Misha B Soars On A ‘Silent Night’ (A Must See!)

Published: Saturday 24th Dec 2011 by Sam

With the X Factor finally over, many a contestant are on their 14th minute of fame. However, one act we’ll sure be seeing more of is a certain Misha B.

A sure-fire shoo-in for the final, the 19 year old’s dreams were dashed when tactical judging turned her into one of the show’s most controversial acts.

Yet, while the party responsible for that likely won’t be relevant in a year down the line, Misha continues to prove herself worthy of the attention heaped on her since exiting the ITV show (4th place). Attention which reportedly includes a label bidding war; and attention which could see her pocket a contract worth more than actual the winning act.

Wonder what the hype’s about? Well, our friends over at SBTV snagged Misha for a festive acoustic session. Watch Ms. B soar with ‘Silent Night’ after the jump…


Should she continue to show and prove like this, it’s a given that success has no choice but to find her. After all, as time has shown over and over, folk who vote on the X Factor and such shows are rarely representative of the record-buying public. Hence, Misha’s prospects are much brighter than the propaganda would have many believe. More power to her!

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  1. CURLY SUE December 24, 2011


  2. fistopher clown December 24, 2011

    GO MISHA…..:) 🙂 🙂

  3. Paul December 24, 2011

    Could tell she was a bully from the start of the series. Hardly ‘tatical’ I’d say. She was never gonna win purely ecause she’s not a nice person and her voice is pretty average…I’m glad Louis and Tulisa brought it up because she deserved to be put in her place

  4. B**** PLEASE December 24, 2011

    I thought she exited from teh show in the 4th place???????? Come on Sam get it together!!!!
    Anyhow, one word its MishaB ………bitche please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. kw December 24, 2011

    @Pauline, purleaaaase its christmas eve so have some humor and enjoy life cuz everyone else has moved on since. ‘Could tell…’ so meaning you didn’t exactly physically witness anything then, right??? I rest my case…smdh!!!!

  6. Paul December 24, 2011

    @Pauline<<< See what you did there, witty. Also I can't really have any humour about this post when there's nothing humourous about it. Misha admitted to being a bully when she was younger so there's no reason to suggest why she wouldn't be now. Put aside the fact she's not a nice person, she still can't sing

  7. k December 24, 2011

    Love Miss Misha B. She is a star.

  8. Jamie December 24, 2011

    Go Misha B!!!! F*** you Pauline. Oh, and Merry Christmas!!!!!!

  9. Scott December 24, 2011

    Get over it Pauline/Tulisa Misha B is the real deal that is why Tulisa tried to get her out.. Little Mix said there was no bullying so get over it you cross dressing wimp no one cares about your insecurities.

  10. TB December 24, 2011

    I am not a fan of Misha’s AT ALL…but I might be becoming one…she killed it! Mad props, never heard it sang like that, she shouldn’t have entered the x factor, she could’ve made it on her own.

  11. Paul December 24, 2011

    Lol getting a bit serious now. Just an opinion…dunno where this talk about my ‘insecurities’ is coming from but if you’re getting that defensive about this to get into that, suit yourself.

  12. zoebuggy December 24, 2011

    Dear Haters We all now know that *Misha B* did not *Bully* anyone, not one person on X factor….­­this has now been *denied by all her competitor­­s, the producers, the show stylist*. At worst Misha’s was only guilty of is expressing a positive belief she had better chance of winning than her rivals …within a high pressure media crazy multi-mill­­ion pound singing competitio­­n…hardl­y a crime. Little Mix… why did they enter a showbiz competitio­­n if they could not handle a fellow competitor­­’s boast.. did it really make them cry. Tulisa must have been truely horrified, I mean from her saintly group background she must have never witnessed a someone trying to be a confident person.

    Seriously if Misha and Little Mix were arguing ( one teenager against 4) then this should have been taken care of BACKSTAGE, not infront of the cameras!! This should have involved Kelly, Tulisa and the Producers working together. (You would not expect to go into your local supermarke­­t and see a manager verbally attacking a shop assistant) .The is not even any evidence that Misha had been privately given a warning before Tulisa’s public assault…­.

    ‘When I hear something about someone, I always go to the person and ask them if it’s true,’ Misha said ‘I saw Tulisa plenty of times that night, and if she had a problem, she could have said it to me then, rather on stage in front of all those viewers. I was shocked by what she said. It came out of the blue’

    Ah Tulisa the person who sprang a verbal attacked an innocent teenager on live TV in front of 11 million viewers ( a proportion still believe the lies). Instead of playing it down,Tulis­­a ‘I don’t regret bullying outburst’ knowing that the small “molehill” had turned into a national vilificati­­on mountain..­­. took full advantage of the slurs and lies against Misha to promote her act, and made up ridiculous stories about carrying a baseball bat in her pocket. Tulisa blew a little bit of competitiv­­e boasting into big issue and she kept feeding the press.

    We have witnessed with are own eyes the verbal bashing of Misha on live TV, the unfounded slurs written in the national press and cyber hate and bullying online. I think Misha was treated very badly – Misha was just a teenage contestent in a singing competitio­n FFS

  13. zoebuggy December 24, 2011

    Brilliant Misha Merry Xmas

  14. kwame December 24, 2011



  15. DelmZiu December 24, 2011

    She sounded really good..
    Earthy and soulful……
    Im not into shows like American Idol or X-Factor. Seems like the contestants who didn’t win….seriously sound better than
    the actual winners….Sometimes

  16. Theman December 24, 2011

    That as great. She has an excellent voice.

  17. C-mo December 24, 2011

    You betta SANG Misha B! We love you in the US too!

  18. Maurice Williams Sr December 24, 2011

    I Love that song Misha, you have a beautiful voice, keep up the good work.

  19. Dev December 25, 2011

    Loved it! Loved the arrangement.
    As for some you who comment you get too personal. You’re on here talking about Misha B not being a bully but bully whilst making your point. Not nice

  20. Lebo(CaribbeanBOi) December 25, 2011

    very nice MIsha …

  21. BASHMENTFRIDAYS December 25, 2011

    Talk da Tings Dem @Zoebuggy

    New Years Eve !!! Sat 31st Dec 2011 /2012 Sum Gal A Hype & Hypeness Nuh Fit Dem Part 5 !

    follow us @bashmentfridays xxxx merry xmas that grape juice 🙂 and to all keen readers

  22. RikQy December 25, 2011

    UMMM………she not that great! AT ALL!!! your typical American Church girl singer would SLAY Misha!! sorry, just dont see it!

  23. seyi December 25, 2011

    the gift of singing is different from being born to be an artist/superstar. yes many people all over the place can sing amazingly doesnt mean they will be amazing artists. misha is a quality singer but has the potential to be an even better artist. mate beyonce isnt the greatest singer to touch mic but she has many other qualities needed to be a superstar.

  24. JOSSS December 26, 2011

    Go Mish Mash! lol. We LOVE you!!!

  25. ThatOne December 26, 2011

    Why is it that Misha B haters are mostly illiterate? They can’t read so haven’t understood all the reports that Misha B bullied nobody, and as for their pathetic attempts at writing… Misha B is a singer and a performer from the very top of the highest level. Her “Silent Night” shows again that she is a very skilful singer indeed, for both the components of song: music and interpretation. The way she can tread right down the line between rapping and singing is brilliant; there’s no-one else anywhere near doing it as well as Misha B. It’s perfectly OK if someone doesn’t like what Misha B does; personal taste is a right. But moving from personal taste to denying Misha B’s gifts is ignorant, and going from there to launch personal insults is pathetic.

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