Nicki Minaj, Beyonce & Rihanna Score Impressive 2012 BRIT Nominations

Published: Thursday 12th Jan 2012 by David

Who Run The World?”

If you had problems answering that question- you obviously haven’t peeped this year’s 2012 BRIT Award nominations.

For, in what will sure to have Beyonce‘s Hive, Rihanna‘s Navy and Nicki Minaj’s ‘Barbz‘ beaming with joy, all three  leading ladies have scored nominations in a number of the event’s major categories.

Without further delay, peep the full list below…

British Male Solo Artist

Ed Sheeran

James Blake

James Morrison

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

Professor Green

British Female Solo Artist


Florence & The Machine Island

Jessie J

Kate Bush

Laura Marling

British Breakthrough Act

Anna Calvi

Ed Sheeran

Emeli Sandé

Jessie J

The Vaccines

British Group

Arctic Monkeys

Chase & Status




British Single

Adele: Someone Like You

Ed Sheeran: The A Team

Example: Changed The Way You Kissed Me

Jessie J Ft B.o.B.: Price Tag

JLS Ft Dev: She Makes Me Wanna

Military Wives / Gareth Malone: Wherever You Are

Olly Murs Ft Rizzle Kicks: Heart Skips A Beat

One Direction: What Makes You Beautiful

Pixie Lott: All About Tonight

The Wanted: Glad You Came

Mastercard British Album Of The Year

Adele: 21

Coldplay: Mylo Xyloto

Ed Sheeran: +

Florence & The Machine: Ceremonials

PJ Harvey: Let England Shake

International Male Solo Artist

Aloe Blacc

Bon Iver

Bruno Mars

David Guetta

Ryan Adams

International Female Solo Artist


Björk One


Lady Gaga


International Group

Fleet Foxes

Foo Fighters

Jay-Z / Kanye West

Lady Antebellum

Maroon 5

International Breakthrough Act

Aloe Blacc

Bon Iver

Foster The People

Lana Del Rey

Nicki Minaj

British Producer

Paul Epworth


Ethan Johns

Critics Choice

Emeli Sandé

Maverick Sabre

Michael Kiwanuka

Outstanding Contribution To Music


Who do you think will come out on top?

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  1. josh January 12, 2012


  2. Marvin January 12, 2012

    What’s so impressive? They only have one nomination… That’s not impressive.

  3. BLAH January 12, 2012

    i guess……. but why y’all use that ugly ass pic as the pic for this story? o.O looks so artificial it’s not even funny smfh.

  4. kimberly January 12, 2012

    I hate creyola artists. \they are so immature and fake. please niki 28 or 29 when will you stop? i hate this pic looks like something i colored with my niece yesterday in her disney book.
    anyway congrats ladies on the ONE nomination. sam you forget gaga

  5. mobwife January 12, 2012

    Looks like a bullsh** list to me!

    Congrats to Adele , Bruno Mars, Jesse J, Bey, Bon Iver and Elbow! I love ELBOW!! 🙂 I’m sure they wont win but so what, they are still great!

    Rihanna is a non-talented, howling Goat no matter which side of the dirty pond she stands on!

  6. THATORANGEJUICE January 12, 2012


  7. Roman January 12, 2012

    How is 1 nomination an impressive score… And @Kimberly b**** nobody said put ur pathetic comment here. There’s a reason she’s succesful, and that cos more ppl like her than ppl that agree with ur base comments… Bye bye h**

  8. Roman January 12, 2012

    This site loves to throw shade. These b****** is obsessed with the Beyonce + Rihanna stan feud… Anything to get more hits, it they put Jessie J’s name in the title no one would care boo…

  9. Bey’knight January 12, 2012

    They are only eligible for one category in case u rhitards missed that Part. This is an urban blog n its celebrating their achievement. If u dont like it, exit in an orderly fashion – that is all!

  10. Bey’knight January 12, 2012

    I hope Adele beats out Jessie neatly, she be doin anything for fame. Her uniqueness is gone. Hope The Throne, Bey, Aloe Blacc and and EMELI SANDE bag it. Sam u’ve to start covering Emeli, if u can cover generic j then u’ve no excuse.

    One more thing ; the wanted >>>>>>>> jls

  11. JohnVidal January 12, 2012

    Sam sometimes is pathetic. Real talk. Sorry. How is special the Beyonce, Rihanna or Nicki Minaj nominations?? They have one and that´s it and Nicki has it only cos she was new this year, she is not on best international female. In case you didn´t notice cos of your obsession for getiing Beyonce and Rihanna fans at war, Gaga is nominated too. And specially you could have named Adele, jessie J or Coldplay, who are the ones that really count in these awards. Cos they are British and can be nominated in several categories
    Anyway, ten years ago I thought the Brit awards were serious but now I know they aren´t, so probably the award will go to Rihanna. Grateful grammys still exist cos they are the only ones that still… well a few times they get it wrong, but you know, Rihanna or Britney can´t win grammys by their own, I mean serious categories. There is still hope 🙂

  12. Bey’knight January 12, 2012


    Id love to watch ur vid but i cant on my phone. I’ll watch it on my laptop later 🙂


    Smh how many times will i remind u this is an urban blog? Adele n Gaga are huge n all but they dont generate site traffic for Sam. At the end of the day, this is his day job, he has to think like a business man. The 3 u see up there are his moneymakers.

  13. JohnVidal January 12, 2012

    I know! But I need to say the truths. Slow people can be confused, specially Rihanna fans. And also I don´t know, Sam talks about Madonna a lot lately. This is more than an urban blog now

  14. RDK January 12, 2012

    gratz nicki big are small it all adds up,keep doing you.

  15. YOOSONDALOOSE January 12, 2012

    So happy for Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj!

  16. Bey’knight January 12, 2012


    Its def more than an urban blog for Adele, Gaga to be covered at all but thats cys their force cant be ignored lol

  17. TheOneAndOnly January 12, 2012

    one nomination for an international award is still a feat….you don’t see too many American female artists doing this, so stop hating, congrats to all FOUR females

  18. Theman January 12, 2012

    Adele/Gaga draw lots of traffic as well. They should have definitely been headliners of this post. Sam just strategically picks artists that will cause stan wars. This has become so tired.

  19. zed January 12, 2012

    oh my days! who writes the blog for this site? when i read the story i was thinking beyonce/rihanna and nicki would have like 3 nominations each or something…they only have ONE each! and therefore all 3 FLOPPED!!!!LOL

    the story should have said how BRITISH acts like ADELE/JESSIE J/ED SHEERAN AND FLORENCE & THE MACHINE dominated he nominations ist. and congrats to emeli sande aswell! beyonce didnt do all that, rihanna is bornng and manufactured and dnt get me started on niki! i hope LANA del rey wins that category!

  20. JohnVidal January 12, 2012

    Hmm… the category they are in is only for non British artists, which basically means American artists. How is it we don´t see many doing this? Doing what?
    I agree. It became tired long ago

  21. Bey’knight January 12, 2012

    First of all if u expected Bey, Rih or Nicki or any other american act tohave more than 1 nod, just shut up after that cus u jus showed ur ignorance and if u dont know about the Brit Awards, wat do u care who he highlighted in the headline.

    Its like yall no nothing about journalism. Journalist make up headlines that grab attention not to “be fair” Anyways majority of tgj visitors are Americans so they dont care for the Brits eitherways. Other urban blogs wouldnt have highlighted the brit acts either so dunno wat yall callin Sam out on


    U are a complete moron. I bet u dont even a degree, u have guts to call bankable celebrated women flops. So where does that leave u?

  22. Bey’knight January 12, 2012


    Its a feat bcuz hordes of american artists released music in the UK besides those 5 nominated, i live in Europe so i know my ish. I can list other high profile US acts that released HITS n still werent nominated eg Britney, Katy, Jlo. This is an international award and no its not an exclusively US category. If no US thrived they wouldnt be nominated. David Guetta is not an American.

  23. JohnVidal January 12, 2012

    blah those 3 you mentioned didn´t sell s*** in the UK compared to the other 5 nominated! It´s not about who´s better in this Brit awards either, only who was more popular in the uk. That´s why I started saying grammys are the only ones I still care about. Or are you going to say Katy and JLo are better than Beyonce??? haha just joking

  24. truth January 12, 2012

    Knowles’ adopted baby even has the same initials as Cantrell of B.C. It says a lot about their marriage, Knowles’ very low self-esteem and mental illness, to have pretended to be pregnant for attention and publicity, after her CD entitled “4” which is about how many copies it sold, failed and flopped, marking the first bomb of her career. She just could not accept that.

  25. truth January 12, 2012

    Ironically, in the song “Glory” Jay-Z mentioned Beyonce having a miscarriage, which gives credence to the many articles online stating Knowles used a surrogate and pretended to be pregnant for the cameras. If you remember correctly, months ago on the Judiciary Report in the September 27, 2011 article “Reeling From The Failure Of Her Current CD Beyonce Is Ill-Advisedly Rushing Back Into The Studio And While Pregnant” the site wrote, “Recording while pregnant can be risky for some women. In the 1990s, R&B legend, Whitney Houston, revealed she miscarried her baby, while recording her CD and engaging in other work related items.”

  26. truth January 12, 2012

    People of more fame and notoriety have given birth in public and private hospitals and did not go to the unbalanced extremes Beyonce and Jay-Z did, making a spectacle of it. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are the most famous couple in the world and they safely gave birth twice, without all this hoopla and or costing other families the opportunity to see their newborns. However, the kids from those pregnancies are actually Jolie’s and could be Pitt’s, as they look a lot like her and bear a resemblance to him as well. Therefore, they didn’t need to mount a cover up, due to lies that were already told for publicity.

  27. MATTI January 12, 2012


  28. onyx January 12, 2012

    Good 4 them

  29. lol January 12, 2012

    all gimmick b****** beyonce rihana and nicki illuminati hoez

  30. j January 12, 2012

    Who are the worst media whores in the entertainment industry. Is it the Kardashian family or the Knowles clan. In one corner you have Kim Kardashian, who married for money and more fame, banking $20,000,000 from a fake wedding, then ditching her husband Kris Humphries 2-months after the nuptials.

  31. onyx January 12, 2012

    People of more fame and notoriety have given birth in public and private hospitals and did not go to the unbalanced extremes Beyonce and Jay-Z did, making a spectacle of it. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are the most famous couple in the world and they safely gave birth twice, without all this hoopla and or costing other families the opportunity to see their newborns. However, the kids from those pregnancies are actually Jolie’s and could be Pitt’s, as they look a lot like her and bear a resemblance to him as well. Therefore, they didn’t need to mount a cover up, due to lies that were already told for publicity.

    Holy words.

  32. Bey’knight January 12, 2012


    Of course Brits is based on popularity. I cant argue that, the int’l category moreso than others cus it recognises those who made impact in UK talented or otherwise. And yes those 3 dint do mch in uk (tho OTF was a HUGE HUGE hit fir Jlo) but that was my point, they dint jus pick popular US acts, they picked d ones that had an impact in the UK.

  33. THATORANGEJUICE January 12, 2012

    bey knight u are constantly arguing on this site,dont you ever get tired of it,lol

  34. RDK January 12, 2012

    Lol– your stupidity and ignorance is out of the world i bet it breaks your mothers heart every time she looks at your are hear your name are just cross her mind…anyways Bey’knight you are just explaining to these retards in vain…they rather be stubborn and rather stay look like a set of ignorant,s than listen to the knowledge you are trying to instill in there iron heads…sigh ignorance is a bliss.

  35. TruthTeller January 12, 2012

    Why is Nicky Minaj nominated?
    She ain t even big in the UK.

  36. RDK January 12, 2012

    TruthTeller are you serious you must be joking,are just someone who straight up wants to start sh-t,because i refuse to believe that you are that ignorant.

  37. Bey’knight January 12, 2012


    I wouldnt call it arguin per say lol. If im not up for it, i simply leave d post. I have brothers so banter is nothing alien to me


    Thanks. The sheepishness is the irritating bit, 1 morn spiels ignorance, the rest flock to the altar

  38. Saetana January 13, 2012

    The Brits can’t possibly be based on popularity because Beyonce got a nod, and her album 4 and all the singles off it did pretty badly here in the UK, the album has been critically acclaimed but is not massively popular. The Brit Awards isn’t a public vote either so, no, its not a popularity contest people. This post does not appear to contain all the categories either ;o)

  39. @DaRealRastaBwoi January 13, 2012

    wat about KELLY,,,, awww

    Follow me on twitter @DaRealRastaBwoi and check out my videos and subscribe

  40. riri January 13, 2012

    onxy do you actually believe the story that beyonce and jay z stopped parents from seeing their own babies? 1. health department in new york dismissed the claim.

    PLUS, there was a big deal with angelina and brad, they hire a whole floor and confirmed it!

    LMAO @ you still believing that she faked it. why do you suppose she put on a lot of weight on her face, arm, thigh etc?

    Plus we hardly ever saw angelina being heavily pregnant! and brad and angelina pimp their kids out every chance they get! dont use them as example!

  41. riri January 13, 2012

    PLUS who gives a s*** about these awards? it dont mean sh** anymore!

  42. zed January 13, 2012

    the whole post is just crap! why havnt he likes of ed sheeran who had 4 nods, adele/jessie j who have 3 nods been mentioned??? it aint alwyas about beyonce, rihanna and nicki minaj, allow those 3 and address the talent that matters, ie ed sheeran and adele and jessie, all way more talented especiay in song writing than the other 3!

  43. TinaMinaj January 15, 2012

    Mymymy. Its astonishing how stupid and ignorant people can be. Hasn’t it occured to you that these are BRIT AWARDS and that the artists in question are AMERICAN/AMERICAN BASED???? THAT’S WHY ITS AMAZING!!!!

    And @ONYX YOU’RE AN IDIOT FOR BELIEVING THAT!! That would be illegal for the hospital but i don’t hear any lawsuits. You know why??? Coz it was made up by TMZ for the likes of you…..

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