Must See: JoJo Performs Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’

Published: Wednesday 2nd May 2012 by David

After paying homage to Beyonce, honoring Amy Winehouse and upstaging Rihanna, JoJo takes on the mother of all Pop- by covering Madonna‘s ‘Like A Virgin’.

Peep the star perform the cut at LACMA for the Harvard-Westlake Charity event in L.A. below…

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  1. May 2, 2012

    I wish JoJo’s Label would give her album a release date already.

  2. Onyx May 2, 2012

    Among all Madonna’s songs “Like a Virgin” is my least favorite, i know is f*****’ iconic, the wedding dress and all this but i just don’t see the big deal, her best Dance-Pop song of the 80’s is “Into the Groove”.Anyway this girl did a god job.

  3. WILD DEBUTANTE May 2, 2012


    Yeah, I agree. Many uninspired Madonna fans go for the typical “Like A Virgin” which is not a shocker because its very addictive and catchy, Kinda like Rihanna’s Umbrella.

    but yeah, she did great.

  4. ROMANHOLIDAY May 2, 2012

    She might as well become a cover artist at this point pull a Joss Stone debut and release a cover album cause that is all she does now this Kelly Clarkson route she tried to take flopped she had captured the urban audience with her remix to Marvins Room she should have capatalized with an urban hit kinda like Motivation or something as her 1st single and kept the ball rolling

  5. Jay May 2, 2012

    FINALLY a lil somethin! But she really needa step her f***** cookies up! And this is coming from a f***** STAN!!!

  6. tanzmusic13 May 2, 2012

    Love JoJo. Wish her all the success. I hope things are still in motion for her project because she really is the truth.

  7. Sinablaze May 2, 2012

    This girl is too damn talented for this crap! I blame the management they don’t know how to manage someone with actual talent. ITs a damn shame!

  8. christinastherealtalent May 2, 2012

    It’s her label and management. It’s not Jojo. But what Jojo needs to do is step up her game with her music. Leave and Too Little Too Late were cute for what they were back nearly 10 years ago but she needs to realize that the industry has changed a great deal since she’s been gone and if she wants to have any kind of success and relevancy these days, she needs to step it up.

    If the inital music she recorded for the album hadn’t leaked, it would’ve already been released. But I do commend Jojo on one thing, she’s not going to stick 7 leaked songs onto an album with only 3 new recorings and release it and expect it do just fine unlike some artists do. Instead Jojo went back to the drawing board.

  9. skintightjeans May 2, 2012

    Why everytime I come on here I see this chick singing other people’s song and I don’t see anyone really checking for her except for this bogus ass site?? I mean, I ain’t knocking the hustle but doing all these covers makes me die inside. Girl, start snatching wigs and taking names because clearly you can sing.

  10. wortheveryhundred May 2, 2012

    everyone kill themselves… she’s FLAWLESS.

  11. May 3, 2012

    @skintightjeans There is a lot of people checking for her.many other Blog sites support her, because they believe in her and know she is talented. She already stated that she Cover songs because she respects those artists.

  12. The Baphomet May 3, 2012

    Is this piece of s*** even relevant now? What a never-been

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