Watch: Usher Excels At ‘Radio 1 Live Lounge’

Published: Wednesday 13th Jun 2012 by David

Without a doubt, the UK campaign for Usher‘s ‘Looking For Myself’ has been a roaring success.

Wowing crowds at Capital FM’s ‘Summertime Ball‘ to reestablishing his budding icon status by way of his American Express fueled live show on Monday, today saw Raymond perform for fans  at the Radio 1 Live Lounge.

Get into it below…

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  1. JJFan1814 June 13, 2012

    I really admire Usher!! Doing the thing in the industry for so long and still remain relevant and rotating between pop and R&B consistently!!

    His album is getting great reviews too!!! I hope it passes the 250k mark first week!

    • Speechless June 13, 2012

      I hate to burst your bubble but it’s only expected to sell no more than 130,000.

    • MadameSisterReverendGurrl June 13, 2012

      The guy in your avi is working that Aryan flava!

      Even Hitler would have to gag!

      • Suicide Blonde June 13, 2012

        I know.

      • MadameSisterReverendGurrl June 13, 2012

        Pop Royalty let’s not be silly.
        Usher is the original but if Justin came back today he’d get ten times more love than Usher and we all know why. He is the more famous one.

      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 13, 2012

        @MadameSister :

        you wanna go there ?

        we will be discussing “racism” , so get ready if you wanna go there …..

        JT music is GREAT , i’m gonna say that , but still he is NOT more famous than USHER. maybe they are equally famous to be correct , but JT will not be the more popular one in any case. let’s not get stupid please.
        and where is JT now ?!
        and when he will be back we will be continuing this lil debate , now …..
        let’s stay talking about what’s relevant 😀

      • Suicide Blonde June 13, 2012

        POP ROYALTY.
        JT is way more famous than Usher, since the time of N’sync, the romance with Britney, the Man who change the Music industry in 2006, MJ make a new album almost every 7 years and he always was there, the same with Justin, Worlwide and even in the US Justin is way more famous, Usher best time was with Confession, Justin is making just movies and still is everywhere, the Man of my life.

  2. Virtuoso Intellect June 13, 2012

    Isnt his album released stateside this week? All his promo seems to be focused stateside. Reminds me of another one of my favs’ last era lol

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 13, 2012

      HIS album is Not as Risky Tho.
      His Album didn’t have a lead single that everyone even his stans HATED.

      “L4M” is pretty DOPE. and there are still tracks that have #1 potential like “Euphoria” , “2 round” and maybe “Lemme see” could have been a #1 with proper handling.

      “4” was mishandled from the start. don’t start it DAMMY ….

      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 13, 2012

        “LEMME SEE” has that “Motivation” Vibe , and that’s a good thing ! i don’t know why no one show love to it. i LOVE it.

        and I love L4M as well 🙂

      • virtuoso intellect June 13, 2012

        i love usher i want him to do well pop

  3. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 13, 2012

    @SAM :

    he was not dancing or involved in a crazily Hard complex choreography , so he was so focused on vocals , so him hitting notes is not a surprise ……

    he pretty much choose priorities and that’s why he’s my fav male , if the show is about dancing” he will give you that , if it is about “vocals” , he will give you that. if you want both , he will give you just that. IT Depends on what he wanna do 🙂

    #random : i love him when he do that ” Oooh baby Baby Ooh baby baby” lil move 😀 !! KING USHER 😀 , remind me of that Beyonce moves in the end of “DIVA” music video a lil bit.

    they are pretty much ‘iT” for me ………

  4. GodChildblessone June 13, 2012

    Yes ………………..Usher is s***…………….love me some Usher He is the best!!!!!!!!! He’s untouchable……. He moves are on point…. His singing is the bomb…….. love me some Usher… continue being successful…………………………..he doing his thing…….wonderful father… and entertainer …….of all time……Usher Yeah Man……
    Blessings to U Usher U deserve It…………………..Usher Fan for Life…..

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