Watch: Lil Kim – 'Return Of The Queen Tour (Episode 1)'

Published: Tuesday 5th Jun 2012 by TGJ

In a bid to restore faith in her tarnished brand, Lil Kim launched the ‘Return Of The Queen Tour’ back in May, calling any existing fans to see her latest show live in action.

Kicking off in Connecticut, the tour marks the first endeavor from the Rapper to come to fruition since 2010’s ‘Black Friday’, which is yet to chart anywhere in the world despite claims it moved over 100,000 units via PayPal alone.

Tour footage above…

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  1. King B****** June 5, 2012

    “In a bid to restore faith in her tarnished brand” F*** That Grape Juice…ya’ll always throwing her shade at Kim….must be a secret Nicki stan!!!!

  2. Afton Covington June 5, 2012

    You should really stop posting negative stuff about her of youre going to show her video then show it and leave it at that let the fans deciide what we like and what we dont, nobody needs you tearing down their favorite artist because you have personal feelings twords kim, because she stood up when she felt someone tried to steal her brand. play faif, if she was so tarnished then you wouldnt be tracking every move she makes

  3. E.J. June 6, 2012

    @ Afton Covington…..CO-Sign

  4. Jamieblanco June 6, 2012

    All I see is love in this video. And anyone being negative is just pressed

  5. EYECONIC1 June 6, 2012

    So glad Kim is making a comeback..slowly but surely. I completly agree with everyone. Can’t wait for her return. So tired of the bubble gum rap, imposters and wanna bes. Give me some real raw hip hop. And totally co-signing the copycat fraudin like she did this. KIM has been true to self since day 1 and only true fans can understand appreciate that type of loyalty. These youngins have no idea what that means. NOT IEM FOR THE FAKE ONES!!!!!

  6. SASSY June 7, 2012

    gave me CHILLS remembering the feeling of real female hip hop!

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