Must See: Rihanna ‘Shades’ Journalist

Published: Wednesday 28th Mar 2012 by David

Currently in the UK to promote ‘Battleship’, Rihanna joined the flick’s cast for a press conference today, weeks before it hits theaters on April 11th.

However, as you will see in the clip below, it was Ms.Fenty’s patience- and not promo skills- that were put to the test when she was quizzed on her relationship status. In particular, her involvement with Ashton Kutcher.

Hilarity below…

And that my friends is how you handle a disrespectful journalist.

Though her alleged ‘hook up’ with Kutcher is at the centre of everyone’s gaze, the question had nothing to do with the movie and was in many ways a little intrusive- making her response all the more warranted.

Oh Rihanna- if only you showed this much ‘feist’ on stage.

Your thoughts?

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  1. JJFAN1814 March 28, 2012


    GET ‘EM RIH-RIH!!!!


  2. Jon March 28, 2012

    Damn she looks rough! And how rude was she the woman was just trying to clear up rumors! Not long before she will crash and burn

  3. Jay Scorpio March 28, 2012

    OMFG the QUEEN shut her ass down royally **sips tea**

  4. Traecaliber March 28, 2012

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH I loved it!

  5. Lax March 28, 2012

    Now thats what im talking Bout! Rih called lights out
    and hit the button at the same time, thats the way you
    handle those kind of nosey journalist!

  6. Lax March 28, 2012

    She did it with one word “Absolutely”. in her caribbean voice.

  7. CeeJaye March 28, 2012

    That was rude. The journalist complimented Rihanna’s fake ass. She didn’t have to be so rude in the reply. She could have just said “I’m single” or “No you won’t see him.” The journalist should have asked her if she was seeing a vocal coach and if we’d see them on the set, because everybody knows she can’t sing with a f***. Considering the lack of talent Rihanna possesses, her demeanor should always be pleasant and humble. Because if that were me, I would have had a comeback for her…like “I hope your acting isn’t as shitting as your singing.”

  8. geesss March 28, 2012

    ooopppp shade.lmbo …rir looks tired.

  9. jhongerardo March 28, 2012

    adorable eres tu

  10. bwahah March 28, 2012

    that bonquisha came out just a tad

  11. Jay Scorpio March 28, 2012

    clear up rumors mudda c***… miss thing haul ass and keep out mah bizness hahahaha i love my bajan queen… that reporter TRIED it and got shut down one time. she is dere for Battleship… thnkx lolol

  12. WizKey March 28, 2012

    Her wig is ugly.

  13. likane March 28, 2012

    rihanna did very well to put the thing ponit.
    but the problem is what is wrong too haughty raise it could have him answer without being rude to her too see what did not receive any education and how you talk queen lol

  14. andel morrison March 28, 2012

    @ceejaye um why u being delusional, rihanna had every right to shot that inappropriate question down, and hearing the journalist voice alone says that she was forced by her bosses to ask rihanna that question, so n**** plzz take a seat and shut the f*** up

  15. LaLa March 28, 2012

    Her respond is very cool & calm imo.

    “And that my friends is how you handle a disrespectful journalist.

    TGJ included ofcourse! LMAO snap*

  16. kingphoenix9 March 28, 2012

    Why they always trying to clock somebody p****? And why does she look so washed out, she needs Phaedra to spruce her up, cause she looking a little corpsy…no shade, but shade.

  17. Lax March 28, 2012

    Another day another Rihanna diss, coming from clay aikens
    this time “American idol alumni” It just has to be something
    shes got for so many to seek her name out.

  18. QueenSize March 28, 2012

    Rihanna handled it well enough.

  19. DTG March 28, 2012

    Whatever with Rihanna. B****, you ain’t Meryl Streep. No one takes you seriously as an actress and you won’t be getting an academy award nomination for this. You’re just a manufactured pop star of the moment who they decided to stick in a movie to see if your dumbass kiddie fans are pressed enough to buy a ticket, despite how much you probably can’t act. So don’t sit there and posture like that question was inappropriate or too personal.

  20. Lax March 28, 2012

    Perhaps being on top is a bit much even for many who see her
    as doing so dam well. And its amazing to see her social
    networking skills or paying off for her in a big way.

  21. Jay Scorpio March 28, 2012

    dat reporter never even saw it coming… tryna be slick wit it paying compliments before getting to her hidden agenda and RiRi was READY bytch hahaha #CatchDaSHADE

  22. Rob March 28, 2012

    She’s f****** RUDE!

  23. JJFAN1814 March 28, 2012

    Rihanna got some haters on here upset I see….

    Talk That Talk continues to sale…2 million WW and going consistently.


  24. Lax March 28, 2012

    @DTG,,,put a sox in it , the question was uncalled for.. That question was
    uncalled for just like many of her other interviews ask many artist questions
    thats not pertaning to the issue at hand. And she might not ever be Meryl but
    on the same token meryl will never be Rihanna either. Your point is what? oh
    yes i almost forgot, i am dealing with another “Empty Train Empty Brain” who
    is holding their breath for her movie that shes in to flop, fail, fly away, dream
    on dreamer, and professor. They didnt ask any of the others about their love live.

  25. MsThing485 March 28, 2012

    That has to be the tackiest wigs I ever saw.

  26. Hush March 28, 2012

    Rihanna should not be sitting in on a press conference, because her speaking voice is as ugly as her singing voice. Fix that s***.

  27. Black Madonna March 28, 2012


  28. Lax March 28, 2012

    With this movie shaping up big time for her, the casket makers had
    better kick it into gear with all of those old f***, on their knees holding
    their breath and praying for her to flop. And in their frail conditions and
    with their claws, paws and feelings being so hurt over her much success
    theres only so much these old ass wipes can take.
    #Team Navy
    #Team Winning
    #Team kick a ass wipe in their ass for slowing down in front of me,
    steady hollering out negative s*** out of that PINTO Window, about Her.

  29. Remey March 28, 2012

    This is why Rih is the queen. No one would throw a question like this at Beyonce. They think they can get away with certain things since Rihanna is more open and spirited. Don’t get reckless with Rih.

    There’s a time for everything. This is not Chelsea Lately where those type of questions are warranted. This is about work and the movie.

    Sheesh…. Check them fools, Rih. It’s the murda bizness.

  30. Lax March 28, 2012

    Her speaking voice is something that make her so Unique
    & different from what you or used to. Many love her Unique
    Caribbean Laced, well spoken voice.

    At least shes further down the road with her well spoken
    down to earth vocal then many who was born and bread
    in the united states and can barely string two sentences
    together without looking down at their notes.

  31. Lax March 28, 2012

    Watch these “Old G’s” come up out of the wood works to try
    to Claw & Paw their way to Contestant Row. The “OG’s”
    with them mud flaps on them old muddy cars and trucks
    or running and breaking the speed limits to try and get
    some punches in on the “Beautiful, Talented, Queen”!!!!!!!

  32. MISHKA March 28, 2012

    “And that my friends is how you handle a disrespectful journalist.”

    Really, TGJ? Please, G.O.W.T.B.S.

    First off, Rihanna needs to ditch the blonde, that’s not for her. There are only 5 VIP members of the Blond Bad B*tch Club and she’s not one of them: Mary J, Mariah, Beyonce, Ciara and Keri.

    Back to the topic, Rihanna is lucky she’s a singer. Because singers make their money directly from the audience on itunes or during concerts.

    Hollywood actors and actresses can’t afford to be disrespectful to the press especially when they’re promoting a movie. Media play a huge part in promotion because of the reviews. If you act like a b*tch, people won’t pay to watch your movies.

    I don’t know if she plans to be a real actress but that nasty attitude ain’t got no place in Hollywood. There’s always a way to elude a question without coming of as a b*tch. Movie directors, screenwriters, casting directors are watching you too. Justin Timberlake used to be cold with the media until he decided to be a full time actor and learn the rules.

    One thing for sure, nothing is going on with Ashton Kutcher. In Hollywood, they still remember Ben Affleck and J-Lo. Dating a pop star can kill a career.

  33. likane March 28, 2012

    No it has nothing, nothing improper rihanna loves attention and she does all day while talking to her that What is to be with chris or his Drack now when you did not like her private life that any post on twiter even the anniversary of the grandparents she will posterquand you is like its the journalist Perm

  34. NAYAH82 March 28, 2012

    Why do some people think… That just because someone has a caribbean accent, he or she can’t speak english or be well spoken? I’m caribbean and that really bothers me. Everyone who moved to another country has an accent unless you ‘re from there. Ha she shut her ass down quit!

  35. Kerry Johnson March 28, 2012

    Rihanna>>>>>>>Beyonce 🙂

  36. Those That Cannot Do, Stan March 28, 2012

    Few things:

    1. She looked so adorable at the beginning of that clip! Innocent even 🙂

    2. To be honest that was unnecessary. TGJ made it seem like they said something really rude. Rihanna KNOWS how this works after 7 years. If she don’t know by now then she’s simple. Every actress on the planet gets asked those questions. The chick who just did The Hunger Games was asked a lot of questions about her personal life and things that had nothing to do with the movie…she handled it with grace. Elegance. Rihanna was disappointed? Girl…it’s a movie based off a board game…theres very little for a reporter to work with.

    She didn’t have to answer but she could have handled that in a way she came out on top instead of typical.

  37. Betty March 28, 2012

    @KERI JOHNSON………..
    RIHANNA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WHOREANNA

  38. Girrrl March 28, 2012

    That reporter was trying to be slick with that mess and Rihanna got her together. I bet no one else will try that ashton question. That girl is hilarious. That question was uncalled-for. She is there about a movie.

  39. likane March 28, 2012

    and then to what the reporter did not talk to him because his music speaks What most of these prank and rihanna for what the buzz is when she does something that trahs for his music here is the truth about this girl first film and instead to talk about his role as an actress these What these prank speaks of his party and those who will do the promotion of the film not the film itself

  40. Kerry Johnson March 28, 2012


    Kiss me B****!!!!

  41. JER March 28, 2012

    that’s a bad b****

  42. Popeater March 28, 2012

    I might buy a Rhianna single just for the shade she pulled. that was brilliant!!!

    She shut that lady all the way down!!

  43. Sleazy March 28, 2012

    LoL after Chris brown Beat her she Started having this attitude I kinda like it But she still needs help

  44. Oh Baby(B****** Will Deal) March 28, 2012

    might not like the b**** but she looks STUNNING! see Rihanna,taking a shower and using shampoo ain’t never hurt nobody! 😉
    oan: lay off of that cake soap hunnay! u look whiter than your white co-star! SMH at the self-hate! no ma’am!

  45. 54321 March 28, 2012

    @MISHKA. You sound crazy. Just because she is a celebrity doesn’t mean she (or another other celebrity) has to take abuse from anyone. I’m not Rhianna fan, but she handled herself well in this situation. This was a press conference about the movie, had nothing to do with her personal life. Save that for Barbara Walters or Diane Sawyer.

  46. Dev March 28, 2012

    I am by no means a Rihanna fan but that was damn funny!
    She ain’t looking too good though, her nose looks wide, she looks rough and that wig is basic

  47. Kerry Johnson March 28, 2012


    Just buy the damn cd already…..

  48. Oh Baby(B****** Will Deal) March 28, 2012

    oh and the shade she threw….classy!(first time i’ve ever used classy in the same sentence as miss Fenty’s name)!! keep it up lady!

  49. X,Y,”and Z” March 28, 2012

    *Meh.. Rihanna, single..?!*

    Whole battalions.. legions, armies even, have ALREADY marched through Rihanna’s garden. That labia had already “folded space” and expanded the “space-time” continuum….


    “Battleship”, as the “Rihanna Navy” wouldn’t let us forget, had cost some $200-Million to produce. That’s “production costs” alone. But there’s OTHER costs involved: “getting-to-theater costs”. You see, those are also-known-as P/A costs, and are usually as much, or more, than the aforementioned “production costs.” So the “final” get-to-theater cost of “Battleship” will be, AT LEAST, $400-Million!! Let me repeat: “The final get-to-theater costs for ‘Battleship’ will be no-less-than $400-Million..!!

    ..So now, you may rightly wonder, if a film cost $400-Million to “get-to-theaters”, then how much must it return to THEN be considered..”profitable”..??

    ..Here’s the formula: “A movie with expected revenue 1.75 times higher than the known costs is projected to be a winner, while those with a ratio of at least 1.4 are on the bubble.” Here’s the link:

    Long-story short: ($400-Milllon x 1.4 = $560-Milliion) $560-Million is what “Battleship” has to return to be even considered “on the bubble/NOT a failure”. BUT ($400 x 1.75 = $700-Million) $700-Million is what “Battleship” has to make in order for it to be even considered a “success”.

    QUESTION: Rihanna is now a “well-established” SINGLES ARTIST. If her “fans” aren’t willing, nor able, to shell-out 8-$10 for her CD, then how will they THEN be expected to pay 12-$15 for a the cost of a movie ticket..??!!

    X,Y,”and Z”

  50. King Tasha March 28, 2012

    What if she was setting up a meeting to have somebody “Punkd”?….and yall ruined it for her *shrugs* lol…………..AND LOOK when yall call Rihanna “the queen”, IT DOESNT COME OFF AUTHENTIC 🙂 sorry

  51. King Tasha March 28, 2012

    Aaand shes starting to look like Madonna in the face

  52. grammy dammy sammy March 28, 2012


    why is the media not picking up rihanna getting whiter by the day? this time last year every freaking corporate media outlet accused Bey of skin lightening

  53. Kerry Johnson March 28, 2012


    Park it!!!!!
    Rihanna>>>>>Beyonce anyday 🙂


  54. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) March 28, 2012

    I don’t think the question was THAT bad and the woman that asked the question sounded quite polite, but it’s up to Rihanna to decide how she handles the press, so if she felt uncomfortable, dismissing the question was probably the right thing to do 😎

  55. Kerry Johnson March 28, 2012

    I dismissed Gaga & Beyonce straight outta my ass !!!!

  56. Betty March 28, 2012


  57. RATEDxxx(legends are born not bought.) March 28, 2012

    did some of you even watch the video before yall made a comment?

    or did yall just went by what that fake juice said?

    rihanna didnt didn’t dissmissed the question, she actually answered it, her response was…..

    ‘wow, how disappointing was that question” than she went on to say

    “Iam happy and Iam single, if thats what youre really asking”

  58. grammy dammy sammy March 28, 2012


    lmao i actually considered that, i guess al’at gossiping wont stop after 10 years

    @kerry johnson

    b**** why dint u reply me on fb? i want my pressie asap!

  59. RATEDxxx(legends are born not bought.) March 28, 2012

    last time i checked rihanna has always been light skin….

    as matter of fact she is darker than she was when she first came out……

    when are people going to realize unlike beyonce, rihnanna doesnt need to prove or do s***, to get attention from the press

    and unlike beyonce, rihanna is not trying to turn into a white woman, hence the bleaching….

    that s*** really pisses me off, its always the same bitter h*** who claims people are always on beyonces d***, are quick to come on here ant talk s*** about rihanna, and compare the two..

  60. RATEDxxx(legends are born not bought.) March 28, 2012

    rihanna doesnt have an attitude, she just doesnt give a f***, point blank

    and I’m guessing the ones who stay calling her a w**** been in her v*****?

    the bish is single, who gives a s*** whos she f******? is she f****** ur man, ur woman, ur dad?


    how about u worry about ur own p**** or the d*** u stuck in somebody’s asshole last night, or ur own booty hole…

  61. Man-TAK-eee March 28, 2012

    rihanna is an airhead and sounds like she’s on sedatives. complete moron. next.

  62. YOOSONDALOOSE March 28, 2012


  63. Ugh March 28, 2012

    Obviously they’re gonna ask but she came off quite rude.

  64. Lax March 28, 2012

    @RATEDXXX,,,,You nailed that ball, she sure did word for word.

    @BETTY @ 1:58 Yes we get you and the bottom line is shes a non factor and a flop b**** that your M***** ass wipe ass keep running all of the stop signs and trying to
    out run them wheels on your Pinto thats is decked out with the mud flaps and all to
    get to a Rihanna post to hate on her and give your 2 cents why dont YOU JUST KNOCK YOURSELF OUT AND SAVE YOURSELF FROM ALL OF THE SADDNESS
    That this cchick with the attitude problem whos screaming for attention with the whoring attitude. Tell you what Rihanna looks dam great up top in that picture and
    in that video sitting at a table with the other cast members. Rihanna look really great while being a flop b**** and whoring and screaming for attention while seated at a press conforance with her cast members from the movie. And i am certain that Rihanna is the only one who is wanting attention and the only one whos whoring around and screaming for ATTENTION IN THE VIDEO CLIP, YOU MISERABLE PIG…,Let me throw you a can of dog food and some flea power for between your mangy legs…..

  65. Lax March 28, 2012


  66. grammy dammy sammy March 28, 2012

    u can dive into the deepest part of the atlantic ocean head first for all i care, who cares if ur pressed-and-burnt ass is pissed off

    f**k u
    f**k rihanna
    f**k rihanna’s skin shade
    f**k her 5head to

    your lines are stale, get some fresh air redundant b****

  67. Lax March 28, 2012

    @MISHKA,,,,Sooooo she need to ditch the blonde and
    maryj, mariah, bey, keri, ciars belong to the bad b**** club?
    Well you win the prize because you say Rihanna dont belong
    you or right on, because Rihanna heads up the prestigeous
    club of “HBIC” Life time members Club of which she is the
    Queen of.

  68. Lax March 28, 2012

    THAT SMALL TOOL OF YOURS AND ,,,,STFU YOU PREACH THE “SOS” NEGATIVE B/S ON A DAILY AND ITS OLD AND OUTDATED*****Bring something new to the table or try to keep going after peoplr=e who know that you have a small tool and you will forever be mad because as the days go by its getting smaller and smaller and
    i can feel your pain, but Rihanna isnt the reason your d*** is that small in the first place.

  69. Lax March 28, 2012

    @GRAMMMY Yeeeeeah fukkkkkkkk RIH you say yet your
    crossed eyed, little d*** ass is all up in this post and all
    her other post giving more that a fukkkkkkkk, she owns your
    little di*k ass, mind and soul! Now what you gonna do about it,
    other than what you always do, and that is talk s*** like a plugged
    In S*** Machine…..Killing us all with the same old lame ass
    comments nothing new and exciting just the “SOS” day in and day
    You or a Redundant Little D***, Ass Wipe!!!!

  70. mobwife March 28, 2012

    LOL…POW B*TCH! Now that’s how you shut a trick a$$ no good media slore up!

    You Go Rihanna !:-)

    “Are you happy in your personal life?”….B*tch are YOU? I couldn’t be a celebrity in this day and age. I would be cursing these fools out everyday!

  71. PatsyJ March 28, 2012

    March 28, 2012 at 1:16 pm

    LoL after Chris brown Beat her she Started having this attitude I kinda like it But she still needs help

    It would be a low life like you to bring up the one fight they had. Get a life and stop living in the past. I’m glad Rihanna shut that woman down because all the media do is find a way to twist your words around

  72. grammy dammy sammy March 28, 2012


    aww sweetheart, see i’ve never been able to make much sense out of any of your lamentations on here and i gave up trying a long time ago. in any case i didnt mean to upset your already unstable state of mind. i promise u that was not my intention but if its any consolation your idol seems to be going off the deep end lately; if she’s to be institutionalized, you should recommend the centre you’re in 😉

    Enjoy happy hour love and dont forget to take em meds 🙂

  73. Lax March 28, 2012

    @GRAMMY,,,,I am not giving a fukkk if you make sense out of me or not
    dont worry about me and what i am saying you can take you and your little d***
    down them stairs to the basemant and wait with the others for me to give a fukkk
    about what you or saying about and to me, okay?

  74. Onyx March 28, 2012

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA love it, i swear i love that B****, that’s is how you answers a question, you see she’s a b****, she’s sincere, she doesn’t try to be a good girl like some others b******, she’s like Madonna, she knows her fans love that attitude, i don’t like fake b****** who try to appear perfect like if they don’t f*** or suck a d***, i mean C’mon, yes! i’m talking about the Angel, miss perfect, the Virgen Mary BEYONCE, f*** her fake persona.

  75. grammy dammy sammy March 28, 2012


    ok babes, i guess we are still on that denial phase, get well soon muah x

  76. Onyx March 28, 2012

    by the way the only think here is, Rihanna we have a problem here, Ashton is Mine b**** don’t even try, well i guess is too late for say that but we can shared him.

  77. COOKIE – DIVAS – TONI B. RIHANNA March 28, 2012

    In true Rihanna fashion, SHE SHUT IT DOWNNNN! LOL.

  78. classic March 28, 2012

    Rihanna shut her a** down like she is doing to that so last decade singer Beyonce

  79. Onyx March 28, 2012


  80. Lax March 28, 2012

    Rihanna went black on her ass with a Quickness……
    And i am as happy as i can be, many of the journalist think
    that black people, stars and black artist or their to pick when
    ever they want to know things ha, ha, ha Rih shut her ass
    down with a Quickness, for sure.

  81. ginger March 28, 2012

    God forbid if that woman ask Rihanna why she did the remix with Chris lol If she shut her down about this non account Ashton person could you see what Rihanna would have done if this woman would have asked her about Chris?

  82. tyra March 28, 2012

    she need to lay of the bleach and rated xxX u need to stop hanging of beyonce C***

  83. TinaMinaj March 28, 2012


    Someone get her a d*ck to suck on…..

    And to the people bringing Beyonce into this please don’t!!! Its downright insulting to Bey. Can’t be making comparisons at all. Bey can actually act!

  84. TinaMinaj March 28, 2012

    AND PLEASE RATEDXXXX Or watever your flop name is, you must be a new to the navy. Rih was waaaaaaaayy darker than this.
    Pathetic how people have double standards…

  85. TinaMinaj March 28, 2012

    off topic but @LAX FREAKS ME OUT!!! Never seen such deluded comments in my life repeated over and over for months….seriously need to get help.

  86. Aunt Jackie March 28, 2012

    That was really rude and inappropriate–if it had been someone other than Rihanna. People are skirting the REAL issue here. She’s made herself open to these kinds of questions because she sells her personal life and controversy to people. It’ s her own fault that people are more interested in her personal shenanigans than her music and “acting”.

  87. I’mjustsayin March 28, 2012

    @X,Y, “andz”

    LMAO…looks like this movie is going to flop harder than John Cater, MOTS and AGLM combined.

    Please come out of Narnia with that statement. With 5 albums Riri has not even accomplished a fraction of what beyonce has with 3.


    I fell out laughing reading your comments but don’t waste your time with @RatedX she’s in Narnia were your opinions are facts.

  88. 4orgive March 28, 2012

    Rihanna doing all her dirt in public and the media wants to know if she is f****** this white dude. She really need to keep her life privite. I mean what do she expect camers on her going to dude house and leaving at 4am, She stated that she is single so what does that mean? I’m single and I can have as many men as I want meaning I’m a s***.

  89. Teacher March 28, 2012

    Get it Rih!!! She was clearly frustrated by the question…that’s y she answered it that way………

  90. Girrrl March 28, 2012

    If Beyonce was out promoting that perfume and someone asked her if the baby was a surrogate and she responded similar to Rihanna none of her stans would think she was being rude. Rihanna is there to talk about a movie not to entertain shade.

  91. joseph March 28, 2012

    Rihanna was there to promote the movie Battleship and this b**** took it to another direction. This reminds me of when Chris Brown was on Good Morning America to promote his CD F.A.M.E and Robin Roberts wanted to talk about the incident.

  92. love March 28, 2012

    You Rihanna stans are so damn clueless..yall praise her for being the b**** in the indusrty and always having a potty mouth, and yall look up to her, but then ask the beyonce stans, why do they worship her????..rihanna is pretty and all..her songs are cool..but damn that’s about it..but hey if yall wanna put her on a pedstal so be it.

  93. RihannaNavy March 28, 2012

    The journalist is probably jealous of Rihanna because she has a relationship with Ashton Kutcher.

  94. bobby d March 28, 2012

    LOL rihanna is h***** infested b****

  95. whyohwhy2 March 28, 2012

    Rihanna looks old and used and if you put your self out there like that than expect something like that!.. She went from looking like a street walker to a call girl within hours of each other.

  96. Teacher March 28, 2012

    I wish some of y’all would learn the difference between ”then’ and ‘than’

  97. Onyx March 28, 2012


    March 28, 2012 at 7:41 pm

    The journalist is probably jealous of Rihanna because she has a relationship with Ashton Kutcher.

    I’m jealous too but i love the b****, what can i say, love me some RiRi.

  98. Bey Fan… March 28, 2012

    I liked her response….

    I dont ever think its ok for celebs to be rude, because celebs are wayyyy over paid…the least they can do is be nice.

    But I really appreciate Rihanna’s response…..kinda funny

  99. CH March 28, 2012

    That bleach blonde is too much, however the tint on the video in general looks faded. And that reporter tried to act like she was building up to a great question and then turned it into a question about Ashton that was “disappointing” as Ri put it, NEXT!
    That reminded me of the time Destiny’s Child was being interviewed in 04′ and a reporter started by giving them all props and then turned the question into a well michelle and kelly yall have had success but do yall think beyonce is favored more, Bees expression was like Rihannas, OVER IT.

  100. Talk that flop March 28, 2012

    Phuck this b****. Lookin like an old albino frog. Always on B case for trying to be white and this ho is a shade away from being white. Phuck her with her stink attitude. Stay ur a$$ in Barbados selling your yardy clothes. Can’t stand b****** with fake confidence. To all Rhitard’s fans: why ya girl never had this bad ass attitude b4? All those years b4? Why she was always quiet and boring b4 the CB beat down? Answer: the great media interest in her gave her confidence. True confidence and having something to say displays itself all the time, not when u know people are interested in u. That’s y she’ll always be a fake b**** to me. When the $ and fame gone girl mouth will be pin down again. Talk dat talk b******.

  101. Lax March 28, 2012

    @TALK THATFLOP,,,,,,
    Proceed to the basement with the others who or waiting for me to give a fukkkkkk
    Ohhhhhh And thanks for the love & passion you give to one of my “Fave’s” daily.
    @Haters,,,Join the other mad, pissy, and bitter Little D*** People in the basement,
    those who or mad, salty and pissy at Rihanna cause they was born with little bity d****!

  102. Lax March 28, 2012

    If beyonce stealing, lying and being Inspired Booty pad wearing ass had
    said something to a nosey Ass Journalist you Lammmmmmes would be falling
    out of her Ass by the Droves praising her booty pad, wide hips big thighs, cant
    string two sentences together Ass to hight Heavens. But since Rihanna is showing Yo M***** Asses that she has MIND, BRAIN AND THE SMARTS TO STAND TOE
    TO TOE With this Nosey as Journalist you got some dumd as comments to try and further your aganda as far as Down grading her but hey its not working, bytches, its not working. All of the other sites has picked up on it and even people who hate Rihanna or proud of what she said back. Thats why i stan for her Bad Ass, the “HBIC” And you haters will D-e-a-l And dont pay me no mind just hop, skip and jump right over me i am a nobody who talks out of my Ass most of the time just like each one of you who or on her Post trying to s*** talk her and me and her Navy, K-i-s-s- a Skunk ,,,, Not the left or his right cheek but dead in the
    Center of his crack.
    And most of the time many of you Ass Wipes dont make any kind of sense at all….

  103. Lax March 28, 2012

    Anybody, and i mean anybogy including moby d*** and all of his offsprings would be better sitting at that press call, but since its Rih and she set a PUT A NOSEY B**** IN HER PLACE, THE OLD F*** WHO LIVES UP BEYONCES ASS HAS COME OUT TO PLAY. bECAUSE THEY SEE THAT rIHANNA IS MAKING POWER MOVES ALL OVER lONDON tOWN AND IT MAKES THEM dizzy with anger and small talk….dirty low life old fagggggggs.

  104. Lax March 28, 2012

    @Sleazy,,,,,whyohwhy,,,,,talk that flop,,,,,,bobbyd,,,,,tyra,,,,,grammy,,,,,
    tina minaj,,,,,and others who dislike Rihanna for what ever reasons why do you go in search of a post on her Daily?????? Who in the fukkkk talk about people they hate
    all of the time????? What kind of Ass Hole Dwellers do that????? Do some one need to send the Police and rescue your asses from that gun that is pointed at your head making you comment on Rihanna post all of the time. I am where i am supposed to be and that is on a Rihanna post and again why or you here, Ass Wipes???? Dont all of you try to talk at once. Hey if you dont like Rihanna and what she is doing in her career then go back up beyonces Ass and the others where you live and stay there happy ever after and let Rihanna be rIHANNA AFTER ALL THAT IS ALL SHE KNOW, And if that is killing you haters slowly then relax and let your medicine take effect so you can be out of your misery once and for all….and i say good riddens to bad rubbish….

  105. Lax March 28, 2012

    @TINAMINAL AT 4:49 And there is a reason why you care bytch, you hate
    my fave you talk s*** on and about her yet you cant figure me out well figure this out you take your stan in the basement with the other Ass Wipes and Little D*** folks.
    take that.

  106. Baddie chulo March 29, 2012

    This b**** is BLEACHING

  107. Baddie chulo March 29, 2012

    This b**** is BLEACHING! ATTENTION W****!

  108. Oh baby(b****** WILL deal) March 29, 2012

    @baddie chulo thanks mami! That’s exactly what I was saying! She needs to look white to stay relevant. Stupid h**, such sad self hate!

  109. Lax March 29, 2012

    @OH BABY
    You bum b****** will type anything or say anything to try and belittle
    if shes bleaching so what??? Just kniw that on youtube Rihanna in the Barbadian Cadets line up she is the tall girl standing there in her fatiquesssssss looking all
    bleached out from head to toe, bytches, you or so pissy and it shows.
    Rihanna have just got it like that she know how to keep you Ass Wipes Begging for more now dont she?????? You mad, You mad, go to that basement and get back on them worn out old f***** knees and keep praying for her to give a fukkkkk about what you type on and about her….
    She has to look white to stay up in the know ,,,you bet your ass
    After all a pretty girl can definitely sell more ice cream than an old word out

  110. Lax March 29, 2012

    Empth train, empty brains!

  111. Lax March 29, 2012

    why dont you Ass Wipes start bleaching and see where it will take you in your
    hate on Rihanna career journey? And be sure and bleach your Claws & Paws because it seems that Rihanna bleached her fingers and toes and her thong, thong line to a “Tee” Since not long ago she was shown in a thong and the strings was buried in her ass and she seems to be bleached ro perfection, So have at it just get those Claws & Paws bleached the same so as to match the rest of that old worn out F***** BODY OF YOURS. aND DONT FORGET TO TAKE THOSE CT=RACKER JACK RINGS OFF AND BLEACH THOES PAWS REAL GOOD ,,,,Remember they have got to match the rest of that worn out shaky skin body, cover the little d*** real well so as to not get bleach on it, for goodness sakes.

  112. Lax March 29, 2012

    The joy of following her is that it seem the harder the ass wipes goes after her the harder she work to show them what shes working with. And the not loving or liking her as a entertainer is not whats interesting about what shes doing or where she is on the leader board. Whats exciting is seeing her journey on all the while being hated on so dam hard. Its like the ass wipes are waging a war that they will never, ever to win in this life time and its fun seeing them going from square to square to try and make her the worst of the worst yet in the end shes UNFAZED, AND UNBOTHERED. And she is making more news than beyonce is with her baby walking from place to place on a daily in the streets of new york, rihanna gets more attention and the ass wipes need to do something to try and block, stop Rihannas rapid growth up the charts and her popularity is out into Outer Space, right now/// What is your next move ass wipes the deal is in the basement show me what you or working with you all need to do something and quick so you can get off your knees from praying for her to flop so hard. You or as weak as hell when you start talking about her bleaching that is weak as hell and you or losing ground and credibility faster than fast. Come with stronger arguments, and leave that weak s*** behind, for debate.

  113. teezy March 29, 2012

    lmao at those dark b****** that are hating on the fact that rihanna is light skinned and she is f****** hot, sorry if the only time a white man look at you is when he need a maid and when he sees rihanna he sees a s*** woman…….

  114. Just A Thought March 29, 2012

    I don’t even like Rihanna all that much, but I’m gonna defend her against these DELUSIONAL Bey stans. @Ohbaby so Rihanna is self hating and she needs to dye her hair blond to stay relevant but it’s OK for Beyonce to do the same? wasn’t Beyonce the one who was accused of ‘skin lightening’ a few months back? And to the person who said Rihanna can’t act, neither can Bey so don’t even try it. I like Bey, but her stans are SOOOO hypocritical. Beyonce could literally kill someone or spit in someone’s face and they overlook it, but let it be someone else, they’ll drag. You stans are going to be Beyonce’s downfall one day….

  115. 9 March 29, 2012


  116. BLAH March 29, 2012


  117. runway March 29, 2012

    This is why Rihanna is so young with an Iconic status cause “It is what it is”

  118. gaaglooo! March 29, 2012

    LMFAO @
    Talk that flop
    March 28, 2012 at 8:47 pm
    “Phuck this b****. Lookin like an old albino frog.”

    _Hahahaha…….. “albino frog”

    But, “Ah yeah, yeah, yeah I’m so hard”

  119. Lax March 30, 2012

    @GAAAGLOOD,,,And your ugly ass wipe ass
    aint nothing to write home about!!!!

  120. Lax March 30, 2012

    You old ass F****** or trying to get them licks in on her and they
    or falling on deaf ears because Rihanna have got the ball and shes
    running fast with it and all you can and will do is curse and slander her name!!!!

  121. Lax March 30, 2012

    Light bright and dam near white and its killing your hating asses…

  122. Lax March 30, 2012

    “HBIC” And your black asses will deallllllllllll!!!!!

  123. Lax March 30, 2012

    Rihanna music is a cure for Insommia….

  124. Lax March 30, 2012

    She covers the ground she walk on.

  125. Lax March 30, 2012

    Heeeeey ass wipes,,,,calling her names and slandering her will not stop her success. Dont you know that by now? Why do you wear yourselves out with
    your silly season asses. The things you say about her that is negative you
    repeat the same old shyt day in and day out , why? I know it make you mad, angry and as bitter as hell to see her still standing tall and doing things up really big in her

    If you hate her so much why do you give her the time of the day? I guess if i was many of you i would be mad at her black ass too, being that shes out doing your asses two to one. Why dont you get off your lazy asses and work hard like me and Rih does to make ends meet, instead of bitching all of the time? When you look at the end of this post and read the last haters like BLAH,,,It make you wonder what is this idiot drinking to come to the end of a rihanna post to sprew hat on her , you ask yourself why and its staring you right in the face. The fact that she is doing something and every one and their pets or talking about it tends to make the ass wipes hot and very upset, and do i love seeing their broke, f***** asses pissy over what rihanna is doing. When you can get BLAH to come to the end of a Rih post to hate on her that is the measure that tells you that theres no need to worry because shes straight doing the dam thing and you have got the proof by the amount of hate shes getting, Check And Mate Ass Wipse…. Puff on that…..

  126. Lax March 30, 2012

    How much did you make this pass week off them drugs, BLAH???????????????
    You keep talking out of your f***** ass because you need more proof and more people because your case has holes just like your Life has….

  127. Teacher March 30, 2012

    Love U Queen Rih!

  128. Teacher March 30, 2012

    The Queeeeen!!!!!

  129. Teacher March 30, 2012

    Ooooh Shade!!! Gotta love the Queen! Love ya Rih! 😀

  130. Richnblack11(just like bey) March 30, 2012

    she looking dope out this days (side eyes)….throw that shade baby I live, but take your ass to rehab

  131. JORDAN IS THE BEST April 2, 2012

    I love Rihanna for this

  132. Lax April 2, 2012

    ‘HBIC” And you will deal

  133. Lax April 2, 2012

    Very unique, voice and talent!, she know how to dance to her own music.

  134. Lax April 2, 2012

    The Ass Wipes or having a hard time accepting the fact that she is rewriting the rules to the Game. It is killing them and they or running around like a chicken with his head off. The hate seeing her looking Beautiful and making those power moves .

  135. Lax April 2, 2012

    The more lies, slander and bashing the better, lets many know that
    shes still doing the dam thing and this movie will be what will send
    many of the Bee Hive Ass Wipes over the edge….With jealously and Envy
    and they or already on their knees holding their breath for the movie to be
    a failure. When Rihanna reach a Bump in the road or things don’t go quite as planned they party hardy till early in the morning because Beyonce’s Bee Hive
    Derangeed fans mock everything Rihanna does…Good or Bad……..

  136. Lax April 2, 2012

    Beyonce’s fans the bee hive always put bey higher than any other human being on the earth, amazing.They even calls her beyjusus and Rihanna’s name is so many just think of all of the nasety vile names in the webester and you have got it……….
    Every single thing Rih does get their Ass Wipe Asses Pissy, Bitter, and Salty and that is really something because Rihanna has waaaaaay more power in her name than she ever thought she had.

  137. Adrian April 4, 2012

    The most foul mouthed trashy pop “star” around is actually trying to pretend to have standards? The reporter was just wondering if your pea brained ass had anything going in on in your life besides a failed album and a reunion with your attacker. You didnt have to get so pissy! lol. She should have asked,” Will anyone be flying in to put a candle on your MFin back and blow it out? and will we will be seeing him?”

    & can we please WAKE up! Coffee is in extreme abundance in this world so there’s no excuse for the raspy voice and ragged demeanor.

  138. Inlovewithbey April 4, 2012


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