Watch: Braxton Family Values (Season 2 – Episode 7)

Published: Thursday 29th Dec 2011 by Rashad

Switch that messy Kardashian nonsense off! The Braxton sisters are back and in a big way.

After warming our hearts with their debut season, Toni, Trina, Towanda, Traci, and, of course, Tamar, return to the small screen with season 2 of their hit WeTV reality series ‘Braxton Family Values’.

You can now check out episode 7 of the latest season below…

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  1. oralanthony December 30, 2011

    thank u so!! i love this site

  2. Jasmine December 30, 2011

    Thanks for posting. I love this show.

  3. YOOSONDALOOSE December 30, 2011

    Thanks TGJ! Looks good!

  4. YOOSONDALOOSE December 30, 2011

    Glad Traci and Tamar are working things out damn, they are always fighting, but I do love them.
    Toni looked so good!
    Gabe is a rat, that was uncalled, Trina should’ve slapped him!

  5. really December 30, 2011

    I am so damn horny.

  6. Dunk December 30, 2011

    one of the best episodes, hilarious!!!!

  7. Jaden December 30, 2011

    This season is BORING!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. MollyG December 30, 2011

    Thank you so so very much for posting. Can’t afford WE network right now. I love your site. Thank you.

  9. Daiynna December 30, 2011

    Mama Braxton is off the hook. She keeps me laughing. “Now days you got men givin’ it out on both sides of they legs” LMFAO!

  10. Petra December 30, 2011

    Love this. Picture was fuzzy though

  11. Junior in Jamaica December 30, 2011

    The way Trina says the word “house” is so funny.
    Tamar is still too much.
    Traci needs to work on her self esteem as usual.
    Towanda needs to get her own!
    Mama is LOL.
    Toni was relatively quiet this episode.

  12. NikkiIsChillin December 31, 2011

    Braxton Family Values is soooo much better than the Kardashians!!

  13. AriesAbera January 1, 2012

    Traci (aries) and Tamar (Pisces) are not compatable zodiac signs. I’ve always had problems and conflicts with Pisces females. I love them to death but they always seem to try to dominate over my personality which is impossible but they still always try anyways. Its always gonna be a can’t live with you can’t live without you kind of relationship between them. I do believe its in the Stars.

  14. DeeDee27 January 1, 2012

    I feel so sorry for Towanda and Trina. Towanda is so caught up taking care and being there for everyone, no one is really there for her. She has the dirtbag who has made up in his mind that if he can’t be an author, he isn’t going to do anything. At the same time he wants to whine about Towanda jumping up and running when Toni calls, but Toni is employing her. But Towanda is enabling the situation which is not fair to Trina. If Towanda wants to enable Andre, thats her but she should not put that load on Trina and Gabe. Gabe is a jerk, but he is absolutely right, how you have the money to throw a party but you don’t have money to get your own place or pay rent?

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