Watch: Jennifer Hudson Performs Whitney Houston Medley At Charity Gala

Published: Tuesday 5th Jun 2012 by Sam

While the passing of Whitney Houston in February remains one of music’s greatest tragedies, what she left behind is the ever-enduring gift of her classics.

In celebrating the legacy of The Voice, one of this generations most gifted vocalists Jennifer Hudson paid homage to Houston with an upbeat medley at the Samsung Hope For Children Gala in New York City.

A marked shift from Hudson’s sombre-soaked showcases of ‘I Will Always Love You’, her performance fused ‘I’m Every Woman’, ‘How Will I Know’, and ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’.

Find out how she fared below…

Of course not a patch on the originals, yet a wholly commendable effort.

Watching these has us salivating for Hudson’s project. After two so-so efforts, here’s hoping it’s third time lucky.

Your thoughts?

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  1. BOOGIE BEEESH June 5, 2012


  2. [email protected] June 5, 2012

    my thing about jennifer that upsets me…. She really needs to do more to contemporize herself being the great talent and beauty she is! I understand performing the greats toand stuff but she needs to figure out how to mix it up w/ jennifer like how beyonce knows how to beyoncify it to relate it to the new generation yet still satisfying her older demographic and rnb base!

  3. WTF June 5, 2012

    Someone needs to tell her that Dreamgirls was back in 2006, its been 6 years now and she’s still a low-grade Whitney tribute act. I bet when Mariah kicks the bucket she’ll be over that Grammy tribute like Clive Davis with a Mexican rent boy.

  4. CH June 5, 2012

    Jenn is great however she needs more solo records like ‘Think Like a Man’ sans Neo something aggressive that knocks and she needs to stop belting on damn near every song s*** gets old.

  5. Njabs *BEYHIVE* June 6, 2012

    Am impressed with and yes Jenn has an awsome voice I just wish she was more out there like the other talented artists out there

  6. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) June 6, 2012

    Screaming fest, sorry. Leave it hun you are not Whitney.
    This girls needs to do more songs like the one she did with NeYo. And not much more. If at this point she has not become a succesful musical act, she is not going to do it
    RIP Whitney, Michael and teh otehr true greats. Donna had a divine voice too compared to these karaoke b******

  7. dee June 6, 2012

    bunch of screaming!

  8. hood_star_06 June 6, 2012

    ……jhud needs to promote her own ish – shes beginiing to become typecast unfortunatly – im not really a fan but the song she did with neyo for the “think like a man” soundtrack was quite catchy

  9. MH June 6, 2012

    She did a great job and I love that she got the crowd involved. I would love to see a new album from her soon.

  10. bash June 6, 2012

    I really wanna like her…but can never get pass a few notes of her screaming at me…it does something to me…(i think it raises my blood pressure)
    Ps no shade intended

  11. sammi June 6, 2012

    I remember when she recorded her first album there was a delay of putting it out cause Clive wanted her to redo the whole thing cause the songs were not all that good and she oversang everything on there. She can sing her ass off, dont get me wrong but she is extremely loud and she screams in every song. Over does it all the time if u ask me. She is becoming no more than a weigh watchers promoter who happens to put out an album every few yrs. Not a big fan of hers. She’s become rude to her fans and downright stuck up. Girl u aint but 2 cheeseburgers away from what u used to be, never forget that.

  12. Dlux June 6, 2012

    Its good to see people enjoying a great Talent. I particularly enjoyed her dancing with the audience! Love when Artist connect with the audience. Whitney was def smiling !

  13. RORO June 6, 2012

    Jennifer Hudson has a GREAT voice. They call her The Voice for a reason. I commend that she isn’t out there sexing it up all over the place. She is putting her foot in these Whitney songs. She has great songs on her albums and for the soundtrack of her movies. I like that she wasn’t promoting an album while the trial for the MURDERER of her MOTHER was pending then ongoing. There is nothing she would have been able to say to me as her audience on some interview that is more relevant than being at the court with her fiance and family. She has true priorities. Now she is on to her wedding ceremony and album. Pay attention: if she were garbage the room would be dead thru the whole clip…

  14. Stephen June 7, 2012

    As much as I think she over BELTS , her voice is the most powerful in the industry right now, no male nor female vocalist has a more stronger voice right now; not R Kelly, Not Christina Aguilera, not Beyonce, and not Fantasia

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