Hot Shot: Mariah Carey Parties In London

Published: Sunday 10th Jul 2011 by Sam

Diva Mariah Carey lived up to her billing here in London last night. The mother of newborn twins (Monroe and Moroccan Cannon) was snapped partying it up with Joan Collins (pictured) among others at a private function here in the nation’s capital.

Having given birth only a few months ago, the 41 year old looked undeniably stunning. We can only hope she kept it light on the drinks, for when she ditched the bottle during her pregnancy, her voice sounded better than it had in years. Just saying…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Tru Voice July 10, 2011

    She looks great!! Find some more pics of the party. I heard Whitney, Bruno Mars, and Usher were in attendance as well. A power shot of Whitney and Mariah would be great!

  2. TinaSouthAfrica July 10, 2011

    She’s a alcoholic mother drunk fat flop! She will never be J.Lo she could never

    • Deftom June 25, 2012

      ROFL! Mariah Carey is one of the most accomplished singers, songwriters, producers, entrepreneurs in living memory. J-Ho is a superficially attractive model/ dancer.= without ANY sense of musicianship.
      Comparing those 2 ladies is like comparing our sun with the earth’s moon (moon being J-Ho). Got it?

  3. TinaSouthAfrica July 10, 2011

    She’s drinking her demolished voice gone! We all know its not there anymore that’s why she’s whispering in songs sounding like The-Dream

    She looks nice in this pic though but her arms looks like a bodybuilder in that jacket

  4. The Queen July 10, 2011

    She look amazing.

    Drinking? Where in that photo is she drinking?

    Mariah has more talent than Jlo could dream of.

  5. Jayla July 10, 2011


  6. Kevin July 10, 2011


  7. imadiva July 10, 2011

    @sam where is the alcohol in this picture?

  8. Jayla July 10, 2011



  9. KingBeyonce July 10, 2011

    This drun mother hospital fat flop! She really dnt have no voice that every1 is slaying her!

    Beyonce is more respected than she is in this indusrty! Soon she will pay tribute to King B too.

    Christina is this voice generation & Mimi was never a voice of no generation coz Whitney slayed her for 2 decaded even in Mimi’s prime!

    King B is #1

  10. djkimya July 10, 2011

    Mariah is beautiful..its great to see her in the pic…good for her ..LONDON is a great place to be!

  11. KingBeyonce July 10, 2011

    Dis drunk mom hospital fat flop! She really dnt have no voice that every1 is slaying her!

    Beyonce is more respected than she is in this indusrty! Soon she will pay tribute to King B too.

    Christina is this voice generation & Mimi was never a voice of no generation coz Whitney slayed her for 2 decaded even in Mimi’s prime!

    King B is #1

  12. JUDAS666 July 10, 2011

    Mariah, she still looks fat. Makeup and wardrobe is deceiving. Notice she favors small size jackets to show off them fake ass b****** of hers. Cant ignore the fat belly just below the pom-poms. Black cant hide everything, LMAO!

    April is 3 mos already… even if she lost 10 lbs a month, that’s 30 lbs. F****** looks like she lost 3 ounces!! …just sayin.

  13. tha.goldenchild July 10, 2011

    she really looks good in that pic i did not even know that was her at 1st .i hope she use the happyness that shes getting from her kids and really make a hot album plezz take some time out to listen 2 my music

  14. Kellymotivation July 10, 2011

    Is she not taking care of her babies?????

  15. jamir21 July 10, 2011

    Mariah is better than JLo Jennifer can`t even sing okay !
    Mariah has 18 number one singles what does JLo have !? *crickets chirping*
    Mariah Carey>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Jennifer Lopez !!!

  16. jamir21 July 10, 2011

    @ Kelly Motivation She got a nanny dumbass !

  17. Lasonja July 10, 2011

    @kellymotivation why in the f*** you comment on everything get a fuckinin life! Damn!

  18. Kellymotivation July 10, 2011

    Don’t I have right to comment???

    Last time I checked, any one was entitled to comment on any post she desired

    #B**** sit all the way down.

    You will think a new mother would want to spend most of her time with her babies rather than being spotted at night-outs, but I guess some women don’t really value motherhood.

    SN: I swear every little comment I post makes some clowns in this website start throwing insults for no reason…….#sad little creatures

  19. Lasonja July 10, 2011

    @kellymotivation you sit the f*** down and shut the f*** up because that s*** you do is a non motherfuckin factor b****! Shut up and die! B****!

  20. Kellymotivation July 10, 2011


    But I am still alive…

    B**** you wanted attention and it was given to you. So keep it moving and don’t let the door hit your forehead.

  21. Lasonja July 10, 2011

    @kellymotivation go help kelly sell some f***** cd’s b****! Help her win some grammy’s and sell out show’s! Oops she can’t! And what else hater!

  22. jamir21 July 10, 2011

    @ Kelly Motivation Maybe because Mariah is busy and she does not have time to watch her kids duh *stupid voice* !

  23. jamir21 July 10, 2011

    @ Kelly Motivation Kelly will never be better than Mariah, Britney, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Gaga okay !
    Best Thing I Never Had.>>>>>>>>>>>>>Motivation

  24. Lasonja July 10, 2011

    @kellymotivation Die b**** die! This is the last thing i’ll say! you ain’t even worth it dumb b****!

  25. RAZor July 10, 2011

    Wow, at everyone going at Kellymotivation. Yall are being really ugly. On the flipside, Kellymotivation we haven’t seen Mariah for three months. She’s been at home taking care of her kids. Is she not allowed to go anywhere. Don’t act like we have tons of pics of her and about. This is one pic and your hollering neglect. That’s a huge assumption.

  26. Kellymotivation July 10, 2011

    LOL I can see some two delusional clowns are having the time of their life LMAO

  27. Kellymotivation July 10, 2011


    I agree.

  28. LISA July 10, 2011

    looking good!

  29. Lasonja July 10, 2011

    @kellymotivation you got that right i am enjoying myself! I thought your ass had died!

  30. Lasonja July 10, 2011

    @tinasouthafrica well how do you look? Do you have her money? No! You shut the f*** up too and die!

  31. TIMMI July 10, 2011

    Mariah looks stunning. I can’t wait for her next album. She WILL slay.


    First off b****, if anyone is ever crazy and unfortunate enough to impregnate you, let’s see if your babies are glued to your hip 24/7. All women are entitled to a break, it would be unhealthy for her to be with her kids 24/7 and I don’t know about you but where I’m from nobody are glued to their kids like that #wheretheydothatat?

    “You will think a new mother would want to spend most of her time with her babies rather than being spotted at night-outs.”

    And also, I like how you turn ONE picture of her on ONE night out into “night-outs”. Obviously you had to make it plural to try and make your shitty non-existent point more feasible. Mariah hasn’t been spotted for weeks on end and she goes on ONE night-out and no-life vultures like you prey on her every move and instantly have something to say.

    Yes, you do have your right to post your shitty comments. And everyone else has their right to comment back and tell you if you’re talking s***, like in this case.

  32. Lasonja July 10, 2011

    @Timmi Tell like it is! Motivation alway’s talkin s***!

  33. Kellymotivation July 10, 2011


    did you see the part where co-signed with RAZOR???

    Was it that serious for u to write an essay on something so irrelevant ???? LMAO

    LOL @ the foolywang that goes on in here…Oh s***, where is my Pop corn??

  34. bobby d July 10, 2011

    lookin great!!!

  35. JohnVidal July 10, 2011

    I realized with the pictures we saw the other day she had already lost lots of weight. But I didn´t think she was this stunning already! Gorgeous after just 2 months. Damm the woman gave birth to twins at 41! Do u guys realize that?
    And I´m surprised she flied to London. F*** it, I´m excited, it´s been months without seeing her 🙂

  36. Diane July 10, 2011

    Mariah was smart to take a picture next to someone who is more than twenty years her senior. The picture makes Mariah look young. Now, if she were standing next to….

  37. Courtney July 10, 2011

    some of you are idiots she wasn’t drunk in the hospital a few ounces of dark beer helps with breastfeeding which she’s nursing the twins so shut up. she and Nick haven’t hired a nanny yet but are thinking about it and it’s only gonna be a stop gap thing not to the point where Roc & Roe Call the Nanny Mom like Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie’s kids do. Prince Azim of Brueni is a friend of hers and asked her to attend his birthday party so she did. she left Roc & Roe in the capable loving care of their father with pumped breast milk for feedings so what she gained more weight than she was supposed to during pregnancy she couldn’t help it a Multiple pregnancy is inherently higher risk than a single pregnancy is and for the last 4 months of it before they were born at 38 weeks and weighing little more than 5lbs each she was on bed rest witch though not a picnic she had to to make sure those precious babies were born healthy. nursing moms lose the weight quicker than non nursing ones do because their matoblism works faster though your supposed to beep ten pounds of pregnancy weight the entire time you’re nursing for milk production. give Mariah a break she’s entitled to let a bit of steam off sometimes and so what implants don’t make it dangerous for her to nurse as they don’t affect the milk ducts and it also gives a closer bond between mother & child/children look how close Joely Richarrdson & Carlo Nero are to their mohter Vanessa Redgrave from being nursed when they were babies. if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all

  38. Kellymotivation July 10, 2011


    Are you South African??

    Girl, I am slo African , from #Mozambique LOL. Good to see another African here

  39. Kellymotivation July 10, 2011


    Typo correction:

    “I am also” not “slo”

  40. MileyfabulousCyrusfan July 10, 2011

    I can’t believe you peasants are hating on MC. She has a great voice. And JLO? PSSSH. The girl can move but her voice? SUCKS. MC is the truth and she can belt out that chest register. Gotta give props where it’s due. When has J-h** ever been close to mariah’s level. No one was even thinking about her before she put out that on the floor crap with pitbull. Can’t wait til MC drops another album and shuts s*** down cuz Beyawnce failed. And of course once miley comes back no one will be thinking about Kesha, selena gomez, and nicki anymore!

  41. j lo July 10, 2011

    a lot of jealous c**** on here. mariah looks great for 42 and just giving birth to twins

  42. bey’knight July 10, 2011

    she’s not looking bad at all. good going on the colour choice . it’s unfortunate she’s developed a reputation for courting liquor bottles. it doesnt compliment her pedigree at all

    dead at people going in on @kellymotivation. whatever could have instigated that

  43. drodriguezsd July 10, 2011

    there is some really ghetto people on this grape juice site. I should go back to r*****.com ….. anyways, Mariah looks beautiful and I have no idea why everyone’s referring to beyonce and j.lo – everyone’s big when they debut their album, and when it dies they’re forgotten until the next one. so just wait for mariah’s next album, and then say what you will 😉

  44. Neil July 10, 2011


  45. JUICY July 10, 2011

    She looks good!

    Check out my new blog spot! – Always serving the latest Tea!
    Support me and my new site guys- : )

  46. bey’knight July 10, 2011

    what afre these disney puppets’ puppets doing navigator on must be broken. the thought of them trying to have an opinion on grown folks music #shrug

  47. The Man July 10, 2011

    She looks gorgeous !!!!!!!! It’s always those few haters that want some attention, go dig your favorites career out of the ditch, they are depending on you. Who are some of these strangers anyway???

  48. A G N E L L O – D E I (HUDSON MORRIGAN’S REAL ASS NAME) July 10, 2011


  49. tray from the bay July 10, 2011

    She looks AWESOME!!! nuff said

  50. YOOSONDALOOSE July 10, 2011

    She looks lovely! Love Mariah!

  51. Jaspola July 10, 2011

    THE VOICE is back! She looks great, cannot wait to hear a new music from MC.

  52. LaLa July 10, 2011

    MC & JC looks stunning! Work it!!!

  53. LivinALambLife July 10, 2011

    WOW SHE LOOKS STUNNING!!!!! cant believe she just gave birth to TWINS about two months ago!!!!!!
    AND to all of those people bringing up those celebrities they think are better than Mariah… you seem like you only know about her existence from 2005 and on.. so just in case that is you Mariah has been a first class artist since 1990! her first album was a number one all of the singles from that first album went to number 1 she had 5 consecutive #1’s she had at least one #1 single every year of the 1990’s… she has sold appoximatly 200 million albums world wide… and just in case you think that she was only relavent in the 90’s her album The Emancipations of Mimi is the MOST SUCCESSFUL FEMALE ALBUM EVER!!!!!! yeah so now go check on who ever you think is better than her and compare what you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. FOMM July 10, 2011

    On behalf of FOMM, a big middle finger to anyone who disses Mariah. Let’s see your picture, sweeeetie.

  55. LivinALambLife July 10, 2011

    scratch that i meant We Belong Together is the Most Successful Female Song EVER!!! not the album although the album is huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Truth Seeker July 10, 2011

    Wow! She looks absolutely beautiful. 🙂

  57. ScouseDoll July 10, 2011

    Mariah Looks gorgeous as ever! I Cant wait for her new album 🙂 Her voice is absolutely stunning and no one till this day can top her! J-LO is a h** who shakes her celulite crack thats all shes known for! Beyonce just shouts looken like big mama from Norbit!
    Love You Mariah Mwahz xox

  58. Gawain of Suffock July 10, 2011

    Mariah is our Queen!

  59. Jasp17 July 10, 2011

    Gawain, your a queen

  60. WiseGuyC July 10, 2011

    I love trampolines! I would love to see Mariah’s tits bouncing on a trampoline at Eminem’s house.

  61. RosaRubbel July 10, 2011

    Lmao @ a Kelly fan who is worried about Mariah’s motherhood.

  62. Jaspola July 10, 2011

    We’re all just living in the moment of being positive and there’s, like, people called haters… one more thing, and we give them positivity!

  63. TinaSouthAfrica July 10, 2011

    @KellyMotivation yes guurrrrrl I’m from South Africa! True Tea. Kelly loves it here sips tea! What’s yo twitter? @TinaSouthAfrica is mine

  64. Bobby Bulgaria July 10, 2011

    Well, I told you so… 🙂

    I told these ugly snails to leave MARIAH alone and in no time she’ll be back looking great and better than anyone out there…

    I see she’s been recovering fast so soon she’s gonna shut down all these so called “singers”…

  65. Tribe July 10, 2011

    MARIAH CAREY , is the GREATEST voice to ever be heard in MUSIC history !
    People that LOVE to endlessly hate on a MOTHER , are seriously PATHETIC.
    Mariah is a VERY accomplished & successful recording artist AND actress !
    She has COUNTLESS awards and contracts .
    Though , some days her voice can be really raspy and hoarse , when MC sings , she SANNNNNGS ! and NOBODY can take away that gift or deny her talent !
    & can NOT wait for your NEW music , THESE LITTLE KIDS need to bow down to the QUEEN ~
    cause you paved the muthafucken way for HALF the artists out today ~ MUAHHH

  66. MileyfabulousCyrusfan July 10, 2011

    @Bey knight. Having an opinion on grown folk’s music. You sound silly. For one thing, I AM GROWN and I listen to the greats all the time. You mad? Who cares. Maybe it’s YOU who needs to get sum variety in your diet, sis.

  67. NikkiIsChillin July 10, 2011

    Mariah looks great! Proud of her 🙂

  68. Dahhhhling July 10, 2011

    MCC looks AHHHHMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3…………..OAN I see that MCC has alot of HATERS and DELUSIONAL ppl who seem to think that JSlop could ever be better than Mariah I mean lets be real. And I like Beyonce but lets be real she can never compare to Mariah "The Voice""The Legend"Carey-Cannon!! NOONE CAN COMPARE TO MARIAH NOOBODYYY.

  69. Dahhhhling July 10, 2011

    I agree w/everyone who said GOOD things about MCC!!! I’m A Lamb so y”all Haters no we dont like it when yall say stupid stuff about her that really dont make any sense at all…………………and the babies dont have a nanny.

  70. nice_gurl July 11, 2011

    To the people that are picking on her weight. She was on fertility treatment, which made her gain, then she carried twins around for 38 weeks at age 41. She just gave birth to them 3 months ago. Give the woman a break.

    But she does need to dress better. I need to hear some new music from her.

  71. ME July 11, 2011


  72. Solostar1 July 11, 2011

    be ready..Mimi will Slay the charts!!She’s beautiful as always!!!!No one can match her FYI…

  73. HBF82 July 11, 2011

    Talented and beautiful, our beloved Diva: Mariah Carey.
    God blessed the ground she stepped on, air she bread in….

  74. Hanahhhh July 11, 2011

    Mariah Carey The Most Amazing Singer Of All Time 🙂 I Can Not Wait To Here Her Gorgeous Voice Again x

  75. The Man July 12, 2011

    She was not on fertility treatments.

  76. Andre July 24, 2011

    Erm the world is def f***** up if people think Jlo is better than Mariah?

    As for Beyonce, she idolises Mariah and LOVES her (has said so)

    mariah can sing anything so haterz shut the f*** up


  77. Hijar November 4, 2011

    LOL at Whoriah Scary ghetto stans trying hard to deny FACTS about other JLo and Beyoncé while only about what they want. U mad ? U must be lucky enough cuz it’s about your fave not others.

    LOL @ someone on here trying to make Jen’s new album a flop. B****, her 1st single ALONE out sold Whoriah’s 3 last flopped albums combined. Love? sales were not too big cause most of its songs were rerecorded and leaked months b4 the release date. They did not even promote it that well, however it has sold 11 million copies WW though.

    Hey little lamps, hey ANIMALS. Jen has a beautiful voice, she can sing, you all know it but she’s not about singing cause she’s A TRIPLE THREAT which is WAYYY better. Anyway, the voice is not EVERYTHING.

    Why we should not prefer an artist like Jennifer or Beyoncé over Whoriah ?!! That makes no sense, Jennifer has achieved so many things that you and your fave herself could NEVER. U know it.

    Jennifer can do it all. Music, acting, dancing, she’s a fashion icon, buisness woman, etc…

    Whoriah tried all of that but she FAILED FAILED FAILED except for singing, but she was so overrated that explains why she has 18 #1s and most of them flopped. I would rather have 5 number ones with HUGE impact than having 18 number ones with flop singles.

    Don’t tell me about Oscars cause Sandra Bullock herself has won 1 after 40+ years of acting. Grammys ? Many legendary artists like Diana Ross and many others never won one.

    So have a sit and chill !

    I heard the 18 #1s will probably not help Whoriah’s career like Justin Bieber himself. LMFAO !!!!!

    Another flop era is coming. MWAHAHAHAHAHA

    Jen and Beyoncé fans did it good on this website lol

  78. Hijar November 4, 2011

    Oh I remember something.

    OTF is a great song, with a lot of success. Now Jen is back, where your fave at ?

    OTF, success and sales >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> All flopriah’s videos views.

    1 song from La Lopez >>>>>>>>>>>>>> flopria’s whole music career
    1 movie from La Lopez >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Well ! We should not even compare hits with flops. LOL !!!!
    1 JLo’s perfume >>>>>>>>>>>>>> flopriah’s perfumes combined
    The green dress >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> all what flopriah has ever dressed
    Only 1 movie and album at the same time (without mentioning the other #1 albums, songs and movies ) >>>>>>>>>> 18 #1s included flopped singles

    And the list goes on…

    I CANNOT LMFAO !!!!!!

  79. Hijar November 4, 2011

    PS I mean 1 million not 11 million albums ww. I mistyped it.

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