Chris Brown: “I Want To Make Michael Jackson Proud”

Published: Monday 18th Jun 2012 by David

Chris Brown has revealed one of his personal goals is to make the late Michael Jackson proud.

Sitting down with Fuse some weeks back, the ‘Fame & Fortune‘ maestro spoke openly on his relationship with Pop icon,  and the impact he has made on his life and career path.

Interview below…

On Jackson:

My legacy is not to beMichael Jackson, but to just be me. … I want to make him proud. I don’t want to make it an effort to copy because I hate clones, so I don’t want to be a clone.

He also took the time to discuss his views on ‘the extraterrestrial’, admitting:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Oggie ‘Singer’ June 18, 2012

    you know when i see interviews like this i feel like we get the Chris Brown that Chris truy is and who he want to be, it’s hard to get rapped up in his public image, mainly because people hold on to mistakes his made in the past and in all fairness, when in anger mode we here his rants and think “here he goes again”. I hope for him that he gets the space to be away from the negative energy tht is trying to eat up the career and the person he desires to be, his an extremely hard working and talented man, and when i here him talk like this, i feel like this is an artist who the world needs to here and support cos he has something real and honorable to share with the world, we want more interviews like this Chris, keep working on yourself, and your art and just keep out of harms way man, study the greats as you have been, know that Gods blessings come mostly to those who spreed love to others and look at a an artist with , talent, class and is still going after decades, like Janet Jackson, that’s a star wh has done it all, lead a classy and iconic career and is still going, and even when the chips were down, got straight back up, no history of drug use or going Bankrupt, always left herself and her business on point and in check!

    • MOBWIFE June 19, 2012

      Very good overall point! I too believe that Chris Brown is an artist who will be around for years to come because he has a respect for the past and still continues to grow and not just cut and paste a career like many othes have done! Janet Jackson is a great example of an ICON to admire. There are quite a few others who have made mistakes and gotten right bakc up to continue on! I pray that in this “FAST FOOD SHOCK N’ AWE BS MEDIA – DRIVEN SOCIETY” he can fine the distance and peace needed to continue to perfect his craft!

  2. the real xoxo June 18, 2012

    wow, capitalising from MJ’s death yet again. has anyone noticed how he only bigs up MJ after he f**** someone over or does something stupid?

    • Journey Israel June 18, 2012

      And still he rises, you are a nobody on line and off.

      • TARBABY RANGER June 18, 2012

        No one is pressed over this bisexual drug addict… and im not talking about Michael. Breezy is a wrap. All his singles have been flops except the with Rihanna. he can have seat.

      • MOBWIFE June 19, 2012

        THANK YOU!! Chris Brown’s haters are the craziest I’ve ever seen!

    • MOBWIFE June 19, 2012

      Wow that is simply not true at all! THIS INTERVIEW WAS CONDUCTED PRIOR to the night he, NBA Star Tony Parker and countless other innocent victims were brutalized in a NY night club!


  3. Speaks truth June 18, 2012

    Looooool…like u and micheal were besties!! Aha stfu n stop using the dead to give light on your new project!? Whys a dead legends name always brought up when u need promo?

    • Journey Israel June 18, 2012

      and who are you what you do in life fool

      • bryanric June 19, 2012

        Journey israel….u sound like Mr T…. Fool?! Stop trolling!! WTF do you do in life?! Get back to reality…..
        Job description: Online Troll
        Salary: $0
        U do the math…this life aint workin 4 u!

  4. MichaelAngelo June 18, 2012

    And let the haters begin hating……..

    • MOBWIFE June 19, 2012


      I’m somewhat shocked at the bullsh** I’ve been reading on this site! WOW, they must have been giving out FREE SAMPLES of “HATER-AID” – the drink of losers – in mass quantity at the local supermarket! 🙂

  5. luvyaboday June 18, 2012

    chris, if you wanna make michael proud, stop acting like a damn punk! hitting rihanna already sky-rocketed your punk level as it is. if you would actually make an effort, show more remorse, and stop crying like a b**** on twitter every time someone criticizes you, you might redeem yourself.

    • juney7 June 23, 2012

      I agree; Michael never beat on women; he respected women and tried to foster careers of up and coming female artists; MJ was a great humanitarian who cared about our world and tried to convey it through his music and philanthropy. What have you done lately, Breezy. Time goes fast and if you don’t take action to rehab your image, it may be too late. And BTW, there is only one King of Pop, Rock and Soul, so give it up.

  6. zania June 18, 2012

    Very good interviews, I want to see more positive interviews like this one, from CB.

  7. juanito2628 June 18, 2012


  8. Virtuoso Intellect June 18, 2012

    Motherbleeping son of a gun … Or rather son of a fist.

    MJ was an inspirational pacifist not an illiterate, foul-mouthed, arrogant, dense e-thugging hoodlum

  9. Suicide Blonde June 18, 2012

    Well i’m not a fan of Breezy but i can understand what he was trying to say, my problem is… of course you want to be YOURSELF but in your personal LIFE, in your professional life YOU want to be like Michael Jackson just like the rest of the clones, you know Usher, Jason Derulo, Justin Timberlake, why is so hard to say i want to have a career like MJ, i want to be like HIM on stage but it’s so easy to say “I love MJ i respect him because of his Music and Legacy”, just be real YOU and the others are just Michael Jackson WANNABES.

  10. Smh June 18, 2012

    If You Wanna Make MJ Proud, Lets Start By Staying Out, Dont Get Involved With Unnecessary Drama, Keep Your Comment And Opinions To Yourself. Firing Back At Someone Via Twitter Or Whatever Will Only Make You Look Like The Bad Guy. Bad Press Is Good Press, You Putting Money In The Tabloids Junkies Pockets By Making The Situation Your Involved In Bigger Than What It Is, Mike Didn’t Want “Haters” But He Got Them Because Of The Lies The Media Told…If You Wanna Be A Legend Its Not All About Music, Its About Being A Good Leader, Being The Voice Of Generation(s), About Having Respect For Yourself And Others. Mike Inspired (3) Generations. After His Passing A Whole New Generation Is Inspired By His Music. You’re Young You Made A Mistake In The Pass, You Should Learn From It. You Have Time To Straighten Up, You Career Is In Your Hands Not Anyone Else

    • Lax June 19, 2012

      @SMH…..This right here says it all, you nailed
      it home in your comment, i enjoyed the read…

      • Smh June 19, 2012

        Thank You !

    • MOBWIFE June 19, 2012

      YAWN….the kid’s 20 damn 3 years old let him live, learn, and grow like the rest of us…geez!!

      • Smh June 19, 2012

        Umm You Do See The Part Where I Say “You’re Young You Made A Mistake In The Pass, You Should Learn From It. You Have Time To Straighten Up” You Do See That Right…

  11. JFREEEE June 18, 2012

    Well you sure arnt doing a great job at it!

  12. Sherlock June 18, 2012

    With Karrueche by his side, he will be fine.

    • holmes June 18, 2012

      Karate is not good news either . She is just the side piece and a show for the world while he goes around the block with all the other chicks.

      • Sherlock June 19, 2012

        Whatever makes you feel better. The important thing is that they are happy together.

  13. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 18, 2012

    for his sake only i won’t comment.

    he’s a talented dancer , MJ was so much more than that , so he got a long way to go , but he can dream , i love ambitious people , but he gotta remember your capabilities should go in parallelism with your goals i guess ….. , so ….

    but he is cool still 😀 , all i want from him is to give me this just one more time , the level of “this” :

    can he ❓ ❗

  14. TARBABY RANGER June 18, 2012

    Christina Brown is a bum. NEXT!

  15. Viciousss June 18, 2012

    If you want to make MJ proud then SING when you perform. You’re so wrapped up in moving your legs a dozen different ways you’ve forgotten about what made Michael amazing. The fact he found that perfect union between singing and dancing, never letting one get more attention than the other.

    Chris, you’ve become content to let your lyrical and musical style suffer because you’re an amazing dancer.

    Add to that your growing rage and inability to control yourself and I’d say you most likely ate hurting your idol with your decline. Do you see how many people hated on MJ and scorned and criticized him through out his career?

    Never once did he snap at them. Never once did he become violent. Never once did he let himself act like a simple minded thug.

    He never gave up. He never gave in. He never let his work decline. He never stopped doing good.

    So where does that leave you Chris?

    • Lady Fraud Fraud June 18, 2012

      How old are you 12? If you are over 20 than you are pathetic you should know these singers and actors hide a lot of things they do. How do you know how Michael Jackson acted? Everything you see is what they want you to see, hint hint when he died we found out he was addicted to prescription drugs aka drugs.

      • elke hassell June 18, 2012

        And how old are you Lady Fraud, less than 12! Cause you don’t know nothing about MJ – NOTHING or you would not make this stupid statement. Its a proven FACT that Michael did not retaliate, complain nor got vexed at least not in PUBLIC. And if you have just one example of it, then please let us see it. Michael Jackson was of humble nature, always spread LOVE, smiled for everyone, appreciated everyone, always held his head high despite 30 years of Media bullying, so don’t come with your talk. And guess what, he was NOT addicted to drugs, that is another big FAIL in the tabloid department, which MJ used wisely as you will find out soon. As his autopsy report is readily available for all to read, you will observe “Mr. Jackson was a relative healthy Man for 50 years old. No problems with any Organs, clean as a whistle, no drugs found in his system (prescription drugs) apart from the overdose of Propofol given to him by Dr. Murray, and that my friend I leave for you to digest in your brains. People got to stop believing everything that has been preached to them by the tabloids. MJ and I say “IS” a enormously smart Genius! Now I leave this for you to figure out. Peace OUT!

      • MOBWIFE June 19, 2012

        @elke hassell

        Twitter was not a live and fully followed mechanism when Michael Jackson was alive!

        Michael Jackson was 50-YEARS-OLD when he died! MJ had been a beloved iconic figure for years prior to the media turning on him. You simply canno compare the actions of 40 and 50 year olds to that of a teenager – 23 year old! MJ was at a mature state in his life. Chris Brown will get their eventually but it takes time and ppl gettin gthe f**k off his back for every littl emove, mistake, comment he makes!!

    • MOBWIFE June 19, 2012


      Look up: 1995 MTV Video Music Awards Performance Part 1 & 2 & view Michael Jackson’s amazing 15 minute performance!!

      Now, I love me some MJ and always have even when the media insisted on constantly diminshing him and trying to turn his fanbase and the world against him… *cough* HI YOU DOING CHRIS BROWN! But during this live performance MJ did it all:

      a) He sand live lead vocals over a back track!
      b) He danced while LIP- SYNCING
      c) He sang llive

      He literally did all three during this wonderful 15 minute performance and I LOVED EVERY DAMN MINUTE OF IT! even the best have to improvise when they do a heavy dance routine! IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN! Hell see MADONNA’s current and past onstage performances (2012 Super Bowl Half-Time Show). We can also pull up Janet Jackson and Usher!

  16. X,Y,”and Z” June 18, 2012

    @Chris Brown/Staff —

    So wanna make MJ proud.. WONDERFUL!!! That’s easy, You, ‘Big Pat’ and Karrueche sue Drake! Take ALL ‘Wheelchair Jimmy’s’ money, Breezy. Now that’d make MJ OVERJOYED: remove the talentless frauds from the game!

    (Don’t know how many times I said it. It’s worth repeating..)

    “Drake” is a fraud! Drake only came about because of your troubles (Feb 8th, 2009 Chrianna). He, by design/in-practice, was supposed to take YOUR place. But God, and ‘Team-Breezy’ decrees different!

    ‘Wheelchair Jimmy’ is an actor who is now playing the role of a lifetime: “Rapper”. Drake is a Jewish Child of Comfort, Safety, and Privilege: Forest Hills, Toronto. He knows absolutely NOTHING of sacrifice, hardship, hard work, nor struggle!! His very presence is an insult to rap/hip hop/music. He is a talentless gimmick – he neither sings, dances, nor does he produce. He doesn’t even write his own material! He’s a disgusting falsehood. A gimmick!
    He’s a “RAP BURGLAR”!! (<–Chuck D)

    Breezy, you know we love ya, but if YOU wanna make "MJ proud", then testify at Drake's coming trial, and you, Pat, and Kar, sue him for EVERYTHING he has! Trust me, the 'Rap Game', and "the industry" will thank you for it!

    X,Y,"and Z"

    • holmes June 18, 2012

      What happened to the iphone case ???. and then oh yes the bar brawl . if this man wants to get to MJ’s level he needs to first go away for a while and do some therapy.

      Why is it that controversy just follows him. Oh and while we are on the topic of Karruche i wonder what her frame of mind is knowing that Rihanna will always be brought up whenever Chris Breezy’s name is mentioned. That is not good for her surely she will be having some sort of complexes and wether she marries Chris or becomes his Baby momma, Rihanna’s name will never leave anything to do with Chris wether its songs he has made or any sort of controversy surrounding him.

      If my guy was saying on BET that his favourite line in a song is the one from a song he made with his ex . Publicity or not I would be fuming . I wonder are all asians that subservent ???. XYZ – you seem to be soo close to Chris please advise us with your immense knowledge

      • X,Y,”and Z” June 19, 2012

        @holmes June 18th, 10:43 pm —

        Dear Forlorn, Forgotten, and Fungible –

        1.) “What happened to the iphone case???”

        What indeed?! We’re all STILL waiting, with bated breath, for that S.Beach/Miami DA to issue that fabled arrest warrant! Or, could it be that there was nothing there to begin with? Maybe law enforcement doesn’t want to be bothered?

        2.) “Why is it that controversy just follows him?”

        Well, that’s because the daft among us are so easily led astray — fertile ground for weeds, retroviruses, and the “TMZs of the world” to do their evil work!

        3.) “Oh yes, the bar brawl..”

        I’ll forward your query to Drake and Meek Mill. You’ll have to then ‘stand in line’, it seems the NYPD, Manhattan DA’s Office, and a multitude of private investigators are also looking for answers, and their ‘pound of flesh’.

        4.) “topic of Karreuche: i wonder what her frame of mind is knowing that Rihanna will always be brought up whenever Chris Breezy’s name is mentioned..”

        What a thought provoking question! I think she’s handled it remarkably well. Unlike Drake, who did write songs about Rihanna “hitting-it then quitting-it”, and he must’ve been enraged and suffered all sorts of “COMPLEXES” when Rihanna had sought out CHRIS BROWN to be on the “Cake” single, and NOT him. His “frame of mind” couldn’t have been stable, nor could he have been thrilled to hear Rihanna recently say “Chris Brown is the hottest thing in R&B.” When you see Karreuche initiate “BAR BRAWLS”, and in doing so, endanger the lives and persons of dozens of patrons by recklessly hurling exploding glass bottles and projectiles, do be kind enough to post comment.

        5.) “If my guy was saying on BET that his favourite line in a song is the one from a song he made with his ex. Publicity or not I would be fuming.”

        Maybe.. Maybe she knows that Rihanna caused sooooo much damage, hurt and pain, that she burned all her bridges. That said, Rihanna herself knows with WHOM SHE wants to “make a home” with, and with said ‘bridges burned’, she can now never really..”go home”.

        6.) I wonder are all asians that subservent ???

        I dunno “all the asians”, so I couldn’t possibly answer.

        7.) “You seem to be soo close to Chris..”

        WROOONG!!! If I was “so close to Chris/possessed immense knowledge” why can’t I get to borrow the Lambo for a day?? Hmmm…?? I’ve been a good soldier for Team-Breezy for now, over 3-years, you’d think I’d, by now, figured-out a way. I mean, what can 24-little-hrs do, you know? Chris won’t miss it!

        REAL TALK: I’d put it out there for him to let me hold that spider seat Lambo! I’d fly out to L.A., on my own dime, and you know…chill for a day IN THE LAMBO.

        ..I’M NOT JOKING!! I even promised Chris: let me hold that Lambo for just 24-hrs, and I PROMISE ‘FORTUNE’ WILL GO PLATINUM IN IT’S FIRST WEEK! I even put my public email address out there. Oh, and it’s real! Did I get a response? NOPE!! (talk about embarrassment!)

        ..See, I’m not as smart, nor as in possession of such “immense knowledge”..

        *Sigh.. XYZ in that Lambo pulling up to the club..* Cameras flashing/Bright lights/Music pumpin’.. Chicks breaking their necks to catch a glimpse.. Dudes cracking their knuckles with jealousy.. “Who’s that mysterious stranger,” they all want to know? XYZ: star of the show…

        X,Y,”and Z” — OUT..!!

      • Lax June 19, 2012

        @XYZ And as it goes Drake might be a fraud or whatever he do not have Felon on him at the police department. And it is easy to say things and be a know it all like you or but if we or to believe everything that others print about chris then we could believe that he has been sending RIHANNA Flowers and that he bought Rih a 70,000 braclet, Right. If we could believe everything we read then we would be lead to believe that the GMA incident was caused by the LONG RANGER
        AND BATMAN If we was to believe all of the shyt we read/hear we would believe that Rih slapped him around first and that she has H***** and if that be the case it would stand to reason that any one can have h***** considering all of the men rih has been accused of sleeping with. I f we was weak minded we would believe that Rihanna did not make the forbes list since you and many feel that shes not TALENTED AND DO NOT DESERVE JACK SHYT, RIGHT? The point is no one has been charged with the bull shyt as of yet and it’s a known that you would want Drakes ass charged just like drake fans and the world want Chris’s ass to be charges but the last time i checked no one has been charged. And anyways when people hear of the bull shyt that could have caused some one to lose thier lives that was a terrible thing and i FAULT both of the super stars drake and chris for acting like TWO Pu**ys…

        And another thing people or not eaisly convinced that it was either one of these artist but they or talking about chris connections with known GANG BANGER and from where i am sitting and taking thigs in Chris envolvement with know gang memv=bers is a No, no as far as his Probation goes. See none of us can say that chnris was with Gang banger but just say that some how it ended up that chris was with known Gang bangers??? What would
        happen to chris if they say and prove chris the Mj wannna be is connected with gang bangers? And speaking of jealously we could say that people or jealous of rih and drake also i mean after all since drake and her song “Whats My Name” Has over 250Million Youtube Views what do that tell you XYZ
        If we was to believe everything that you say then we could also believe this right hear then…In other words since many people says this and that about RIHANNA and often time others write things on her i just wonder if this is to be believed, ZYX…

        See tha rumor mill says all kinds of things about all of the artist and especially those whos making noises right but we learn how to divide the b/s from the “Real Mccoy” Boo

      • Lax June 19, 2012

        @XYZ If we or to believe all of the things people say,
        YOU the Grape and all of the Haters around the world then tell me why want all of us who loves the Noise , we could eaisly believe this……Then wouldn’t we?
        See many of us know how to look through muddy water and
        see dry Land, Son….

    • MOBWIFE June 19, 2012


      THE END!! 🙂


      Chris will not testify or sue Drake because it is not necessary and would be overkill! People, mainly the media wants to make that mess about Chris – Drake – Rihanna! That’s the story that leads but in acutality, the story is about the BRUTALIZATION OF INNOCENT PARTY GOERS at a swank – now defunked- NY Nightclub! You cannot open as many skulls as were indeed SLIP OPEN or contusions, lacerations and concussions given and not expect to be held responsible for that!

      NO, I don’t see thia as a part of the media’s obsession with the Chris – Drake – Rihanna saga but as a REAL CASE of uncessary violence that injured many, many men and MOSTLY women! It cost a nice Hip Hop club in wealthy area of NYC a chance to exist! Management is going after Meek Mill, Drake and anyone else – but Chris Brown, Tony Parker – they can find!

      • X,Y,”and Z” June 19, 2012

        @Mobwife re: June 19th, 9:39 am —

        *Pictures ‘Wheelchair Jimmy’ sued into desperation, depression and left utterly destitute* <– Wet-dream of a lifetime.

        Mobwife, don't take my dream, don't wake me…I beg of you..

        Hey, Mobwife, 'Meek Mill' is now making the 'blog rounds', trying to deflect and "throw" blame elsewhere: turning victims into perpetrators! I guess HE thinks we're all just "fools and farmhands", out here in cyberspace/blogosphere, right? I guess, even though she's since deleted it, that club's promoter had, along with dozens of others, ALREADY fingered him, AND Drake:

        Jessica Rosenblum on twitter (she's since deleted, but it's easily Googled): "Really?? FU Meek Mill – u know how many f****** years we worked to have fly hip hop s*** in downtown NYC? GTFO if u don't know how 2 hang"

        As the saying goes "everything old is new again", 'eh, Mobwife? I mean, looks like Meek Mill is our (circa 1999) "MC Shyne". Just too bad they didn't give history lessons in reformatory school/Juvenile lock-down, Meek Mill would've known better. And if I'm not too mistaken, isn't Meek Mill NOW on probation?! I mean, like…he deserves to get dumped into the hole, and left to rot! ..Can't use stupid people. Mobwife, in my book: "Stupid People" are FAAAAR worse than greedy people: they're unpredictable!
        But, if my suspicions are right (they usually are), it was, after all, Meek Mill who amped-up Drake — that'd then make Drake the biggest clown/fool of all, no? I mean Meek Mill has absolutely nothing – ZERO, and he's now managed to drag 'dummy Drake' down into 'the nothingness' with him. <–After the dozens of lawsuits, legal fees, and criminal charges, and incarceration!

        Mobwife, I think I should tell you something, without saying too much, I know a thing or two 'bout the Manhattan DA's Office – two words: SERIOUS PEOPLE! That office took a 'black eye' after that entire "Dominique Strauss-Khan Hotel-Fake-R***" incident; made them look like rank amateurs! They're now out for blood, and here comes "Canadian-Bacon, Forest Hill Jew Actor: Bottle-throwing Wheelchair Jimmy", and two-time loser Meek Mill: lambs to the slaughter/fresh meat for the lions.

        To tell the truth, I DON'T know how our boy won't get pulled into this mess. I mean, that DA's Office is a vicious/cut-throat lot, they'll stop at nothing, stoop to whatever depths for a conviction. What I'm saying is, don't be surprised if they hadn't already called L.A., and already spoke to Chris' PO, and demanded of him "Fully Cooperation" as a WITNESS/VICTIM! Yes, that DA's Office DOES "get down" like that!

        But, at the end of the day, this IS a "blessing", and the work of God, yes? Look, 'Wheelchair Jimmy' will be removed from the rap/hip hop game, and a REAL/of-the-people rapper will then take HIS place – and rightfully so!! And all will again be "right" with the Universe..

        X,Y,"and Z" — OUT..!!

  17. Tika June 18, 2012

    Rabid Beaver you’ve already failed. Instead of worrying about MJ you should try to make yourself proud.

  18. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. June 18, 2012

    H** FISTopher is nothing but a DISGRACE to music.FISTopher willNEVER EVER come close to FLUSHER much less Michael BLEACHson .FISTopher will ALWAYS remain a FLOP for messing with that NASTY B**** BALDhanna.

    FLOPtune will sell even LESS than F.L.O.P and all of FISTophers delusional stans will DEAL. 😉

    THE GREAT LACEFRONCE has spoken.

    • elke hassell June 18, 2012

      Wow I wish you would have not ‘spoken” if that trash that you put down here can be called spoken. Yet again another uneducated tramp that probably has the Lacefronce too tied around the brains. I suppose you thought your “failed” corny write up makes you “witty”, but guess what the only one that F.L.O.P. is you. Start checking facts before spreading fiction!

  19. Girrrl June 18, 2012

    Chris Brown must be a part time comedian. MJ was more than a dancer and singer. He wrote amazing songs and cared about other people. All CB does is talk about drinking liquor and having s** with a light skinned girls. He’ll never make a song that has the impact of Heal the World, Man in the Mirror, Earth Song etc. He’s too self centered for that.

    and to X Y Z,
    Quit bitching about Chris getting that small cut on his face. You come up with every excuse in the book as to why CB should not have to pay for his crime of assault to Rihanna.

    • Anh June 25, 2012

      Hey! I do not care a lot about CB’s crime anymore. Because you know what? Rihanna does not! In fact, she’s trying damn hard to get CB back from CB’s current gf. Well! If Rihhanna doesn’t care, why do we have to???
      Besides, MJ is dead. There is CB – who is a good dancer (singer – maybe). The thing is: Do you want to watch a good performance or not??? If you do, pls support the one who is alive!
      Tks so much!

  20. ENOUGH ONIKA June 18, 2012

    What was the album before FAME again???

  21. HAPPY AS HELL June 18, 2012

    let chris brown live!!

  22. yeyay June 18, 2012

    I respect Chris for aiming high..MJ is the highest U can get…Just stay away from knucklehead behavior and become ur full potential…he can get there if he keeps his eyes on the prize…

  23. ewlikerlyomg June 18, 2012


  24. REALTALK June 18, 2012





  25. Nick June 18, 2012

    you wanna make him proud well change the way you act on twitter and so on.

  26. BEYONCE’S WEAVE June 18, 2012

    Oh dear God I cant, I just cant. Child, Michael is already disgusted by you because you savagely battered a defenseless woman and got away from serving time for it. You’re a disgrace to the music industry in general.

    • juney7 June 23, 2012

      Seems MJ’s daughter tweets all the time how wonderful Chris Brown is; guess one can’t expect much from a 14 year old girl gushing about an “idol”; she should remember the real idol, her Dad Michael Jackson, would MJ be happy about his daughter’s “adoration” of Breezy? Think not.

  27. MadBrax June 18, 2012

    like a woman beating homophobic illiterate d***** bag can ever come close to making MJ proud.

  28. Tbozfan10 June 19, 2012

    Ive never been a fan of Chris brown, but some of these comments are seething with hate that they almost make me want to become a fan.

  29. Blackman June 19, 2012

    MJ shits on this bum.

  30. Kim June 19, 2012

    How can he just freaking assume that he can make a dead person proud??? How does that works??? Then later on he will self proclaim that he actually did make Michael proud and everyone will say yes you did!! Good job! Like are you for real?? Narcissistic much huh?

    • MOBWIFE June 19, 2012

      Are you serious?

      I know people whose parents/loved ones are dead and I hear them say all the time that they want to make their DEAD MOTHER OR FATHER OR BROTHER OR SISTER proud!

      WTF is wrong with you ppl?

  31. MOBWIFE June 19, 2012

    For the idiots thinking that Chris Brown using MJ’s legacy due to the NY incident:

    “Wow that is simply not true at all! THIS INTERVIEW WAS CONDUCTED PRIOR to the night Chris Brown, NBA Star Tony Parker, and countless other innocent male & female victims were brutalized in a NY night club!”

    It’s really sad that ppl with LIMITED KNOWLEDGE are allowed to spew UTTER BULLSH** with IMPUNITY online & thoughout the media in general!! SMFH

  32. MOBWIFE June 19, 2012

    LOL ppl are a trip! No one knows what type of record Drake will have after he is charged and convicted for brutalizing all those innocent victims at that NY Night club! Whatever charge Chris Brown caught as a kid , he caught trying to keep “ol’ loose draws & constantly open legs” from being departed back to her tiny little island, so get it together!

    As for anyone talking crap about buying a Grammy, LMAO that’s simply not possible! If folks could read or had any discernment at all, they would know how implausible a feat that is to accomplish! The Grammy Committee is comprised of a 60 – 80 person board! They Grammy Awards also allows EVERYONE WHO HAS EVER WON A GRAMMY an opportunity to VOTE in every category (see Jill Scott’s tweet for a detailed breakdown)! The Grammy Awards are in their what 45 year? That’s a whole lot of money that would have to be spent and with ppl who don’t like Chris (i.e. Beyonce’s pet camel) to make a Grammy purchase a reality!

    For those who are talking slick about Chris have several seats –> _/_/_/_/ OR better yet –> \_________________/

  33. Pearce June 19, 2012

    I don’t think he’d make anyone proud let alone the deceased pop star Michael Jackson.

  34. Morgan June 19, 2012

    Damn some of yall need to stfu. This guy made a mistake anf hes paid for it buy you guys keep on throwing it in his face. You guys keep acting like he whooped Rih all the timr while they eete together. If that was the case then I could understand the hate. Hell you guys act like hes Ike Tuner now he whooped Tina everyday 24/7. So agaon get the f*** over it!!!!!!!!!!

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