Nicki Minaj Announces US Tour Dates

Published: Tuesday 1st May 2012 by David

US Barbz rejoice!

Today, Nicki Minaj‘s US dates for her ‘Roman Reloaded’ Tour were confirmed, weeks before she launches the event in Europe.

Dates below…

“Pink Friday” North American Tour Dates

July 16 – Chicago, IL – The Chicago Theatre
July 17 – Detroit, MI – Fox Theatre Detroit
July 19 – Cleveland, OH – State Theatre at Playhouse Square
July 22 – Atlanta, GA – Fox Theatre Atlanta
July 24 – Miami, FL – James L. Knight Center
July 26 – Birmingham, AL – Boutwell Auditorium
July 28 – Houston, TX – Bayou Music Center
July 29 – Dallas, TX – Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie
July 31 – St. Louis, MO – Peabody Opera House
August 2 – Denver, CO – Wells Fargo Theatre
August 4 – Las Vegas, NV – Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino
August 7 – Phoenix, AZ – Comerica Theatre
August 11 – Seattle, WA – Paramount Theatre
August 12 – Vancouver, BC – Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Your thoughts?

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  1. Nicki Flop Only Thing That FLOP Is PINK FRIDAY RR May 1, 2012


  2. ImMadAsHell May 1, 2012

    I wonder if this tour going to help her to go gold.

  3. Burmy May 1, 2012

    No stops in NEW ORLEANS? I guess Cash Money truly has forgotten where they come from…



  5. kimberly May 1, 2012

    Stop!!!! don’t forget SOME artist NO NAMES started their career in theaters and clubs selling tickets for 20.00. good memories in my city.
    but on the other hand having so many followers on twitter and wants to be in the HOV LANE then that’s fair enough.

  6. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) May 1, 2012

    so how this gonna be understandable if your own BARBZ didn’t buy your own album ?! how you gonna be so sure they will buy your concert tickets if they didn’t pick the album in the first place ?!!

    STUPID H**. 😡

  7. TheFame May 1, 2012

    Soooo umm Wtfreak how she not coming to nyc? Ain’t she from nyc?

  8. KAT DELUNA FAN May 1, 2012

    go nicki

  9. itsme May 1, 2012


  10. I Judge Flops May 1, 2012

    Nicki is a FLOP ASS H**.
    Fake ass.
    Fake boobs.
    Fake teeth.
    Then the b**** run around and say she “real” ???
    F*** OUTTA HERE!
    This flop ass tour is a joke. Where are the arenas?
    Her ego is so huge but she has accomplished nothing.
    Sold out her black roots just to sell some singles. FLOP ASS H**.

    Now where is Barbra Walters?

  11. Burmy May 1, 2012


    Better question is, where’s REMY MA when you need her…soon as she gets out of prison, she’s ending the careers of both that sellout Nicki and that other sellout who she’s a clone of (yeah I said it, Kim’s a SELLOUT too)


  12. Damine May 1, 2012


  13. Nats May 1, 2012

    Meanwhile Lil Kim is coming to a club near you….

  14. OpD2 May 1, 2012

    look at all these f-cking roaches,who said nicki isn’t going to nyc,she is going to do all the radio shows up here so all the ny fans are good,you haters can go s-ck a big one..anyways keep doing you nicki minaj.

  15. Lifeeh May 1, 2012

    @Nats FAR from a Kim “stan” but Kim been doing this since she was 17.. she’s 35 now. How long will Nicki do this? She’s only on her Sophomore at 30yrs old and people are already tired of her? Welp! This girl is barley even HipHop.

  16. Justathought (Azealia Banks is here) May 1, 2012

    I thought she said she was doing 2 tours? Maybe she will have bigger venues then

    …as far as NY I kno she’s doing some shows out here but honestly NY is not really checking for her like that.

    @Burmy after that last Remy ma comment I know you are Iceman form rap it up lol

  17. Black Madonna May 1, 2012


  18. ohreally May 1, 2012

    Oh Nicki baby I am so sorry, you need to hook-up with someone because this is on FLOP ass tour! You lost your root base trying to quickly switch to pop without mastering rap and now you are F*****, because you don’t have enough of a pop catalogue to pull in the pop coward and your roots fans have left you. At this point you should have just went from city to city performing in the clubs, it would have been cheaper (promo) and you probably would have made more money than performing at these damn theatres. Just put together a we are trying tour together featuring: Nicki, Trey Songz, Kelly Rowland, Tyga, Big Sean, LMAFO and let Kim from RHOA open up

  19. ohreally May 1, 2012

    She may want to probably try either opening for Lady Gaga’s new tour or working with Drake/Wayne on a tour or hell snatch damn Rihanna’s ass up and do a “double header” tour, it will be a groupon special but at least it will be in an arena where she is still able to make some type of money.

  20. BubblePopElectric May 1, 2012

    Congrats Nicki On Clinching Your 1st Solo Tour! Very Proud!
    I Think It’s Hilarious To See The Bitter Comments From
    Various Stans Trolling Every Nicki Post. Nicki Was Cool
    And You All Loved Her When She Was Up & Coming And
    Featured On Everyone’s Respective Faves Records. You All Were
    Reciting Her Collab Verses & Mimicking HerFunny Faces However
    Now That Her Accomplishments Have Eclipsed Many Of
    Your Favorites In Record Timing Through An Unconventional Approach
    Of Making Popular Music… You’re Mad! LOL! What Type Of Uncle
    Tom S*** Are You Guys On?! Black Women Can’t Win In 2012. Smfh!
    *walks out of post*

  21. Davide Laffe (NYC Nightlife Photographer) May 1, 2012

    L.A or New York?

  22. BeyHiveBuzz May 1, 2012

    Flop tour? Her European tour sold out within minutes. She is much bigger in the US than Europe so I’m pretty sure she’ll sellout without a problem. Her meet & greets aren’t cheap ($250-$300) just to meet her no tickets included, sold out as usual. I’m just mad that she didn’t add LA to her dates, I’m sure she will. If not I’ll have to see her in Vegas at Planet Hollywood.

  23. kevin May 1, 2012

    And also, Rob Kardashian and Rita Ora have split. Jay-Z and Roc Nation were not feeling Rita being linked with Rob or any Kardashian empire for that matter, and it weighed heavily on the relationship. Roc Nation is trying to position Rita Ora with High School Musical hearthrob Zac Efron, I’m told, to give her a more mainstream appeal. From Sandra Rose

    You see this is what Jay was doing to Rihanna. He never wanted Rihanna & Chris together. So that dirty m*********** plotted that beat up s*** in 2009.

  24. Miao May 1, 2012

    Theatres tour? What, for audience of 2,000? And she’s on top now? Or what? Her 10 min of “fame” are coming to an end!

  25. RDK May 1, 2012

    gratz nicki on your first headlining tour,you don’t have a tour date for ny but even better you are going to be out her on all them radio shows so it,s all good…..and f-ck you haters way all off your roaches swarming in here talking slick jealous motherf-ckers,and you are so right BUBBLEPOPELECTRIC i co-sign you 100%,nicki is doing 2 tours she said that mouth ago but this f-ckers are running on here acting like they don’t know,she said this way back that she miss interacting with the fans in the mid venues and she wanted to do it again,she haven’t forgot were she came from…so you f-ck who is talking about the level she is on she shouldn’t be doing these venues, i say u all are full of sh!t stinking haters,i am glad she is doing this,and gratz to her again for her first headlining tour.

  26. QueenSize May 1, 2012

    Well I guess her popularity is wearing off a bit. Last year she was in arenas with young money and Britney Spears. But hey. A tour is a tour. It’s her own tour. I still don’t like her. I won’t support her. And I will continue to enjoy watching her decline and lie at the same time. You ain’t in no Hov Lane you Stupid H**.

  27. swagg May 1, 2012

    dead at your comment thanks for making me laugh

  28. HALF AMAZIN May 1, 2012

    I don’t know anyone who wants to go see Nicki Minaj live. No shade at all just saying. I think some of these dates will end up cancelled when she mysteriously falls “ill” or the voices in her head tell her not to perform

  29. RDK May 1, 2012

    she is doing 2 tours you retards,the arena tour is the one she is doing in the fall,and you b**** QUEENSIZE your are going to be watching for a very long time.

  30. ohreally May 1, 2012

    You see this is what Jay was doing to Rihanna. He never wanted Rihanna & Chris together. So that dirty m*********** plotted that beat up s*** in 2009.

    I highly doubt JayZ had anything to do with Chris letting his fist get intimate with Rihanna’s face. Is Jayz also responsible for Rihanna moving from man to man? SMH, she is a grown woman Jayz didn’t want Chris around Rihanna after that incident because he wanted to protect her.

    Anyway this tour is a flop, she probably did sell out overseas but if the venues are high school auditoriums and gymnasiums it is not that hard to do. She does not have enough material to headline her own tour. Her rap base is gone and she only has a couple of POP songs. Take heed to your own words with trying to headline this U.S tour alone, hang it up #flatscreen.

  31. QueenSize May 1, 2012

    Hello @RDK I don’t think so. With all that yacking and bragging her sales are pretty damn low for a sophmore album. Her precious Barbz haven’t even bought the b*******. She has cancelled several tv interviews. The interviews she done that have yanked her chain. (are your teeth real? ) She hasn’t gotten any better as a performer. BET hasn’t even played 2 of her videos. They were sucking her ass last year. Since you beg to differ tell me where I have been mistakened or lied. I’ma ruin you Baaahhhaaawhaaaa!!

  32. TeamBreezy May 1, 2012

    I see a lot of Auditoriums and Theaters …

    Guess we all gotta start somewhere .. go gurl

  33. I Judge Flops May 1, 2012


    2 Tours?

    @KDR i’m sorry boo but the b i t c h is a FLOP. No second tour because she is a flop.

  34. RDK May 1, 2012

    I JUDGE FLOPS why don’t you go in to a field and put your self down like the b1tch you are,what an annoying little t-rd…and you QUEENSIZE my suspicions was right about you ofter all..>,”:

  35. justin May 1, 2012



    I highly doubt JayZ had anything to do with Chris letting his fist get intimate with Rihanna’s face. Is Jayz also responsible for Rihanna moving from man to man? SMH, she is a grown woman Jayz didn’t want Chris around Rihanna after that incident because he wanted to protect her

    Jay protecting Rihanna? Ok yea right. I believe he don’t want the real truth to come out about that fake picture all over the net. Rihanna knows it was all a lie and now she don’t f***** care. I believe they had a fight but that picture was fake.

  36. waitaminute May 1, 2012

    You mean to tell me she not comingto NYC? Don’t care anyway I wasn’t going to see her anywy. I see she still have 11mil twitter fans but they never unfollowed her and they are not buying her album either. Nicki got mad because her album was a flop. The only songs I like from the album is Starship & Right By My Side and I download both of them.

  37. army of queen aaliyah May 1, 2012

    LMFAO ! This B**** Could NEVER ! Your DELUS-Barbz Didn’t Buy The Album So They’ll Buy A Ticket ?! KIIII KIIII ! Your Stiff Ass Performances, Lip Syncing But Your A RAPPER ?!……… Rihanna Live >>>>> Nicki <——That Speaks Volumes ! 😉

  38. Teacher May 1, 2012

    You gotta start somwhr…Congrats Nicki!

  39. Jessica May 1, 2012

    HAHAHAHAHAHA, the Flop only having 14 dates??!!! S***, even Janet outsold her ass!!! LMAO!!! Yup, she is officially finished next to Crackanna!!! LMAO!!! FLOP!!!

  40. Ace May 1, 2012

    She has two tours this year. So, flop is not in her description. The summer tour is for arenas and theatres. Then, this fall she will have her Arena tour.

  41. @peculiar_facts May 1, 2012

    Wow no cali. Oh well, wouldn’t have purchased a ticket anyway. But that’s big to miss at least someplace in cali.

  42. The Zolonski Trap May 2, 2012

    LMFAO…how “bad ass” do you REALLY feel when you get on here everyday and post the same damn thing..LMMFAO…you haterz don’t even need the acknowledgment from me….go head nicki, do the damn thing girl! LOL! you’ll be doing stadiums and arenas while others are doing club tours..AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. b****, step yo mofo cookies up!
    “all around da world, do you hear me…”

  43. NICKI MINAJ IS F****** AMAZING May 4, 2012

    She is a flop? Yeah, the person with a number 1 album worldwide, 2 tours in a year, performed at the Super Bowl and the Grammys, is nominated for 7 Billboard Awards, has a deal with Pepsi, MAC, OPI, AND Adidas is really a flop.

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