New Song: Tony Bennett & Mariah Carey – ‘When Do The Bells Ring For Me’

Published: Wednesday 14th Sep 2011 by Sam

Mariah Carey‘s return to form on her ‘Merry Christmas II You’ opus last year left many salivating for new material from the diva. And while the new mother continues to cook-up the official follow-up to 2009’s chart disaster ‘Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel’, fans can preview those imfamous vocal chords will be serving up this go round on her newly released duet with jazz star Tony Bennett.

Featuring on Bennett’s new ‘Duets II’ LP (due September 20th), you can listen to the track ‘When Do The Bells Ring For Me’ below…



While wholly enjoyable, gone largely is the vocal horse power Ms. Carey-Cannon flaunted so gloriously on last year’s Holiday outing. Down to the producer’s request? Or maybe Mimi’s inability to do so? Who knows. Whatever the case, the trademark runs and belts are definitely a missing touch.

Still, the effortless mesh of Carey and Bennett’s vocals is lush, with both legends complimenting each other fantastically. Solid effort.

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  1. Tobby September 14, 2011

    All you have to ask is can anyone else in the pop music world sing the song like this?? The answer is no. She’s got the upper register on lock! Have to say, sounds great.

  2. RihannaNAVY September 14, 2011


    Chart disaster?

    Ypu must be talking about Kelly Rowland’s ENTIRE CAREER.

    Memoirs was a great r&b album.

  3. BC September 14, 2011


  4. Robier September 14, 2011

    The past is the past…. In the Past she was awesome but this is NOW !!!
    Clearly she is NOT what she was and age has s*** to do with it.
    This is ok. When u grow up on a voice like MARIAH (NOT WATCHING YOUTUBE CLIPS CAUSE U WASN’T BORN) IT Hurts to hear what that voice is now

  5. tyra September 14, 2011

    marih shuldnt hve tried the whole s*** thing thts wat killed it for me her voice alone was enough to carry her career but i didnt really like her new image plus i dnt knw if she can mke a comeback but im rooting for her never the less cause she is a living legend AND PLZ NO STAN WARS LETS KEEP RIHANNA BEYONCE OUTTA THIS POST CSE I KNW SOME ONE WILL MENTION THEM

  6. Ariana September 14, 2011

    Runs & belts? This is jazz, you just cannot compare her MCIIY to this. There’s a world of difference between each other.
    Keep trying Sam.

  7. QueenofPopJanet September 14, 2011

    She’s terrible.

  8. UrKidding September 14, 2011

    Memoirs a chart disaster….i think not Debut in top 3 on Billboard 200. 168,000 opening week. Went on to sale over 500,000. Not huge #’s but definitely not a chart disaster imo. Who is selling millions and millions these days besides Adele and Taylor Swift anyway? Even the great beyonce will be lucky to cross ONE million with her latest effort. And for u stans im NOT talking worldwide.

    And as for the trademark runs and belts are definitely a missing touch. This song and his singing style totally doesn’t need all the extra singing u r used to from Mimi. Keep it cute when referring to the Legend, the Voice, the Queen Mariah 🙂

  9. Hassan September 14, 2011

    Sam: SHUT THE F*** UP!

    Maybe her album didnt go to plan but where is Mariah and where are u? Muppet, Mariah has been singing for 20 years u dont expect her to sound like she did when she first came on the scene! grow up, this duet is amazing, her vocals are on point and whats shes in her 40’s give her a break!!!!

  10. THEMAN September 14, 2011

    Mariah is awesome and so is the song. It isn’t necessary for her to belt on every dayum song. This is a jazz song get over it. Her vocals >>> Everyone else. Sam finally put up a nice pic of her instead of that same tired one lol. “Memoirs” was not a chart disaster it just didn’t perform as well as it should have. You stay reaching………… She sounds beautiful and the song is amazing !!!!!!!

  11. Robier September 14, 2011

    Ignorant public speaking as if an expert….. Voices get BETTER with age , THEY DO NOT DECLINE. Learn about singers….. jazz, opera, broadway, rock and many in rnb ect…… VOICES GET BETTER WITH AGE so the idea that at 40 she should sound like a hallow shell of her self from 10, 15 yrs ago is STUPID. Mariah does not sing 8 shows a week …. singers that do that voices are lasting…. Hmmm wonder why. Mind U I love Mariah but not falling for the BS

  12. royalkev September 14, 2011

    Mimi sound good – slightly different, but good. It made me want another TEOM 2, but something completely new. I’m glad to see her sounding great and I hope she’s ready for a comeback!

  13. UrKidding September 14, 2011

    If voices get better with age so called expert…..Explain chaka khan, aretha franklin, celine dion,mariah carey, dionne warwick and many other voices who DO NOT sound as great as they once did. Catch them on a good day and either one can still put on a helluva show but alot of singers voices simply decline for whatever reason. You have singers like patti labelle (who secretly aint as good as she once was either but still great), gladys knight , and alot of gospels singers who for whatever reason still sound phenomenal but to say all voices GET BETTER is simply foolish

  14. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 14, 2011

    @ BC shut up !
    Mariah >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> HATERS !

  15. The Naked Truth September 14, 2011

    Really Sam…. You’re FULL of S***!

    Because we know you prefer Whitney over Mariah and for where they are on their careers NOW as in TODAY!!! Mariah’s voice has held up VERY WELL compared to your Idol. Then again your opinion on judging VOCALS should be null and void as you are a Kelly “outta breath in two notes” Rowland.

    BOY SIT! ~~~~~~> \__

    Anyways this song is BEAUTIFUL as is, how dumb would Mimi have sounded doing EXCESSIVE runs & whistle notes in this JAZZ song?

    Cant WAIT for new Material from Mariah!!!


  16. JohnVidal September 14, 2011

    Really, is Sam retarded or what???
    So the song and vocals are lush, but then her runs and belts are missing??? LOL How ridiculous. Sam just don´t know how to shade Mariah and I can´t understand it cos it´s clear he knows she is one of the best ever and loves her music.
    About the song: They both sound great. Their vocals did a perfect match, in fact they matched better than Tony and Amy (I´m not shading, Amy was amazing as we all know)
    I laugh so hard every time Sam gets a reality check when he posts Mariah articles 🙂

  17. Robier September 14, 2011

    Indeed when used CORRECTLY voices GET BETTER WITH AGE PERIOD.

  18. Another Star Will Be Born September 14, 2011

    Sam Sam Sam! (Side Eye)

  19. THEMAN September 14, 2011

    Those weren’t high notes at the end. I heard her upper register…….. Are you hard of hearing? Sam just can’t figure out a way to shade greatness. What a constant loser. We ain’t gonna talk about the current chart disaster that you keep pushing forward.

  20. THEMAN September 14, 2011

    Stop shading when you can’t or when there is no need for it. Otherwise you’ll look stupid like you do now Sam.

  21. RETURN OT THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. September 14, 2011


  22. Another Star Will Be Born September 14, 2011


  23. I.D. September 14, 2011

    Sublime. Simply sublime. Whether she Mariah was capable of belting out or not is irrelevant as far as this track is concerned. She dioesn’t overshadow him with her vocal acrobatics, and her voice complements his.It’s a duet in every sense of the word. Good job.

  24. Another Star Will Be Born September 14, 2011

    What The Hell !!!! This Cheers To Sam and The Lovely Grapejuice At Its Best!!! Keep Doing What Yall Do Best! Anyway gotta get back to my faves post.Chow

  25. JUDAS666 September 14, 2011


  26. ya b**** September 14, 2011


  27. THEMAN September 14, 2011

    Mariah cannot overshadow him with vocal acrobats, this is a duet and a jazzy one. Sam is just stupid.

  28. THEMAN September 14, 2011

    These dummies are idiots. I spot a loser in here wanting some attention. You’ll get none. Be gone.

  29. THEMAN September 14, 2011

    Did y’all know that Mariah is the only woman ever in the US to have five or more albums that sold five million units or more. Did y’all know that she is the only female artist in the US to ever have 9 triple platinum albums. Take Note. Only a classic artist of her magnitude could do that. The others can only dreammmmmmm……………….

  30. Yo Mama September 14, 2011

    Did Mariah think Tony Bennett was a black rapper!? She only works with them!?

  31. The Naked Truth September 14, 2011


    What ERA is the pic that’s in this FARTicle from?

    She looks STUNNING!!!

  32. Andre September 14, 2011


  33. THEMAN September 14, 2011

    She does look stunning in that pic. Thats “TEOM”, era.

  34. Ayo September 14, 2011

    I actually like the fact that there aren’t that many run and bells and whistles going on. I don’t think the song needs it. Music like this is better off simple, thats what makes it good.

  35. Gus September 14, 2011

    Great mariah!!! We need new material!!!!

  36. Teflon Boy September 14, 2011

    Mariah’s voice contains so many tones and textures that I often think it’s a shame all the focus is forever on her high notes and belts…, like the more musically educated posters said, this is a duet in the truest sense of the word…., it actually demonstrates a lot of finesse and maturity to take the gass off the pedal and match your stronger voice with the talents of a less showy voice i.e. exactly what Christina Aguilera didn’t demonstrate in her duet with X Factor’s Rebecca last year (and I like Christina but I remember cringing at how unnecessary all that power and riffing was at the time)…., Nice job Mariah…, and lastly, don’t forget she was about 6-7months pregnant when she recorded this so who knows what she was contenting physically. Some people eh?

  37. Teflon Boy September 14, 2011

    ^contending with physically

  38. honeydip September 14, 2011


  39. Aaron September 14, 2011

    Is that it? 2:53? So short. And Mariah didn’t sound hoarse on MC2Y, that’s the best she has sounded since TEOM, so clear and powerful.

  40. lax September 14, 2011

    Love her she is a very hard act for any one
    to follow in the musical sense of things, simply the best of the best.

  41. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE RETURNS. September 14, 2011

    Mariah>>>>BLEACHonce 😉

  42. lax September 14, 2011

    Admired by the masses all over, and shes a Over comer
    love hiw she has collab. with so many and shes so down to earth
    i do not care or give a dam about the idle chit chat Mariah is a LEGENDARY &
    ICONIC all at the same time. There or many artist who she has INSPIRED over
    the years and shes still INSPIRING TO MANY.

  43. THEMAN September 14, 2011

    For Sam to talk about music he surely acts oblivious to the norm. This kind of music is best when it is kept simple, thus her singing the song in it’s proper arrangement. Classic. Everything about this vocal was perfect. She is such an excellent artist/musician/vocalist. Just a gem.

  44. Queen September 14, 2011

    This song is beautiful!!! 😥

  45. Another Star Will Be Born September 14, 2011

    Loser feels like he/she has to explain to the world about his faves.As long as she’s been around you’d think people should already know.Afterall Who Cares? You! Mad because not everyone is a Fan! Oh and everyone sees how fake you are when it comes to Beyonce.We caught the shade you threw at her after Sam posted this Shitty ass post.GTFOH Beyotch

  46. lol September 14, 2011

    Teflon Boy
    SAID IT BEST . And yes people Mariah can still hit her notes , its not always about hittin the highest note in a song, music is about playing with the melody and staying in the melody not hittin a high note out of the middle of no where mj taught me that

  47. Another Star Will Be Born September 14, 2011

    Sam Continue To Post Whatever In The F*** You’d Like To Post! These Non Motherfucking Factors Don’t Run A Damn Thing But Their Damn Mouth! Sam this Sam That .Everytime you read something that’s not to your liking.Whining Like A Little Beyotch! This Is TGJ Site Not Yours. FOH

  48. The Naked Truth September 14, 2011

    ^^^^^^^ #MAD

  49. sugarwall September 14, 2011

    Mariah’s voice greatly complement tony’s!!!
    nice duet, nice song!

  50. THEMAN September 14, 2011

    (STALKER) Thats right Sam post whatever you want, we enjoy this afterall MARIAH >>>>> THE MINORS………..

  51. THEMAN September 14, 2011

    @NAKED ALL KINDS OF MAD LOL !!!!!!!!!!!

  52. THEMAN September 14, 2011

    Get a hobby dayum follow me around, restraining order this chick is nuts. Ain’t nobody tripping off of Sam this is all in good fun shut up sh*t.

  53. Ciroc September 14, 2011

    @Another dumb b**** Child do you have anything else to do besides f***** with everyone thats not a beyonce fan? You claim to be some grown woman but h** only children and teens act like you do!

  54. THEMAN September 14, 2011

    @Ciroc exactly. Dayum these jerks don’t get when things are a jokes. Who the f*ck are they nobodies……..

  55. Ciroc September 14, 2011


  56. THEMAN September 14, 2011

    Some of these internet junkies need to find something to do. They take this stuff far to seriously.

  57. Rich September 15, 2011

    She sounds terrible at 2:20.


  58. Another Star Will Be Born September 15, 2011

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  59. Another Star Will Be Born September 15, 2011

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  60. Another Star Will Be Born September 15, 2011

    Lmao! Its Nice To Have So Many Fans! Now you H*** See How Others Feel When Yall Run Your Stupidass to their faves post.Kiss My Damn Ass

  61. THEMAN September 15, 2011

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  62. THEMAN September 15, 2011

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  63. THEMAN September 15, 2011

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  64. Another Star Will Be Born September 15, 2011

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  66. Salz September 15, 2011

    The white house x-mas special she did is proof that she still got it and she can hit every note just like b4! she has obviousely toned it down to sing with a legend and not outshine him! she is a force and can outsing anyone in the industry today 🙂

  67. THEMAN September 15, 2011

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  68. THEMAN September 15, 2011

    @Salz Exactly

  69. Another Star Will Be Born September 15, 2011

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  70. Another Star Will Be Born September 15, 2011

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  73. Another Star Will Be Born September 15, 2011

    “Smiling” Crossed My Legs and Sips On Juice! Gotta Love It! Smooches Beyotches

  74. Matty September 15, 2011

    I love this new sound and control in Mariah’s voice, it’s so unique.

    Between this and the Amy Winehouse song, they’ve done amazing work at choosing artists whose voices surprisingly fit with Tony Bennett’s!

  75. THEMAN September 15, 2011

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  76. THEMAN September 15, 2011

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  79. HBF82 September 15, 2011

    When Legends collide!
    Amazing duet. The song is already classic for it’s self.
    Mariah never fail to amaze me the her performance.
    Their voices compliment each other perfectly.
    She is born to sing jazz.

  80. Another Star Will Be Born September 15, 2011

    Oh and Beyonce’s Fans Love Her and Everything She Has Brought To The Music Industry So B**** Stop Comparing Her To Mariah.They are 2 different artist.I have all of Mariahs albums.I’ve seen her in concerts and have autographed shirts and pictiures signed by her.I Like Her.She’s Very Talented and Beautiful.I will get her album when it comes out too.I just like Beyonce Better.The only time I say something messed up about her is when you all throw shade at Beyonce to bring her up.You’re always yelling she’s this and that everytime somethings said about Beyonce.You’re Always pitching Bitchfits at Sam because he post things about Beyonce.Get it thru your head .You Don’t Run A Damn Thing.Ya Punk.You need to sit your feminine ass down some damn where.

  81. Another Star Will Be Born September 15, 2011

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  82. MyCooL September 15, 2011

    “People are such a trip” – Mariah LOL

  83. Billy September 15, 2011

    Mariah Sounds Amazing As Always! She Is The Most Fabulous Singer Cant Wait For Her New Album! I Know For A Fact Its Going To Be Number One!

  84. WATEVA September 15, 2011

    dam a Beyonce fan always has to
    s*** over someone’e post.
    What’s new?

    O.T Mariah sounds amazing on this duet.
    Definitely wasn’t expecting this.

  85. Ciroc September 15, 2011

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  86. darnell September 15, 2011

    am i the only one who remembers that mariah has nodules and has had them since she was a kid? The fact that she can still sing should be a testament to her talent. I think their voices sound perfect together. Mariah is a professional not you Sam.

  87. THEMAN September 15, 2011

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  88. THEMAN September 15, 2011

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  89. Bobby Bulgaria September 15, 2011

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  92. Andre September 15, 2011

    Mariah is the best i love her

  93. Andre September 15, 2011

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  95. Ciroc September 15, 2011

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  96. THEMAN September 15, 2011

    @Ciroc exactly, what kind of idiot picks arguments over nothing. Leave sh*t be. She always yapping about something. The wholetime she’s the main one thats pissed. She’s angry over her own bs. She ain’t playing with a full deck cards. She’s definitely missing a few aces up stairs. She’ll be chiming in with more stupidity shortly. Just stupid.

  97. Another Star Will Be Born September 15, 2011

    You All Must Like Giving Me All Of Your Attention.You two claim to be so classy and sofisticated.Yet the both of you are nothing but 2 Sacks Of D******.If you were so better than me,why are you entertaining my insults.Don’t sound to bright to me.For the Drunk Bumbitch Ciroc.You curse and act like your a 2 dollar shotgun shack trailer park h** yourself.Therefore the pot can’t talk about the [email protected] Man you suck d**** with your deep throat like a damn bird.You’re one confused individual.What kind of dude are you? LOL.You’re always on this site debating with women over their faves.That’s how I know you’re A Big F***** Loser and you obviously don’t have love in your life.What is it ? Your man hit you and quit you every blue moon.You and this drunk h** are nothing by cyber thugs.I would spit in both of you shitfaced ugly ass faces.Now to the drunk funky sour dog smelling B****.Maybe you should practice what you preach and take your ugly beatup empty ass head out of my p**** and Beyonce’s.Because you broke h*** don’t faze me.You both are irrelevant and a waste of the s**** your loser parents made together.With your deadbeat dads and slutbucket mothers.That’s probably why your both f***** up.Now you both know that you can kiss and blow out of my ass.I Don’t Give A F*** About You or Your Opinions.Ya See This Is Fun To Me.I’m not angry at all.But I Love Your Attention.I must have touched a nerve in you two sack of shits.You say I’m always on here.But how would you know that,if you weren’t on here your damnself sniffing Beyonce’s Ass,Her fans ass and giving them all of your precious time.You 2 Are The Real Losers.Especially She Man With Her Bitchass.Your Life Sucks That’s Why You F*** Your Computer Everyday.Noone wants your punkass.Now go get a drink from your drunk ass pal and politely have a damn seat. Aight! Oh and for future references it takes two to tangle.I thought you two were so smart!!! Oops I didn’t think that! You Did!!!! You Both Are Dumb As S***.If you were So Classy and Smart You Wouldn’t Entertain A Person That Drags and Insult Your Bitchasses To The 5th Power.I Own The Both Of You Trailer Park Biggots!!! Nither Of You Are S***! But 2 Hating Dicksuckers

  98. Another Star Will Be Born September 15, 2011

    You All Must Like Giving Me All Of Your Attention.You two claim to be so classy and sofisticated.Yet the both of you are nothing but 2 Sacks Of D******.If you were so better than me,why are you entertaining my insults.Don’t sound to bright to me.For the Drunk Bumbitch Ciroc.You curse and act like your a 2 dollar shotgun shack trailer park h** yourself.Therefore the pot can’t talk about the [email protected] Man you suck d**** with your deep throat like a damn bird.You’re one confused individual.What kind of dude are you? LOL.You’re always on this site debating with women over their faves.That’s how I know you’re A Big F***** Loser and you obviously don’t have love in your life.What is it ? Your man hit you and quit you every blue moon.You and this drunk h** are nothing by cyber thugs.I would spit in both of you shitfaced ugly ass faces.Now to the drunk funky sour dog smelling B****.Maybe you should practice what you preach and take your ugly beatup empty ass head out of my p**** and Beyonce’s.Because you broke h*** don’t faze me.You both are irrelevant and a waste of the s**** your loser parents made together.With your deadbeat dads and slutbucket mothers.That’s probably why your both f***** up.Now you both know that you can kiss and blow out of my ass.I Don’t Give A F*** About You or Your Opinions.Ya See This Is Fun To Me.I’m not angry at all.But I Love Your Attention.I must have touched a nerve in you two sack of shits.You say I’m always on here.But how would you know that,if you weren’t on here your damnself sniffing Beyonce’s Ass,Her fans ass and giving them all of your precious time.You 2 Are The Real Losers.Especially She Man With Her Bitchass.Your Life Sucks That’s Why You F*** Your Computer Everyday.Noone wants your punkass.Now go get a drink from your drunk ass pal and politely have a damn seat. Aight! Oh and for future references it takes two to tangle.I thought you two were so smart!!! Oops I didn’t think that! You Did!!!! You Both Are Dumb As S***.If you were So Classy and Smart You Wouldn’t Entertain A Person That Drags and Insult Your Bitchasses To The 5th Power.I Own The Both Of You Trailer Park Biggots!!! Nither Of You Are S***! But 2 Hating Dicksuckers.

  99. Ciroc September 15, 2011

    @Another fool dismissed B**** no ine is reading your life story so stop waisting your time typing that BS!

  100. Ciroc September 15, 2011

    I would like to offer @Another Star Is Born my condolences cause the b**** is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Another Star Will Be Born September 15, 2011

    El Drunkass Trailer Park Broke B**** I Own You H** That’s Why You Keep Responding To Me With Your Stupid Dizzy Dumb Ass! H** Sit Your Stinky Drunk Ass Down! Lmfao

  102. Ciroc September 15, 2011

    Child learn sime better vocabulary then come back and holla at me! You’re very entertaining! F****** clown! Low budget w****! You lay it low and spread it wide no matter who it is! Your mother must be proud!

  103. Another Star Will Be Born September 15, 2011

    El Drunkie if I can recall you were the one to throw the b**** word at me first,after you decided to jump your dizzy ass in something that had nothing to do with you.So since you like playing the good team player I’ve decided to tangle with your alcoholic ass

  104. Another Star Will Be Born September 15, 2011

    Lmao Dumb F****

  105. Ciroc September 16, 2011

    Dead f***….go d***** that dried up p****! Im sure the walls have caved in!

  106. Another Star Will Be Born September 16, 2011

    I Own Your Shitty Dumbass! B**** pour yourself another drink and sit your fatass down!

  107. Ciroc September 16, 2011

    The only thing you own is an infected p**** and some pills!

  108. Another Star Will Be Born September 16, 2011

    Goodnight Ya Nolife Having Drunkered Bimbo B****

  109. Ciroc September 16, 2011

    You are overly generous!! Every time you open up your mouth, you give away your ignorance!

  110. Another Star Will Be Born September 16, 2011

    Again The Pot Can’t Talk About The Damn Kettle! You’re One Stupid Retarded B****! Trying to lowrate someone and you’re doing the exact same thing.What does that tell you Dummy?

  111. Another Star Will Be Born September 16, 2011

    Take Your Dizzy Trailer Park Dogsmelling Ass To Bed and Sleep The Liquor Off H**

  112. Ciroc September 16, 2011

    Didn’t your mullet mouth ass say ” Goodnight”? B**** do you know what that mean? Ugh I’ve argued with such trash long enough….look up at the stars b****! Cause you are the weakest link..Goodbye

  113. Another Star Will Be Born September 16, 2011

    If I said goodnight.Why do you keep talking to me with your stupidass! You’re One Retarded Individual.You’re Arguing With Me Because I Own You H**

  114. THEMAN September 16, 2011

    Loooooooooooooooollllllllllllllll It’s just like an uneducated bum to speak in the manner that that thing does. Your not worthy of being called a name so i’ll address you as “THING”. Talking about alcoholics,ho you seem to have had one too many drinks. She on here writing autobiographies and sh*t. To bad she doesn’t have any fans but herself. That speaks volumes. @Ciroc you smell something, yeah thats @AnotherTrash’s pus funking up the place. This bimbo b*tch. Beyonce would probably be embarrassed by your mentally disturbed a**. You are crazy upstairs. Wash yout cooch, learn english, get a job, speak like a lady and don’t speak out of order. The f*ck was talking to you anyway azzwipe. You represent the worse of this site. You keep saying someone is arguing. I do’t argue with idiots, you came out the played ran your mouth and you were shut down on countless ocassions, but you just like trying your luck only to keep on failing. Beyonce post? Whose the artist that this post is about? Not Beyonce. Hard of reading…… Keep showing everyone why you are nothing but a ghetto a** rat. None cares about you. Remember you started talking about sh*t that had nothing to do with you. Now go clown your cooch. It’s awfully stanky………..

  115. THEMAN September 16, 2011

    Clean your cooch.

  116. Another Star Will Be Born September 16, 2011

    Here Comes The Bitchass Bride! Bravo For The Tornup Asshole Looking Muppet Baby! LMFAO!!!! You F**** Love Me Don’t Ya!!! But I think I will let you 2 jackasses entertain one another because unlike you I have love in my life.So Chow Oh and She Man Lick My P**** Clean Since You Love Oral S** So Much !!!!! ROTFL It taste better than your mans limp d***.It taste like peaches and cream!!!! Ya Would Love It,since you keep your head up my ass so much.I didn’t read any of that rubbish you just wrote.I saw your name and decided to drop you another comment.So find your man and let him know you need a good f******,with your lonely internet f****** ass! Now I’m Closing my device .LMFAO

  117. nice_gurl September 16, 2011

    Her voice may not be as good as it used to be, but she still has a nice, soft tone to her voice. I love the song.

  118. THEMAN September 16, 2011

    Closing your device??? How about closing your stanky legs and your dirty a** mouth ho. I tend to do that to you huh. You can’t get enough. Ain’t nobody licking nothing on you, you better get a dog to lick that atrocious smelling thing. I smell funk. Were not entertaining each other but we are laughing at how dumb and idiotic you are. You ain’t nothing but a jerry springer reject. You have a what ????? B*tch your dirt dobbling a** be on here all the time hunting down what people post about Beyonce. You don’t make no coins with your whinning a**. Don’t you have some clients waiting for you on the stroll. Get on your knees. You those thig dirty to.

  119. THEMAN September 16, 2011

    herce is excellent, she really stepped out of her zone with this one. Classic material for a classic artist.

  120. Another Star Will Be Born September 16, 2011


  121. Beyonce September 16, 2011


  122. Beyonce Stan September 16, 2011

    The Man You Are A Shitty Piece Of Work.Ciroc You’ve Been Slayed. (Losers)

  123. Ciroc September 16, 2011

    @beyonce stan

  124. Ciroc September 16, 2011

    @beyonce stan I knew another fool was gonna come…Cause monkey see monkey do!

  125. Sameer September 16, 2011

    I’m so over stanning for mariah (I still love her though) but I have to say: Beyonce is flopping like NO ONE ELSE. Way to go, Pauper B! Oops, I meant King.

    The fact will remain that Mariah has moved more albums in the USA (12.5m) in the 21st century than Beyonce!

    The Emancipation Of Mimi alone slays Beyonce’s career. Dismissed.
    Just the fourth album and already floppin? oops. Mariah’s fourth album (either musicbox or Merry christmas, depending on if you conside unplugged), slaying Beyonce’s “HUGE” debut and her biggest era IASF.

    Mariah’s vocal peers are only and only Aretha, Barbra and Whitney.
    Beyonce’s vocal peers are Screamtina Fugliera and Heffer Hudson. Even Scrotum-cheeks-ele sings better than beyonce. oops.

  126. Sameer September 16, 2011

    Mariah’s biggest album (28m) >>>>>> Beyonce’s worldwide career. Oops.
    Mariah earned 11 #1s during her peak decade. Beyonce? 5. oops.
    Mariah is the third best selling female artist of all time. I’ll write in numerical form if you don’t understand – 3rd.
    Beyonce(combined with DC) is nowhere near the top 15. oops.
    Mariah is the 12th best selling music act of all time. Beyonce is nowhere near the top50. oops.
    Alicia Keys has shifted more albums than Beyonce. oops.
    I’ll give other names too. Pink, Christina, Britney, Shakira, Avril, Norah. oops. Bye b****. *suck lollipop and dawdles away*

  127. Beyonce Stan September 16, 2011

    Who cares about how many albums Mariah has sold! Blah Blah Blah! Beyonce Is The King B******. Beyonce isn’t worried about her album.She’s Rich B****.Shell come back even harder and she has way more fans tham Mariah old ass.She’s So Ugly Without Those 10lbs of makeup that she wears.She doesn’t look like that old picture uptop anymore.Airbrushed To Death.Of Course Mariah has sold more than Beyonce she’s almost 50 and has been out longer.You Haters Will Deal! Why haven’t Mariah headlined Glastonbury.Please the only thing people will remember about her is how loud she screams,she can’t dance,she’s crazy as hell.She had a breakdown,she slides across the floor in damn near every video.Her voice is so dayum annoying.She’s Old And A Has Been.Noones Checking For Her Ugly Ass

  128. Beyonce Stan September 16, 2011

    Radios Don’t Even Play Her Music! Lol .Bragging About A Has Been That Married A Boy twice her junior after half of the industry has ran thru her ugly ass.She looked like her self without the makeup in Precious! Everyone knows she’s a nutcase.Screaming to the top of her lungs in all of her songs.She’s So Dayum Ugly Ugh! What A Joke! Lol

  129. Beyonce Stan September 16, 2011

    BET ,MTV. Etcj Noones Playing Her Videos or Listening To Her Music Because Its Wack Just Like Her Fans! She Should Invest In Plastic Surgery

  130. Beyonce Stan September 16, 2011

    That’s Why I Will Always Love Beyonce.She Has More People Jealous Of Her,Its So Sickening.
    The Man Everything Killyourself said about you is true.I’m a grown man and you are too,yet you’ve hated on Beyonce everysince I’ve been visiting this site.With your hating ass.On the who is queen of rnb.You were furious because Beyonce won.Everyone knows you hate her and her fans.By the way that comment you said about Killyourself AKA Another Star not being liked by anyone on here.That’s A Dayum lie.People talk to her on a regular basis.Plus if it weren’t for her this site would be boring as hell.I Love To Sit Back and Lmao at the way she breaks you fakes down.She is funny as hell.She tells the truth at the same time.Get A Life Losers! Beyonce’s Fans Are Going To Ride or Die With Her Until The End.So Get Used To It Jerks.

  131. Sameer September 17, 2011

    *Applauds. Wipes a tear away*

    You’ve done well.

    NOT. Provide with tangible facts, figures and records.

  132. Bobby Bulgaria September 17, 2011

    Any radio playing Beyonce’s new music…???

    >>> NONE <<<

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Beyonce – A KING…??? King of what? Yelling…??? 🙂

    And, btw, did she had a TRANSGENDER OPERATION already, jealous of Lady Gaga…??? 🙂

    Would Beyonce after all achieve what Mariah has achieved…??? Not even in 10 lifespans… 🙂

  133. Beyonce Stan September 17, 2011

    Bob look here ,ok radios play Beyonce around the clock.That shows how stupid you are with your racist ass.Hate Forever It Want Change My Mind About Ms.Knowles Carter.I heard the hostility in your comment.You Sound Mad Boy! Oh Well That’s Just To Bad! Another Loser That’s Pressed Only Adds More Fuel To The Fire! Take Your Bloodpressureu Pills You Guppie! Dayum. Airhead! HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa. # TeamBey Allday #

  134. THEMAN September 17, 2011

    Loooooooooool another bum trying to join the party without an invite. Are we sure that this isn’t @AnotherStar, y’all know that that character is very bipolar. Mariah is not 5 0 so quit lying and even if she was she would still be far greater than Beyodel’s screeching a**. Beyonce calls screaming range. How laughable. All of her singles are flopping and she’s only on her fourht album. Some big star she is. She pimped out her kiddo for attention on the VMA’s, and Adele/Gaga still did better than she did. Speaking of ole have your seen your girl lately because she is looking all kinds of leathery. Dry as sh*t. “TEOM” outsold all of Beyonce’s albums in the US. Beyonce just isn’t a huge album seller. Her new era has been nothing but sloppy. They are just going with whatever they think will stick at the moment. Mariah is one of the greats a Legend/Icon. Beyonce is desperate to be that.

  135. THEMAN September 17, 2011

    Instead of being on here talking crap, you should be telling her crazy stans to support these dud a** singles. Yeah this is probably @AnotherStar this person speaks in the same idiotic manner as he/she does.

  136. THEMAN September 17, 2011

    All Beyonce does is recycle,copy & rehash things that have been done to a greater extent. Just because you twist a piece of a song or routine does not make it original. Also, if @AnotherStar wasn’t on this site it would be even better. She’s dumb. Not funny, not entertaining, just stupid. She has p*** poor grammar and awful conversation. Lol and what dude really names himself Beyoncestan. @AnotherStar just give it up. Stop playing all of these games. It’s you. But since you’ve been put in your place you wanna change names lol we see you.

  137. THEMAN September 17, 2011

    Tell Beyonce to take of them birdcage a** wigs. Ain’t no telling whats festering up under that nest. Beyonce looks like Mami Dearest without makeup, with her transparent a**. Why is her teeth the same color as her lacefronts loooooooooooool. You’re talking about the stage, Beyonce don’t do nothing but act like a chicken on crack, with all of that dayum slave rolling she be doing with her head. Are you serious. She can barely complete a full sentence. These dummies lol…………

  138. Ciroc September 17, 2011

    @beyonce stan B**** Jay z married Beyonce and shes the same age as nick so get the f*** in with that bs!

  139. THEMAN September 17, 2011

    @Ciroc Mariah looks good, but we won’t say something about a certain someone else lol. Doesn’t this r***** get tired of being the joke of this site. Sending her off with the other bunch of losers.

  140. Beyonce Stan September 17, 2011

    LOL! Atleast The F***** Finally Expressed How He Really Feels About Beyonce.Now You Can Keep It Like That and Stop Fakebreaking.You’re Wrong About Me Being Killyourself Haters or ASIB.I’ve Never Liked Your Bitchy Ass.You’re A Worthless Piece Of Crap.You Think You’re Something .But You’re A Fullblown Hater.Everytime You Bring Your F***** Ass On Beyonce’s Post Pretending To Like Her I’m Going To Shut Your Faggotass Down.Jealous Queens .It Seems To Me That You All Are The Losers.You Keep Talking To ASIB and She Isn’t Responding.How Stupid Can You All Be.Dayum I’m Beginning To Believe Her When She Says She Owns You All.Its Hilarious.She’s Spoken Her Peace and So Have I.Good Bye Jerks.Keep Playing Mariah Old Ass 90’s Music,Buy Her Ugly Ass A Plastic Surgeon and Call It A Day! ROTFLMMFAO

  141. Beyonce Stan September 17, 2011

    Now Mariah Miss Piggy Looking Ass Can Hide That Huge Bad Body She Has.She’s A Hideous Mess! With Her Fugly Raw Meat Looking Ass

  142. Beyonce Stan September 17, 2011

    Bwahahahahahaha! Beyonce Fans Know How To Keep Her Haters So Sick and Pressed! That’s Our Dayum Job! ROTFLMMFAO! Talkin About Losers! You Jerks Fit That Description Well.Our grammer is bad huh…. Yet You Asses Sound Just As Uneducated and Ignorant As Anyone On This Site.How ironic….. Guess everyone knows you”ll are dumb as s*** .But You.

  143. Beyonce Stan September 17, 2011

    Mariah Oldass Know Better Than To Try To Dance.Nick Will Be Rubbing Her Back and Knees With Bengay Soon.She Probably Already Has The Athiritis From Sliding Her Uglyass Across The Floor With Those Funkyass Swimsuits On.She Looks Like An Overweight Miss Piggy Looking Cartoon Character.Poor Wittle Nick.I Know He Hates To See That Mug Early In The Morning Without The 100ibs of Airbrushed Makeup! She’s Fugly As S***.Nowonder You Dislike Beyonce.I Bet You’re An Overweighted Skinnyleg Pants Queen.You Wished You Were A Woman.What A Shame.bwahahahahahaha! You Jerks Clearly Don’t Have A Life! This Site Is Your Life! Nowonder You’re So Pathetic! SMDH

  144. THEMAN September 17, 2011

    Loooooooooool @BeyonceStan is @AnotherStar and @Kill. The b*tch needs her meds. Psychiatrist anyone. You gutter nobody dirty sewer smelling hot garbage dripping bum. I’ll say what i want. The f*ck are you. Nobody we already established that. If anybodys gonna be rubbing bengay on anyone it’ll be Jay-Z rubbing on Beyonce. We all know she likes to tumble down the stairs uncoordinated a**. She got all of that money and can’t get nobody to do her hair decently, walking around with Wendy Williams retired wigs. Beyonce’s breath smells like hot b*** seats, with her buttery a** teeth. Her teeth is the color of coffee beans. Her clothing line is a flop. That clearance rack yard sale sh*t. Her goose looking a**. Beyonce lil wide hip flat a**. This is hilarious. Yu’ve gotten eithered each time, but you stay thirsty for more. Go wash your dirty a** up with bleach and gain, soap ain’t good enough. Your horrible smell i seeping through the computer.

  145. THEMAN September 17, 2011

    Speaking about funky swimsuits, we won’t get on Beyonce’s stanky a** leotards, the ones she’s been rocking since “Single Ladies”, i bet you they smell like dirty crabs. Beyonce looks hammered without makeup. Makeup is her bf. That chick looks like Beywitch with out makeup.

  146. Beyonce Stan September 17, 2011

    HaHaHa! Finally! Bravo Mr.Man I knew you were a guetto queen.Finally found a sense of humor.I’m ROTFL oh and for the record I’m Beyonce Stan not any of the above names.Are you suprised to see that you’re an asshole to all of Beyonce’s fanbase.Their are many others that hate you as well.Are you smelling Beyonce’s baby milk,quoting “her face is fuller”.My Gawd she is a true legend,superstar,diva and she’s epic.Can’t you tell? You’re always looking her up.You should email Sam and get a job,with your bumass.Everyone knows you’re unemployed and a loser.I’ve been visting this site for almost 2 months and you’re on here everyday son.Wheres your lovelife? You’re so lonely and miserable.I know its not fair! Being unattractive gotta suck.Being broke and jobless couldn’t make dating any better ither.Tell you what you should can help you find a good man to keep you company.Maybe you’ll stop harassing Beyonce’s fans.What a troll! WOW.Never thought I’d see a man/boy/girl or whatever you are,argue with women like you do.Its So Sad Son.What a hyprocrite! You’re calling someone else guetto etc; Yet you’re behaving the exact same way as she is.That says a lot about you.I’ve noticed how hostile you are with Ms.Carters fans.I’m glad ASIB brought you down as low as she could and ripped your gameface completely off.You’re redundant fakenass was beginning to be a sick sight for me to observe everyday.You all have given Killyourself aka ASWBB all of your power.She has your water boiling over.She’s Smart! HaHaHa Now I see why she doesn’t respect you losers.She exposes you on a daily.Everything she states is nother more than the truth.So professor I will leave you for now.Finish throwing your girlie tantrum.You’ve perfected it.You and the other pitiful souls are Grade A Fake Losers that clearly don’t have a life.huh Bet It Sucks To Be You Right Now! ROTFLMMFAO (LOSERS At Their Best) Carry On My Friend

  147. THEMAN September 17, 2011

    @BeyoceStan get off the drugs ho. Stop playing all of these characters. Now you’re speaking in third parties. Lol. You and your other 2 b*** buddies aka @AnotherStar and @Kill are all one person. I don’t talk to Bey stans, i talk about the topics. Stop clocking my sh*t. Speaking of ignorance you’ve been nothing but ignorant since the begining. Remember this is the internet so others don’t put as much into it as you do. You’re by yourself. Look at how everyone has been kicking your a** to the curb here. Let it go. Don’t you get tired of failing. You keep saying people are saying things to you, you say stuff to us first. You are missing more than a few links up there. Water boiling. Not really. Whose the one essays and still ain’t saying sh*t lol. Now you’re saying son really? You are a girl. Stop confusing yourself. When everybody lets you have it you try to change your name. What a fraud.I’m on certain topics, you follow me. This ain’t twitter. Go make yourself useful. This topic wasn’t about Beyonce and you tried to make it about her. Then you got ethered by everyone, and started talking about stupid sh*t. Whats new with you, a bi*ch with nothing else better to do.

  148. Alexis Carrington September 17, 2011

    Mariah & Tony did an awesome job. As usual The Queen sets and exceeds expectations. The texture and expression she plays with in her voice is a great artistic decision. I’m really starting to feel her dabbling with traditional pop, as she did on “Christmas Time Is in the Air” on MCIIY.

    As for the b******* negativity your abject queens are mired in, Mariah is “Ray Charles” to it. You can really tell the personalities on this ever-repetitive site who are truly unhappy people.

  149. Bobby Bulgaria September 18, 2011

    Ha ha… Come on… 🙂

    They’re always calling Mariah fat and big and stuff but…

    WE ALL KNOW BEYONCE’S BODY PARTS ARE SO MUCH BIGGER… Well, except for the chest area which is not very impressive… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  150. Beyonce Is Gorgeous September 18, 2011

    Losers spend all of their time trying to figure others out.While Its so easy to see that. You’re not to smart.Because If you all were,You Wouldn’t continue to entertain people that continue to dominate your soul.Psychology has always been my favorite.Its A joy to watch you all sweat.All of what you all have said means nothing to me.You’d think you’d know that by now.You can’t control anyone but yourself.Seems to me you like being in control.You hate everything.Sam for doing a great job and for liking Beyonce.You dislike Beyonce’s fans.You hate the truth.Once you realise how much of a 0 you really are.Then you’ll regain your power.You’re A Failure.I’ve told you that I’m Beyonce Stan.Obviously you don’t comprehend well.Your hate for ASIB is sickening.But I must applaud her for controlling your mind.You seem to be a weak man,a man with a lot of insecurities,a man with a complex etc; You don’t have a problem with anyone,like you do with yourself.You love confrontation,chaos,strife and drama.Its weird because you claim to be a dayum man.How Strange.You continue to talk to a person that doesn’t respect you.You throw stone for stone.What’s your point.You’re not solving anything.After you finish your sorry sermon.The bloggers for TGJ will still remain the same.You all are so pathetic.Good Day Mr.Suppose To Be A Dayum Man

  151. THEMAN September 18, 2011

    @Beyonceiswhatever everything you just wrote is a perfect way to describe yourself. You love psychology i bet, thats easy to see seeing as though you have split personalities. Schizo a**. Watch us sweat? Nah, were the cool people. We’ll leave that up to you. You do that on every Beyonce post. You stay in your lousy a** feelings. If what were saying in a “Mariah” thread means nothing to you then shut the f*ck up, like now. Nothing you say makes any type of sense whats so ever. We do not dislike all of Beys fans just the psychotic stans like yourself. Understood???… You’ve told us that you are a Beyonce stan okay who cares but you. Moving on…. Controlling our minds??? Lol wow, if anything she controls your mind, just let at how b*** hurt you are over some internet comments. You’d think your broke a** is on her payroll. Then to she probably wouldn’t hire a loser like yourself. You don’t respect me? Funny, i could careless i don’t even acknowledge you as a person. So none gives a flying f*ck. On a final stop talking to me, because you’ll always fail. When i comment on a topic, mind your business and shut your mouth. You made a statement to me, i didn’t make one to you. So much for all of that talking sh*t to you. Your nothing to talk to.

  152. THEMAN September 18, 2011

    *just look at, not let.

  153. Beyonce Stan September 18, 2011

    I’m ROTFL! Are you Nick Cannon dude? You’re Such A B****.You keep commenting.I f*** with your head and I enjoy every minute of it.It takes a fool like you to joy me while I act a fool.But you’re So Smart.Haven’t you ever heard it takes two to tango.Gotta Love How Much Of Your Attention I’m Receiving On A Daily Basis.You’re A Loser.If you were a winner you wouldn’t entertain me.Watching me is cable networks,I have yall ass tuned in.I Love It.Then I can use others names and you’re dumbass still don’t know who I really am.So follow me for the rest of your journey on TGJ; Since yall are so tuned in.I Win Once Again! Lmao

  154. Another Star Will Be Born September 18, 2011

    Kicking yourass mentally is like boxing.I beat you down every damn chance I can get.Guard Your Grill B****.ROTFL You’re A Drama Queen with a d*** and no testacles.I Own Your Sweetass! Give Me All Of Your Undivided Attention! Punkass M************! Bring It On

  155. Another Star Will Be Born September 18, 2011

    Typo in the first comment: It takes A F***** Fool Like Yall To Join Me While I Act A Damn Fool.This is therapy.Its A Joy! Give Me A Round Of Applause.A Standing Ovation! I Keep Yall Ass Going! Stay Tuned.Thank me for bringing some joy into yall miserable ass lives.owwwwww! Gotta Love It Baby! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

  156. Another Star Will Be Born September 18, 2011

    @Bobby You Look Like An Pale Overweight Beavis the butthead family member.Dude maybe you should stop talking seems like your jaws broken.Try closing your mouth and let that wide open asshole talk.You’re Another Bitchmade Suppose To Be Man With Menstrual Problems.You shits should meet up and go plunge into one anothers rectum.Suck each others c****.That will shut you up.Atleast Temporarily hop your double chinned ass on Nutrisystem.Looking Like A lemon cheesecake.You’re Very Unattractive and has the nerve to show the world that beatup ass mugshot! I bet your stomache overlaps over that tiny c*** of yours.You’re F***** Up Bro! Got the nerve to talk about Beyonce.Huh! Ya Bad Body Jumbo Head P****! Besame’ El Culo

  157. Another Star Will Be Born September 18, 2011

    You’re Going Bald Too I See! Damn Bro ! You’re F***** Like Chuck In The Buck.ROTDFL
    @She Man Put Your Mug Up B**** With Your Arrogant Uptight Sweetass! I bet you look like an ostrich,do you have a plump ass like a plum.You need a damn bra.”Say like a size 36D” Lmfao Your ass needs a spankin.You’ve been a bad boy! I know you like it kinky.Promise not totell anyone.Lmao Daily Fuckery Is Fun! Hahahaha

  158. THEMAN September 18, 2011

    Tuned into you? Hahaha Didn’t your mental a** start rapping to us first? It does take two to tango. So do us all a huge favor and shut the f*ck up. No one wants to hear your garbage but you. Winner i am. It’s all entertainment know that. If watching you was cable then that show would have been cut from the start. Sorry you aren’t even worthy of being on an unamed tv network. Lol you are the epitome of a nobody. Just disgusting. Stop being a follower. Well you can follow us, were the ones that know best anyway lol. You are nothing more than a lost puppy searching for doggy biscuits. Miserable? Thats your name, your the one that harasses people over Beyonce, when she probably could give a dayum about your anything a**. We kep writing? And you keep reading and responding……. Two to tango remember. Practice what you preach ho.

    Are your comments mean’t to be funny because if so they are way to corny just like you and all of your fake a** personas. Did you get any money from being on your knees? I know that that is a great hobby of yours. Did any bums care enough to trick your slutty a** off. Go trip over a tree and forget you did it.

  159. THEMAN September 18, 2011

    Speaking of mugs, i’d like to see one of your busted a**. I bet you look like a knockoff hood approved homemade version of Nicki Minaj, with one of Beyonce’s polyester lace fronts.

  160. THEMAN September 18, 2011

    Everyone send their condolences to @BeyonceIs Aka @Kill Aka @AnotherStar, all of those characters have been ethered and put to pasture. Night night lol………… They are no more. You’ve spreaded more than enough intolerable ignorance on this site. All of the intelligent people are saying no more ebonics/stupidity from you. Management,

  161. Another Star Will Be Born September 19, 2011

    What A Ugly Feminine Ass Contradiction.I’ve been ordering clothes and bags on QVC.Serena Williams clothing is too cute.Don’t you ever think I will Ever Be Done.You Will Never Have That Wish.As for intelligence,huh.You’re obviously not to bright.You entertain me sweetie.What does that say about you? You love me don’t you! I own your punkass.Ya Sissified Bumass Queen.LMFAO! Now snap your finger 2 times and switch that wide plump ass outta here Beyotch.You’re the Queen of all queens.Continue to give me your undivided attention .Ya Big Fat Sloppy Loser! Remember These Words! “The Pot Can’t Talk About The Kettle”_____”You Are The Company You Keep” Give your sweetass a good look in the mirror! Lmao You need Self Reflection Asswipe! Invest your time into more profitable things,because getting your asshole blownout and choking on fat c****.Isn’t benefiting your broke sweetass to well.The men don’t even want ya.What A Wasteful Joke!!!! Take your bra off punk,wash your ass and let me put you to sleep.Permanently! “You’re Dead” You’re trying to put me out to pasture! I’ve Buried your ugly dried up ass! I snatched your testacles off along time ago.I snatched your gameface off as well too.So don’t run to Ms.Carters posts fakebreaking anymore.I will expose your bitchass.I’m never going to change.I will be here until I get ready to exit.So B****** Deal With It Aight.

  162. THEMAN September 19, 2011

    B*tch i’ve seen your cranking a** packing long ago. You’ll be in Mrs.Carter’s post cool, and when i wanna comment on one i will like have. You ain’t sh*t, period. You have repeated the same ole a million times over. Keep describing what you do. You and your ho tendencies. I bet you that stank a** puz is as long as the nile river. You should really seriously consider working on an extensive vocabulary. You writing skills are about as pathetic as you and your bad character. For the billionth time i entertain you? You said something to me. Since you seem to fake blinded just look at your post. I have no reason to speak to such trash. Obviously, i have your undevided attention, aren’t you checking for what i write? Get some business that way you won’t be in everybod elses. Who the f*ck sits on a website and harasses people over Beyonce. Go wash your a** and that dirty a** mouth. Your not gonna change huh??? Cool your only here for people to laugh at you for all of the wrong reasons. Keep showing everyone what they should not follow. Perfect example. Lil tricking joint. In conclusion, i didn’t try i did put you to pature. Bottom line because i said so. Now get on your knees and make it do what it do. Oh and don’t forget to wipe your mouth when your done. Loooooooooooooolllllll. Sloppy a**………..

  163. THEMAN September 19, 2011

    Excuse the errors smart people, y’all know it’s a couple of folks in here that like to lick short bus windows. Ie >@AnotherStar. This trick needs to get a clue. Did Beyonce cut your check yet??????????????

  164. THEMAN September 19, 2011

    Somebody should lug this chick away. She’s just annoying,dumb,stupid,ignorant,ghetto,tacky,low budget, ragedy, not worthy, po class, trashy, ugly, dirty, stanky, whorish, slutty, and every other word that stands for worthless. You are the most disgusting piece of sh*t on this site. Go lick a sidewalk………..

  165. THEMAN September 19, 2011

    Sending you off in peace. >>>>>>>>>> Enjoy yourself lolz…..

  166. Bobby Bulgaria September 19, 2011

    @ Another Star Will Be Born:

    Ha ha, you took it to the PERSONAL level… And I KNEW YOU WOULD… Just waited for it to happen… So predictable… 🙂
    And pathetic… Only argumentless fools do that… 🙂 But you know…

    Then… since we already got on the personal level… what do you exactly know about me…??? Have we met? … Have you in fact seen me??? Guess NOT… 🙂

    Cuz if you really see me you would instantly notice that I practice bodybuilding, girl, and if you see me NUDE you would really like what I have BETWEEN MY LEGS… But you will NEVER get it… 🙂 Well, that’s a secret but I will tell it to you – I have MANY NUDE photos on some specific websites, and I have many fans… 🙂

    I guess you haven’t seen many WHITE penises so how could you know that NOT ALL are small… And they’re definitely NOT THIN and SOFT, as some blacks’ are… But you’ll never know… (I guess I’ve seen MORE of that than YOU HAVE…) 🙂

    I guess you’re too embarrassed to put your photo up so you must not have had much luck with men, let alone white… Let me tell you something – from the 10 men with the biggest penises in the world… well, there is NOT ONE black person there… I didn’t expect that AT ALL, but these are the facts…

    NO OFFENCE to the black guys, I LIKE YOU :), I am NOT a racist but that stupid girl opened her BIG IGNORANT MOUTH so she has to SWALLOW IT ALL UP NOW… 🙂

    Why do some people always talk before they know stuff…? Are they DUMB…???
    Well, that was NOT a question…

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  167. Another Star Will Be Born September 19, 2011

    LMFAO! My Work Is Done.I Keep Yall F***** Up.Hilarious Hilarious Hilarious. ROTFL.

  168. Another Star Will Be Born September 19, 2011

    My husband and I just had a phenomenal time.He’s knocked out.This Grade A Snapper Is The Best.Now I’m in my jacuzzi reading yall messages.You f**** need to get some s**.Yall Suck Eachothers C*** Everyday,Night,etc; Yet you can’t get little old me out of your system.I must have that magic touch.Well if you 2 c**** think that I’m mad or offended.Your Wrong! I’m never angry.I just love to talk s***,because I can.Its therapeutic for me.Gotta To Love It.I always leave both of yall 2 c**** limp and dead.I F*** Both Of You With Authority! Yall Are Weak As S***.Give up letting men blow your assout and get you a s***,dark,good c****** carrier,with dough like me,to satisfy yall lonely ass.How miserable and lonely Can You C**** Be!!!!! Lndao Damn Get Some S** and A Damn Life.This is women s***.Real men don’t behave like you two.That’s why I let yall sweetasses have it.I Love It! Its like having a multiple orgasm! Damn It Feels So Good! Owwwwwwwwwwwww! LOL.Anyhoo let me finish bathing and go to sleep.I have to attend to my patients in the morning.Chow Losers! I Own Your Damn Mind Body and Soul! Yesssssssssssssssssss Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! ROTFFLMAO

  169. Another Star Will Be Born September 19, 2011

    @Bobby I’m Just F****** With You Dude.You Seem To Be Cool.Damn You Men Need To Losen Up.Your Nuts Need To Be Released.
    @She Man I Own Your Damn Soul Punk and Don’t You Ever Forget It.You started f****** with me months ago.That’s why I F*** With Your Feminine Ass.You threw the first blow and you never stopped.That’s why I will drag your punkass for life.Ya Dig! With Your Lonely Ass.All you can say is the same s***.You’re Irrelevant,just like your teenie tiny d***.I’m not going anywhere,I have family and friend on this site.We all hate your sissyass.Oh and for the grammer remarks.Dude bad grammer didn’t stop me from getting thru med school,didn’t stop me from getting my real estate license or my 3.8 million dollar plushed out crib or my s*** ass civil engineer husband.He Loves Me Boo! Too Bad You’re Lonesome and Pathetic.Nowonder you hate Bey and Jay So Much.Everyones lives are good but the haters are miserable.I have dough that you losers could only wish to have and my family does too.Country Texan 100%.I Love To Have Yall Asses Pissed! Hell you let me.So Why Not! LOL! What Do The Lonely Do? Huh! Get Some Damn S** and A Woman .Maybe that will help ya.

  170. Danny September 19, 2011

    MARIAH Sounds Great :: She Better Do it :: I’m Waiting on Her to Release Another Album :: MIMI All The Way ::: NOBODY Can EVER Do it Like MARIAH :::

    Stop Hating People ::

  171. THEMAN September 19, 2011

    Lol you have a million dollar home, and real estate license but you can’t speak proper english? Shut ya mouth. Whose gonna hire a potty mouth s*** like yourself. If you’re a real woman as you claim to be then you’ll shut up as you should. Lol at you over there faking like you got big things popping. Lol your broke a** can’t even pop popcorn on the stove. Take the backseat fool. If you don’t want me yanking your dry a** then don’t bring that bs to me. I have constantly embarrassed you and continue to. Writing a trillion paragraphs does nothing but make you look that much more worse. I’m sure your patients are tee’d that they have to deal with such a non factor like yourself. That must be very unprofessional. Again stupid a** i said something about Beyonce, and you are not her. How is that talking to you. Don’t address me when i’m talking about the topic. Understood dummy………… MISSION FAILED AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!! This chick acts like this site is really beneficial to her. You have fam and friends on wow lol……… You just sealed why it is that your exactly a bum b*tch……….

  172. Another Star Will Be Born September 19, 2011

    I Don’t Have To Prove Anything To You Loser.You Are A Loser.That’s why you’re on the internet arguing with women like a little B****.You’re so this and that yet I have taken all of your power and you’re giving a stranger all of your attention.My life is lovely.Its the haters and brokedown A*** Carrying F*** like you that don’t have apot to p*** in or a window to throw it out of.If you were so much you wouldn’t continue to respond to a potty mouth ignorant s***! All of which you’ve said about me in your desperate need to insult me.Shouldve been enough reason for a (Supposed To Be Intelligent F** Like Yourself a reason to stop entertainng me.You’re just another loser that has no life,money or love.It Shows.Ray Charles could see you for the punkass loser that you are.Lmao! So since you’re not smart enough to stop commenting back and forth with me.I already know my mission has been accomplished.What A Dummy! Everytime you talk you sound more and more like a woman.A real man wouldn’t even entertain a 90% womens blog.Arguing with women like a little B**** about whose this or that.I know your life suck,you’re broke and have self -esteem issues.You can blabber on forever.I Really Don’t Give A Damn! You already know I don’t give a damn.So why bother.I guess your 100% feminine characteristics always keep you coming back for more.That shows that you’re just as ignorant as anyone else that’s on here.I tell you what,go head and continue to be a Bitchass N****.You’ve Perfected It.I Win because I have you commenting for a week straight.That shows that I’ve embarrased your sissy ass.Your sorry ass ego and busted ass pride want let you stop entertaining me.Like I’ve said I have money and love in my life.I suggest you get the same in yours.Your dry personality says it all.You’re a reject to society.Running behind every Beyonce post like a little B****.Do I can tell you’re a big loser.Ask yourself would a real man continue to argue with a woman that felt the way you feel about me? Hell No! But we all see you’re just a bitchmade pie ass sack of s***.I can backup what I have going on in my life.What do you have? Nothing,but your computer.You aren’t hitting on s***.Oh and old h** ass n****.Noone cares about the enormous amount of hate you have for Beyonce or her fans.Isn’t that why were going back and forth for 5months now? You were the one that gets furious everytime Sam post something about Beyonce and her fans congradulate her on her accomplishments.If I can recall you were mad when this post first came about.I didn’t say anything to you.You were mad because I laughed at your stupidass for throwing a tantrum like a little B**** at Sam because you thought he shaded Mariah.I started talking about Beyonce after I read your slyway shady ass comments.Now I don’t know you and you don’t know me.Therefore I could give a damn how yoi feel about me.You’re just a whining little B****.It isn’t natural for a grown ass man to b**** and whine like a punk.Like I said I can tell you aren’t too smart,because you give me your attention and power.I Love It.After you finish I’m going to continue to do Exactly What I Want To Do! Their Isn’t A F***** Thing You Can Do About It,You’d think you’ll know that by now if you had any common sense.You’re Irrelevant.Now I’m going to let you cackle like a rooster.Keep whining and crying like the b**** that you are.I’m going to be the smarter one and let your narcisstic condescending broke sucker like you’ve always been.Talk to your damn self Dumbass Sissybitch

  173. Another Star Will Be Born September 19, 2011

    I Own Your P**** Ass! Keep Showing Everyone How Much I Effect You On A Daily.You’re So Damn Stupid .You Keep Talking To Me Like A F***** Fool.How Dumb Can You Be.You Keep Saying You’re So Smart and Intelligent.I Can’t Tell.lmao You’re Too Hilarious! Now sit your confused ass in that backroom at your mammys house and continue to peck B****.Stop hating on people that have more than you do.You don’t have a damn thing.Find a job and a woman loser.Stop letting me f*** with your head and then you’ll get your power back.You’d think you wouldve figured that out by now! I guess your slow ass brain don’t comprehend to well.I’ve drugged you enough.You keep getting beat yet you run back for more.You’re Smart Alright! In your own mind.Huh SMFH

  174. Another Star Will Be Born September 19, 2011

    Typos Everywhere.Let me get back to business.Chow Ya Dizzy Ass F**! I Affected You So Bad Until Your pride has gotten the best of you! You’re So Weak and Dumb

  175. THEMAN September 19, 2011

    Lol you got me what? Whose writing novels full of trash. You are. Your the flustered one. All your comments are full of cursing swearing and bad grammar. Nothing you say is worth anything. You are basically writing journals full of nothing. When will u learn. You haven’t affected anything besides yourself. Did you pick up your crazy pills yet. Everybody on the site knows that u are hitting that good stuff. Crack head a**. Internet arguing? Again show me where i said something to you. You can’t. I did state something about Beyonce, but u ain’t her ho. Deal with it………… You keep saying you win? Not all. Aren’t you commenting behind me??? Dayum this trick is lost. READ IN BOLD PRINT W**** >>> I DON’T DISLIKE ALL BEY STANS IT IS THE ANNOYING A** ONES LIKE YOU THAT I DON’T CARE FOR. GOT IT???….. Also, i wasn’t mad i have no reason to be. Sam’s shades Mariah every chance he gets so. But who was talking to you? You started responding to what i was writing. When i told you u didn’t matter b*tch i mean’t that………This is a website not reality. So stop treating it as such. B*tch Beyonce doesn’t pay you. I’ll comment on whatever i want, and if u don’t like it don’t read u have no other option.

    Pointer >>> If your gonna write speeches make sure they make sense. What is this mess you got going on??? B*tch get a mentor. You’ve been preaching the same sh*t. If you ain’t got nothing important to say then close that chapter. I don’t argue with women, but you’re not a women. You are a b*ch, therefore i’ll say whatever i want to you. DEAL !

  176. THEMAN September 19, 2011

    And you’re absolutely correct you don’t owe me nothing. Didn’t ever say u did either. Mind playing tricks on ya ho??????? When i post on this site, those are my views. Why the f*ck are u so offended. You have ur snarky a** opinions. When your dirty a** wandering around riding Beyonce’s lacefront i don’t say nothing. Worry about you. Then you speak as if you know people. Lames refer to outside topics when they know that they have nothing substantial to say. You try to attack folks that have nothing to do with you. Admit yourself into a psychiatric ward. It is that necessary.

  177. THEMAN September 19, 2011

    Everything that you have written has been one long error filled run on sentence full of hoodrat ebonics. Go sit your a** in the corner until i tell u to turn around. Do as i say……… now …. You have a mate, does he know that speak in such an ignorant manner. You know ur one of those nobody b*tches that get a thrill off of sitting on the net defending Beyonce because you ain’t got sh*t else going. You are a bum with your busted a**. Awaiting for you to repeat the same thing you have in your other billion and one comments. This chick lacks a brain……..

  178. THEMAN September 19, 2011

    In parting words i got u on a leash, when i say jump you know what to do looooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllll……………..

  179. Another Star Will Be Born September 19, 2011

    LMAO! “Owned” Bow Down To The Queen Ya F***** B**** “Dead”

  180. Another Star Will Be Born September 19, 2011

    No my husband don’t know I behave in this manner nor does my family.I just like dragging yall ass.Its fun! “Winks”

  181. Another Star Will Be Born September 19, 2011

    My husband don’t even like for me to get on the internet.I don’t do it around him.Unless its shopping or I’m helping him with his business,emais or our family’s real estate company business.He hates blogs,facebook and twitter.Anyhoo I gotta finish cooking.Goodbye

  182. Another Star Will Be Born September 19, 2011

    All jokes aside.You’ve made a valid point.I should chill from being disrespectful to you.I don’t behave like this off the internet and I should stop.For once you’ve gotten your point across.I Agree 100%.Hell It has been fun though…… LOL. Chow!

  183. THEMAN September 19, 2011

    Faking around your hub. Bi-polar sh*t. Lol. We see you. How can you drag anyone when you’ve always been the dragee. Doesn’t make much sense at all. You don’t have to chill from being disrespectful to me i really don’t care. Utilize your options.

  184. THEMAN September 19, 2011

    Get your sh*t together.

  185. Another Star Will Be Born September 22, 2011

    “Smiling” Roger Dat

  186. Another Star Will Be Born September 22, 2011

    Sam Please Post Something About Johnnie Gill,Al Green,Jodeci,Silk,Shai,H-Town,Ch-Lites-R Kelly and keep us posted on Beyonce.Stop messing with my device too.Thanks

  187. Another Star Will Be Born September 22, 2011


  188. Lisa September 29, 2011

    I’m a trained singer, and I want to clear up a few misconceptions about the voice getting better with age. There is only one 100% healthy way to sing, and that’s without tension. In order to not have any tension in the sound, not only must the singer fully support the breath from the diaphragm, but also have a very loose face and jaw area and lift the soft palette (the roof of your mouth). To imagine a strong breath control take a deep breath while lying on the floor and then very slowly push the air out of your mouth by pushing with your stomach muscles.

    The problem with this kind of singing is that, especially in the upper registers, the sound will be operatic and not appropriate for most popular types of music including jazz. A trained singer who delves into these genres must properly balance a little tension with good support to get the sound they want without damaging their voice overtime. It’s virtually impossible to not withstand a least some damage to the voice while doing this, however the damage can be minimal with proper knowledge.

    Imagine a rubber band pulled out tightly and then plucked. It makes a sound because of vibrations. The vocal cords are the same way only when there’s tension in the throat (which is often very necessary for some types of vocal runs) the cords can’t vibrate normally. You can imagine overtime this definitely wears them out. Also, the substances we put in our bodies, hydration, and hormones all effect the voice too.

    For example (not to be mean here), listen to Demi Lovato’s “Skyscraper” if you want to hear tension in the voice. It may add for good effect, but it’s not healthy long term. If she sang that song all the time for years, she would loose her singing voice for good.

    Mariah has a mixture of tension and well-placed, well-supported moments in her singing (more tension these days due to her shift from diva pop to R&B) which is why she still has a voice to work with although less of one than she did have. Regardless, as a jazz singer myself, I think this song is brilliant. Songs don’t necessarily always have to be belted or filled with runs to be good. This to me has many magical moments of harmony between the two, and it works.

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