Report: Eyewitness Account From ‘Drake Vs Chris Brown’ Altercation

Published: Thursday 14th Jun 2012 by David

This morning, Chris Brown shocked Twitter when he uploaded this image– followed by a series of telling captions.

Captions, which gave fans no choice but to believe the bloody scar on his chin had been caused by chart topping Rapper Drake.

The pair, although once publicly cordial, have been reported to have been feuding for months over Pop sensation Rihanna, the subject of Brown’s fiery remix to Kanye West’s ‘Theraflu’.

Now, an alleged eye witness at the New York club Drake and Chris are believed to have fought at has come forward.

His account below…


While everyone’s initial reaction was to laugh this off when this emerged, it’s clear- as the below snap of Brown’s bodyguard proves- that this altercation was anything but a joke.


For Chris’ sake, we hope he says nothing more on the matter unless its through lawyers.

This, because whichever way this is spun, the wider press (who some claim already ‘have it out’ for him) will push this story as his ‘comeuppance’, karma for what happened back in ’09.

As well as this, with his new LP ‘Fortune‘ due out July 3rd, it will be interesting to see how this spat will affect his sales.

For, following the successful  launch of ‘Turn Up The Music‘, it’d be a shame if negative press sees his sales suffer a result.

Many thanks to DefPen Radio.

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  1. bigboi June 14, 2012

    DAMN RIR GIRL YOUR CUCCI MUST BE THE BOMB!!all these dudes hit it!! and now they go girl LOL

  2. Suicide Blonde June 14, 2012

    Well! this shows that chris can’t hit a man like he hits a woman, defend yourself breezy, take it like a man.

    • jill June 14, 2012

      Why would he hit anyone right now? He’s on probation, if he hit Drake or anyone else for that matter he will be sent to prison or jail (violation of probation). Drake (or someone in his camp) threw the bottle chris way. The only thing chris did was send over a bottle to drake’s table. After the bottle was thrown drake ran into the bathroom like a b****.

      I’m not a fan of Chris, drake might not hit women BUT he talks trash about them in his songs and on twitter. Didn’t drake call rihanna a h** a few weeks ago?

      • Suicide Blonde June 14, 2012

        I’m not on Drake’s side i’m just saying, act like a man.

      • Really? June 14, 2012

        wow how do you get all the info? Not a big fan of either, but if that ttrue Drake is horribley pathetic – plus I totally cosign your statement about the hypocracy of trashing women in song but acting like your the perfect gentleman when it comes to women because you never hit one.

    • Resolution June 14, 2012

      Chris is on probation. If he would’ve hit Drake, he would be in a jail cell right now. I also believe that’s one of the reasons why Drake tried Chris. Like I said, Drake is bitchmade.

      • Suicide Blonde June 14, 2012

        I’m sorry i didn’t know he was on probation.

  3. YouDoRealize… June 14, 2012

    Rih might be the epitome of what an artist shouldn’t be. She can’t sing,dance, act, model, be a good role model, write songs and be a lady. She’s the leader of talent-less artists.

    • WILD DEBUTANTE June 14, 2012

      And that’s YOUR opinion because yet she still has the Success and Power every lesser “supposed” more talented, artist wishes they had.

      Rihanna is very talented, and if you don’t think so….who cares, who are you anyway? Your pressed as opinion has nothing to do with the post at hand.

      • Lax June 14, 2012


    • Richnblack11(Beyonce keep em mad) June 14, 2012

      Child Rihanna is TRASH to me now, just pure TRASH

  4. Viciousss June 14, 2012

    So Drake’s side started it…and Chris ran to Twitter….

    I’m thinking bout how many Seasons of The Bad Girl’s Club where a crbt would start in a club and those b****** would be ready to throw down.

    How the f*** you gonna run to Twitter to get loud when your ass could have Beat him down? If it turns out Chris is weaker than Drake I don’t know what to say.

    Still don’t believe this is about Rihanna. Her p**** is like the $50 ho on the corner. Always AVAILABALE. You don’t admit you hit it and you sure don’t catch feelings but then again…Chris ass is looking ‘sensitive’ all of a sudden.

    • Lax June 14, 2012

      But there is a different between Rih and a 50 dollar ho
      and that is that Rih is a 53 million dollar ho who was worth
      72 million before she added the 53 million, Ho….

      • Lax June 14, 2012

        About the incident and a gallery with some nice pictures of chris

        Nice picture of chris in a Gallery of pictures, and this is the way chris need to ride and leave all of this Thugggggggin bll
        shyt along, if he feel that he and drake or not cool then don’t send drake shyt just go with the dam flow and try and keep yo name out of these kinds of headlines, because its a bad look for both of these Artists.

    • YouDoRealize… June 14, 2012

      I said ” She can’t sing,dance, act, model, be a good role model, write songs and be a lady. She’s the leader of talent-less artists.” I never said sing good SONGS. She cant sing outside of the studio. She needs a lot of work on her voice for her studio verisons to sound good. The songs she sings are good. I actually like some. So make catchy songs/ controversial videos = #1 Singles. Albums are different as we’ve seen. Loud was a album you can tell took time to create. It was a great POP album TTT not so much…. And u better reply

      • THE LEGENDARY LAX June 14, 2012

        yazzzzzz RIP him apart….you shut his ass up…..I totally AGREE with you……. TTT was TRASH and Loud was a good pop album…….

      • WILD DEBUTANTE June 14, 2012

        Yet she CAN do everything you mentioned.

        How fukin pressed can you be? smh.

  5. JJFan1814 June 14, 2012

    Drake apparently went up to Chris Brown and threw the first punch! Now I’m basically a Drizzy stan (thats my man) and I have love for Breezy too but ultimately I’m a RIHANNA STAN!!!


    • JB June 14, 2012

      Ultimately, you’re a fool. No one with common sense stans for the likes of Rihanna. Are you in handicap?

      • TeamBreezy June 14, 2012

        Who the hell r u to tell someone who to STAN for! Get over urself

  6. Jade June 14, 2012

    Seriously. I can’t believe Drake’s side started this, What ever happened to the nice Drake. I hate the fact that he is turning into this, he’s talented he doesn’t need all this fighting or whatever to seem like the tough guy. Sigh.
    And if this beef was because of Rihanna, I have definitely lost respect for the both of them.

  7. Kingphoenix June 14, 2012

    So Rihanna is the new Helen of Troy? ummm okay….

  8. KayeV June 14, 2012

    ghetto and pretty lame but that guard looks hurt , no joke !

  9. TARBABY RANGER June 14, 2012

    Raz B casted a wicked Spell on Chris Brown… COCONUTS!!!

  10. JJFan1814 June 14, 2012


    • Resolution June 14, 2012

      Drake threw a champagne bottle. If that isn’t bitchmade, I don’t know what is.

    • gia June 14, 2012

      A soft man throw things. People is making fun of him calling him drake Lozada. A man don’t throw things like a b**** then run to a bathroom stall.

      Drake ain’t about that life.

      all of this for what? Egos? Celebrities don’t need twitter.

  11. Lax June 14, 2012

    @YOUDOREALIZE Less say u r right then explain this….

    See much of the things many got the green apple crude of running off at the mouth
    about Rihanna’s talent isn’t from jack shyt and have holy holes all the way, deery
    rihanna wasn’t in this i wonder why many or trying to make her be, if she have got
    that Come Back Choochie then this tells us why men would go to bat over her, deery, Rihanna’s name stays in may mouths and i was thinking that she and chris was both moving on to new things in their career beside this thug gang banging b/s that can get others hurt really bad it make no kind of sense at all, some place they say chris was with some Bloods, thats as scary as hell to me.

  12. Hush June 14, 2012

    I can’t believe they would fight over that big foreheaded mutant.

    • Benron June 14, 2012

      Rihanna is beautiful, black people have “big 4heads” “big noses that they can actually breathe out of, and lips that are bigger than the tips of their fingernails. If you find unattractive bony white girls are the way to go!

      • TeamBreezy June 14, 2012

        well said Benron! …as a white woman I find her stunning

  13. Viciousss June 14, 2012

    Damn at dude’s head.

    Smh, could never be security for these clowns. Get yourself f***** up over their lame s***.

    Smh, at Chris. So once again he’s caught up in a violent incident, I guess because he’s not actually been in jail he doesn’t know. TI had Diddy ready to start at a club and shut that s*** down because he wasn’t ready to risk his life or jail time for weak s*** anymore.

    Chris…smh, I really think he’ll be in jail before 30 jokes aside.Too much s*** is building up on his side.

  14. Breezy June 14, 2012

    Drake is a dead man to Chris brown s crew I hope they kill him drake deserve death pussyhole!!!! Chris beat him up then puss n**** Drake got bottles involve n**** ain’t stronger than breezy idiots fighting for number one how in the industry Rihanna s a h** breezy u got a galfriend man chill

    • Richnblack11(Beyonce keep em mad) June 14, 2012

      you sound so damn dumb, so drake needs to be dead lmao

      • TeamBreezy June 14, 2012

        Breezy u sound like ur missing a chromosome!

        People like u make the real team breezy look bad

    • Lax June 15, 2012

      @BREEZY Stop it no one deserves to be dead man
      not even Chris, stop the nonsense, Man for real stop it
      you or making something that was silly and stupid from the start be more than what it was…..shyt let this b/s go please.

  15. Benron June 14, 2012

    Oh please, Didn’t Rihanna “start it” by demanding to see what was on the phone. Sure.. DRAKE probably argued with him and the FOUGHT! I swear, for someone who does so many wrong things, Breezy supporters ALWAYS BLAME SOME1 Else.

    AND LMFAO, WASNT CMPUNK Threatning to kick chris’ ass and he got scared, clearly Drake did it for him. #CanFightAwomanButNotAman

    • QueenOfTheNavy June 14, 2012

      Preach! What the eyewitness DIDN’T see is the s*** chris was probably talking before his chin got scratched.

  16. Aaliyah is Queen B**** June 14, 2012

    Random: I had a dream that I called Rih an industry prostitute. I don’t think she is I just thought that was interesting and then this post pops up. For chris brown’s sake I hope this is some big misunderstanding. Then again this may be the wake up call he needs to finally wake up and realize he needs to distance himself from certain people.

  17. Lil June 14, 2012

    I was there Chris beat him up then Deake was scared go his team involve the Chris body guard was on the floor I swear it was horrible Chris was strong enough until drake people jump on him

    • Ms June 14, 2012

      I was there
      No you weren’t.

      • YouDoRealize… June 14, 2012

        LOL Yessss

  18. RoyalKev June 14, 2012

    Sad. I like both of these guys! It sucks that 2 men that are so talented have to be the ones caught in a brawl. I can’t help but feel like Drake is trying to be something he’s not. This act that he puts on to come across hard isn’t doing him any favors. Noone feels intimidated, Chris clearly doesn’t. I hope this doesn’t escalate into a bigger mess. Chris is that guy that just can’t avoid drama to save his life (and no, it’s not always his fault). It’s a very fast lane he’s traveling in. Rihanna as well. I’m not basing this on their party image or their rebellious streaks that seem to always have them in the middle of something. I say this because they both look like s*** lately. Something is wrong and I do hope they both take some time out to get a handle on things before people around them drive them into an early grave.

    … That aside, damn Rih, what are you doing to these men? I don’t think she’s the best looker in the game, but she obviously learned some things before she left the island.

  19. gia June 14, 2012

    is her box that good?

    • Richnblack11(Beyonce keep em mad) June 14, 2012

      Hun that thing is as wide as the atlantic ocean lol

      • Secret Voice June 14, 2012


  20. B4REAL02 June 14, 2012

    In this case no one should be taking sides this s*** got serious over child’s play…..REALLY?!

  21. joker June 14, 2012

    doesn’t look cool. best wishes to the bodyguard. hope he’s doing better soon.

    sure when stupid egos meet each other, most of all others suffer. i really don’t wanna know what really caused this’ to go that way. nah. but throwing bottles is…

    *shakes head*

  22. Benron June 14, 2012

    I can’t even with thes comments. “Sees post about drake and chris brown” Calls Rihanna a talentless h**.

    If it was true, you wouldn’t have to go to such great lenghts to prove it.

  23. ENOUGH ONIKA June 14, 2012

    Drake’s a fan of Basketball Wives…..#ThatIsAll

  24. mess June 14, 2012

    This situation and many other weird Hollywood situations just go to show that all the fame and fortune in the world cannot cure a person of their mental problems, lack of intelligence and common sense and pure epic ignorance.

    Chris Brown remains a gigantic foking imbecile of epically immense idiotic proportions. Chris is absolutely foking nuts. Drake also.

    These people are foking crazy.

    They need to go get raised and educated somewhere, properly.

    • QueenOfTheNavy June 14, 2012

      You better preach.

  25. MH June 14, 2012

    These n***** need to GROW THE F*** UP! Somebody could’ve gotten killed f****** around with them. They have way too much time on their hands, they need to take the energy they put into this situation and put it into their basic ass music. I’m not even mad at Chris this time because I expect this s*** from him but I am really surprised at Drake, they act like f****** children. I wish that bodyguard all the best, and I hope he sues alllllllllllllllll of them.

  26. aishaaguilerakeys June 14, 2012

    Straight up foolery!

  27. sashay June 14, 2012

    First Beiber giving a camera man a beat down…now Drake thugging it out in a club..I can’t with this s***…Canadians just aren’t what they use to be

  28. X,Y,”and Z” June 14, 2012

    Of course Drake is salty! Wasn’t it Rihanna who begged Chris to be on her “Cake”? YUP! Wasn’t it reported that Rihanna is now showing-up everywhere Chris goes? YUP! And wasn’t it just a last month that it was Rihanna who said: “Chris Brown is the hottest thing in R&B?” YUP! She did say that!

    Long-story short: Drake is jealous of Chris. “Wheelchair Jimmy” has NO talent. He doesn’t write nor produce. “Wheelchair Jimmy” is an actor who is now playing the role of a lifetime: “Rapper”.

    Drake hates Chris, because Chris is/has everything he doesn’t: TALENT, the hottest career in R&B, and Rihanna’s eternal affections!

    Drake. The white rapper. Officer Rick Ross: The Three Horsemen Of Hip/Hop/Rap’s Apocalypse!

    • Benron June 14, 2012

      Rih begged Chris? Nos he offered, than HE offered TUTM to her. Rih wasn’t stalking him, he was obviously aware she was “accidently” appearing where he is. She is craz ybut that doesen’t make Chris not a lunatic. I jsut looked up his s*** and all of take care was cowrote by him except one song, lying for chris I see!

      • X,Y,”and Z” June 14, 2012


        Had Rihanna not said: “Chris Brown is the hottest thing in R&B”..??

        She did NOT say: “Drake is the hottest”. NO! ..She said “Chris Brown is the hottest thing in R&B.”

        Make no mistake – Rihanna BEGGED Chris – she’s desperate! Who’s album is currently badly under- performing? Nicki Minaj came for – and took Rihanna’s place; Nicki Minaj is the new “IT GIRL”. Rihanna’s one-time mentor, Jay-z, is now showering all of his love upon the career of Rita Ora. Rihanna’s ‘Battleship’ is now a CERTIFIED $400/$450-Million disaster-at-sea; who’s picture did the huffington post use to announced that fact? Yup, you guessed it: Rihanna!

        Chris doesn’t need Rihanna. Rihanna needs Chris. She begged him, he took pity upon her, and did her “Cake”.

        ..Drake?! *Meh..* “Wheelchair Jimmy” is an actor now playing the role of a lifetime: “Rapper”. The “Canadian-Bacon Jew Actor” doesn’t even write nor produce his own material! He’s a talentless gimmick! ..As much of a farce as Office Rick Ross. ..As much of a tumor as “The White Rapper”!!

        X,Y,”and Z”

    • Lax June 15, 2012

      @XYZ,,,,WE see you aiming for our girl and no matter what you say and how you say it she still made more paper then all whos involved and if you look at youtube she and drakes single “Whats your name” has over 230 million plus Views, now what do that tell you. See what the Lord have for Rih is for her and the DEVIL IN HELL can not take it away from her and that applies to all of us. See Rih knows that if at first she don’t succeed you try and try again. Therefore this chick whos seen Naked as a Jay Bird is PERCHED BEAUTIFULLY, HIGH UP IN THE AIR ON A BILLBOARD RIGHT IN THE CENTER OF TIME

  29. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) June 14, 2012

    Damn! Drake is such a coward! I’ve only seen like 2 interviews that he’s done and heard a couple of songs, but it’s obvious the dude has some serious issues. And I wasn’t there, so I can’t take sides, but supposing that Chris’ tweets were accurate, then the joke’s on Drake. Not only did he apparently start a fight over a 2-month old song that was offensive to a woman who doesn’t even give 2 f**** about him, but he acted like a pure loser too, hiding in the bathroom and being protected by his bodyguards. SMH…

  30. Darianna Jones June 14, 2012

    Since when is it cool to fight over Crayona and her forehead? I’m lost….

  31. skintightjeans June 14, 2012

    I need to get some of that Rih pucci but I’m afraid she might give me H***** or something…….but I do like my heauxs fine like her……

    • Richnblack11(Beyonce keep em mad) June 14, 2012


    • Lax June 15, 2012

      How can you prove she have h*****? we could say that all of them with a P88 Hole has h***** if some one or any of us wanted to say they had it. And its funny how that h***** chooch have got grown as men Rappers and the like showing thgeir asses now isn’t it, and is has been dais that chris and team breezy put that out on Rihanna to try and turn other men aganist her and since we all know that she have worked that “Come Back Pu***y on Chris” hes hooked line and sinker look at how he goes after every man who shows interest in Rih. Check back they put that h***** out on her over three plus years ago and she have claimed and showed the world that she and Kempt was a item and you have never heard, read, or seen him complaining and hes all man theres no SISSY TRAITS THERE AT ALL. AND RIHANNA has owned and claimed that negative bullshyt and she wears it well because she know how people gossip, spread lies on top of lies on all of them, Just remember that no one will ever be able to HANG A DAM THING AROUND HER NECK THAT SHE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LIVE WITH BECAUSE SHE KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IS TRUE AND WHATS NOT THEREFORE ITS NEITHWR HERE OR THERE SAYING SHE HAVE H***** KEEP THE GREAT WORK UP AND KNOW THAT SHE KEEPS THAT CHOOCH CHECKED AND STAMPED “USDA” INSPECTED SO IT WILL FOREVER STAY TIGHT, AND READY FOR ACTION WHEN SHES READY, CARRY ON, LOVE BECAUSE I LOVE READING YOU,,,,,AND PASS ON THE CHOOCH ALL YOU WANT TO, BECAUSE RIH TOO IS PASSING ON MANY WHO SHES ACCUSED OF BONING AND WE ALL KNOW THIS, SHES ACCUSED OF SLEEPING WITH ROGER RABBIT AND ALL OF HIS OFFSPRINGS AND IT’S ALL GOOD BECAUSE SHES STILL DOING IT UP BIG THROUGH ALL OF THE BULL SHYT THAT IS THROWN HER WAY. She know that being called a h** and this and that is all part of getting paid millions and millions of dollars by broke bum bytches who think that shes the “Only Ho In Game” since shes so paid well we could say that all of the females who made bank or h*** now couldn’t we???????????????
      This is the look of a High Classed H**, Haters

  32. Richnblack11(Beyonce keep em mad) June 14, 2012

    this is just TRASH

  33. Gaaglooo! June 14, 2012

    Samantha B**** Why Are You Holding My Comments??

  34. THE LEGENDARY LAX June 14, 2012

    Drake a F**

    • Katerine June 15, 2012

      H** HUSH!!! dRAKE >>>> yOUR fugly ass

  35. Jeffrie June 14, 2012

    Wow SMH Two Grown n***** with money fighting over used up p****. I hope this anit true. and This s*** happened over something else cuz its not a good look for either one of them. And Rihanna really needs to stop hanging out with industry dudes she will only keep cheapening herself

  36. MISHKA June 14, 2012


    Jamal, Salim and Latika are irritating the H*LL outta me right now with their shenanigans. They need to leave us alone.


  37. TeamBreezy June 14, 2012

    Ri’s probably somewhere laughing n giggling telling herself “yup, im still that b****!”

  38. Gaaglooo! June 14, 2012

    Drakequeen Need To Go Back To “Degrassi”, Anyway, Never Thought He’s A Singer/Rapper!

    CB, Well Someone Need To Smash A Bottle Of Sens And Grow Up Into This Getto Ass Punk Head, He’s Loosing Me As A Fan! SMH!!

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