Spectacular: Kiely Williams Defends Video 2 Years On

Published: Friday 15th Jun 2012 by Sam

Many will generally remember singer Kiely Williams from her stints in 3LW and the Cheetah Girls.

However, it was her 2010 solo effort ‘Spectacular’ which ensured she remained etched in mass consciousness. For better or for worse.

Having recovered from the overwhelming success of the trashy track, Williams has resurfaced – talking with our friends over at Madame Noire about what she’s up to now, her current relationship with her former bandmates and more.

Her explanation for the ‘Spectacular’ video is a particular must-see!

Like the video, almost everything Ms. Williams said was an unmitigated mess.

It’s only after the drama (when she’s all but forgotten) that the clip is suddenly some kind of Public Service Announcement? Then, of course, there’s her “done-did-it” aura (“I’m now helping develop other artists”). Really, though.

Perhaps she should take the mirror she claims she was showing society, turn it on herself, and finally ‘fess up to what was essentially one career misstep. Pending then, she can have an arena of seats.

Your thoughts?

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  1. hi June 15, 2012

    that wasnt a legitimate song anyway. she was trying to prove a point or something she said

    • Marcos O’liva June 16, 2012

      if 3LW and cheetah girls are was the cheaper version of DESTIY’S CHILD. she so reminds me of michelle williams.

    • tweetypiebabe1 June 18, 2012

      Exactly TGJ. I clearly remember her saying this exact same thing when the song came out. She never meant for it to be serious/legitimate.

  2. Destiny June 15, 2012

    Why yall steady bashing this girl Cause she helpin other ppl out? If yall been around New York she would know she been devleping Mary J Blige’s young artist. Check facts n s***. thats exactly what the fk she was talkin about. always bashin someone cause what they dont know

  3. Ayo June 15, 2012

    Kiely pls

  4. YO MAMA June 15, 2012

    Everything about her comes of shady. I don’t know why… it’s just a hunch! “Raven get ur Sister Act on”?! Really? The shade toward’s Adrienne’s reality show… i CANT WITH HER.

    I really hope she saved up those coins from Cheetah Girls/ 3LW because I don’t see a career in music for her (unless she writes, produces, creates a hit artist)… YAWN…

  5. michael June 15, 2012

    I agree with most of the things she said. But want to know why did she get into a fight with raven. And why did she stop talking to adrienne. Amd why did she throw hot sauce on her former band mate. Isiah Classic Food is available on kindle.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA June 15, 2012

      On Raven: there can only be one diva in the group.
      On Adrienne: more successful.
      On band mate: anger issues/b*tch.

    • The-Truth June 15, 2012

      It wasn’t hot sauce it was a 2 piece from KFC

      • ENOUGH ONIKA June 15, 2012

        It was C*** behavior regardless…

  6. aishaaguilerakeys June 15, 2012

    Sam, u’re evil. But some of the things she says,is she serious though ? The paparazzi’s checking for her?! Really ?! She used to be so pretty before !

  7. john June 15, 2012

    I hope yall know that shes a song writer. She wrote some of chettah girls biggest hit. She also writes for other artist. Then acts on the sides.

  8. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) June 15, 2012

    I am willing to believe that ‘Spectacular’ was misunderstood and that she did have a message to send out, but is she seriously telling me that she was trying to convey a message about youth and culture through a second rate electro club song? PLEASE! And she was extremely shady about Adrienne’s reality show. How can she sit there and act like she keeps her private life guarded when she was uploading clips of her hanging out with her friends just weeks after the ‘Spectacular’ fiasco to save face? DOUBLE PLEASE!

    I liked 3LW when I was younger, but her shady attitude makes me think that she is to be blamed for the disbanding.

  9. YouDoRealize… June 15, 2012

    Arena of Seats

    • Nai June 15, 2012


      • Firstborn June 15, 2012

        LMAO at “arena of seats” HAAAAAA!!!!!!

    • Firstborn June 15, 2012

      LMAO at “arena of seats” HAAAAAA!!!!!!

  10. Millhouse June 15, 2012

    Am I the only one who likes this video and song…. People will appreciate it in the future… – its so cheap and raunchy, but for me, it works.

    • Skintightjeans June 15, 2012

      yeah you’re probably the only one…..

    • ENOUGH ONIKA June 15, 2012

      Definitely alone..

  11. Viciousss June 15, 2012

    The sad thing is if she’d kept the meaning more subtle and used some euphemisms she’d probably be a major artist today.

    Every 3rd song of Rihanna’s is about s** and getting her back blown out.

  12. JohnnyBlaze82 June 15, 2012

    Wow she is aging badly–those wrinkles on her forehead. She was a beautiful young woman who had so much potential, but I think she has a bad attitude that kept her from success in the entertainment industry. She claims she is mentoring now, what a clever way of saying that you can no longer book anything–lmfao!

  13. HeavyHeavy June 15, 2012

    Well karma is a b****, you and that latino chick aint no where to be seen. You shouldn’t of been so fast to kick out Naturi cause it all went downhill after that b****!! and i liked the original 3lw ‘no more’ was my jam.

  14. Noel June 15, 2012

    It’s funny…never saw the video..never knew she tried to go solo. So, I just watched it…and it’s pretty surprising how non-controversial that video would be today. Like…that’s commonplace for videos today, and I’ve seen worse. Not saying I liked it…just don’t get why people are calling her out. I mean did you see Ne-yo’s new video? Weird…

  15. Skintightjeans June 15, 2012

    I couldn’t stand this bytch back in the day! Bytch thought she was the Beyonce of 3LW. And that video was a straight up hot furry ass mess. And her walk wasn’t mean enough in the beginning. **boop*

    • Tika June 17, 2012

      It always got me how she and Adrienne pranced around like they were the real talents of 3LW when lo and behold they let the real talent go and Naturi is still slaying.

  16. Weaveney June 15, 2012

    HOLY S***, this b**** look ratchet as F***! She is aged 25, not 42-trailer-trash-thankyouvermuch!

  17. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 15, 2012

    what is “SHE” and why “SHE” is having a POST in TGJ , which is a blog for URBAN s*** and MUSIC , are we posting on Disney acts now ?

    YAWN. 🙄

  18. hello June 15, 2012

    I think she is jelous of naturi

  19. jamelisyours June 15, 2012

    she looks like she gained a little weight . WTF is up with her hair ? red is not for her and that weave looks dead , dry and cheap ! her hair was always pretty in the past… lol js . i figured she wasn`t cool with raven but her & adrienne have known each other soo long i thought they were real friends , guess not !

  20. MISHKA June 16, 2012

    Sam, cool it down.

    Well, she’s actually very well-spoken.

    Yes, her video was not exactly the business but Rihanna and Gaga have done worse.

    I think she should drop the attitude “I decided not to be a tabloid celebrity ” because we don’t believe her. It’s clear she seems envious of her former band mates (rightfully so especially of Naturi) although her mouth says otherwise. Girl, if you’re not in the news, you’re not relevant *Phaedra Parks voice*

    Like I said, she can speak so why not use that talent? She could work as a TV host or correspondent. She’s still friends with Sabrina, they should try a reality show or whatever.

    Yes, I’m biased. Aqua was quite my favourite cheetah…

  21. YouSTUPIDHOE June 16, 2012

    WOW her video SPECTACULAR… then she tries and says it’s “YOU GUYS… YOU GUYS ARE ACTING LIKE WHORES” hahahaha. Contradictory to the fact that she is “S*** B***” like in her video…

    She is a W**** straight up… thats all folks… goodbye & goodnight.

  22. Kyle June 16, 2012

    I think her point was pretty legit. She seems like she doesn’t really care about having a successful career in the music business. More power to her. I bet you can make big bucks doing behind-the-scenes work.

  23. #RihannaNAVY June 16, 2012


  24. Tika June 17, 2012

    She’s such an idiot not every person is doing the walk of shame and if she wanted to do a public service announcement then she should have put a message at the beginning like every other public service announcement. “It’s you guys”, oh so it’s our fault that you made a trashy video to a trashy song and no one liked it? Self centered much??? It makes me happy that after they treated Naturi like crap she’s the only one of 3LW that has a real and valid working career and hasn’t had to do reality TV, leak naked pics, or do a trashy video to keep her name out there.

  25. Marcus June 18, 2012

    LMFAO am I the only one in America who liked her song?

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