There’s Something About Kreayshawn

Published: Wednesday 31st Aug 2011 by David

Anybody who has found their way to YouTube in recent weeks would have found her impossible to miss.

Now a featured visual on the video sharing site, she has now generated a total of 61, 103 subscribers and a whopping 14 million views for her first video for the now viral hit ‘Gucci Gucci’.

Rising from the artistically rich San Francisco Bay, she has become one of the world’s fastest rising stars.

Armed with a   braggadociously ‘based’ sound and an almost uniform like Retro Hood-Glam swagger, her name and annoyingly  catchy sound have now become subject to polarized opinion.

Some love her, and others love her less but one thing all can agree on is the fact that she now become inescapable to anyone paying close attention to Pop Culture’s ever changing climate.

So exactly what is it about Kreayshawn that has everyone buzzing?

In what has proven to be an undeniable fact time and time again, Caucasian artists who have embraced what were originally the black dominated genres of Hip Hop and R&B have often been regarded by the press as platinum coins in a box full of silvers.

Much to the contempt of their darker skinned counterparts and fans of these genres who feel their favorite acts have been shortchanged by an underlyingly prejudice buying public.

This fact lies at the heart of the entertainer’s criticism, with many of her naysayers putting her meteoric popularity down to the color of her skin.

However, in an age where race has become an irrelevant factor in the context of many an entertainer, many would argue that this criticism is just a lazy excuse spawned by bitter commentators who find the concept of an artist like her too difficult to swallow.

Infuriated that she has the cheek to be white, female and a Rapper all at the same time.

Though she may lack Jean Grae‘s lyrical skill and Nicki Minaj‘s star quality and innovation,  Ms.Gucci Gucci  is an undeniable breath of fresh air in a genre of music which has always found it hard to embrace variety.

Critical of any performer who refuses to fit the mold of what it means to be a ‘real‘ Hip Hop act.

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  1. BEYONCE fan August 31, 2011


  2. mark ginnis August 31, 2011

    The song is cute and thats fine ! people need stupid fun songs ! i dont know if she has a whole lp of them but……..

  3. MissImpartial August 31, 2011

    I don’t get it at all. Not hating. But I don’t get it. Another thing is that her twin or what. They kinda look like Gaga’s lost twin sisters.

  4. IS†ANN4GAGA August 31, 2011

    KREAYFLOP still SUCKS regardless of race….”Gucci Gucci” was basically one of the worst “RAP” songs I heard in the last 10 years…….If I wanted to see a white girl rapping,I would have stuck with KE$HA.

    Kreayfish = The white girl version of Khia

  5. lexi August 31, 2011

    , Soulja F****** Boy got the same amount of hype when he first came out. Weren’t s*** about him, ain’t s*** about her.
    Yeah she wears ‘cool’ clothes and is a junkie, this is what kids aspire to be, it’s all about her look, Fashion over Talent.
    Did u see her performance for MTV? SAY NO MORE. that is all she has to offer, she aint s***, won’t be winning any grammies and tbh the heat is dying down on her FAST.

    and HAVE A SEAT That Grape Juice how can you even dedicate a whole post to her
    Its got nothing to do with her skin colour, she’s s***, and this generate will take s*** if it has on a pair of hipster jeans.

  6. IS†ANN4GAGA August 31, 2011

    Considering the fact people compared stefani(Pre-Gaga) to Amy Winehouse(RIP),you might as well consider them triplets……Two out of three of them have musical talent,the other let’s just say McDonald’s is hiring.

  7. nice_gurl August 31, 2011

    I am white and have mainly white friends. I know most of my friends will only listen to white artists. I listen to all different artists, white, black, asian whatever. Kreayshawn will appeal to white people because they need some rap but refuse to listen to black artists for some wierd reason.

  8. lexi August 31, 2011

    and again, that MTV performance was terrible and unacceptable, I can’t get the performance out of my mind. You’re only as good as your live performance.
    I’m sure her record label were kicking themselves for signing her after that performance.

    anyway, she is a FAD!

    why don’t you post stuff about talented ground breaking hip hop new comers like ODD FUTURE? I mean I’m not too keen about rapping about pregnant labradors but its more interesting than this broad.

    Did I mention That HORRID performance?

  9. Emmi3 August 31, 2011

    there is something about TRASHYSHAWN the girl is trashyy a lot

  10. Nate August 31, 2011


  11. IS†ANN4GAGA August 31, 2011


    No,She’s the white girl version of Khia mixed with MIA(who I also don’t like or find my cup of tea) thrown in……..

  12. Kisses August 31, 2011

    Wait a minute TGJ. The first time you all introduced her. Then not to long ago, you threw shade at her, and now you all are giving her props again? Talk about fake. This site is getting horrible by the minute.

    I don’t give a damn what her race is, if you rap like s***, you rap like s***. Period.

  13. Live, Love, Party August 31, 2011

    Her problem is not that she’s white. Her problem is she’s wack. After seeing that freestyle….well that’s a wrap!!!

  14. max August 31, 2011

    So how much is KrapShawn paying ya’ll TGJ? To even attempt to give validity to this degree of garbage, the price must be pretty high.

  15. Bey love on top August 31, 2011

    If you sick of nicki then don’t mention her its as easy as that! Cus when I’m sick of somene I do not mention they Cus they make me sick anyway for some reason I like her and I really started luking her after that mtv vma sketch “Kreayshawn Sit!!” Lmao I think that’s what he said

  16. X,Y,”and Z” August 31, 2011

    @TGJ Staff —

    “In what has proven to be an undeniable fact time and time again, Caucasian artists who have embraced what were originally the black dominated genres of Hip Hop and R&B have often been regarded by the press as platinum coins in a box full of silvers.”

    “However, in an age where race has become an irrelevant factor in the context of many an entertainer, many would argue that this criticism is just a lazy excuse spawned by bitter commentators who find the concept of an artist like her too difficult to swallow.”

    You CAN’T have it “both ways”, as much as you’d like to, TGJ Staff!

    The Three Horsemen Of The Apocalypse: The White Rapper, Drake and Officer Rick Ross. “Righteous voices” will be drowned-out by “smiling, jovial heretics in business suits”, fishes will jump to escape a boiling sea, and rhymes told without reason, when played at normal speeds/right-side up, spells our coming doom.
    ..”Corner-boys” then “mass in numbers”: forgotten, forsaken, talented, angry young men. The “prison industrial complex” gets greased with their broken dreams and moves into “mass, assembly-line production”. Round and down we go, where we’ll stop, no one knows…

    X,Y,”and Z”

  17. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 31, 2011

    HOLD UP..!Yesterday, this blog was shading her and saying that their prayers had been answered when she said she would quit and now they made an article ADVERTISING HER DAMN SINGLE AND VIDEO????How hypocritical is that??
    Anyway, Kreyashawn has buzz because of her being “different” (according to her fans) and not because of her race.The way she dresses, the way she markets herself looks special to some (go figure..) and she is mostly appealing to white kids that try to “get their swagg on” and find their next favorite “rapper” now that Soulja Boy is old news.Her race kind of helped her to launch herself as “different” but not to gain popularity.

  18. ……….. August 31, 2011

    IDK what the f*** this post is talking about …ENN nobody give a f*** about her…..She is trying to gain attention by dissing other rappers.. Shes probably THIRSTY…..

  19. The Naked Truth August 31, 2011



    I swear y’all have your faves (Nicki/Kelly/Beyonce…even that GOD AWFUL Derulo Gorl) then you SHADE the rest of the WORLD! messy ass site…

  20. Johnny August 31, 2011

    This is the most racist post ever! Why is her skin colour even a question. You black people are the most racist of the lot. Disgusting.

  21. noflyzone August 31, 2011

    This bytch is racist, all her & the other white s*** do is say n**** this n**** that,thats why the h** popular b/c of the word n****!
    sn Was gaga cracked out @ the awards?!?!

  22. NYC-Superstar August 31, 2011

    Stop hyping this! I only hear about her on this site and nowhere else.

  23. DarkLight August 31, 2011

    If you guys think her MTV performance was bad check her live performance of Bumpin Bumpin in London. It’s horrible (especially at the end of the video). In her latest performance she is lip singing.

  24. aisha aguilera keys August 31, 2011

    Sam, whatever. You just said on a previous post that there was nothing special about her now u’re saying the opposite. Whatever. I don’t pay attention to her work, but that freestyle she delivered was wack.

  25. Lady Love August 31, 2011

    Ive never heard her say “N****”. Proof??

  26. Jeze01 August 31, 2011

    I don’t care for her race. However, you people complain about Souja boy who I believe is no different from her. They have terrible lyrical contents. People should let her be. Freedom of expression but I feel that unlike pop or other genres, Hip Hop is part of the African American culture so I would expect people to criticise wack artists like these.

  27. noflyzone August 31, 2011

    Not only does she & vnasty say n**** they even got “n*****” that okay them to do it, you want proof go look @ all the utube vids of peeps calling out fab 4 okaying her use of the word!

  28. MelyB August 31, 2011

    How bout giving Sabi, Rebecca Ferguson and Eva Simons some shine.

  29. La August 31, 2011

    Someone is definitely paying you guys for this!!!…because the question is still “who the f is this b****”? No one cares but you guys….mark my words she is a total flop….no matter how white she is everyone knows that for you to get any leverage in Hip Hop you will have to first be embraced by the urban culture AKA black people….if you are not…you will not go far. Ask Asher Roth who thought he was the next Eminem….now where he at? STOP TRYING TO MAKE HER HAPPEN…may be you guys in the UK love her after all you guys love the swagger jagger singer SMFH

  30. swagg August 31, 2011

    come on bloggers if yall cant realize tgj is very deperate for hits in this economy its something slightly disrespectful in each article rather its that artist article or someone they mention in it thats why they do stunts like this diss an artist in one article then praise them in the next hell they damn near did both in this one article lol..that y they create stan wars its ok but #depserate

  31. Auntie Jackie August 31, 2011

    No one gives a flying f*** about this girl. She’s from my area and there are a million people like her out there. She’s just white, so she got attention. Period. If she’s successful, great, but she’s already making the WRONG moves to irritate people.

  32. KD August 31, 2011

    worlds fastest rising star?–LMFAO

  33. wise August 31, 2011

    Wow. Who even brung her up to this point of fame anyway ? Who promotes, co-signs, and bigs this girl up anyway? It’s not race, she’s just garbage. When we look back into other decades, we have Michael Jackson, Madonna, etc. When people look at the 2010s, oh my. How embarrassing. The downfall of entertainment.

  34. HaterzStayPressed August 31, 2011

    She is the one that’s using her race to her advantage. White Girl Crew? White Girl Mob? A white girl in her crew constantly throwing around the word n*gga, and Kreayshawn and her white crew constantly dissing black artist like Rick Ross, Whiz, etc…? Who made this ish about race?

    She did.

    Eminem is one of the biggest rappers because he can spit. Point blank period! If you got skills you win. She is nothing more than a white rapper using her white status to get over. This whole Elvis thing is over. SHE uses this white girl thing and it’s biting her in the ass.

    If someone in my crew called someone a n*gga and I was white trying to make it in a black dominated music genre? V-Nasty would have been FIRED. When Kreay didn’t kick her out of the WHITE GIRL MOB, it was the beginning of the end.

  35. RHI RHI IS QUEEN August 31, 2011


  36. wake up black people August 31, 2011

    This is a joke. white people will make sure she succeeds too. And she calls herself white girl mob. Wake up my people its all a part of the plan.

  37. Half Past Dope August 31, 2011


    Leave this GIRL alone.

    She is NO worse than these black male rappers out here doing the EXACT same thing. Making subpar music with abc lyrics with nice beats and catchy hooks.

    I don’t see black people crying in over all the BLACK artist who are college educated who now decide to rap about shooting people in the face & pushing drugs. Everyone just falls for those routines with black male rappers hook line & sinker because well black people find it more believable for a BLACK man to be a criminal, thug and hoodrat.

    So because she is WHITE she must be putting on an act? OOKAYYYYYYYY

    I know that it irritates black people and especially black women that her white privilege has seemed to contribute to her quick come up. That isn’t her fault. Of course she would, I mean record companies after all are OWNED by white people. And everyone knows how good white people are at pushing there agendas & making money.

    So DON’T SHOOT the messenger.

    Just a side note. This is WHAT hip hop has become. And don’t be mad when an ‘outsider’ takes VERY publicized “bad” traits that the black community perpetuates and embraces them fully. When you see Kreayshawn know that you are looking at black America culture presently in the face. If you don’t LIKE what you see then ……GOOD .. you are now awake to the DIRE straits that black america is currently in.

  38. Half Past Dope August 31, 2011

    Do NOT be mad at Kreayshawn because she doesn’t fit into your acceptable & limited scope of what a white person should do/say/act like.

    Moving on.

  39. IS†ANN4GAGA August 31, 2011


    Nope…..Try again


  40. onyx August 31, 2011

    She looks like Amy Winehouse

  41. SHESDUMB (GAGA,JANET, AND PRINCE STAN) 19/F/FL August 31, 2011


  42. RacismIsREAL September 1, 2011

    Who ever Wrote this is an F****** IDIOT!!!! RACE Is Not Irrelevant and it never will be. If Race was so Irrelevant people would not be calling Obama a “Tar Baby”

  43. crack0back0 September 1, 2011


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