut from her is Forever & a Day, On and On and Smooches, but I had a feeling it would not make the album. It nice to see that she has so much new music!

  12. LYRIC COMMANDER LEE June 29, 2011

    omg im soo ready for this album – ps so there will be a uk version of the album as well? i didnt know if that was still true or not but it definently makes since seeing as her the xfactor is like one big promo for the uk if there ever was one – either way im glad there are new tracks because it would be totally stupid to keep rcg (my jam) and gw (a good cut too) on the album and with the leaks its clear that most of the world already has those so bring on the album!

  13. Fleur June 29, 2011

    Things are moving on up for Ms. Kelly [Such a good feeling :-)]. Continue to slay them charts and performances Kelly.

  14. LARRY June 29, 2011

    I know Sam is a Kelly stan and all, and she indeed delivered a stella performance at the BETs, but I can’t take raving & bragging by Sam anymore, you seriously need to Regarding the album, ten songs is not enough tbh. We waited soooooooo long for this release, they better be the best ten DAMN GOOD songs I have ever heard from her!

  15. Yurges June 29, 2011

    10 songs Kelly really? at least make it 12 – 14 and then 3 extra bonus tracks but not 10 songs thats a lil low and ppl wont spend £10 on a 10 song album tbh =/ but i’ll listen to it and if i like i’ll buy!

  16. Secret Voice June 29, 2011

    Go Kelly Girl!

  17. DANCE DIVA June 29, 2011

    Well b****** get ready for ur fav to get drag in the muddy dirt!! She will be snatching wigs from MJB to Taylor Swift!! KING B AND MICHELLE is excluded from the snatching!!

  18. KD June 29, 2011

    Ms. Rowland is being a bit stingy isn’t she?…a voice like hers needs to be showcased on more than 10 tracks (12 counting the deluxe tracks that aren’t remixes).

    Here’s hoping that the UK version will have a new tracklist altogether *wishful thinking*

    P.S. More performances in the same vain as the BET performance would also be greatly appreciated too.

    Anyway roll on July 26th…

  19. jKC June 29, 2011

    Yes this album is going to kill, I’m so glad she left Commander on there, even though that song didn’t take off the way they expected I LOVED it and the video. I too wish Smooches was on here, but overall I’m excited for this album!! i think she is going to do extremely well in sales

  20. Myrl22 June 29, 2011

    Im a little sad that grown ass woman didnt make the cut … 🙁 But I cant wait to see what my Fav is hiding behind those track list. I know i’ll be blown away. But please people give me just today to vant about GAW not being on the album. After today i promise that I wont turn into that fan who is talking about Unity. But today please bare with me cuz im a little sadden.

    An please kelly, you have to put another single out before the release along with a video. Please… lOVE YOU BOOBOO

  21. aisha aguilera keys June 29, 2011

    Good luck, Girl. Wish u the best.

  22. aisha aguilera keys June 29, 2011

    man, u B fans need to decide- when her single or album’s not number one on itunes, you yell “itunes don’t matter”, but when it is, u scream it everywhere. plus this post’s about Kelly.

  23. 2bad2bme June 29, 2011


  24. marnpaug June 29, 2011

    Finally, I love the idea that the album is finally getting released. I love Kelly since day 1. I hoped that there would be more tracks, 10 is way too little. Besides I am missing On & On and Forever is just a day away (or something like that). I will definitely be buying the album. Come Kelly!

  25. Chillin June 29, 2011

    soooooooooooooooooooo excited and happy for kelly rowland..i cant wait! i will definitely be being her album!!

  26. NikkiIsChillin June 29, 2011

    Yay! Gonna be gettng this album. Go Kelly!!!

  27. KD June 29, 2011

    @ aisha aguilera keys

    Out of respect for Kelly Rowland and her fans I will keep this short…

    The fans never said anything about iTunes positions not meaning a thing…the fans simply said that the success of an album is not based on the success of the singles, this in response to rabid haters i.e. PERRYLICIOUS that assumed that the poor chartings of RTW and BTINH were a sign that the album would flop.

    Secondly, we Bey stans are proud and excited because so many vile and hateful naysayers have been proven wrong…so bare with us.

    One last thing…if you actually took the time to read what was written (instead on getting all hissy when you saw the name Beyonce), you would have noticed that my fellow Bey stan mentioned that she would be purchasing Kelly’s album when it drops, which I will too by the way.

    Lastly, get yourself a copy of the “4”, while waiting for “Here I Am”, and stop being so damn bitter.


  28. Nia June 29, 2011

    From the track-listing I don’t see any “ballad titles” hope i’m wrong because we need a ballad Kelly!

  29. YOOSONDALOOSE June 29, 2011

    Looks like a chart topper?

  30. I’madiva June 29, 2011

    I just pray her album doesn’t Leak. & tweet Kelly to stop promoting Beys album! Bcuz in 27 days most likely Bey will still be #1 on R&B charts & it will make it difficult 4 her album to become #1 on R&B charts. Plzzz… think b4 u do stuff like tht! Just sayin…. & Kelly pllzzz tweet yourself so fans can know tht they can pre order your album on amazon!!!

  31. Mustologist June 29, 2011

    Heaven and Earth is a Ballad…

    The cover and tracklisting looks like I’m just here to slay… I’m not here gonna do to much talking and extra s***. Just gonna release my music and watch it walk up the charts!!

  32. Mr. T June 29, 2011

    June 29, 2011 at 1:23 pm

    man, u B fans need to decide- when her single or album’s not number one on itunes, you yell “itunes don’t matter”, but when it is, u scream it everywhere. plus this post’s about Kelly.

    Chart position does not determine how good or bad an album is as far as musical content. Whether “4” reach #1 or #50 , we would still love the album. But because it did chart than most naysayers expected, we’re also proud of that.

    On to Kelly…. WHERE IS GROWN ASS WOMAN and ROSE COLORED GLASSES…ughhhh KELLY, I loved those tracks. I also love Forever and Day. But if this is anything like Ms. Kelly Imma be in love with the album.

    I really think Kelly will do great. And I heard Brandy coming out with an album. Hot Summer S***…

  33. Mr. T June 29, 2011

    And Im praying that there is no push back……Kelly is too talented to not have an album out already….

  34. Tori June 29, 2011

    I love it!! I’m kinda disappointed that there are only 10 songs, but i guess they cut 2 songs out for production costs since they spent money on videos last year with the four singles before it got delayed. But at least she’s putting out a deluxe edition and the international version which will prolly have all the other songs she recorded. Now that everything is coming together, she needs to release Lay It On Me to radio, get the video out asap, do some daytime and late night TV interviews and performances for promotion and she should be good. I’m just hoping she does all of that and not spend all her time at X-Factor. Oh yeah I agree she needs to stop promoting B’s album. No shade against B and I know they support each other, but until I see B doing a tweet about Kelly’s album or singles then Kelly needs promote her own stuff and not B’s stuff…just sayin’

  35. Jay Jay June 29, 2011

    Turn it up though?!?!? Ciara had that song twice and Kim kardashian had turn it up. So tired of recycled songs. But anyways I’m def gonna be checking for this album I’m sure it will do better than her last two. I hope it at least does 80k 1st week

  36. Thedimplepuppet June 29, 2011

    Screams & f****** shouts OMFG —> “Each Other” made the list YASSSSSSSS!

  37. Thedimplepuppet June 29, 2011

    I’m so proud of my big SIS what a journey =)

  38. Mustologist June 29, 2011

    @Jay Jay

    Turn it Up will probably be nothing alike any of those songs… Just the same title. Which means nothing lls.

  39. Jay Jay June 29, 2011

    But I do give Kelly and her team props *snaps fingers* Releasing her album in July while motivation is still popular and she still have more singles to release. Very smart move.

  40. Independent Thinker June 29, 2011

    During her BET rehearsal U-stream she said there were 12 songs on the album. Maybe there will be a couple of bonuses or a hidden track or two. I love it when artist do that because it serves as a special surprise for those who actually BUY the album. I’ll be getting the standard version for my lil’ sis and the deluxe edition for myself. It would be nice if there were extra media, like a making the album DVD or a videography DVD. Kelly’s supporters have been asking for that for years.

    ROYALKEV, I have a feeling that the song titled “Turn It Up” may be ‘On & On’, newly titled of course. If you remember, there is a line in the song that says, “this is my favorite song, TURN IT UP”. I’m just speculating so I could be wrong, but I really think we’re getting that song. It was just too good for Kelly to pass up and it definately represents the dance diva that she has become. I hope I’m right because I too LOVE ‘On & On”. It’s such a feel good record.

    It does not surprise me that “Grown Woman” and “Rose Colored Glasses” didn’t make the album seeing as how you can buy those songs on i-tunes. They were after-all released as singles; buzz singles but singles none the less.

    I am so happy that the urban version of “Commander” is included on the deluxe edition. That is my JAM. I was also hoping that “Each Other” would make the cut and IT DID!!! All the songs I wanted, I got; so I’m more than happy with the tracklisting.

    I think this album is going to be an outstanding fusion of hard hitting r&b, pop and dance. Dance music may be the trend in America right now and so many artist may be following that trend, but NOBODY does it like Kelly. There’s something so fresh and authentic about her venture into dance music and she is the only one who brings serious VOCALS to the genre. It’s perfect for her. I’ve always loved Kelly’s eclectic talent. Her ability to jump from genre to genre and OWN it all. Some say that she has yet to find herself as an artist because she does that, but I disagree wholeheartedly. I think her ability to move effortlessly from one style or genre to the next proves that she is an artist who can sing anything and she should be given her props for that because not every one in the game can do that.
    I can’t wait for this album. I’m so excited about it. Kelly-keep the ball-Rowland.

  41. Jay Jay June 29, 2011

    @ mustologist

    Yeah I know lls but I hate when the same song title gets used multiple times lol. Really excited for this album and hope Ms. Kelly aka chocolate barbie gets the shine she deserves.

  42. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare June 29, 2011

    Yesssss Kelly!

  43. RealMusic June 29, 2011

    I do wish Rose Colored Glasses and On and On were on the album though

  44. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) June 29, 2011

    I’m excited. I wish she had more songs than 10 (and 12 with the 2 original deluxe tracks) but I know that some labels release 10-track albums, because they’re cheaper for them, as opposed to 12-track or 13-track ones. Monica’s label put her through the same stuff with Still Standing AND The Makings Of Me

  45. Beyonce and Cb fan June 29, 2011


    I agree! So sad. 🙁

  46. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) June 29, 2011

    The 1-minute snippet of I’m Dat Chick that leaked in the beginning of the year was hot, so I’m anticipating this song and who is Lil’Play??

  47. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) June 29, 2011

    I have a feeling she’ll have lots of mid-tempos on the album. Tracks 10 and 11 may be ballads, judging from the tittles. #CURIOUS

  48. Thedimplepuppet June 29, 2011

    @ MYRL22 go ahead a vent boo because I would feel the same way if ‘EACH OTHER’ didn’t make the cut. Hi RoyalKev

  49. queenbey will always s*** on ur fave and leave them no option but 2 pout June 29, 2011

    I find it suspect that Kelly is releasing her material right after QUEENBEY releases hers-
    -the day before 4 droped she released her deluxe album cover
    -the day after QUEENBEY album drop she is releasing her tracklist………very suspect

  50. Mustologist June 29, 2011


    On&On was Produced by Brian Kennedy but Turn It Up was released by Rodney Jerkins. I enjoyed reading your commentary..

  51. JR June 29, 2011

    YESSSSSSSSSSSS I am so ready for this album! Bring on the promo!

  52. aisha aguilera keys June 29, 2011

    @ KD
    don’t worry boo, I am planning on getting 4, I’ve already listened to it on Deezer. I think it’s ok, and i have IASF; I think B can sing and I like her songs, even though her dancing this era isn’t great (and u can label me a hater and say whatever ish u want, but that’s my opinion). I’m not a B fan, but I do like her songs and she has a nice voice. But I’m not going to say this every time I have something “negative” to say about her. And frankly, B’s everywher, due to the fact that her album was released this week, and peeps are always starting stan wars. One more time, this isn’t about B but about Kelly, and I read the whole comment ur friend made, but still- THIS ISN’T ABOUT B, IT’S ABOUT KELLY. Let’s leave B out of this post. By the way, I’m not bitter, I wish B the best of luck. Stop trying to start a fight over nothing. I love Alicia, I would do anything to see her live, but even SHE doesn’t escape my criticism, less Aguilera.

  53. DanityKiWi June 29, 2011

    @queenbey will always s*** on ur fave and leave them no option but 2 pout
    They both have their own career and have to play their own promotions. I’m sure Kelly meant nothing by it but trying to get people buzzing. If someone was actually deterred from buying ‘4’ because of Kelly bringing out an album cover and tracklisting, then I would be completely surprised.

  54. aisha aguilera keys June 29, 2011

    @ Mr. T
    I don’t give a f*** what number the album is at and how many it sells, but i’m just saying though. I support artists who aren’t commercially succesful, don’t care. I’m not a stan nor a B fan, but no matter how much the album sells, I would have contributed to it since I’m planning on getting my copy and because I LIKE the album. Not many people I know like B, they don’t even talk about her, so don’t even expect to see them waste their time on blogs or anything else related to her. I’m always like, “But she’s a good singer and her albums are good” and they’re just like, “Whatever, just don’t bring her up”, u know?

  55. Bdaboss June 29, 2011

    Dang…I also wish On and On would have made it on the album. Either way, I will be buying all versions….Even the international or U.K. versions.

  56. aisha aguilera keys June 29, 2011

    @ KD

    I find it really sad that whenever u say something “negative” about an artist on a post, u are labeled a “hater”. “Getting hissy”? Really? KD, u can look up all the B posts, most of my comments are positive, but if I have something “negative” to say, I will, I’m ready for u stans, I’m not scared. But instead of wasting yr time labeling me, shouldn’t u b supporting B by buying her last album? I have all three of Riri’s last albums, but I will NEVER go see her LIVE even if the tickets were free and I was bored as f***, because I think she’s a horrible performer, but I’ll still be the first in line to buy her next album.

  57. queenbey will always s*** on ur fave and leave them no option but 2 pout June 29, 2011

    Im not sayin her releasing these items are goin to defer ppl from buying 4- Im just saying its very suspect that Kelly is releasing her items right after QUEENBEY…….its like Kelly is trying to steal QUEENBEYS shine……something she WILL NEVER DO 🙂

  58. Prince&Queen Bey June 29, 2011

    Yeeeessss Ms.Kelly I’m Lovin the titles of the Tracklisting i hope the Commander urban remix is a full version. Kelly giirrrrlllll u better not disappoint me with this album!

  59. LYRIC COMMANDER LEE June 29, 2011

    independent think where have u been ! lol ive missed u! as a fellow kelly stan i agree with everythiing youve said and i for one cant wait for both versions of the album because i of course will be buying both – plus as much as i hate the wait between albums i 2003 2007 and now 2011 i love the growth vocally between each one and i cant wait for her tour!!

  60. brian b… June 29, 2011

    If she makes a dance record I’m not buying it, if there are more rnb songs on there I’ll get it. I lover her for her voice so that’s what I wanna hear on this one. She can sing so she doesn’t need to put out just dance records… I understand she doesn’t wanna be boxed in but she must not alienate her fans in that process.

  61. Sense June 29, 2011

    YES Kelly…Can’t wait *runs to pre order*

  62. Robier June 29, 2011


  63. Bdaboss June 29, 2011

    I wonder if I pre order it if it will arrive the same day it comes out? Has anyone ever done that before?

  64. BrandyNMonicaStan June 29, 2011

    I’m soooo happy for Kelly, I like Beyonce’ 2 but I am so ready to hear what Kelly has to say this time around and I have 4! BRANDY is on deck next and I can’t wait but I will!!!!!

  65. DanityKiWi June 29, 2011

    Releasing an album cover and tracklisting is far from even trying to steal B’s shine…it’s a career move by Kelly, nothing more I’m sure. Especially given the past that these two share and the always loyal support Kelly gives B.
    She is doing what she can to promote her anticipated album. Her promotion began with the BET Awards and is gonna continue until the release date…not everything revolves around B…life is much larger.

  66. Prince&Queen Bey June 29, 2011

    Noooooo i just notice she didn’t put Forever In A Day urban slowed down remix on there…….Kelly girl that little short snippet was Everything!!!! It would’ve been Very Nice to hear a Full version of that song.

    Forever In A Day shouldve been on there period. Kelly girrrllll……


    KELLY>>> BLEACHonce

  68. Julio Aguilar June 29, 2011

    i really liked rose coloured glasses! and im still waiting for ON & ON!!!!!!
    but this is gonna be killer! I might have to buy uk version if its actually different

  69. VINNY June 29, 2011

    10 songs :/ where are ur hits??? this is a FLOP but ill still buy it but omg why dont u wana put ur hits??? FLOP and u know it

  70. Kels 4 me June 29, 2011

    STFU to all those who are trying to make it seem like kelly is trying to block bey. she will never do anything of that nature. There are more women who have a right to do them in the music industry. Beyonce is overexposed and self centered. ppl are tired of her even her fans although they will try to keep up with the hype. what are the ages of bey stans LMFAO. other than that

    KELLY B**** U BETTER WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. ERIC June 29, 2011


  72. muni June 29, 2011

    This b**** is about to OWN yours, Just letting you know!!!

    #HereIam July 26th 2011 will be down in the history forever!!!

  73. muni June 29, 2011

    I love love love “Each Other” thank you Kelly for including that f****** song

    Thank you, I love it it does something to me so s***!!!




  75. Royalkev June 29, 2011

    @ Mustologist, Thanks alot! 🙂 …You know, On and On does have a little bit of a darkchild sort of styling to it, now that I think of it.

    @ Independent Thinker, I believe your right. It could be Turn it up. She does use those lyrics. I really would not be surprised. That song was great to work out to! I am probably one of the few that preferred that over Commander. It wasn’t as fiesty, but it had a really nice flow to it. I even like some of the small adlibs, that she sung harder towards the end.



    This will be BLEACHonce’s lowest seller yet. I predict 2 million ww. 🙂

  77. Chris June 29, 2011

    Too many features let me not remind you of the features your so called king had on one album…shall I…(Jay Z, Sean Paul, Missy Elliott, Luther Vandross, Andre 300). So please sit the f*** down @shesdumb.

    Anyway I love the track listing. Been gone for a min seeing the world and now I am back. Thatgrapejuice…what up. Nonetheless Kelly is buzzing right now. This tracklisting is perfect because I am sure every song is outstanding. I have always been a fan and although they were not commercially successful her content has always been on point. Her songs always meant something and the content was good (most of them anyway). So no hating from you B fans because she just recognized how to make music that was for the soul and meant something besides shaking your ass!

  78. Kels 4 me June 29, 2011

    @she dumb its obvious you are a bey stan which is okay but can you go to here post there are many on here and leave kellys post. THANK U

  79. Efreetales June 29, 2011

    Hmm… I miss “Smooches” that tracklist. The record was a hit bomb and would be in album. =( Let me see what hold on Kelly Rowland.

  80. Efreetales June 29, 2011

    Oh… almost forget “On & On”, other hit that did stay out. =(

  81. KoreanDream June 29, 2011

    Meh. I can’t wait for the dance version of this album.

  82. E11 June 29, 2011

    Alicia keys…. As I am….

    come on kelly…. same damn name and cover?

  83. misscarolyn June 29, 2011

    I’m Dat Chick.. the next hot song…Great job to Kelly Rowland

  84. socialstudy1 June 29, 2011

    I hope theres a UK tracklist that will include those awesome tracks that didn’t make the US tracklist. (Rose Colorerd Glasses, Forever And A Day, Grown Woman, etc……). She had an awesome track called Free Fall that didn’t make the list either. What the French!!!! “) Kelly — we like dance music here in the US too. They could’ve been at least on the deluxe disc, instead of another remix to motivation or commander. I’m still looking forward to the cd.

  85. socialstudy1 June 29, 2011

    PS – Smoochies was a HOTT track too.

  86. MRGILLIAM June 29, 2011

    what!!!!! im excited for this album and all, but only 12 different tracks total!!!! (after she made us wait 3 years for this to come out!! *i feel like it’s a slap in the face* anyway i hope these songs are good…..

  87. Bdaboss June 29, 2011

    @royalkev I actually loved On and On as well. Ok to the rest of you guys…yeah Smooches was a fyre track but that is Teyana Taylor’s record. I’m Dat Chick is the album opener. I wonder if that’ll be the next single. I need another video asap.

  88. MrJayBeats June 29, 2011

    I think it’s really interesting to see that Kelly is making conserted attempts to ‘dumb’ it down for the U.S market. Her urban tracks are considerably less inspired or musically creative. Just look at ‘Lay it on me’ its such a generic track that any current artist could have released. Too many artists play it safe and make uncomplicated choices so as not to offend. Kelly found her stride in dance music. She is tryong to force this urban sound in order to achieve ‘success’ or chart placings in the U.S rather than making good music. I think its obvious to observe that she is much freer and true to herself on her damce tracks, her urban cuts always seem a little forced to me. I think she obviously feels pressure that she doesn’t have the success at home that she has abroad, and unlike most countries that would commend their artists for international success, America seems bitter towards her labelling her a dance music ‘sell out’. If you ain’t gonna but her albums, don’t berate the girl for doing what she loves elsewhere

  89. that_lala June 29, 2011

    cannot wait to buy this album..i knw its gonna be FIRE!!!

  90. VA STAND UP!! June 30, 2011

    June 29, 2011 at 1:38 pm


    Meeeee tooooo! Ugh! I so wanted to hear her version of it cause I know she could have sung the hell out of that song. I was praying it was gonna leak! Ugh! I guess it didn’t go with the album. Well… maybe Chris will use it now. *shrugs*

    Anywho….this looks interesting. I like ‘Motivation’ but I am sooo ready to hear new material from her. That record with Big Sean just didn’t do ANYTHING for me! SMH! I want to support her but until I hear some more music that I like I’m still undecided. *sigh*

  91. JUDAS666 June 30, 2011


  92. Angela Wesley June 30, 2011

    Nia , I agree where are the ballads.I like dance and R& B songs but Kelly please give
    us some ballads.I already have Each other and Commander but not the remix version.
    I wish she would have Castle in the Sand with Pitbull because that is a good a song
    and I like it. I don’t know she didn’t include Still in Love with my Ex and I don’t Wanna.
    I just hope I like all of the song but I am going to buy the album anyway.

  93. Yan June 30, 2011


  94. Bdaboss June 30, 2011

    Some of you all are acting as if you don’t already own half of those songs that didn’t make the album. It is a good strategic move because I must admit that I already have 4 songs that made it to the album. If she would have included those songs then it wouldn’t have been anything new and refreshing that we haven’t already heard.

  95. GLYNNJE June 30, 2011




    HERE I AM -JULY 26TH 2011

  96. GREG June 30, 2011

    yea im kind of glad she didnt go full on dance music, save that for the UK

  97. djdunkonthatbitch July 1, 2011

    FLOP ASS C***

  98. BDABOSS July 1, 2011

    @^ You couldn’t be talking about Kelly Rowland, which so happens to have the number 1 R&B song in the country, and lets not forget that it’s been sitting there for 5 weeks straight…

  99. realtalk July 1, 2011

    i will be buying Kelly albums so happy for her no one deserve this more than her at this time. loved the award show only watched it because of her not feeling BET anymore.

  100. precious97 July 21, 2011

    wait……..where is ‘geronimo’? I heard it was supposed to be on the album, I was so excited for it Chris Brown needs to release that song since it’s not on kelly’s album.
    All the best to Kelly though………………..

  101. THe QUeEn July 26, 2011

    Me personally, i think this the best cd she has ever made! Go buy it!!!!

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