Chart Check: Katy Gains While Adele Makes It Rain

Published: Wednesday 28th Dec 2011 by Rashad

That Rihanna reign finally let up.  After an impressive 8 week run at #1, the Billboard Hot 100 now finds the  ‘We Found Love’ singer slipping to the number 2 spot – surrendering the throne to ‘Sexy And I Know It’ by LMFAO.  As the ‘Party Rock Anthem’ performers have logged in quite a few weeks at the runner-up spot, their most recent bid for #1 was undoubtedly assisted by holiday sales.  Elsewhere, chart titan Adele is making it rain on ’em as her latest offering ‘Set Fire To The Rain’ has blasted into the top ten to #7 (last week #13).

Like LMFAO, the songstress got quite the holiday help from fans as the song’s parent album ’21’ moved another 399,000 units this past week despite nearing its year-old mark.  The two are presently occupying two spots in the singles’ top ten, with ‘Someone Like You’ and ‘Rain’ at numbers 8 and 7 respectively, while LMFAO are rocking the charts with ‘Party Rock’ and ‘Sexy’ at numbers 9 and 1 respectively.

Rounding out the charts,  Katy Perry‘s ‘One That Got Away’ gets one step closer to landing that 6th #1 as it jumps from 5-3 and Big Sean dances into the #10 spot with a little help from Harajuku Barbie Nicki Minaj with ‘Dance (A$$)’.


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    Very happy for Adele 🙂 and I’m glad Katy is still not number 1 no matter how hard she may try.

  2. THE ICONIC LACEFRONCE. December 28, 2011

    Katy Perry is so Desperate for hits!! Here this H** is discounting & remixing singles again for #1s 😕

    Everyone just doesn’t have the POWER that LEGENDhanna has 🙂

  3. JER December 28, 2011

    8 weeks at #1 for Rihanna

  4. KYLE December 28, 2011

    U c**-stained sewer rat, rihanna remixed S&M to get it to #1 just like katy is trying to do now so ur argument is invalid. Now make yourself useful and go buy ‘you da one’ on itunes, or kill yourself. i’m hoping for the latter.

  5. OpaLibra December 28, 2011

    So Rihanna tied Whitney’s record for number one singles in the US. Katy Perry has tied Michael Jackson’s record for most number one singles from one album (5). Sign of the fricking times! Rihanna & Katy Perry are now trying to beat Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson’s records.
    If Katy Perry beats MJ’s record then…. then…. I know the record buying public have LOST THE PLOT!

  6. Lax December 28, 2011

    GOOD For them all and in Other NEWS
    THE SEXIEST OF 2011 The daring display was
    halied as the best of the year in a poll of
    advertising industry chiefs.

  7. Roman December 28, 2011

    Rihanna has had 8 weeks, well I guess that just again shows the lack of credibility in this blog… #NothingNew

    Katy Remixwhorrey better stay away from #1 :/ …

  8. xd December 28, 2011

    We Found Love was #1 for 8 weeks not 7 weeks. OKAY?

  9. Charlie December 28, 2011

    it’s funny how you made a complete article about Lil kim entering at 82, yet you don’t mention Nicki enterting at 81 at all.

  10. xd December 28, 2011

    Loud Tour >>>>>>>>

  11. Jana December 28, 2011

    Katy Perry is a talentless w**** and her label can kiss my behind! Her shameless tactics cannot be allowed to work. I’m lmfao’s biggest fan as long as they block her horrible song. Good for Adele!

  12. lostonez December 28, 2011

    Damn adele going for her 3rd #1

  13. Yea i said it December 28, 2011

    Loud tour 90 million>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Beyonce finally past the million mark.

  14. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) December 28, 2011

    Congrats to Adele.’Set Fire To The Rain’ is a good song, I hope ‘Turning Tables’ will be the next single and I also hope a real video will be made for ‘SFTTR’ 😉 And I really, really, REALLY can’t believe Big Sean’s nasty formulaic ‘A$$’ is getting so much freaking attention.. 😕 WHY??Why do mainstream media choose to only pay attention to this stupid s*** and ignore the real rap gems?


  15. RDK December 28, 2011

    gratz to all,and is see nicki and sean doing there thing.

  16. Army of queen Aaliyah & Lil kim December 28, 2011

    Dance (A$$) Is SO F****** Wack ! Especially The Remix !

    Anyways Congrats To SLAYAdele

  17. RDK December 28, 2011

    haters will be haters that,s all i got to say.

  18. ChristinaWants2FUCKYourBody December 28, 2011

    @ ASAP

    I love the fact that although Adele’s 21 has sold almost 6 million in the US and over 13 million worldwide and continues to SLAY every f****** album on the charts, that her singles are still doing amazing. Adele can sell albums and singles and get it honest without having to remix song after song or slash it’s price just to get it to #1. My Deli is slaying the s*** out of all these desperate manufactured wannabes who all have to rely on cheap tactics just to sell.

  19. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. December 28, 2011


    Femme FLOPtale = FLOP FLOP FLOP!

  20. Girrrl December 28, 2011

    This comment is for the 4 Milli sales article


    Come up with your own name!!!


    Congrats Beyonce

    *too pissed about this name thief to comment further*

  21. TruthTeller December 28, 2011

    Loud grossed $90 Million >>>>>>>>>> I Am Flop Tour $86 Million

  22. Gilberto December 29, 2011

    I Am… Tour grossed more than $100 million. Beyoncé and Tina Turner are the only black female singers to have a tour grossing over 100 million. DEAL. Stop using Wikipedia, please.
    According to Pollstar and Billboard, IAT grossed $86 million in 2009 (January to December). However, she still had South America leg, which happened in 2010. It grossed over $12 million ONLY in Brazil, in 2010. 86 +12 = $98. She still had more 4 SHOWS and they were all SOLD OUT. She grossed at least $4 million from them. 98 + 4 = $102. IAT grossed over $102 million. Do the math, basic b****!
    102 > 90

    P.S. UK saved Rihanna’s flop tour. In US, it was a disaster. Def Jam sold several tickets for $10 on Groupon. LOL. FLOP. Deal.
    P.S.2. Who’s surprised about this? Rihanna can’t sell her album in US let alone tour tickets.
    P.S.3. DEAD @ Def Jam selling Talk That Flop for $4.99 on Amazon. LOL. The album is out just for a month and they’re already giving it away. FLOP!

  23. MISHKA December 29, 2011

    If that stupid song by Katy Perry goes #1, Billboard Hot 100 would officially lose all kinds of relevancy they had left.

  24. Gilberto December 29, 2011

    According to PollStar, “I Am… Tour” grossed $103.2. $86 million in 2009. $17.2 in 2010. It’s official. 🙂

  25. Rihanna Stans = Broke Navy December 29, 2011


  26. YOOSONDALOOSE December 29, 2011

    Well done all, well deserved Adele and co.

  27. JohnVidal December 29, 2011

    Adele saved 2011 for music industry. I mean, album charts are still ok, but singles charts are the biggest crap ever seen, and she has been the only one who charted great in singles charts with truly mesmerizing songs. The rest of songs that tops singles charts for these last few years are all generic and stupid crap. I can only think about Moves like Jagger and some of Gaga´s singles as the other decent songs in the top10 this 2011 (apart from Adele)
    Like really: Rihanna, Katy Perry, JLo, LMFAO, etc. And then they can´t sell an album to save their lives
    Thank You Adele. Although I need some competition for her cos she is gonna end selling 20 million albums with “21” and that is not normal in this era, it´s like selling 30 or more in the 90´s. But she has no competition cos music industry and retarded public did enough to destroy talent on the top (for the most part) and now few people with true talent are popular enough to slay the charts. I blame the labels and the retarded and superficial h*** of the world

  28. ADELE December 30, 2011

    My girl killing it. YES adele.

  29. ADELE December 30, 2011

    @Gilberto you can show these idiots proof, and they still remain delusional. Some RITARD stan had the nerve to say Beyonce had 128 dates, when did she do 20 additional shows? All they have to do is look at POLLSTAR, to see that IASF grossed 103 million from 108 shows, and Rihanna LGOE tour FLOPPED, and didn’t even make the list. They can’t accept that Beyonce has never had a flop tour when Rihanna LGOE tour was a huge flop, and she was discounting LOUD tickets to fill arenas. Rihanna should move th the UK, because they saved her this era.

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