Rihanna : Budding Icon Or Troubled Starlet?

Published: Saturday 16th Jun 2012 by David

Sometimes Pop has a funny away of surprising its loyal.

Whether by way of a record breaking album- Adele‘s ‘21′– or the birth of an ‘epic’ feud- GaGa v Madonna, it’s safe to say that the ‘culture’ and its ever changing plot line are anything but predictable.

Take Def Jam’s Rihanna for one.

Bursting onto the scene with dance hit ‘Pon De Play’ in 2005, very few could have predicted the teen sensation would go onto to rival the acts her very cause was styled on.

Scoring more US #1 singles in seven years than many of her predecessors  have scored in twenty, Fenty’s well oiled hit machine has seen her become one of the world’s more bankable stars- raking in $90 million from her critically panned ‘Loud Tour‘.

However, for all her success, recent years have seen her brand tarnished by many a scandal.

Scandals, involving plagiarism of intellectual property, her volatile relationship with fellow entertainer Chris Brown, and more recently, baseless reports of substance addiction.

Worsened by the part she allegedly played the physical altercation between Brown and Rapper Drake Graham, the media’s coverage of her ‘troubles’ have led to fans questioning her stability, and relationship with Roc Nation boss Jay Z.

“She’s out of it”

“She’s promiscuous”

“She must be on drugs”

“She parties every night”

“She’s terrified of being replaced by Rita”.

All criticisms aimed the singer’s way.

So now we ask:

Is Rihanna budding icon with a promising future ahead of her?


A deeply troubled starlet in danger of self destructing.

Weigh in below…

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  1. Jak June 16, 2012

    The thing with Rhi Rhi is that she’s still very young and Caribbean and we all know that they’re already crazy. Now, if this behavior continued for 5 more years then I’d be worried but it’s not like she’s stumbling out of cars and clubs half conscious and being super sloppy with it.

    She’s just a little messy with her s** life, that’s all. She should make steps to make it more discreet, then she’d be fine.

    • AalexisR June 16, 2012

      LOL Caribbean people are more civilised than most, thank you. Just because they aren’t subtle when the few bad apples you’ll find rot doesn’t mean you can generalise the people of a region.

  2. Honestly Speaking June 16, 2012

    Y’all can’t let a day pass where you’re not trying to drive up viewership/traffic for this flop ass site by bringing up Rihanna’s name. I guess TGJ’s residence flop/faves aren’t bringing in the desired number of blog hits. Rihanna will remain unbothered boo 😀

    • Navi b****** June 19, 2012

      i couldnt have said it better myself…..

  3. BornThisWayEra>> June 16, 2012

    This girl is just so ungrateful.

    Jay left the comfort of Honey Bey’s bossom to fly to Jamaica just for this girl?! All she did was a sign a contract, release new albums everyear and spend all of her free time on planes, on twitter or underneath any man hung enough to make her forget she will never have a number one album.

    • Stephen June 16, 2012

      What’s the big deal about her not having a US Billboard Top 200 #1 album? Worry about your OWN life

      • CH June 16, 2012

        There is no big deal its a nice thing to be able to say But its even nicer to be able to boast about having a platinum album or even having your album be nominated for Album of the Year at the Grammy’s both of which Rihanna has accomplished.

    • Benron June 17, 2012

      *Barbados not Jamacia, and if Bey’s blosssom is like her moonbump.com prosthetic then he woul be happy to leave!

    • IT’S ALL GOOD!!! June 18, 2012

      She was born in Barbados, not Jamaica!

  4. nay June 16, 2012

    she’s both

    a budding icon in danger of self-destructing…i hope god protects her

    she is talentless tho (all shade intended) but she’ll definitely be an icon

    • Stephen June 16, 2012

      Not totally talented tho

      • nay June 16, 2012

        she’s mediocre at best

  5. SnowWhiteAndTheHuntsman June 16, 2012

    i think the things you mentioned help her image. shes lighthearted and fun and she seems like a cool girl to hang out with.
    most celebs just seem so stuck up and self absorbed but she doesnt seem like that so i say budding icon..

  6. Kingphoenix June 16, 2012

    Wow thats a beautiful photo of her. She needs to look at this and remember less is more when it comes to hair styling and make-up.


    Please don’t take this post seriously, guys, as viewers we need to demand better quality and less bitchery from this site because i am tired of this b*******. Instead of making professinal and factual articles, @TGJTeam keeps producing shady and shotty pieces of crap used to create controversy and comment hits. Instead of creating creative post where fun and meaningful discussions can be made, this site does nothing but promote stan wars and petty biased by the site. This site needs to do better, and we need to make Sam do better. I feel in this post either people should say something positive abour Rihanna, Something with constructive critisism and not shade or hate towards Rihanna, and/or have a complaint/critisism about the direction of this site over the past few months. I hope that everyone reads this and follows through.

    • KissMeKate June 16, 2012

      completely agree with you phoenix. Even though i stan for this so hard (the fast news, their professional, their opinions and the fact that theyve interviewed almost of my faves) i hope this discussion doesnt get ugly.

      on the flipside, how can the navy expect that grape juice not to post on her when she stays looking for trouble. She always taunts trouble. this site is actually proffesional compared to alot of the other sites.

      plus they update faster than rihannadaily does.

      • Honestly Speaking June 16, 2012

        The point isn’t that they post on her. The fact of the matter is that they’ve made their feelings for this woman very clear over the course of the last year alone. If they can’t stand her so much then why keep posting on her? obviously she is one of the only things that keeps their viewership so high. They should just rename this site ThatRihannaJuice.net and keep it real.

      • Kingphoenix June 16, 2012

        Yeah i agree 100% with what you said too. But lately they have not been sitting right with me. They have been real nit picky to the point of mean, and have not been doing their homework/fact checking…hopefully things get better because i love this site too.

        As for the navy, girl, no comment…atlteast not for this post. *wink*

  7. mobwife June 16, 2012

    The Good: Rihanna actually looks quite lovely in the above pick!

    The Bad: She is falling apart slowly but surely! Unfortunately she isn’t the only young black artist who receives a great deql of negative media publicity! If they don’t get her in line she could easily go the way of a Lindsay Lohan (a young very troubled bad actress)!

    The Ugly: Rihanna and Chris were teenage lovers. Stop the bullsh** about them being in a “volatile relationship! She laid hands on him, he laid hands on her it happened 3 yrs ago, they were young, move on ppl!

  8. Richnblack11(Beyonce keep em mad) June 16, 2012

    I’m living for that pic…..GIVE ME FACE C***

    • Kingphoenix June 16, 2012

      This is the most postive thing i ever seen from you about rihanna lol. Of course you had to add a c*** at the end though!

      • Richnblack11(Beyonce keep em mad) June 16, 2012

        To be real with you Phoenix I don’t dislike or hate her, I talk s*** about her to p*** off her stans or fans that come with the BS,,, I want her to get back on track and not end up like lindsay or some of them other girls

      • Kingphoenix June 16, 2012

        Lol. I know Rich i get what your saying completely, i think thats what we all want for this girl. Rihanna doesn’t have people who hate her like Beyonce does…Thats what really bothers me though, some of the people that hat Beyonce really have this irrational dislike of her because she so good at what she does and beautiful its like they really physically cannot take it. smh. But yeah, hopefully Rihanna gets it togetha.

  9. Ain’t Playing Witchu June 16, 2012

    All I’ll say is there’s no one right now with a worse media relation in terms of accessible young stars than Rihanna. You could say Chris Brown, but…he sees where his career is going and he’s making a shift towards a ‘bad boy’ image and rapping.

    With Rihanna…she’s a bit like Lindsey Lohan. She went from being this media darling to now being expected to be a mess. I’ve noticed the magazine interviews have turned sour, the headlines are now negative, and when you hear her name or see her picture its either bad or she’s n***.

    I wish she’d pull it back up cause right now…I honestly think she’ll have a breakdown. Her music has been flopping lately and she has good songs on it but lately…people aren’t feeling her the way they used to.

    • Benron June 17, 2012

      Rih isn’t flopping, newbies are just on the come up! 2 flop singles doesen’t make u a flop!

  10. katje June 16, 2012

    Miauw miauw miauw, miauw miauw muiaauuuw.. Mooi he lieve mensjes, ai ai ai ai e met romana een stukje rijden!!! Voor jullie lieve mensjes!!!

    • Richnblack11(Beyonce keep em mad) June 16, 2012

      Did you mean: Miauw miauw miauw, miauw miauw miauw.. Mooi he lieve mensjes, ai ai ai ai e met romana een stukje rijden!!! Voor jullie lieve mensjes!!!

  11. Blackman June 16, 2012

    Rip king MJ

  12. foola June 16, 2012

    i’m thinking if it is worth to comment something on that. the whole s*** is two-faced as f***. you need her and still asking when she gonna go.

    weird @_@

    nonetheless: she’s not done for yet. even tho defjam burned off that name faster and faster the past month. still she’s got things to achieve. she’s got lots of time. and will do it. and you gonna report everything. i guess. 😉

  13. JJFan1814 June 16, 2012

    I can’t with this post.


  14. THE TRUTH June 16, 2012

    She’s both

  15. Theezy June 16, 2012

    You know it’s a slow news day when a Rihanna bashing article that has no credible sources is published. But I give props to Sam, you get all the Stans worked up to up the views on the site. It’s smart. What’s sad is the propaganda machine your running. There is no unbiased opinions on this site. Which is fine, just stop pretending that it is. And stop pretending that you’re anything but a Rihanna lover, because at the end of the day what would this blog be without her?

    Haters in 5…4…3…2…1…

    • BornThisWayEra>> June 16, 2012

      see what i said about these h*** being ungrateful. thatorangejuice tried their best to keep it sweet and the titanic still gotta complain?!

  16. Benron June 16, 2012

    Its an old picture (2006) and hold on, who said “She’s terrified of being replaced by Rita”. Becuase if Rih was so terrified she owuld start some sort of web series, put out a new video or something so…

    • Kingphoenix June 16, 2012

      You just fall for it every damn time don’t you.

  17. Tru Voice June 16, 2012


    I agree. She’s both. Not much talent but she has the “it” factor going for her. She’s interesting and is a mess – but we love it. Everyone loves a reckless star or a train wreck until it has gone too far.

    She needs to stop while she’s ahead because sono she will have no more to give and people will get tired of her.

  18. whyohwhy June 16, 2012

    Rihanna will never be an ICON! NEVER!!!! Because of people letting her get away with being the biggest technology laced artist in the world due to her look and not talent. We are in a different era were talent has nothing to do with a artist being famous, just give you a beat, strip and open them legs and that’s that! She is going down because she knows she is not worthy of none of it and it is eating her alive add the fact Chris Brown dont want her anymore she will be out of this business real soon and the sooner the better…Biggest JOKE in the game..

    • Stephen June 16, 2012

      Since you’re not GOD, you’re NOT in any position to say she will “NEVER be an icon”

    • Lax June 17, 2012

      @WHYOHWHY, Nn matter how you spoin it this is the making of a Iconic Legend

      And no matter what she do in her personal life she still have TOW CHANCES and that is to clean up her WILIDING out in
      public and keep Practing, practing, practing on how to get it
      right. And i can’t say just like you or any one else can say
      what is in her mind, i just pray that its to get on track and stay her ass on track,,,,,

      • Lax June 17, 2012

        Dam let me wake up, no matter how you spin it, two chances to get it right and that is left entirely up to Rihanna.

  19. Benron June 16, 2012

    I love Rihanna, but I don’t really think so. In Ten years the only time you will hear about her is when someone breaks a record of hers, or blatantly steals her swag, same for Beyonce, Gaga, Nicki etc. They will all be replaced my newer versions of themselves soon enough.

    But acting could be Rihanna’s thing once her singing career starts to drift away, she could have a long legacy as an actor (I.E. Nobody cares if your 40 an an actor).

    So ICON? IF SOLELY BASED on music, no. But if she has other things going for her, YES!

  20. say it aint so… June 16, 2012

    I believe this woman is one of the most powerful pop star out right now…and she is f****** up, but she is young. I wonder if she realizes how crazy her drinking and partying has gotten. I mean I kno she is taking a “break” but ppl are starting to be more into her personal life in magazines tabloids and media than the music…and that’s when s*** gonna hit the fan for her career I believe.

  21. soulmusiclover June 16, 2012

    rihanna can’t sing, she can’t dance, so basically she s talentless , but maye she will be a pop icon, she has some cool songs. i believe icon status does not necessarily mean being talented! Madonna is the living proof, same for britney sooo maybe! she s talentless though

  22. imusicjunkie June 16, 2012

    What has she done iconic other than being a top model.

    • soulmusiclover June 16, 2012

      100 thumbs up 4 your comment

    • HALF AMAZIN June 17, 2012

      Slay your faves.

  23. CH June 16, 2012

    Please show me the reports of her tour being critically panned (that means the majority hated it) as I have contrasting reports that the tour was critically a success and financially. TGJ yall are the pits of “unbiased” blogging.

  24. I Judge Flops June 16, 2012

    We all know I think Rihanna is untalented and depends on her looks and hair color to sell


    I will NOT deny that the girl is a budding icon. Not everyone is a huge TALENT, Rihanna brings s something else to the table… and while I still don’t know what it is…. she has had a lot of success over the years.


    While I”m not a fan, she is a soon to be icon.

  25. Jer June 16, 2012


  26. FierceFan June 16, 2012

    I personally think that Rihanna has quite a few similarities with the late and great Whitney Houston.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am a massive fan of Rihanna but I think that she could wind up in the same sort of trouble as Whitney. Rihanna’s trying to rebel way too much, she’s already boasted about smoking weed, and is quite proud of herself doing so.
    I think that with being one of the biggest artists right now and being tarred with the ‘role model’ brush in the media a lot, she’s trying to shake that. The main reason she left Chris Brown for good was because she’s a role model to millions of teenage girls and she didn’t want to be held responsible for portraying that it’s okay to go back to an abusive partner. It’s obvious she regrets having her relationship with Chris being so open in the media because she still loves him and in the end she will get back with him after everything.
    With deep regret I say this, but i think she’s going down the road of a ‘troubled starlet’ and that’s a real shame, because if she just focused on her music and setting a proper message across to her fans she could be, and remain the biggest icon for decades to come because she has real potential.

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 16, 2012

      Rihanna is a strong Girl. don’t worry about her , oh and thank god , her and CB are officially OVER.

      now can we put all that mess to rest ?

      and she’s a role model for nobody , if your son or daughter look up to any female singer “beside adele” as a role model, then something wrong in the way you raise your kids. cuz most of those celebs will do anything for attention and for the media to talk about them , so ………

      • FierceFan June 16, 2012

        I don’t have kids, and when I’ve reached a respectable age to have them I hope they would look up to someone like Beyonce who hasn’t promoted drugs or a reckless lifestyle.
        I never said Rihanna was weak, I just think that she may slip into bad habits.

  27. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 16, 2012


    i think i commented on approximately 3 posts under the same title as this one above before …. so.

    this new strategy of recycling old posts ain’t workin’ dear @Sam !

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 16, 2012

      but this pic above wanna make me happy. she’s a true beauty ! reminds me of “unfaithful” and “we ride” when she was liek the “Virgin” rihanna 😆

      of course she’s an icon , at least a t*** icon. if only she gonna climb over the s*** thrown at her , she gonna be really Respected as an artist and be taken seriously !! she’s def a superstar and got that worldwide “star” factor in her , she is HOT since second one and crossed-over since her debut single “Pon de replay”. something people like “Rita Ora” may lack at the moment. and even “gaga” , “Beyonce” and “katy perry” lacked it when they first started their careers before “the fame” , “dangerously in love” and “one of the boys” respectively.
      so of course she’s an icon whether you gonna like it or not. she’s even icon in TGJ , look how many times you had to post about her to make your blog interesting for readers. RIHANNA RUN THIS TOWN called “TGJ” !! no one name get you those 100+comments per post like the powerful name that is RIHANNA , so that tell you what ?
      she’s the DEAL. not the most talented , not the best vocalist , not the best performer ever , but she can do so much better without ……

  28. MISHKA June 16, 2012

    Rihanna is troubled but hopefully her barbadian origins will keep her grounded and prevent her from doing anything stupid.

    What actually prevents Rihanna from being an icon is she lacks discipline. She’s loose on everything, her vocal abilities, her looks, her outfits, her work ethic. She isn’t dedicated in anything that would make people hold her to some standard.

    *Beyonce would rehearse her shows until she gets her perfect ten. In heels.
    *Mariah Carey walked away from her marriage and manage to keep her career growing thanks to her songwriting skills.
    *Madonna didn’t like what the first producer did with her debut album, she ran away and had a friend of hers produce it. ‘Holiday’ launched her career and legacy.
    *Janet released Rythm Nation at 24 years old, and she receive critical acclaim for addressing social injustice.
    *Lady Gaga made a point during her Fame Monster days to step out in intricate attires which caught the attention of top designers and fashion critics.
    *Britney 2012 is a mess but back in 2000 nobody could touch her performances. That yellow snake anyone?

    Rihanna is like two steps away of becoming an icon but what is THAT thing she is ready to work up a sweat for? I actually thought she could have built her signature around her hair since her ‘Umbrella’ days but she let that one down too and Katy, Gaga and Nicki took advantage of it.

    Over talent (or lack of), people respect and praise effort and risk-taking. As soon as there will be a single (POSITIVE) thing we can ALL commend Rihanna for, she will be an Icon.

    Otherwise, well, she will at least become an hybrid of Donna Summer (for the catchy tunes) and Jennifer Lopez (for her love life).

  29. trucieb June 16, 2012

    wow tgj. really lol

  30. kelly June 16, 2012

    Replaced by Rita Ora? LOL Even the top pop white girls like Lady Gaga, Pink, Katy Perry, Britney, Xtina do not scare Riri. Who is Rita ? She is nothing

  31. sashay June 16, 2012

    I don’t know if it’s a cultural difference but honestly she’s not doing anything that the average 24 yr old Barbadian isn’t. We work hard and party even harder..if she was 35years old doing this I would say yes she has a problem but she’s young and enjoying her life……I see no problem here.

  32. TARBABY RANGER June 16, 2012

    WHo is this rita ho? She aint getting play in America so the b**** is no threat.You know america rules the world

    • kelly June 16, 2012

      Even in the UK, Jessie J, Tulisa , Cheryl Cole, Cher Lloyd slay Rita Ora. She looks 35 years ALREADY. LOL LOL BLACK DONT CRACK.

    • kelly June 16, 2012

      I have just checked billboard – Rihanna has s songs on the chart. Rita came out three weeks ago and is ONLY AT 85 LOL LOL Justin Bieber debuted at 22. Now, that is a superstar, and even Justin B is not troubling Riri.

    • kelly June 16, 2012

      Out In LA ( urban and pop ) they dont even play her – all they play Rihanna – even her songs from 2010!

      • TARBABY RANGER June 16, 2012

        That Flop Drink is trying to build this tramp up like she is somebody. But she’s not s***.

  33. Firstlady June 16, 2012

    She definitely will be sooner or later if she keeps the good music comin and she need to start respecting herself more though.enuf of the thuglife is not ladylike sweet heart.

  34. S****** Blonde June 16, 2012

    I must say she is a star on her own. i don’t think of anyone, female singers who can’t stop her, no even Gaga, i think she is one of those rare artist who hasn’t competition. WHY?, because Lady Gaga has Madonna, Britney, Christina, ect, ect,….i mean Gaga success don’t hurt Rihanna like she can do with Madonna or Britney. Rihanna is in her own game, i will not mention Beyonce because i think everybody is a strong competition for Beyonce right now, WHY?, because she has declined in the past two years and it’s most for her own fans, i mean take for example Britney she has declined too but her fans will eat whatever she puts out, after almost 15 years of career, she is still a force unlike Beyonce, after 4 albums, her career seems to be in a ( YOU NEED TO PROVE YOURSELF, ONE MORE TIME), while Rihanna without all that hype of Grammys, titles and the image of the good girl is still the most played artist on the radio. Rihanna is an icon in her way to became a legend, a legend of our time, with or without talent, she definitely is gonna be remembered in Popular Culture as one of the most successful black female singers in history. 85 million records sold doesn’t lie.

    • kelly June 16, 2012

      And that is WHY RITA ORA IS ALREADY DONE, ON HER BACK TO THE UK, TO ROT ON Channel U along with all the other loser UK urban acts like Craig david ( rita ora buddy ) who have not got what it REALLY REALLY REALLY TAKES TO HANG WITH THE BIG BOYS.

    • kelly June 16, 2012

      Out in LA,they bump Rihanna all day, it too much — but in a good way.

    • kimberly June 17, 2012

      Britney has declined drastically. she is scrutinized for her stage presence and shows and not to mention her two last albums flopped. the last one fell off the hot 200 6 mnths after release. her ww sales lets not mention. Britney hardly get nominated in award shows not get awards, her fans eat up all imaginary awards on the internet by voting, but cannot eat up her albums. she is almost forgotten. thanks to mr cowell to use her as a reminder on his show. Beyonce has been out on break taking care of her little one and managed to have more highlights in her album than those that had the hit songs, don’t use her lack of promo and era due to pregnancy to create a downfall, she is still alive and well in her career. she never misses her nominations and still snatches awards after 15 years. Doing better than those of her time and present. Lets not mention how beyonce have nothing to prove after 4 albums. most honored with 4 albums? what some artist take 6 albums to achieve she has doen it with 4 and to bring in her years in the industry include her 7 sucessful movies and business ventures, which britney has none of. She is not just a music icon but a muti media goddess. Britney with no abums is nothing. Rihanna has nothing to become an icon. what exactly has she done but sing some hit songs produced and written by others. WHat will happen when she can no longer score hit songs. do p***? Go back to history study the careers of artist and make your judgements. Not because rihanna is played on the radio all the time she is great she will not get that 10 years form now. wasn’t britney America’s sweetheart, after 15 years she is DONE. she cannot do anything now. but rely on her few fans to purchase her concert tickets and records whcih are lack in. goodbye

  35. JER June 16, 2012

    Rihanna has the same amount of haters Mariah Carey had in the 90’s. It’s the new Whitney VS Mariah BS the Whitney stans never let go. Because Whitney came out FIRST 6 years before Mariah, the stans were so jealous of Mariah’s success. JUST like BeYAWNce stans just can never give Rihanna a prop.


    all of these easily could replace Whitney and Mariah’s name with BeYAWNce and Rihanna. I can’t at the mental illness.

    • kimberly June 17, 2012

      lets just mention that mariah have talent but rihanna has none. mariah can stand there and soar a stadium down but rihanna need a loud back track and gimmicks to distract her audience. This is the comparison you missed out. Just a reminder. Mariah now is known for her amazing voice she is talented. what will rihanna be known for? singing? dancing? entertaining? acting? the world doesn’t reminder how many #1’s an artist have, they remember talent.
      ” Beyawnce” is not self distruct , she is not on drugs and she gives a show of a lifetime. and her talent is unmatched. no need for comparisons when it is clear and distance from rihoenna’s.

      • HALF AMAZIN June 17, 2012

        Stay mad Kimberly. Beyaki might return to the charts.

    • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) June 17, 2012

      Such a stupid comparision
      Rihanna is laughable. Whitney/Mariah are true greats

  36. CzarM June 16, 2012

    All I know is that Rihanna is invalid. She can’t sing. She can’t dance. She can’t perform. She can’t command a stage. She is 100% manufactured and machine made. Her only talent seems to be making a fool of herself of Twitter and snapping pictures of herself on Instagram, and for some reason her dumb ass fans thinks that qualifies her as some kind of star.

    Furthermore, she’s not smart and therefore isn’t the brains behind her own operation, so as soon as the songwriters, producers, A&R people and management that have carefully crafted her leave or move on, she’s s*** up a creek.

    Sorry, keeping it real. A budding “icon,” she’s not. Hell, even frog voiced Britney Spears has an odd charisma about her. Rihanna does not. She’s basically the prototype of a game-like virtual reality pop star who exist nowhere except inside a computer.

    • kimberly June 17, 2012

      I have been trying to say this in so many ways but the teeny pooper will nto get it. When the time comes and she doesn’t produce hit songs again. what can she rely on. she is not smart. she still needs so much direction and her immature attitude shows that she will not gain knowledge of anyhting any time soon. posting naked pics on unstagram and twitter is star power and talent to the navy. It is just sad the level of which people now consider icons. poor generation. A few hit songs have them fooled.

  37. MsThing485 June 16, 2012

    Budding icon, my ass.

    Rihanna is nothing but a pawn and is about to find out real soon that the b******* that’s cute in your late teens and early 20s doesn’t wash when you’re on the other side of 25. Seriously, can you imagine this woman at age 30? What’s she gonna do then? Is she still going to be acting like a pretend rebel, making cheesy ass dance songs from kids?

    Give me a break.

    All Rihanna’s purpose ever was was to be a face for the songs written for her by crafty songwriters. She lives and dies by her last hit song, and frankly doesn’t have what it takes to survive a career decline, or to readjust after having commercially peaked. So when it’s over for her, it’s going to be really over. Her crash and burn is going to be pseudo spectacular, but still ultimately boring, and in another five years (if she doesn’t have a post-fame reality show on VH-1 or E!) she’ll be a “Hey, remember her…” name from past pop culture.

  38. Lax June 16, 2012

    Her music says it all it is clear that she has gone through some things
    many has never gone through the valley and they don’t have a clue about
    hard times. When you have gone through some tough patches in live you
    can say you have gone through some of lifes toughest ups and downs.
    She went through and remember its not about what you went through its
    all about how you came out. And as ling as she can be seen doing her
    work and keep it full steam ahead no one knows how high shes capable
    of flying that is left entirely up to the good lord. If perceptions or any thing
    to go by since we know what Rihanna will become and how big she will
    be and how great her music will always a SUBJESTIVE, now want it?
    Her personal life did not keep her off this all important list of artist of the
    DECADE, and what better way to work on being a ICON then by making it
    to the decade List.


  39. Lax June 16, 2012

    Rihanna have got the same chance as any of them have of
    being as big and as Iconic as she put her mind to being.

  40. Lax June 16, 2012

    Ultimately when she become a Iconic figure which shes working on will
    not be determined by no dang pieons no way.

  41. Lax June 16, 2012

    Rihanna has great work ethnics and she was on her grind last year this time
    a lot has heppened in her personal life and a lot of it she wants to share, things
    like the beat down at the hands of chris was something that happened to slow her and chris down. But beyond that she has been working her ass off.

    • kimberly June 17, 2012

      work ethic that doesn’t relect on the quality of what she gives to her fans but the number of things she does to gain her money. she once said she has no time to rehearse. what about that is work ethic and satisfying her fans. Her work ethic is not in the songs she singsz cause the engineer plays with her voice and the producers make them great.

      I see work ethic in her fans, buying her singles, arguing on twitter and voting 24 hrs to give her a name. I see work ethic on twitter and instagram. A hard working artist have no time on social media like rihanna.

      Let me know where is the work ethic is please

  42. Lax June 16, 2012

    Now she is not shouting from a mountain top telling the world shes
    the best at this and that, she is just doing her thing and living her life.
    She can not help it if there or many people who love her and her music
    and will support her every step of the way, regardless .

  43. Lax June 16, 2012

    She has tons of raw determination and drive and
    that coupled with her focus and get off her ass and
    make it happen she will be just fine. And to help her
    along that roar of becoming a Legend if she decides
    that she want it she will get it, hide and watch. We or
    aware of all of those who will say no and dah, dah,
    but remeber she can do it if she wants too. And she
    is working on it when she makes a list like artist of
    the decade and artist of the Century, things like this
    will help speed her along the way.


  44. Lax June 16, 2012

    Rihanna has her eyes on the prize and nothing is going
    to seperate her from that focus.

    • kimberly June 17, 2012

      eyes on what prize. tearing down the stage? vocal perfection? mannerisms of a young lady? causing controversy to stay relevant?or making money for her label off her singles cause when I last checked artist receive nothing from singles sales. CHOOSE ONE

  45. Lax June 16, 2012

    The good lord is going to make her a icon and a legend
    just to show many of you who finds fault in her because
    you don’t like her, hes going to bless her double fold
    and her blessings will be some of your blessing haters
    for trying to bash her all of the dam time no matter what.

  46. perhaps June 16, 2012

    She is f***ing human…damn.

  47. out to ruin Sam the editor June 16, 2012

    That Fake Juice….is Garbage anymore…I used to be an avid subscriber, but I feel as thought they sold there artistry for a younger demographic…good luck losers im unfriending on Face Book…

  48. Saetana June 17, 2012

    That Grape Juice should change its name to That Rihanna Juice – I get the daily email roundup and EVERY SINGLE DAY there is at least one story about Rihanna, or you manage to work her into someone else’s story like Rita Ora or Chris Brown. She gets you the most clicks on here, don’t deny it, but this manufactured s*** you keep throwing at her is getting really old now and I’ve noticed the number of posts is going down – on most of your topics. Maybe people have found better blogs that are a little more neutral – I know this is only one of several blogs I subscribe to and nowhere else do I see this kind of vitriol towards Riri. Other sites appreciate her for what she is, not what she isn’t, girl is young still – she will either slow down or break down at some point, but it ain’t happened yet. I suppose I have to give you props for not bringing Beyonce into the argument, you seem to enjoy setting off stan wars on here, so tacky.

  49. LA BABY! June 17, 2012


    Matter of fact, LOUD (#3 on the WEEKLY-UPDATED United States Albums chart) has officially outsold Born This Way (the globally #1 album). So, TAKE A SEAT with that “She’ll never have a #1 album” s***. And both LOUD and Talk That Talk were #1 on WORLD albums chart.

    I don’t know what’s wrong with singing about s**. I mean, BEYONCE is a huge icon who Rihanna will never touch, I think. But in the same time, she can’t do songs about s**, like “Roc Me Out” or songs about real life being a b****, like “Red Lipstick.” She just could never sing about anything but PERFECTION and LADIES RUN THIS S*** and LIFE IS GOOD and YOU CAN BE WHEREVER YOU WANNA BE IN LIFE kinds of songs, before 4.

    She’s just a vocalist, a singer, wins Grammys for her own work, unlike Rihanna. Rihanna sings out what she feels, truely, fearlessly, unlike Beyonce.

    When Rihanna feels like a looser in life, and she’s tired, and just wants to celebrate that, and say “F*** everything” and “F*** you” to everyone, she records songs like “Fool in Love,” “Red Lipstick,” etc..

    When she wants to touch on the hearts of her fans, and share the same painful feelings with them, but cheer them to upgrade theirselves in the same time, she records songs like “We Found Love,” “Fool in Love” and “We All Want Love.”

    When she feels horney, hot, and everything’s just fun, and it’s time for summer and s***, she records songs like “Where Have You Been” and “Talk That Talk.”

    I think she IS an artist, her vocals are excellent for a girl in her age.

    So, that’s my opinion.

    • Virtuoso Intellect June 17, 2012

      Obviously ur not used to Bey’s discography if u think thats d 3 categories her music falls under

      U want s** songs? Watchu think she was singing about in kitty kat, a minx? Dance 4 u, speechless, bodyrock

      U want ratchet? Listen to back up, video phone,

      U aint heard an angry woman till u hear Bey spit on lost yo mind, ring the alarm

      Bey’s music is alot more aesthetic whereas its very easy to get on with rihanna’s cus het lyrics are chiefly everyday conversational lines

      • LA BABY! June 17, 2012

        You’re right . . . I think “Video Phone” is the most song with energy, like EVER. It gives me something RED, electric, I just don’t know it.

        But VP was not 100% about s**. I think it was about the intimacy of sharing a dirty secret with a stranger you just met (in the club or something), just because you think he’s hot. It was not an instructional song about how to use a video phone…

        D4U is about “giving yourself fully to one person. It’s about being able to lose control with the person you’re meant for.” It’s about LAP DANCING which leads to s**. Lap dancing to a song which’s beats, melodies and rythme is full of s**.

        KK, WAS about s**. All the way. but It had a hidden meaning to it, which’s to be able to give up your man / f*** buddy because you can have another one in a minute. All because you’re an independant person. You have the ability to make your man feel like you seriously don’t give a damn, and that all the time he’s been here just for your pleasure, and you can kick him out anytime.

        I think B’Day is my favorite album. Of ALL time. I even saw the video for “Amor Gitano” in my dreams once!!

        So, again. You’re right, but only one difference: Rihanna sings it out directly out of her chest, like “ROC ME OUT back n forth.” It’s like a fictional gay raunchy master/s**** story which gets no comments, but 5-star rating!! while Beyonce makes it feel slick, and tough.

  50. Lax June 17, 2012

    Rihanna epitomises the His-To-Rih of america Multi Ethnic
    melting pot.

  51. Lax June 17, 2012

    Most of the people of african decent have dark or light
    brown eyes Rihanna on the other hand have light
    hazel green eyes and they or eyes she was born

  52. Lax June 17, 2012

    Rihanna muliti ethnic background her mom is guyanese/african
    and hed dad is barbadian/irish she have the blood of a mixed
    nature flowing in her.

  53. Lax June 17, 2012

    Rihanna experienced intolerance of her light skin
    and mix race heritage growing up and it was real.

  54. Lax June 17, 2012

    Making of a iconic legend also includes her many accomplishments of this pass
    year, being added to the list of Influenctial people on time top 100.

    Being added as the #4 moist powerful female on that forbes list.

    Her music being talked about and supported around the globe and
    many places other than “That Grape”

    Her 6 albums in 6 years that seems to always get her tons of attention
    because people can’t seem to keep her name out of their mouths and
    it don’t matter if the talk is good or bad.

    She is only 24 and has a list of ACCOMPLISHMENTS that will turn many
    veterans a major shade of green.

  55. Lax June 17, 2012

    Say what you will or may but the things that helps to mold and make
    our iconic legends or the same thing that rihanna take pride in, things
    that make many a hater and looser question why can she do all of
    these many things when we as HER HATERS feel that her many
    achievenments should have beed GIVEN TO BEYONCE instead of

  56. Lax June 17, 2012

    Just know haters that it is no ACCIDENT that rihanna is the
    social networking QUEEN. It is because people love her
    and she has been voted a International Mega artist and this
    too adds to her list of things Legends or made of. And no
    matter how hard people on this blog and other places
    around the net bash, bad mouth and tries their hand at
    bashing her, just pay close attention to how she just
    seems to keep right on EXHALING, stay tuned shes
    just getting warmed up.

    Another tell tale sign that shes the leader in the “HBIC”
    Department and one of the biggest tell tale signs that
    shes straight working on The Chain Game is the mere

  57. Lax June 17, 2012

    You can huff and you can puff but you still will not be able
    to blow her career accomplishments away, to those who
    always seem to try and find fault with her more then any
    of the other artists.

    • Ashley June 17, 2012

      yet, she still doesn’t have a number 1 album. Why? Because she can only sell singles and nothing more, and a logical explanation as to why she’s the fastest solo artist to 20 hot 100 top 10’s is the rate at which she releases albums. She released two albums in 3 months, which lacked quality.

  58. Lax June 17, 2012

    And no mattet how much people dislike her that is fine and good
    hate her or love her either way she will not let the public tell her how
    to live her personal life. Sure she need to try and start keeping a
    low profile because that wilding out will surely make her get old
    before her time. And its clear that she is not hurting any one but

  59. Lax June 17, 2012

    And for the sake of me i do not see her wilding out making any of
    yo asses mad, as a matter of FACT all of you who dislike her loves
    AGANIST THOSE WHO thinks she should do it like beyonce or
    others and mostly beyonce. But they or two very different females
    in every sense of the word. She is working on her career while
    beyonce’s caree has reached all kinds of high notes.

  60. Lax June 17, 2012

    Rih and bey or different just like say celine and mariah
    or different just like tina turner, and diana ross all of
    them or UNIQUELY different from each other. It seem
    the ruke of thumb is always comparing rih with bey
    why do many of you do that? Beyonce isn’t the only
    artist people hold up on high there or others too.

  61. Lax June 17, 2012

    It is good to know that opinions on a POPULAR BLOG such as this
    one here is not going to make or break any of the artists careers, unless
    the artist let it. When you read things on rihanna that is negative well
    we already know that article will get just as many hits as a positive post
    because that is the sign of the times, and REMEMBER the squeaky wheels
    get the oil, Folks.

  62. Lax June 17, 2012

    Just remember that any time yo rabbit asses can read that
    Rih accumulated most hits on the american top 40 program
    since Aretha did in 1968, now you know that raises more
    eye brows and it sure in the heck raises mor eye brows then
    will ever be OPINATED around the BLOGOSPHERE, in other
    words if rihanna wants to she can go just as far as her heart
    desires and hopefully she wil hang in there till she gets enough.

  63. Lax June 17, 2012

    The making of a Iconic Legend….
    Her tireless work in the fight aganist Leukemia
    She was honored for her work….

  64. Lax June 17, 2012

    First female artist to cross the 3 million Listeners market.

  65. Lax June 17, 2012

    Seventh artist in hot 100 53 year His-To-Rih
    to do something is truly up there folks

    Go and ignore her many accomplishmesnts part 1 and
    part two because its all good and will help her to make it all
    the way down the road to Iconic Legendary status and many
    of her ACCOMPLISHMENTS will never be CELEBRATED by the likes of BEYONCE

  66. honeydip June 17, 2012

    instagram: teetomato211
    I follow back!

  67. Lisa June 17, 2012

    Go see that’s my boy with Adam sandler and Ciara it was good from the beginning to the end and funny as hell!

  68. zamoracarl June 17, 2012

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  69. aynon June 17, 2012

    yes she will be an icon, when people look back at music in the 2000’s and 2010’s it will be, she’s in the 4th wave of modern female superstars

    the 1st are

    1) Barbra Streisand
    2) Cher
    3) Tina Turner

    The 2nd are

    1) Madonna
    2) Janet Jackson

    The 3rd are

    1) Whitney Houston
    2) Celine Dione
    3) Mariah Carey

    The 3rd are

    1) Britney Spears
    2) Beyonce
    3) Christina Aguilera
    4) Pink

    Now the next wave of superstars is emerging

    1) Lady GaGa
    2) Rihanna
    3) Katy Perry
    4) Adele

    in that order.

    Rihanna Will be an icon theres no doubt about that,
    but she will never be on Britney or Beyonces level, like they won’t be on Whitney or Celine’s and so on…

    • Absolved June 17, 2012

      LOL, no.

  70. Teacher June 20, 2012

    Werk B****!

  71. Teacher June 20, 2012


  72. Teacher June 20, 2012


  73. Teacher June 20, 2012


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