Cissy Houston Breaks Silence; Talks Whitney’s Death

Published: Saturday 31st Mar 2012 by David

It’s been a month and a half since the world lost the greatest voice of all time, Whitney Houston.

And while family members have stepped forward to talk about their grief, the late star’s mother Cissy Houston has mourned privately.

That is all set to change this coming Monday, though, when the elderly Gospel singer talks exclusively to My9 about the tragedy.

Details below…


Speaking to the outlet she confessed:

I know I did the best I could… I don’t blame myself. I know I did the best I could for everything. I’m very proud of my daughter. She accomplished a whole lot in the short time that she had here… she was a very wonderful person.

I have my moments… I’m not there yet… I don’t think I’m any more courageous than anyone else.

Adding- with regards to Whitney’s finances:

Whitney did not die broke… she’s not broke. None of that crap.

Catch the interview on MY9 this coming Monday.

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  1. THE KILLER BEE March 31, 2012

    Aww. My hearts just breaks for Cissy. I know she did everything she could possible do, to help Whitney out. As a parent, u never want ur children to pass before u. Its just sad. And the way she was talking, i think she knew Whitney wouldnt b here long. Sometimes The Lord let u know of things to come.

  2. grammy dammy sammy March 31, 2012

    of course she should be proud of Whitney and dam right Whitney achieved alot in her short time than most will in a longer lifetime.Whitney is Legend

  3. arjun March 31, 2012

    it’s so hard for a mother to bury her child, I understood when we lost our brother, our mother would have never recovered, although there are days where everything is normal
    Sissy had a wonderful girl who has done good things in his life and despite his slump, it will keep the best of it, now you cissy rests and waits for your time in peace
    by cons for bobby christina you do not care if she will not listen, it is rotten that girl, she has the genes of his father
    from what I see she did after the death of his mother, it is always the same, even stupidity, I feel even more pity for her, she has not received any lesson after what happened to his mother, up to go out with the boy that his mother considered his son or daler, whatever its function
    whitney’s suffering even in paradise is not finished, her poor

  4. RoyalKev March 31, 2012

    Sad. It breaks my heart to see Cissy this way. I have a few friends that are MJ stans and they’ve always sympathized and had compassion for his mom, Katherine. Now, I can really relate. Losing Whitney’s was hard for so many of us, but I know its toughest for her mom. Pray for them.

  5. MuzikPro March 31, 2012

    Damn. Its so sad. Whitney was definitely a legend and will be missed. Its sucks how the media and ill hearted individuals try to drag Whitney’s name & the people she loved the most in the dirt. The media today is ridiculous why are they even using this woman for ratings?! & Why would you ask her a question like, “Do you think you could’ve did anything differently?” WHO IN THE HELL ASKS A QUESTION LIKE THAT to a mother in mourning? no class at all. Then try to mask it on national tv beginning with the words, “Mom to mom…” these people are sick. its truly disgusting. If Whitney was alive she would’ve told that women right where to go!

  6. JohnVidal (RIPWhitney-true great) March 31, 2012

    Oh Cissy, it must be so hard, this mother… I can´t
    RIP Whitney – one of the truest music legends ever

  7. D.C. Slim March 31, 2012

    My prayers and sympathy are with Cissy Houston
    and her family. May God give them the strength to
    endure the tragic loss of whitney.

  8. Donna March 31, 2012

    Im so happy that Cissy doesnt hold any guilt behind whitneys decisions that led to her death. How many kids to things that their parents disnt teach them?; as for Bobbi K. I agree that she hasnt learned anything and she will make lots of mistakes before she wakes up and thats if she does.

  9. JN March 31, 2012

    When has she ever been silent???

  10. JT March 31, 2012

    She didn’t really say “crap,” did she?

  11. Dawn March 31, 2012

    LOL, JT. You’re right — I have nothing against Cissy, but the “crap” part isn’t befitting of her.

  12. diamond April 12, 2012

    I feel sorry for the whole family really I hope god will guide and protect the family and I hope Whitney enjoys her time in heaven. I hope that all the trials and tribulations the Houston family is going through shall vanish in Jesus name. Its really tragic when you bury someone it is even worst when you bury a relative I really understand what Cissy is going through and I feel so so sorry for them I know that its is heartbreaking
    so don’t worry Cissy god will bless you in due time and just enjoy your self till your time comes to be with god up in heaven forever.

    A quick prayer:
    Dear Jesus,
    I’m asking you to bless the Houston Family guide and protect them with your blood O lord may you be their comforter through their trial lord touch Whitney in Heaven for evermore

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