Christina Aguilera Unveils New Single Title

Published: Wednesday 28th Dec 2011 by Rashad

‘Keeps Getting Better’ diva Christina Aguilera is looking to prove such titling true as she preps her yet-titled, 5th studio album.  As time for the rumored release of the set’s first offering nears, what Xtina is certainly “keeping” is fans in suspense.  With the single already gaining slight teases from record label and radio hosts, the lid was recently lifted on the title of the first single.

Reportedly due next month, find out what Miss Aguilera is bringing to the table in 2012 after the jump:

“Love Your Body”

Of course, the uncensored/album version replaces that first word for another choice four letter word.  Be that as it may, we at TGJ headquarters are certainly excited to see what Christina’s cooking up in the new year.  With ‘The Voice’ becoming a ratings favorite, it will undoubtedly provide the launching pad she needs to boost her ailing career.  And, with Christina being one never shy on the risque tip, here’s hoping that the accompanying visual doesn’t give us “too much” (like ‘Not Myself Tonight’), lest we be in store for another ‘Bionic’ bomb.

Your thoughts?

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  1. small_angel December 28, 2011


  2. blairdevereaux December 28, 2011

    i d k
    about this…im really crossing my fingers for a ‘stripped’ era
    no more themed albums…just good music…christina is too talented to have to rely on gimicks

    follow me on twitter @blairdevereaux
    i love u long time

  3. A.MILIAN December 28, 2011


  4. Nana Yaw December 28, 2011


  5. ano December 28, 2011

    I heard the song its sounds too dancy for me i dont know if its gonna be a hit but it sounds pretty mainstream… its like a keeps getting better 2.0

  6. small_angel December 28, 2011

    OMG… Please January Come early…

  7. Imgunnacheckuboo December 28, 2011

    @A. Milian, you aint heard s*** cause it aint no snippet out there. just a fake by some random gaga stan.

  8. xtinacoming2012 December 28, 2011

    Heard the snippet of the f*** your body love the piece so far I can’t wait….b**** is back hell yeah..

  9. xtinacoming2012 December 28, 2011

    @imgunnacheckuboo I heard the snippet and its xtinas vocals why do you think they took them down so fast..

  10. Imgunnacheckuboo December 28, 2011

    @XTINACOMING, I hope you keep that innocence forever.

  11. Speechless December 28, 2011

    How is her career ailing but she has a hit tv show, a hit single with Maroon 5 and scored more grammy nominations? Sam have several seats with your british ass..

  12. ChristinaWants2FUCKYourBody December 28, 2011

    This is ChristinasCOMING! In honor of her new single I changed my sn to ChristinaWants2FUCKYourBody

    Anywho….I bet TGJ is excited for her!

    This coming from a site that did nothing but trash Bionic and her image in 2010 and continue to knock her down afterwards and continue to take stabs at her once ailing career despite the fact that she’s been on an uphill incline ever since.

  13. lola December 28, 2011

    Christina needs to sit her fat, witch looking ass down. Why the hell must she be so slutty all of the time? F*** you body? Really? She’s a flop and that “hit single” with Maroon 5 is their f****** single, not hers! She was just featured on it. And The Voice’s high ratings were due to hype because it’s another talent show. The ratings are decreasing and will be horrible next season.

  14. Marco December 28, 2011

    I really don’t like that the uncensored version of the song has the “f” word in it because it could deter people from buying the album if it has words like that again. Bionic very well could not have done as well because of the “Parental Advisory” sticker on it. I don’t want that again…I love her! I want her back on top where she deserves!

  15. dang December 28, 2011

    I really hope this is huge, like Moves Like Jagger. Hopefully she doesn’t go all NMT on us.

  16. cumonme December 28, 2011

    SCREAMS! Xtina abouta show these lessers how it done. Xtina am ready boo boo

  17. ChristinaWants2FUCKYourBody December 28, 2011

    @ LOLA-

    You’re just mad honey it’s ok! I hope you ask why Rihanna has to be so f****** slutty all the time and do nothing but sell s**. And for Christ Sakes when Rihanna was making all those collaborations with T.I., Jay Z, Eminem etc…everybody kept saying “OMG Another #1 for her…That Rihanna Reign just won’t let up!” So how is it any different for Christina?….You stupid b****!

  18. Gilberto December 28, 2011

    Yeah! I can’t wait.

  19. S*** (U MAD?) December 28, 2011

    The Voice of Our Generation:

  20. MH December 28, 2011

    I just screamed!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!

  21. NICK December 28, 2011

    ALL RIGHT CHRISTINA, lets do this girl, cause I LOVE BIONIC !!!! GAGA has faded, so u should get the love u deserve girl!!!!

  22. NT December 28, 2011

    I’m really crossing my fingers that this is a hit , so we can just call bionic a one time thing. But i think the song is going to be a hit , because that’s what the radio stations are saying

  23. boytoy1814 December 28, 2011

    FIERCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  24. suga puss December 28, 2011

    Ugh, “f*** your body”?! I really hope, that it’s not ,,,, over sexed . That’s what happen with Bionic. The lead single was just so tacky and all about s**. that’s what turned heaps of ppl off!

  25. #1QueenGaga December 29, 2011

    Ready for flop 2.0!!!! Flop My Body by Floptina


  26. Ld23 December 29, 2011

    Lmfao queen caca give it u cause ur fave is already done know one cares for her gimmi8cks anymore..xtinas gonna take gagas wig also

  27. MRDIVABITCH December 29, 2011

    More songs about s**, why am I not surprised???

  28. MRDIVABITCH December 29, 2011


  29. Rihanna Stans = Broke Navy December 29, 2011


  30. A Nu Day Has Come December 29, 2011

    Please if she’s the voice of your generation, they why the f*** is she steady declining in sales!!??!?!?!?!?!? Face it, this h** time is up!! Christina better f****** bring in 2012 or her ass is done too!!!

  31. YOOSONDALOOSE December 29, 2011

    I really don’t care, she can release the snippet and then I’ll decide, she is flopping badly.

  32. ChristinasCOMING December 29, 2011

    Rumor has it that she was supposed to debut the new single at the Grammys but in fear that it’d leak early, they’re going to release it earlier than expected.

  33. aisha aguilera keys December 29, 2011

    Stop teasing, A, bring out the song already!

  34. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) December 29, 2011

    I read the rumours last week!!So excited!! 😀 😀

    HOWEVER, it hasn’t been confirmed that there is an explicit version with the word “F***” in the title.That is only a rumour.The only official announcement is about the title “LOVE Your Body” and I have so many scenarios in my head already!

    It could be a song to empower curvy women and make them love themselves and their bodies.Just very sassy, bossy and uplifting, sort of like “Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves” but adressing a more specific group of women 🙂

    It could also be a romantic mid-tempo, almost like a love song, but a bit more sexual, not like ‘S** For Breakfast’, but more like ‘Lovin Me 4 Me’.And of course it could be the way that the article implies, which would make it a filthier, more mature, more sophisticated version of ‘DIRRTY’!

    Whatever the case, it’s so exciting!!

  35. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) December 29, 2011

    Why are people posting random links??Can’t you read??The title reads C-H-R-I-S-T-I-N-A_A-G-U-I-L-E-R-A , you know, that blonde girl that is billed as the voice of the generation…Why do I see videos of Beyonce in Christina’s page.Some people love Beyonce, some people love Christina, some people hate one of them and some people hate them both.The critics, over the years, seem to prefer Christina’s voice and material, but Beyonce still gets praised in her own right.Why are you so pressed?I didn’t see any Christina fans coming in Beyonce’s posts, so why are YOU clicking this article to post Beyonce links?Pressed much? 🙄

  36. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) December 29, 2011

    And since everyone seems to have a link to post…

  37. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) December 29, 2011

    And for more analysis

  38. Bey’knight December 29, 2011

    I dint wanna post anything cuz i hate what im hearin so far about this album so far and i like Christina so i dont wanna be negative but i think a fan said somn like if she (Beyonce) is the voice of our generation why is she declining in sales? 1st of all that’s a lousy bogus ass correlation. Madge has sold more than Whitney n Mariah, does that make her voice better than theirs? Speakin of sales decline … Lord, thats actually hilarious, each of Christina’s album has sold less than the prev one not to mention catastrophe that is bionic. Havin 1 underperforming in 15 yrs dont mean ur time is up; real talent bounce back eg Mariah and hopefully Christina too

    Beyfans you guys are soooo wrong for bringing Beyonce into this. Respect this woman’s post. Cop on!

  39. Lax December 29, 2011

    I Wish her nothing but the best, after all shes a voice of
    this Generation and she can sing her ass off, let her
    do her thing theres room at the top for any one who
    wants to work hard and shes ready to Kick Ass and take
    names. Its only fitting since theres so many other stars
    and she is definitely one of the Brightest Stars of this
    Decade/Century, good luck Xtina!

  40. Lax December 29, 2011

    To those calling her Fat, Remember that Thin is In and
    Fat is Where Its At. And anyway why must we Limit our
    way of Thinking to Revolve around the way any person
    looks they can do something about being Fat just like
    many do something about any other Problem they might
    have so the Fat Comments or Senseless and silly, goodness
    less grow up for 2012 my friends and Haters out there in the

  41. Lax December 29, 2011

    Grow up for goodness sake.

  42. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) December 29, 2011

    Btw, from what I’ve heard, the single won’t be fully representative of her album.The lead single is billed as an upbeat pop banger!The album, however, is said to be much more eclectic, introspective and heartfelt.She’s worked with many different writers and producers, so there is going to be a lot of diversity (but at the same time cohesion too, unlike ‘Bionic’, which I still LOVE btw! ).The single is just a radio friendly song, a commercial launching pad for what is thought to be a very personal and relatable record 😉


  43. angelicoke December 29, 2011

    Bring it on Christina! Let’s stop bashing and just support whoever we love! 🙂

  44. Miguel December 29, 2011

    Yeah it should be more fun like “I Kissed a Girl” or “Forget You” and not so much in your face, people don’t like when it’s too in your face.

  45. linker nippel December 29, 2011

    she will so f****** slay with her new single and album…she is amazing and i think she really will rock 2012…she is the voice of our generation …nobody can sing her ass of like her….#XTINA2012….soo ready…

  46. LaLa December 29, 2011

    Honestly I don’t have any expectation with this new single. I just want to be surprised! (hopefully in a good way). & so sad that the troll named; Sh!t appeared again. you need to resign as Sam’s troll bb!

  47. @Rihject December 29, 2011

    cant wait to hear…We need more “talent” in today’s music! Bring it XTina!!

  48. S*** (U MAD?) December 29, 2011

    Im sensing a hint of BIONIC & NMT Flop Tease 🙂

  49. Voicetina Amazinglera December 29, 2011

    I don’t give a flying f*ck what the song is about. Christina could sing the phone book and I’d buy it. Her vocal talent is THAT epic and majestic.

    I don’t give a flying sh*t about sales and flops and whatnot.

    I just want a new Christina Aguilera CD to add to my collection!

    Christina Aguilera is the only pop star that matters to me. Everybody else’s music is an untalented, annoying piece of sh*t.

    Christina Maria Aguilera is the best.

    UGh, I cannot wait! I’m buying that album as soon as it gets released!

  50. David December 29, 2011

    She needs to go back to singing and leave all this dance s*** alone to the lesser!!!

  51. ChristinasCOMING December 29, 2011

    And by the way people, I don’t give a f*** about the song is about.

    Did you expect her to release a depressing sappy song as her comeback single??? Please, she’s not Mariah or JoJo. This is Christina. We all know she loves being fiesty on her songs.

  52. MRDIVABITCH December 29, 2011

    LMAO @ at these stans calling her “the voice of our generation” and saying her vocal ability alone can carry her, when everybody who has heard her performances in the last 6 years can hear there’s nothing but strained nasty barked growled belched (and off key) sounds coming out of her mouth.

    The real voice of our generation is BEYONCE

    And you will DEAL!

  53. JER December 29, 2011

    This is her last chance. Christina better let us have it

  54. MRDIVABITCH December 29, 2011

    A rumor is going around that Christina checked herself into rehab TWICE this month, but checked out the very next day as she is afraid it will go public and screw her chances of a comeback or get her fired from “the voice”.

  55. Sweet Tea December 29, 2011

    Christina needs to sit her fat ass down and get in line to promote Nutrisystem. Her past two albums Back To Basics and Bionic have been wickety wickety wack and full of oversinging when it wasnt necessary. “Moves Like Jagger” is a hit because it sounds like a typical Maroon 5 single her 5 second cameo is not what made it a hit and singing about s** again is not what she should be doing. I do not know who her management is but they are steering her in the wrong direction–singing an obscene song after America has turned their back on you#epicfail

  56. LaLa December 29, 2011

    ^wow such a believable rumor EVER!!! & an update from Xtina Stans!!! LOL *yeah yeah yeah* :V

  57. LaLa December 29, 2011

    @Sweet Tea
    “Her past two albums Back To Basics and Bionic have been wickety wickety wack and full of oversinging

    That’s a blatant PROOF that you didn’t even listen to the (bionic) album. Move out & support your idol instead trashing Ms. Aguilera. SMH

  58. ChristinasCOMING December 30, 2011


    Who, what, when, where did you hear that rumor? And don’t tell me a close source because usually when rumors get started, the culprit is always labeled as “A close source”

  59. irene46 December 30, 2011

    @ jer…

    why is this christina’s “last chance” when britney’s ‘blackout ‘ cd took two years to reach 1 ml in sales and jlo’s last two albums debute sales were just over 60k each. ‘bionic’ debut sales were 110k. neither one of these females was branded a flop or given a “last chance” ultimatum.

    if the truth were being told, christina’s career has actually been on an upswing since the release of her movie ‘burlesque’ and it’s soundtrack. the movie was a relative success and the ‘burlesque’ soundtrack (christina sang all but two songs) was on the billboard hot 200 for more weeks than britney’s ‘femme fatale’. her show ‘the voice’ is highly successful. this claim of the show’s downward spirl is news to me. obviously it’s predicted to do well or it wouldn’t be coming back.

  60. irene46 December 30, 2011

    @ sweet tea…

    ‘mlj may sound like a typical maroon 5 song but it just happens to be the one featuring christina’s 5 second cameo that made it to #1 for at least 4 weeks was in the top 5 for at least 7 weeks and just last week fell from the top 10 to #12.

  61. minajesty December 30, 2011

    im here for her, ‘bionic’ was a terrible album. but she said this album is like stripped more personal. i dont like the title of the single but hopefully its not nmt 2. she needs to stop the gimmicks she doesnt need them, thats why bionic flopped. beyonce is my favourite artist but Xtina has the voice of our generation

  62. xtinacoming2012 December 30, 2011

    @minejisty that is a dumbasss reason why bionic didn’t do so wel hello dirty video was more sexual and gritty than not myself tonight please…again Tina doesn’t care she does what she wants

  63. MRDIVABITCH December 30, 2011

    Calling Xtina “voice of our generation” when plenty of girls are better vocalists is pure crap.

  64. TRUTH HURTS :( December 30, 2011


  65. TRUTH HURTS :( December 30, 2011

    @S*** (U MAD?)

    U MAD?

  66. TRUTH HURTS :( December 30, 2011


    YO FAULT 🙂

  67. TRUTH HURTS :( December 30, 2011




  68. irene46 December 30, 2011


    there may be a few in the industry (who sing pop) that are as good as christina but damn fewer who that sing better. only celine dion comes to mind and perhaps mariah. not a single other female in the pop genre sings better. none, zero, zelch!!!

  69. ChristinaWants2FUCKYourBody December 30, 2011

    @ IRENE 46

    I love how none of these blog sites posted that Burlesque was certified Gold in the US a few months ago but they made sure to inform us that TTT was.

    Rihanna’s flopping, Gaga’s flopping, Katy is too. None of the stans can accept it.


    Name whatever “IT” girl right now is a better vocalist….

  70. LaLa December 30, 2011

    “Calling Xtina “voice of our generation” when plenty of girls are better vocalists is pure crap.”

    It’s a matter of Opinion bb. She got that from billboard people (or some) & her fans embrace that.. so be it. You can have your own version of “voice of your generation” but don’t get mad because she got it okay…

    instead of being pissed & repeat the same ol thang. Go & be the voice of your Generation by working your own voice to be heard. We’ll see if that going somewhere & then you can talk… :/

    Be a good fans, & don’t be a Troll~

  71. mustafa December 30, 2011

    I am glad shes back. She is beautiful and talented.
    I `ve have always been a fan of hers.

  72. irene46 December 31, 2011

    @ christinawants2…

    yeah! it’s so bogus that blog sites and other media sources are so busy concocting christina’s image as a flop on the verge of extinction. this after the failure of one album. any thing positive like her ‘burlesque’ soundtrack going gold or even how long her single with m5 was in the top 10 would expose the flop tale for the lie that it is.

    it’s amazing how many of the gullible were convinced that christina was through after ‘bionic’ despite the successes that came after. it just shows if you repeat a damn lie long enough, many start to find it believable.

  73. ChristinasCOMING December 31, 2011

    @ IRENE46….

    It’s sad and ridiculous how everybody wants to write off Christina has a flop and has been based off the bad sales of just 1 album. She’s been out almost 13 years now and has nothing to prove. She’s here to stay and that’s what makes the haters so mad.

    Her voice may not be the same as it used to be when she first came out…hell I think it’s gotten better….she knows how to use it and people need to understand that the way Christina sings, it’s just her style. Just like how RIhanna sings…that’s her style although she sucks.

    One more thing. With Moves Like Jagger…it pissed me off how people started saying how it’s not Christina’s song because she has such a small part but at the end of the day I don’t care if somebody has 2 simple lines in it and all they’re singing is ooo and ahhh’s…it is considered their song too.

  74. irene46 December 31, 2011

    @ christinaiscoming…

    christina’s part of the song may have been short but the girl took the song to a completely higher level (love the “hey, hey, hey”). she totally kicked ass with steel-toed boots.

    christina’s voice still sounds awesome. judging from the disney christmas performance, it’s really improved though. she can go head to head with any of these female pop singers and even beat down most of them.

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