50 Cent Defends Frank Ocean : “Anyone Who Has An Issue With Him Is An Idiot”

Despite his R&B contemporaries keeping mum on his ‘open letter‘, this week saw Frank Ocean receive support from ‘Street King’ philanthropist / Rap heavy 50 Cent.

His comments on Ocean’s ‘coming out’ below…

Speaking to MTV UK,  50 explained:

Anyone that has an issue with Frank Ocean is an idiot.

I think Frank Ocean is a talented artist, I think he’s created material that made me know his name, that impressed me, with things he said on a song like ‘Novacane’.

It could be revolutionary or it could be a tragedy. You can call it brave or you can call it marketing, because it was intentional; it wasn’t an accident.

There are artists before who have made these choices just not having made the choice to expose it to the general public before an actual release of music.

While it’s great 50 has spoken out in Frank’s defense, we hope his comments come from the heart and not out of fear of being labelled homophobic for not conforming to popular opinion.

For while it’s important for opinion leaders like 50, Drake and Jay Z to speak out against the homophobic attacks aimed at Ocean and others in general, it’s apparent that many are expecting them to defend him when in reality… they really don’t have to.

Here’s hoping that in a bid to encourage a more free and equal society, we remember what it actually means to be a free and equal society and don’t endorse situations where the oppressed become the oppressors- bashing anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their way of thinking.

In short, just because 50, Jermaine Dupri and Tyler The Creator have chosen to publicly support Ocean does not mean ‘the others’ have to, regardless of how hypocritical their decision not to do so might be.


Your thoughts?

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  1. WTF July 16, 2012

    you next!

    • realist July 16, 2012

      WOAH hip hop really came a long way, great to see 50 of all people in support of his decision. let live and be live.

      • kelly July 16, 2012

        I do not think rappers should talk about killing gays. But, they should also, not be forced into agreeing in something that they not, out of fear of having their career on lockdown. The latter has happened.

      • coolo July 16, 2012

        I wonder if any of these people on this site would ever have a male child , what would you say if he says he’s gay. Would you think about him getting f***** in the ass

  2. RocksKisses July 16, 2012

    Lol This Is Great Hip Hop And Lgbti—-»PeoPle Pay A Visit @Murs Latest Video Called Animal Style…

  3. Nacole July 16, 2012

    I so agree with 50! Frank is a talented artist and that is what should matter for fans of MUSIC!

  4. kelly July 16, 2012

    50 would jump on this for a series of reasons:

    He is being forced into having to talk about Frank Ocean. Aot of people are wondering why drake etc have not said anything….But, like, why should they? Since when has Drake’s career depended on praising Frank for sleeping with men?

    He will be blackmailed by GLAAD. Gay people try and ruing the lives of ANYONE who does not agree with them. Even Brad Pitts elderly mother has been threatened with death, just because she wants to follow the bible. I do not ever remember MLK or Nelson mandela using blackmail and deathreats to fight for fair treatment. Just because someone does not believe in gay marriage does NOT MEAN their career should be shut down.

    50 is not really relevant at the moment. If this was 2003 – he would never be jumping on the bandwagon.

    This blind gay support from the so called god fearing blacks is really to protect Obama. He supported gays and now, they are practically paying all these black celebs to come out and suck on this gay agenda. The timing ti suspect. Like, was Frank Ocean paid to come out, in order to sell gay lifetstyle to blacks to help keep him in the white house?

    • Yeezy July 16, 2012

      Kelly… while i dont know you, I do know that you are very uneducated (and everyone else that thumbs up this c***). Brad Pitts mom is a right wing extremist!!<—- super republican.. meaning, if youre poor, gay, black etc she would support any cause to stand against your beliefs or natural circumstance. Just as everyone one else has their organizations, i.e PETA, NAACP and others. Anytime you see a crime againts a black person done by a white person who are the faces that comes to their defence? Al Sharpton.. no?When ever someone wears fur stripped from innocent animals who is doing flour bombs?? My point is; dont say Sh*t without knowing what the f*ck you are talking abou so do us all a favor and have 10 seats right next to you and everyone else like you.

      • kelly July 16, 2012

        Well, I am black and I agree also do not back gay marriage. so there it is. BTW, there are black tea party and republicans, you know? You are the one who is dumb, uneducated, and naive !

        NAACP DO NOT TRy and shut people career down, and Peta flourbombers get arrested. You do not what the f*** u are talking about.

        Bottom line: Millions of people support marriage between man and WOMAN. Live with it!

      • kelly July 16, 2012

        what the f*** are you talking about? What does crimes against black people have to do with not agreeing with gay marriage?

        OH! Is it against the LAW to disagree with gay marriage? You have no prooF Brad pitts mom is a right wing extremist LOL LOL when has she killed someone over their skin?

        PS: Condileeza Rice – black might be the VP for mitt. I am sure Mama Pitt would take that pairing over the one that will compete.


    • mob July 16, 2012

      Yeah GLADD is out of control! They were responsible for the ridiculous suspension CNN’s Roland Martin received after he tweeted a comment abt H&M’s Beckham underwear commercial. They tried to paint him as a homophob who advicates violence against gays when the man said nothing of the sort! I hav enothing aginst any group but that was simply not right!

      • jimmyk July 16, 2012

        Now everybody knows that 50 cents is bi so of course he’s going to say that s***.

    • MH July 16, 2012

      I agreed with you until you started talking about the White House paying Frank Ocean, you’re reaching.

  5. Jay Jay July 16, 2012

    It’s great that he is supporting Mr. Ocean however I believe he is not that genuine with his support. This is a guy who used the word f*ggot and other gay slurs in his music and in the public. Its kinda like Chris Brown being against violence.

    • kelly July 16, 2012

      African American are THEE most destroyed, rip apart race in America – always have been – always will be.

      Yet, they main fight seems to Gay. I mean, why are blacks not concerned with : the highest unemployment, incarceration, STDS, lack of health care, immigration affect on blacks jobs, education, crime, single parent mothers, racism, the economy, healthcare, lower life , population decline, self hatred, colorism, expectancy among men and women. poverty, drugs, etc. Like, why would blacks and obama brush all this under carpet and scream this gay thing?

      Oh well…..some people priorities are all f***** up. Least you cannot blame the white man

    • jimmyk July 16, 2012

      You were doing ok until you just had to say Chris Brown against violence.

  6. mob July 16, 2012

    LOL, I love 50 Cent! That was “shade but no shade……but shade”! 🙂

    What he said was true! No one should have a problem with Frank Ocean or ANYONE ELSE’S music due to something that happened in their personal life! If you like his music then cool but 50 Cent also recognized that his annoncement and quiick CD release was a DefScam marketing ploy and very deliberate!

  7. JJFan1814 July 16, 2012

    Yall read into TOO MUCH!!!!

    Turning nothing into something. I can’t.

    I praised 50 and he has my respect. So what he uses the word f*****? I’m homosexual and I use it, does that make me a homophobe? thanks!

    • Yeezy July 16, 2012

      While I agree with what you said, please be caucious at the sametime. People out there (straight people) will feel like because of your comment its ok for THEM to go around and use it. As a homosexual you should def know that, that word caused and is still causing young teens to commit suicide. It is hurtful no matter how we spin it.

  8. Chocolateboi July 16, 2012

    I believe 50 cent as many years ago he said he doesn’t have a problem with gay people as long as they don’t bring their gayness round him

    • mob July 16, 2012

      Yeah, his mother was bisexual. He talked about it in a few songs/interviews. He also said the images of his mother left him somewhat confused!

  9. kelly July 16, 2012

    After seeing a rap video on another blog about a black man kissing his white lover, then shooting himself – as well as black men on TV wearing hotpants and high heels.

    I would like to know……is America painting black women as masculine and black men as feminine ?

    That would be a sure fire way of FINALLY depleting the black population.

    • mob July 16, 2012

      That is a very good question! I’m not sure what’s really going on but something is brewing that’s for sure. I’ve really been disgusted with the media coverage about Frank Ocean as they insist on callin ghim a Rap/Hip Hop artists then proceed to go in on Rap Music and Culture. Ocean is not Rap and can only be classified as Indie-R&B.

      My question is where is Brian McKnight to complain about what “we will accept” in R&B? Surely he should have somehting to say about a man sleeping with women and men!

      • kelly July 16, 2012

        What has pissed me of, is the media angry that Drake, Nicki, Lil wayne, Rick Ross etc ‘ have not said anything ‘

        Why? They are promoting THEIR CAREERS, WHY SHOULD they anything about man, they do not even know or CARE ABOUT. They make Frank seem like he is a beyond human and we MUST PRAISE HIS NAME

        I praise CHRIST ‘s NAME.

        He is not RNB Rkelly is RNB. RNB singers are steeped from the church….this FO could do with some church to cleanse his soul.

  10. BEYONCE’S WEAVE July 16, 2012

    Even Fiddy knows that gays now control the direction of the music industry. You cannot diss a large market base that is more likely to buy music, now tell us how you really feel Fiddy, I promise I will not tell anyone. In short, I don’t buy it Fiddy, Busta Rhymes made it clear that “you do not bring that gay s*** to rap”, next ->

    • Nacole July 16, 2012

      On this issue I disagree with you.Music is for everyone and the people no matter the sexuality control the industry so lets not play that divide and conquer thing.

      Other than that Frank Ocean is the TRUTH and I so love his flow!

  11. MRDIVABITCH July 16, 2012

    I’ve always felt 50 was on the downlow…

    “God fearing blacks” my asshole!
    The bible supports slavery and even implies the curse of Cain for killing Abel, or the curse of Ham (son of Noah) was to have black skin. So suck on it.

    • Benron July 16, 2012

      It never implies that, racists take it that way. IT WAS a “mark” black skin isnt a mark.

    • MissImpartial July 16, 2012

      God doesn’t have anything against black people or for dark skinned people for that matter. God loves the ones who worship him (don’t mean Jesus as Jesus is not God or his son for that matter) and do good. We call God Allah. The bible has been rewritten a dozen times and some white people propably wrote it make black people feel inferior.

    • X,Y,”and Z” July 16, 2012


      The real Egyptians, the ones who built the pyramids – the Nubians – the very-same ones who Moses led as they fled Pharaoh’s rule – are/were a BLACK/Dark-Skinned Peoples!

      Thus Moses himself, was a DARK-SKINNED\BLACK MAN!

      Jesus Christ Of Nazareth – The Son Of God – was also a DARK SKINNED/BLACK MAN: “with skin of bronze,” who’s hair was “woolly in texture”!

      Monotheism, in the Judeo-Christianity tradition, was/is an AFRICAN invention/convention that originated in Ethiopia. Ethiopia: land of the burnt face people; where too now rests the Ark Of The Covenant!

      ..Feast on THAT..!!

      Leviticus 20:13 – ‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death’

      *echoing..* (..put to death. .put to death. ..put to death. ..put to death)

      X,Y,”and Z”

      • MRDIVABITCH July 17, 2012

        You ignorant b****, Palestinians have tanned skin, like all arabs, and their hair is not straight – it is usually frizzy (as many jews have hair like that).

        In Genesis 9:18-29 it describes how Noah cursed Ham to be a slaves, and who have a history of being slaves? Africans. Deal with it 🙂
        Also, the mark of Cain was understood to be dark skin!

        I wipe my ass with your sacred book. Your “god” is a demented monster and nothing else, not the real God.

  12. ENOUGH ONIKA July 16, 2012

    50 is looking for relevancy…And he needs to stop with that angry gorilla look in every photo, 50 had to many b*tch moments in the last 4 years to try and fool people into believing he’s hard…

  13. MissImpartial July 16, 2012

    Why are you including Miss Carlifonia’s response this has nothing to do with Frank Ocean. She gave her opinion on whether she agrees on same s** marriage and she said no. What[‘s the big deal not everyone has to agree with it. This is most random act that I have read since reading your blog.

    • gimmeabeat July 16, 2012

      carrie was destroyed by the media because her opinion was unpopular with gay righs activists. I think tgj are using her as an example of when someone is unfairly treated for expressing their opinion.

      its almost as though if you dont believe what the masses are saying you’re automatically a homophobe which is wrong.

  14. Benron July 16, 2012

    Frank Ocean and Nicki Minaj are ruining their respective genres. For whatever reason they have a large amount of supporters who expect everything about their genre of music to change, and then just go in on the genre anyway and call them revolutionary.

    About Nicki: She sings a lot of pop tracks with rapping that sounds like a 5 year old. But if anyone goes in her sillicone ass and spits the truth then they will go in on rap.

    Frank ocean isn’t even a Rap artist but everyone refers to his dramatic groaning as so. But why!

  15. China July 16, 2012

    So if you support Frank your right, and if you don’t your wrong.
    Just asking…

    • gimmeabeat July 16, 2012

      no, people should do what they believe NOT what they feel forced into doing.

  16. Brat July 16, 2012

    People are praising and endorsing an open mindset and the bravery of Frank.

  17. ARYO July 16, 2012

    i HAVE an issue with him , not becuz hes gay but becuz he said allaho akbar (god is great) is cursing, is he a devil worshipper or sumthn? lol

    • J. CHRIS July 16, 2012

      no!, the driver said “allaho akbar” and Frank didn’t know what it meant but then the driver said “you need prayer”, so then frank realizes it’s good, therefore he says “i guess it couldn’t hurt me”

      • ARYO July 16, 2012

        ohh, k i dont have any issues with him anymore lool

  18. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) July 16, 2012

    You people sound so ignorant always talking about God, the Bible an the Devil. Are you for real?

    • MissImpartial July 16, 2012

      What’s wrong with that. It more important than going on and on about Celebs.

      • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) July 16, 2012

        I won´t reply to that for obvious reasons. I had an education and a mind wide open. Science Fiction is good for the movies but for our reality (sad for the most part) I don´t care what a few humans wrote and manipulated 2000 years ago

  19. X,Y,”and Z” July 16, 2012

    *clears throat…. sits-up.. reaches for old testament..*


    You unwashed peasants are now dismissed..

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT..!!

  20. Suicide Blonde July 16, 2012

    Funny how every rapper is now supporting Gays.

  21. chateau d’eau weave July 16, 2012

    We all know 50 is gay right??? on the DL

  22. Belladonna July 16, 2012

    I don’t know why the people on this closed minded ass site seem to think just because Frank is out and celebs say they like him ,that it means some how black gay people are now on there way to the top of the food chain, lol well new flash people, were not lol straight black people are just as closed minded as they ever were and as dumb as there always going to be so all the god fearing Blacks can sleep nice & sound. #BlackPeopleStillDontLikeGayPeople But luckily Blacks don’t really have power in the US so we’re good.lol

    • Nacole July 16, 2012

      Ah,you do realize that there are straight Black people that have and will be buying Frank cd? The problem you have is that you believe you are “gay” before you are Black and with that comes a certain mindset….

      Anywayz congrats to Frank and all open minded people of all sexual orientations.

  23. Belladonna July 16, 2012

    This site really does bring out the worst in me. 🙁

    • X,Y,”and Z” July 16, 2012

      @Belladonna re:

      “This site really does bring out the worst in me.”

      NO, it’s that God-less, noisy, bitchy, recalcitrant chatter-box in the mirror. Had you ever noticed that if/when anyone mentions the Old Testament, that he then begins to sweat and shake? You ever notice how, when the conversation turns to life-after-death, he then finds a reason to change the conversation, or leaves?

      He’s not happy, that dude in the mirror. He’s sad, mad, reaching, lonely, anxious.. He’s looking for something, but hoping he won’t find it..

      ..Sucks to be him, but he can still change.

      X,Y,”and Z” — OUT..!!

  24. MISHKA July 16, 2012

    Didn’t 50Cent tweet some negativity about autism?

    Yeah right…

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